Free Toys for Christmas.  Need help with bills or locating charities that give free Christmas assistance?  Toys for Tots,  Angel Tree, and other organizations are preparing for holiday assistance for low-income families.  Some organization like Toys for Tots begin taking applications in August.  Apply early to make sure your child can get a free toy.  Find out which charities that help during the holiday season.

***Please Contact these Agencies Immediately as many people are seeking help and gifts are limited.

Because so many families need help for Christmas, many of these agencies are run on a first come, first-served basis.  So, before December is a great time to do your research and start registering your children to receive free toys.

The sooner you register with one of these charities, the better chance you have of getting a gift this year. This article will tell you which Christmas charities to contact and how to sign up to receive gifts for your children this Christmas. 

If you need toys for your child, please call or go to the websites of these organizations for help.  If you are fortunate enough not to need help to get toys for your children this Christmas, please consider a tax-deductible donation to one of the charities on this list.

Contact Toys for Tots Toy Drive

Every year the US Marines sponsors Toys for Tots to collect and donate toys to children of families in need. Each year you see their heartfelt commercials reminding you to give a child a toy!  Toys for Tots partners with BabiesRUs, ToysRUs, Hasbro Toys, and Scholastic to make toy donations to children.

Most campaigns give toys and gifts to children up to age 12, but in many local communities, local gift drives the age limit may be extended to 14-16.

They accept donations of new, unwrapped toys between October and December. You can apply online to request free Christmas toys for your child.   If you want to receive a new toy for your child, Register for Help Here.

Request a Toy From Toys for Tots

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
18251 Quantico Gateway Dr
Triangle, VA 22172

To apply to receive a toy for your child, go to the website below: Contact Toys for Tots.

Click “Request Toys”, at the top of the screen.
Pick your City and State
You will be redirected to a Toys for Tots in your city
Click “Request Toys” at the top of page
Email the coordinator closest to you

Include your name, phone number and address, number, and gender of children.

Register with The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army charity program is best recognized by the faithful volunteer bell-ringers standing by the red kettle each Christmas season.  The Salvation Army supports a nationwide drive to give gifts and toys to low-income families and help with bills.

Parents must register each year so that their child is assigned a tag and their Christmas wish is hung on trees located outside department stores during the Christmas season.  The Salvation also helps throughout the year by providing food, affordable housing, job training and more.

Donations are given by generous folks, who choose a child’s name and purchase a toy for that child.  You can register your child to receive free toys, games, or clothing through your local Corps Community Center. If you go to this site, you can enter your town and state and find the Salvation Army nearest you, or call 1(800) 728-7825.  Contact the Salvation Army Christmas for Assistance

Recommend a Child to Make a Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish organization helps fulfill the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses. This foundation helps children all year around, but if you have a sick child who has a special Christmas wish please call Make a Wish Foundation. They help children between the ages of 2 to 18. Please request help immediately to give you little one an amazing holiday. Website.

Make a Wish Foundation
4742 N. 24th St.
Suite 400
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Call:  800-722-9474

Contact Church Charities

Many large churches have Christmas toy programs for children.  Just visit your local churches or go online and look for their denominational headquarters to find out who is doing a Christmas toy drive.  Don’t wait until the last minute as many people need help for Christmas.

The Family Giving Tree
Sobrato Center for Nonprofits
606 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035
1 (408) 946-3111
[email protected]

Host an Angel Tree Toy Drive

If your organization would like to host an Angel, go online to the corporate site and fill out a registration form and return it before October 17.  Dates will vary in some states. Specify how many people your organization would like to help and attend a training.

You will receive a kit, including Angel’s tags for your tree. Decorate your tree appropriately for Christmas with lots of Angels, and advertise the event by e-mails, posters and lunchroom bulletin boards. You can choose to adopt an Angel to help this Christmas. They can also use your help as a volunteer to work the Secret Santa Warehouse.

Angel Tree and Free Toys for Christmas

Angel Tree, is a program run by thousands of churches by Prison Fellowship that reaches out to the children of inmates and their families.  You can help a child or family by donating to Angel Tree Program.

The Christmas charity is sponsored by the Salvation Army and provides Christmas toys for children and gifts for teens and seniors and families in need. This program is run by the generous donations from groups, organizations, and caring people like you!. Your donations help these precious children each year!

JCPenny is a Supporter of Angel Tree

JCPenny is a great supporter of the Angel Tree Program. They have made it easy to make the online donation process to an angel simpler. At their site, you can create a giving group for your job, group or organization to adopt a group for Christmas giving to seniors, teen and, of course, children.

