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Where to Find a Free Emergency Vet  – Are you looking for financial assistance with veterinary bills?  This can be a lifesaver for many families.  It is the responsibility of pet owners to make sure that their pets receive the best veterinary treatment possible. However, because of unexpected circumstances, people sometimes find it hard to come up with this challenging situation.   If this is your situation, you may find it hard to pay for veterinary fees, especially for emergencies.

Veterinary expenses can concern people with low budgets and make it hard to provide adequate help for their furry friends. For people who are unable to meet the most basic costs, there might be help at hand. So, if you are looking for a free emergency vet veterinary veterinarian to cover your expenses, it’s worth checking out some agencies.

These Agencies Give Emergency Vet Care

There are lots of agencies that provide you with low-cost or free emergency vet care. However, the amount that these agencies can contribute varies depending on the type of funding they use. Hence, it is wise to look out for many agencies as you can to get maximum medical care for your furry friend.

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

The veterinary care charitable fund provided by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation partners with vet clinics so that they can provide low-cost or free veterinary care. Veterinary hospitals and clinics that partner with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation offer services to clients that cannot afford vet care.

The main purpose of this program is to help low-income individuals and families find emergency veterinary care. To avail of these services, all you have to do is ask your veterinarian whether they are partnered with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. That way, they can receive the funds on your behalf. However, pet owners cannot apply for these funds.

Bow Wow Buddies

The Bow Bow Buddies Foundation is a dedicated organization that funds emergency care by helping with the veterinary bills in case of serious conditions. The foundation grants up to $2500 needed for urgent medical treatments for dogs in conditions such as abdominal obstruction, broken bones, cancer, and other emergency services.

However, pets that are suffering from dental issues, ongoing treatments, etc. May not receive grants. Pet owners can apply for a grant.  If they are finding it hard to cover the costs for their pet’s veterinary care.

Canine Cancer Awareness

If you are looking for a free emergency vet, this agency provides financial assistance for dogs suffering from cancer. As the name suggests, Canine Cancer Awareness is an organization that spread awareness when it comes to dog cancer and helps in every possible way to save a man’s best friend.

So, if you are looking to find a home for your dog and special care for them, Canine Cancer Awareness can help you a lot with their 24/7 assistance. You can get more information by visiting their official website or you can call them at 206-305-4549.

Frankie’s Friends

Not all pets suffer from usual medical conditions. Moreover, certain life-threatening conditions can be cured, and returning to good health seems possible. However, in such conditions, your pet can receive financial aid from Frankie’s Friends when funds are available.

Furthermore, you can receive grants for up to $500 to help cover veterinarian costs. Before applying, you should have a treatment plan after diagnosis and estimated cost. For detailed information and application instructions, visit their website.

Handicapped Pet Foundation

If a pet is disabled and needs special aid but their owners cannot afford that, Handicapped Pet Foundation is the right agency for them. This agency is dedicated to making the lives of pets better by helping them move and getting the exercise they need to live a healthy, happy, and long life.

To apply for a wheelchair, follow this link and if you need to know more, get in touch with them through this link.  If your application gets approved, you will receive a notice within ten days of applying.


Founded in 2019, Help-A-Pet provides financial assistance for medical care of your pet under situations when you are finding it hard to afford the expenses. If you are unable to bear the cost of medical supplies, medicines, or other veterinary services, Help-A-Pet can help you a lot.

To qualify, you should have a household income below $20,000. A duly signed application form, and federal tax return documents. For more information and application forms, visit the website here.

Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation

The sole purpose of this agency is to help pets fight against cancer and relieve their owners. The Joshua Louis Animal Center Foundation raises money for treating cancer in pets whose owners cannot afford the cost of treatment.

Moreover, this non-profit organization finds a cure and helps pets who are suffering from different types of life-threatening diseases including cancer. However,

are provided only if the pet is under the care of a veterinary oncologist. You can apply here for assistance. 

Land of Pure Gold Foundation

This is another agency that provides grants for dogs that are suffering from cancer and need medical assistance. The Land of Pure Gold Foundation grants $1000 per working dog who is active in search and rescue missions, military work, enforcement, and so on.

Pet owners have to prove that the dogs are professionally certified and trained. Click here to download the application form.  Fill it up, and send them to their address. To have detailed information, you can visit their homepage.

Magic Bullet Fund

If your pet has cancer and you are in a good position to afford treatment, Magic Bullet Fund can help you to make your current situation a lot easier. The type of assistance includes chemotherapy or surgery.

However, free emergency vet care is to be used only for the first course of treatment. And, your pet has to meet certain criteria in terms of weight and age.

The Mosby Fund

The Mosby Foundation serves dogs that have been neutered or spayed. However, you need to know that they do not provide necessary aid under all emergencies or reimburse bills that are already paid.

Moreover, funding is limited and can be granted to one pet only in a household. Furthermore, the pledged funds will expire after sixty days if you do not apply them. Click here for detailed information and how to apply for the funds.

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

When it comes to providing support and funding to help every animal with the care they deserve, the Onyx & Breeze Foundation can be helpful in many ways. Getting aid from a veterinarian is easy if you have a proper diagnosis for your pet.

Also, you have to submit a prognosis including the estimate for the treatment. Furthermore, there should be a tax return document along with the Care Credit status. Get the grant application forms here.

The Pet Fund

If you find it hard to provide emergency veterinary services, the Pet Fund might help you to find low-cost vet care. The main criteria are that your pet shouldn’t have emergency medical needs.

Also, the fund is to treat cancer and other chronic diseases. Moreover, the funds are not for individuals. The Pet fund sends funds directly to the veterinarians only after the application gets approved. Click here to apply for emergency vet care.

Pets of the Homeless

It is one of the first and few non-profit organizations that provide food and emergency vet care to pets that homeless people own. The Pets of the Homeless believes that every pet should be fed and care should be given when they suffer from injury or illness.

So, if you are homeless and need help to support your pets, this agency can help a lot. Get more information on their website or dial (775) 841-7463.

The Riedel & Cody Fund

When it comes to providing support for pets that suffer from cancer, the Riedel & Cody Fund might be your choice. However, the fund is intended for radiation treatments and chemotherapy. Click here to know more about how to apply for emergency vet care.

Redrover Relief

If you are looking for emotional support and financial assistance, with veterinary care, RedRover Relief comes in handy for many pet owners. This agency serves pet owners who are financially weakened while their pets are suffering. Know more about specific criteria and application forms here.

Waggle Foundation

It is another agency that serves in most Nevada counties with vet bills due to sickness, accidents, and other emergency conditions. And, they have helped over 13,000 pets as of now.

Shakespeare Animal Fund is for the elderly, returned veterans, low-income families, and disabled who cannot afford emergency care for their pets. Call them at 775-342-7040 or visit their website here.

Waggle Foundation

Waggle foundation is an amazing crowdfunding model that has helped over 50,000 pets when their owners were unable to pay the veterinary bills. Because the Waggle Foundation works through the crowdfunding process, it is transparent.

To get started, create a campaign that speaks about the emergency financial aid you need for your pet. When Waggle reviews and approves it, the campaign could be chosen for a grant and your veterinarian will be paid. Know more about the process by clicking here.

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