Free Christmas Toys for Low Income Families

By | September 6, 2015

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Free Toys for Christmas.   Are you looking for free toys for your kids for the holiday season?  Sign up for help early!  Christmas is coming and you need to know where to go for free Christmas gifts.  Charities like the Salvation Army Angel Tree, offer Christmas assistance to at-risk families in your community.  Some organizations begin taking applications as soon as October.  Find out which charities give gifts and toys.

Over 15 million children in the United States live in poverty.  According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 21% of all children live in low-income families.  These family cannot afford to spend what little income they have for toys and gifts.  Thanks to charities and local organizations, these families can receive free toys.

National Charities That Offer Free Toys For Christmas

Because so many families need help, many of these agencies are run on a first-come, first-served basis.  Therefore, October is the time to register your children to receive free toys.  The sooner you register with one of these charities, the better chance you have of getting a gift this year.  We will show you what charities to contact and how to sign up to receive free Christmas toys for your kids.  If you need toys for your child, contact the organizations below for help. The Salvation Army Angel Tree

The Salvation Army is best recognized by the bell-ringers standing by the red kettle each Winter.  The Salvation Army supports a nationwide drive to give free toys for Christmas to low-income families and help with bills.  Parents must register each year so that their child is assigned a tag and their ‘wish’ is hung on trees located in department stores and companies.  The Salvation also helps throughout the year by providing food, affordable housing, job training and more.

Donations Makes Free Christmas Toys Possible

Donations are given by businesses, community organizations and generous folks, who choose a child’s name and purchase a toy for that child.  You can register your child to receive free toys for Christmas, games, or clothing through your local Corps Community Center. If you go to this site, you can enter your town and state and find the Salvation Army nearest you, or call 1(800) 728-7825.   Salvation Army Christmas for Assistance

Toys for Tots Tots

Every year the US Marines sponsors Toys for Tots to collect and donate toys to children of families in need. Each year you see their heartfelt commercials reminding you to give a child a toy!  Toys for Tots partners with BabiesRUs, ToysRUs, Hasbro Toys, and Scholastic to make toy donations to children.

Mostly, campaigns give toys and gifts to children up to age 12.  Many local toy drives age limit may be extended to 14-16.  They accept unwrapped toys between October and December. You can apply online to request free toys for your child.   If you want to receive a new toy for your child, Register for Help Here.  To apply to receive a toy for your child, go to the website below: Contact Toys for Tots.

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
18251 Quantico Gateway Dr
Triangle, VA 22172

 Click “Request Toys”, at the top of the screen.  
Pick your City and State
You will be redirected to a Toys for Tots in your city
Click “Request Toys” at the top of page
Email the coordinator closest to you

Make a Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish organization helps fulfill the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses. This foundation helps children all-year-around, but if you have a sick child who has a special Christmas wish please call Make a Wish Foundation. They help children between the ages of 2 to 18. Please request help immediately to give you a little one an amazing holiday. Website.

Make a Wish Foundation
4742 N. 24th St.
Suite 400
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Call:  800-722-9474

Lion’s Club

The Lion’s Club is famous for their work in the community by helping at-risk youth, vision, and health program and disaster relief. They also help with Christmas gifts every year. Contact Lion’s Club in Charlotte two month before Christmas to ask for help. All assistance is given based on available funds and the help of volunteers.  Contact info.

Catholic Charities Christmas Connection

Catholic Charities is a network of organizations that screen potential families individuals for Christmas assistance. If qualifies you can receive gifts, toys for children clothes and necessary items to keep your home.   Every year they give away free toys through their toy drives.

Whether you live in Charlotte, NC, Texas, Georgia, California, Puerto Rico, you can find assistance programs to meet your needs.  Contact them in October so your child is not left out this holiday season. If you need help, contact your local Catholic Charities.

Angel Tree Christmas – Prison Fellowship

Angel Tree, is a program run by thousands of churches by Prison Fellowship.   They reach out to the children of inmates and their families.  When you donate, you can help a child or family.  This charity is sponsored by the Salvation Army every year.  Also, they provide toys for children and gifts for teens and seniors and families in need. This program operated by generous donations from groups, individuals, and organizations. Your donations help these precious children each year!

If your organization would like to host an Angel, go online to the corporate site and fill out a registration form and return it before October 17.  Dates will vary in some states. Specify how many people your organization would like to help and attend training.  You will receive a kit, including Angel’s tags for your tree.  Decorate your tree appropriately with lots of Angels, and advertise the event by e-mails, posters and lunchroom bulletin boards. You can choose to adopt an Angel to help this year. They can also use your help as a volunteer to work at the Secret Santa Warehouse.

Help Children Get Free Toys  – Donate to Angel Tree

The Angel Tree Program. They have made it easy to make the online donation process easier. At their site, you can create a giving group for your job, group or organization to adopt a group of seniors, teen and, of course, children.  You can also locate a group or individual you have chosen to help with a donation. When purchasing a gift for Angel Tree from the site, you get free shipping. December 9th is the last day to donate a gift to an angel!

Also, Angle Tree receives toy drives from local, churches and private groups.  Toys are then distributed to children in needy and low-income families.  At-risk families receive help not only for Christmas but all year long, not just at Christmas, but they do also give toys and gifts.  To receive toys and gifts for children, the incarcerated parent must fill out an application with the prison chaplain in July.  For more info.  1-800-206-9764.

Organizations that Give Free Christmas Trees

Organizations that give away Free Christmas Trees.  Holiday trees are really very expensive and $30 or 40 is a lot to pay for something you will throw in the trash in a few days.  Do a search for free Christmas trees near me and you will be surprised to know, there are programs that give free trees.   I … Continue reading

The Family Giving Tree

Many large churches have Christmas toy programs for children.  Just visit your local churches or go online and look for their denominational headquarters to find out who is doing a Christmas toy drive.

The Family Giving Tree
Sobrato Center for Nonprofits
606 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035
1 (408) 946-3111

Holiday Assistance with Bills

If you are looking for financial help for Christmas, sign up for free toys for Christmas with one of the Salvation Army registration locations in your city.  In order to be eligible to receive the help, you must meet the federal qualifications and minimum poverty guidelines.

You will need to bring proof of your financial situation.  Also, you will need documentation from the Department of Social Services if you are received assistance. They help children up to the age of 12 years and the elderly from 62 and up.

First, sign up with Angel Tree.   Secondly, give the name, age, sex, clothing, and shoe sizes of the children.  Finally, they will be placed on a tag and hung on an Angel Tree located in malls, company, church or organization.  Participants choose a tag from the tree, purchase the gifts.  Then they return the gifts to the Salvation Army to sort and distribute to the Angels.

Food for the Holidays

While gifts are great, toys are not much fun when you don’t have anything to eat.  The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks distributes more than three billion meals each year to communities throughout the United States.  Contact the local Department of Social Services to request a list of food banks in your community.  Contact your local food bank to find food in your community.  Find out How to Get Help with Utility Bills

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