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Where to Get Free Toys for Christmas – Mississippi

As the holiday season approaches, the spirit of giving becomes ever more important.  Mississippi communities unite to ensure every child experiences Christmas’s joy and wonder. This year, we proudly announce the “Brightening the Holidays” initiative, a program dedicated to providing free toys to children across Mississippi who might otherwise go without.

Embrace the Season of Giving

Firstly, charitable groups such as Toys for Tots, a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, play a pivotal role. Annually, they collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November, and December.

Then, these gifts are distributed to less fortunate children in the community. Therefore, if you’re seeking assistance, visiting the Toys for Tots website and locating the Mississippi chapter could be your first step towards a merry Christmas.

Community Thrives on Togetherness

Moreover, local churches and community centers frequently organize toy drives and holiday giveaways. Often, these events are advertised in local newspapers and on community bulletin boards.

So, staying connected with your community’s social media pages and newsletters is a wise move. Doing so lets you know about upcoming events where free toys and holiday cheer are shared.

During the holidays, many programs offer special assistance to needy families, providing Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets to ensure everyone can enjoy the seasonal festivities.

What are the Requirements to Get Toys for my Child?

To be eligible may vary, however here are some of the possible factors. 

  • Needs Based: Most programs give priority to locals experiencing financial difficulties, such as food insecurity.
  • Residency:  Most organizations limit their assistance to residents in a certain zip code, city or area.
  • Referrals:  If you have a referral, you have been screened and do not need any documentation.  If need a referral go to Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army to get a referral.
  • Family Size:  Give the number of children in the family receiving a give
  • First-come, first-served: Some programs have limited resources and distribute toys on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is best however you contact the organization directly.  Many church and food banks and pantries often distribute these holiday meals or baskets

Organizations that Give Christmas Toys in Mississippi

Below, you’ll find a list of Mississippi programs and organizations known for distributing holiday food baskets in Mississippi. While specific details can change from year to year, these organizations have a history of holiday giving:

As the festive season of Christmas approaches, the spirit of giving and joy fills the air in Mississippi. For many families, this time of year can be financially stressful, especially when buying toys for their children.

Fortunately, numerous organizations across Mississippi recognize this challenge and have stepped up to ensure every child has a present to open on Christmas morning. Here’s a look at 20 compassionate programs offering free Christmas toys to needy families.

1. Toys for Tots

A well-known national program, Toys for Tots, led by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, also operates in Mississippi. They distribute new Christmas toys to children of lower-income parents.

Phone: 1-800-TOYS (8697)

2. Salvation Army Angel Tree

The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program allows individuals to “adopt” a child and provide them with gifts. In Mississippi, the program touches countless families every year.

Phone: (601) 982-4881

3. Operation Christmas Child

Samaritan’s Purse is an offshoot of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  This Christmas project collects shoebox gifts for children worldwide. The boxes contain fun toys, school supplies, and hygiene items.

Phone: (800) 353-5949

4. Catholic Charities of Jackson

Catholic Charities provides various services yearly, including Christmas gift programs for children. They help underserved communities all year round with food, bills, counseling, and other services.

Phone: (601) 355-8634

5. Mississippi Children’s Home Services

They also offer various support services and holiday programs to assist families with children.

Phone: (601) 352-7784

6. The Good Samaritan Center

This center helps families in emergencies and often includes a Christmas toy drive.

Phone: (601) 355-6276

7. Make-A-Wish Mississippi

While not strictly a Christmas program, Make-A-Wish fulfills the wishes of children with critical illnesses, which can include holiday gifts.

Phone: (601) 366-9474

8. Wesley House Community Center

The Wesley House in Meridian provides assistance and holiday gifts to needy families.

Phone: (601) 485-4736

12. The Jonestown Family Center

Offering various family services, they also provide holiday support in Coahoma County.

Phone: (662) 358-4335

13. Moore Community House

Based in Biloxi, they offer support to low-income families and have special programs during the holidays.

Phone: (228) 436-6601

14. Mississippi Food Network

While primarily focused on food distribution, they often have connections to holiday toy drives. Food Network

Phone: (601) 353-7286

15. The Brick Fire Project

This community-based organization in Tupelo extends its services to include Christmas programs for children.

Phone: (662) 841-6501

16. Project Backyard

Project Backyard serves various needs in the community; this organization in Columbus also assists families during Christmas.

Phone: (662) 328-0222

17. Midtown Partners

This Jackson-based group works to strengthen the community and offers holiday support.

Phone: (601) 354-5373

18. Gateway Rescue Mission

In Jackson, the Gateway Rescue Mission provides meals and runs a toy drive during Christmas.

Phone: (601) 353-5864

19. Community Care Network

They partner with various organizations to assist, including Christmas gifts, in Ridgeland and the surrounding areas.

Phone: (601) 956-7794

20. United Way of Mississippi

United Way partners with numerous programs across the state that may offer Christmas assistance.

Phone: Varies by county; check your local United Way’s contact information.

Spreading Cheer Through Assistance Programs

Furthermore, the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program is another beacon of hope. It generously provides new clothing and toys to more than one million children and families in need across the country each year.

You can participate by donating or registering for assistance on their website. Accordingly, check their registration deadlines so you do not miss this opportunity.

The Gift of Volunteering

Subsequently, volunteering your time can also be a way to connect with programs offering free toys. While donating toys or funds may not be within everyone’s ability, offering your time to help these organizations can make a significant difference. Volunteering can provide a profound sense of community and joy during the holiday season. 


These Mississippi programs are designed to bring hope and happiness to families during a challenging time of the year. Moreover, these organizations thrive on community support, so if you are in a position to help, consider donating or volunteering your time. No matter how small, each act of kindness can make a big difference in a child’s life.