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New York City Christmas Assistance Programs.  Are you looking for help for the Christmas holiday?  If you live in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, or Statin Island, you may qualify for help from a Christmas assistance program like Toys for Tots, Catholic Charities New York, and more. The Holiday season is such a special time to spend with family and friends.   Yet, many poor people can’t experience the joys of Christmas because they literally have nothing.

Programs like Angel Tree Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and other organizations are ready to help disadvantaged families have a Christmas.    Start looking for help in October to make sure funds don’t run out.  Many non-profit organizations are national and operate in different states.  You may find what you need, be it through volunteers or community efforts.

The Best New York City Christmas Assistance Programs

  • The Community Mayors
  • New York City Clothing Bank
  • Food Bank for New York City
  • Holiday
  • Christmas Adopt-A-Family
  • Marine Toys for Tots
  • Salvation Army
  • Catholic Charities
  • New York Cares
  • Single Parents Alliance of America (SPAOA)
  • Christmas for Kids
  • Nicholas Project
  • Safety Net Assistance

Below is a list of what the above Christmas assistance programs do.

Here is a list of New York Christmas Assistance Programs

Usually, these places receive donations in the form of money, toys, clothing, and food.  Families with children and single-parent families take priority when requesting Christmas Assistance.  You can apply for assistance at The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Goodwill Industries, churches, and community organizations.

Search for the organization in your local area.  There is help regardless of race, religion, or financial situation.  You may be required that you fill out an application and provide appropriate I.D.  Each program varies in what you must submit.  The basics are photo I.D., proof of income and residence, and IDs for everyone in the household.

The Community Mayors

The organization was founded in 1875.  Their goal is to get community support by providing acts of charity. The Community Mayors features a program called Operation Santa Claus which gives free items to children who are disabled or have a mental disability.

New York City Clothing Bank  

The New York City Clothing Bank provides clothing and toys to struggling low-income families.  If you need help, please contact this organization.   (718) 492-4015.  (more)

Food Bank for New York City

Food banks help sustain both working and unemployed families.  Too often, if you are not careful, SNAP benefits and runs out before time, and if you are waiting to be approved for government assistance of SSI Benefit, it can be a struggle.  Food banks also give out food baskets complete with turkey, stuffing, vegetables, and cranberry sauce.  If you have children and qualify financially, you may be able to get a Christmas or Thanksgiving basket.  (more)


This is an excellent website with extensive help and information.  You are required to check your eligibility and fill out basic information about yourself and your needs.  Assistance goes beyond help for Christmas.  There are coupons available and information on loans, school grants, and more. (more info.)

Christmas Adopt-A-Family

Low-Income families are eligible for this program.  A community agency refers to the family and receives gifts and complete dinner as well as toys.  You may contact Adopt-A-Family.  You’ll find one in your local area.

Salvation Army

This organization gives toys, helps with bills, helps children of prisoners, and groceries and hot meal programs.  This program is made possible because of donations for an individual’s community organization.  If you need help this Christmas, contact your local (more).

Catholic Charities

Help is facilitated through the Department of Social Services and community poverty organizations.  Catholic Charities is an international faith-based organization that is dedicated to helping disadvantaged families and individuals.  If you live in New York City and need Christmas Assistance Programs, please contact your local Catholic Charities.  You can also go to a local offer to get groceries.

Free Christmas Trees

Organizations that give away Free Christmas Trees.  Holiday trees are really very expensive, and $30 or 40 is a lot to pay for something you will throw in the trash in a few days.  Search free Christmas trees near me, and you will be surprised to know some programs give free trees.

Marine Toys for Tots

Children up to age 12.  Register for Help Here.

New York Cares

This organization receives countless letters from community partners, schools, shelters, homeless shelters, and nonprofits partners. They match each wish with someone who will purchase gifts for Community partners to distribute. These acts of kindness make it possible for thousands of at-risk residents to experience some happiness during the holidays.

65 Broadway, 19th Floor,
New York, NY 10006
(212) 228-5000

Single Parents Alliance of America (SPAOA)

This organization will give you information and assistance to single parents, government help, and other offers.  You must register for a membership number.  Questions will be presented to determine your eligibility.  It is free to enroll, and if you qualify, you can access community-based parenting support.  You’ll find help with local housing, Section 8 and or low-income housing, and other discounts, articles, and help for single mothers and fathers.

Christmas for Kids

Local children are hand-chosen by their school counselors.  They must have a very great need, and help in clothing is provided for them and their immediate brothers and sisters.  People partner with a volunteer shopper accompanied by a list.  (more)

If you are located in New York, you can get Christmas assistance.  First, you must register and get an I.D. number.  You will be allowed to access their site and then POST a detailed description of your need.  Based on the need and ability to help, people who have registered to help meet a specific need will respond, and then the helping begins.  It can be helpful with Christmas toys or monetary, but there must be a valid reason for your request.

Nicholas Project 

The St. Nicholas Project is a combination of many Catholic Charities holiday programs rolled into one.  They provide resources like clothing, groceries, career support, adoption services, and so much more.  The Catholic Charities prepares home-cooked Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the public.   This is done with the help of loving volunteers.  Their Christmas programs bring toys and gifts to disadvantaged children.   HelpLine for information is 888-744-7900.

Safety Net Assistance

This organization provides for single adults, couples without children, families where children do not live with an adult family member, where a member is drugs or alcohol, where an abuser refuses help, people who have gone beyond the 60-month limit, and legal residents and U.S. citizens who are qualified for temporary assistance, however not qualified for federal reimbursement.

Please note that an emergency is considered anyone homeless, you have little or no food, a situation where you have been given an eviction notice from your landlord.  Also considered is your utilities have been disconnected or are pending disconnection.  If there is an abusive relationship in a household, that is considered an emergency.  For further information, check the detailed website given above. 

Free Referral Services

By calling 311, you will get information for different social services.  You’ll find food parcels, even Christmas trees, and places for a hot meal. You’ll find information for soup kitchens and more.

Temporary Government Assistant

If you are unable to work, there is help for needy families.  There is Family Assistance where both parents are in a household or where a relative helps take care.  When you are qualified, you can get benefits for a total of 60 months.  It does not have to be consecutive, but you are no longer eligible when the time is up.  These are the basic New York City Christmas assistance programs.  If you do not see what you want or can not get help, call 2-1-1, the United Way.

Queens Chronicle Holiday Toy Drive

This organization joins with  Marines Toys for Tots to distribute free toys and other toy drives that help needy children.  Unwrapped, new toys are dropped off at a designated location.  They are then wrapped and delivered to homeless shelters and children of those serving in the armed forces.

Other New York Programs

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New York ChildCare Assistance Programs

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