You can also locate a group or individual you have chosen to help with a donation. When purchasing a gift for Angel Tree from the site, you get free shipping. December 9th is the last day to donate a gift to an angel!

Angel Tree accepts new toy donations through toy drives from, local, churches and private groups.  Free Toys are then distributed to children in needy and low-income families.  They help families all year long, not just at Christmas, but they do also give Christmas gifts.  To receive toys and gifts for children, the incarcerated parent must fill out an application with the prison chaplain in July.  For more info.  1-800-206-9764

Apply for Christmas Help with Bills

If you are looking for financial help for Christmas, you can sign up with one of the Salvation Army registration locations in your city.  In order to be eligible to receive the help, you must meet the federal qualifications and minimum poverty guidelines.

You will need to bring proof of your financial standing as well as documentation from the Department of Social Services if you are received assistance. They help children up to the age of 12 years and the elderly from 62 and up.

If you have registered to become an Angel, you name, age, sex, clothing, and shoe sizes will be placed on a tag and hung on an Angel Tree located in malls, company, church or organization.  Those who want to participate will choose a tag from the tree, purchase the gifts and return them to the Salvation Army to sort and distribute to the Angels.

Get Help with Food for Christmas

Maybe if you didn’t have to buy food, you’d have a little left over to buy some presents.  Toys are not much fun when you don’t have anything to eat.  The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks distributes more than three billion meals each year to communities throughout the United States.

Contact the local Department of Social Services to request a list of food banks in your community.  Contact your local food bank to find food or to help solve hunger in your community.  G  Check out How to get Help with Utility Bills

221 Replies to “Free Toys for Christmas – Apply Early!

  1. I am a single parent of 8kids agrs 21-2 i am in search for Christmas help!!!! I suffer with alot of health issues with a testimony of survival i lost my house i worked so hard to help build when i had a stroke lost my vehicle…..i have a wish that would be the petfect Christmas to provide affordable house and vehicle we all child ride in…with disabled child…thanks Patricia Hester 407-936-8350….if a wish so big couldn’t be fullfilled HELP me catch up on bills

  2. I am a single mother with a 2year old son. I would like to find out what help is available to me and him. I am eighteen and will hopefully be moving soon. My mother who is disabled lives with us.

  3. I am a mentor at ULTIMATE RE-ENTRY OPPORTUNITY for individuals incarcerated and who have been out jail,my mission is to help them with their barriers and also to help them find better means to ease some of the hardship that they are going through when they are released ,many have family’s and it will be nice to have there kids with present for christmas,i done many toy runs in the past and glad that we have people that care for the unfortune..anything that can be done for these family’s will gladly be apprecated

  4. I am a single mother of five Tatianna 12 Gregory 11 Jocelyn 8 Ne’ory 3 n Xyla 2. I need help for them for Christmas. Thanks in advance.

  5. how do i apply for free toys?.i want to aply for free toys to give it to my younger siblings. we didnt get to spend christmas with my parents for almost 4 years and we only recieve gidts from others less than 10 gifts includng birthdays and christmas. ive been joining toy giveaway for few years. may you help us make the younger once happy for this christmas?

  6. This is Mary Jane Salas. I’m trying to look for HELP . I been out of work MAY 8,2016. I injured my right wrist I been in a cast til June 20, 2016. They took it off . By July 5, 2016. I re-injured my same wrist again & now I went to the Dr. On Mon August 15, 2016. The Dr. Said I need SURGERY so I’m out of out work . It’s so hard for me to provide for my boys 10 & 8 years old. I don’t know where to LOOK for help. I cry because all I think about my boy’s . So please I’m begging for help.

  7. Hello, Melissa. It is too early to apply for Christmas toys, but contact the agency below to get the details.

    Prison Fellowship Toys for Tots
    For Angel Tree inquiries call 1-800-55-ANGEL (2-6435)

  8. I would like to know how apply for toys so that my two year old grandson could have a good Christmas this year. His dad just got put in jail and will be there for 10 months and his mother don’t have a job. I am looking for work after being out of work for 6 months and I am disabled. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  9. Hello Gregory. Thanks for writing. I am sorry the Christmas Toy program are closed to further registration. Please try local denomination churches to see if they have a Adopt a Family program. If you need help with food, clothes, or help with bills, contact St. Paul de Vincent Catholic Church, Salvation Army, or Catholic Charities. To help stretch you money go to the food banks for help. Also go to the department of social services to get emergency assistance, and a referral to a food bank. The Catholic Church gives good food and meat if available. Good luck.

  10. Hello Michelle. Try contacting HUD for security deposit assistance. Also contact St. Paul de Vincent, Catholic Charities, the Red Cross and the Lutheran Church. I know it is frustrating trying to get help, especially during Christmas when so many people need help. Registration for Christmas is closed. Try some of the local church to see if they have an Adopt a Family program for Christmas.

  11. Melissa B, Thank you for writing Free Financial Help. Concerning receiving a toy for your little one, It is too late to register, but the larger denominational local churches are a place I would suggest contacting. The Lutheran church does a lot of outreach to the community. Perhaps you can find some help there. You can also get food from these charities. Sorry we could not send you to the help you needed.

  12. Hello Jenifer, Please contact Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). They can help with, payments for security deposits, rental assistance for up to 3 months for short term situations and up to 18 months, help with utility deposits and utility bills, assistance to moving to a new, affordable home vouchers for motels or hotels.They YWCA also has a program and for inexpensive housing the Mennonite Guest House. You can also contact these charities for help with utilities, food, clothes etc. Good luck. Good luck.

  13. Hello Denise. Thank you for writing Free Financial Help. Concerning receiving a toy for your little one, It is too late to register, but the larger denominational local churches are a place I would suggest contacting. The Lutheran church does a lot of outreach to the community. Perhaps you can find some help there. Sorry we could not send you to the help you needed. If you need help next year, please apply before November.

  14. sorry for bothering but my name is Denise and im a single mother of four beautiful girls and I just really needed help this Christmas. I am a little embarrassed thats why I tryed my best to come up with some extra cash this month but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. I really need help in finding someplace I can take my daughters for some presents. we would really appreciate it. im so sorry for this short notice. hope to hear from anyone thank u and marry Christmas to u. [email protected]

  15. I sure do understand that about pride. It is humbling experience to be homeless for me. I recently became guardian of my two young granddaughters. We are getting to know each other as they have always lived three states away. Since they came to live with me I lost my room I was renting and have been staying here and there. They are in shool so sometimes I have to drive a ways to get them there everyday. I have applied for homeless and am on many waiting lists. All I wish is a place of our own for Christmas. I would love to give them stability and to know what it is like to have a home. They have such a hard time being away from their family.
    If anyone knows of a place that will take us at a reasonable price please let me know.
    Wishing everyone joy this Christmas.

  16. Hello Shaneka. Christmas registration for the gift programs are closed. You can however check with some of larger denominational churches in your city to see if they are doing something locally. Some may have a ‘Adopt a Family’ program for the holidays. Good luck.

  17. Hello Melissa, it is 4 days before Christmas and the registration for the gift programs are closed. You can however check with some of larger denominational churches to see if they are doing something locally. You can go to the food banks for food, or if you are not working and have children, the Department of Social Services can give you emergency food stamps. Good luck.

  18. My family have gone through a lot of stress this year.i would like to give my 12yr old daughter and 22yr old son a gd xmas.but dont have much money.please can anyone help us

  19. Looking for help for Christmas gifts for my five children boy 9, girl 10, boy 15 , girl 17, and granddaughter 2. I am disabled and my youngest son is disabled due to an abusive relationship, financially money has been tight this year and I am feeling horrible about not having anything for my children. Every year Christmas is filled with gifts and this year I have nothing I wasn’t able to work due to my disability and things got really bad. I have been facing homelessness since July 2015 when I found out my landlord will no longer be renting my property and I have been unsuccessful in finding something decent for my children to stay in the same school district. I am so depressed please if you could help.

  20. Namaste
    My name is monica from nepal .I belive Christmas very much and my family also loves Christmas .but few days before my father died because of heart attack because of that we are having hard time for anything will be geat gift to make familys day ..
    In my family we are 3 sister and 1 brother.if you can help me please contact me in [email protected]

  21. Looking for help for my 3 kids we live in erie,pa pay check to pay check and have just anuff to pay are bill so Christmas is always a hard time for us even as hard as we try to prepare for it and it seems to never turn out like i and they hope so if there is someone out there who would like to help us please let me thank you ahead of time and pray everyday for you and your family’s help to mine if someone would like to help us you could call me at 8145044547

  22. Hello Wayne, I am sorry to tell you the Christmas gift programs are closed. Some many need help, to assure your child gets a toy or gift you have to apply early. Try calling some of the larger denominations churches in you city, to see if anything is available locally.

  23. Hello Kimberly:

    I am sorry to hear you are have financial difficulties. Unfortunately the free toy program are closed for the year. Please contact the Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, St Paul de Vincent Catholic Church to see if they can direct you. Also, here is you can find food banks near you.

    Good Luck

  24. Hello Frances,Sorry to say, it is too late to register for the major Christmas toy programs. If you need clothes, housewares or furniture contact the Crisis Assistance Ministry. / She has to get there very early to be see. Have her bring SS cards for children and proof in income and address. Good luck.

    Crisis Assistance Program
    500-A Spratt Street
    Charlotte, NC 28206 (704) 371-3001

  25. I am sorry we can not be of assistance. Unfortunately the major Christmas toy programs are closed for registration. Millions of children are in need of help and if you don’t register early it can be a scramble to try to find something for the kids. Consider trying some of the larger denominational churches in you city, to seek if they can help. Good luck.

  26. Looking for assistance with two dressers for two young foster kids used or new just need help please and thank u some help would be wonderful contact Shelly white 3092310928

  27. My name is frances and I really need help with Christmas toys for my grandkids. Mom just moved to Charlotte NC and having a hard time getting anything for her 4 children. I have a lot medical problems so it is hard for me to get out and go anywhere. Anything would be very appreciated there are 2 boys one 14 and the other 15 2 girls one 8 and one 11 if you can help please contact me at 401 499 2823 thank you and God bless you.

  28. My family need help for Christmas a14 year old boy 9 year old boy 8 year old girl and a 2 year old boy thank god for anything y’all do

  29. We are a church based in Kampala Uganda WORKING with children and valnurables. We are requesting for your valuable donation to help our kids in churhes and Comunities .

    your kind attention will be highly appricated

    yours faithfully

    Pastor Jolly joe opio
    Reconcliation community church
    Kampala Uganda
    BoX 8553 Kampala
    Main post office Building.

  30. Damion,
    MY family and I have suffered thorough some very difficult times this year. Divorce, separation and extreme financial difficulties. Unfortunately, the application dates for kids toys for Christmas has passed. I have four children that I can’t provide any toys for. Help is greatly appreciated . Lake Charles, la

  31. Greetins my name is carmelrose gonzales i moved to san bernardino and due to high rent i am unable to get gifts muchless food and can really use a blessing for my two daughters 15 and 9 in need please help call 9095345711 bless u and thanks for everythung

  32. My family and i are needing assisstance this christmas. I’m a stay at home mother with 2 kids. My husband is unemployed right now amd only recieves unemployment. We are in need of help. I would love for my kids to have a wonderful christmas thank you.

  33. Hi my name is staci and my daughter deshay and I cannot have a great Christmas because of outrageous blls it will be really great if you guys could help us with situation

  34. My family and i need help with gifts for our three children. We thought this year would be different and we would be able to get our children gifts but unfortunately we cannot. What can i do?

  35. I am seeking help for my kids . I have unfortunately waited to long to realize Christmas was near with no gifts for my 3 kids . I have missed the toys for totes in my local area they are full as well as the deadline for the angel tree. It’s so heart breaking to have to tell my kids we will not be doing Christmas but this is what’s going to happen . We don’t even have a Christmas tree. I am giving up hope .

  36. Hello Pastor Hardeep. We don not distribute gifts of money. I am sorry we are unable to help the children. Try contact Samatian’s Purse Operation Christmas child programs sends gift boxes to children all around the world. God Bless you and the children.

    Operation Christmas Child

    Samaritan’s Purse
    PO Box 3000
    Boone, NC 28607

  37. i am missonry hardeep singh from punjab india me church pastor with children mnistry plz give me 60 gifts my request

  38. Hello Ashly. Thanks for writing. I know how you feel as a Mom wanting to do something for your child. I am sorry to say, the major free toy programs are closed for the season. Call the major Lutheran church in your city. They do a lot of outreach for Christmas. If they can’t help perhaps they can lead you to someone who can. Also contact the churches in the post below to get assistance with utilities, rent, food, etc. Be prepared to provide proof of income. Good luck.

    Church Assistance Programs

  39. Camille, the free toy program is now closed. There are so man needing help, you have to apply early. Try calling the Lutheran church, Catholic Charities to find out about other programs in your city.

  40. I am a single mother of 2 kids. Where can I get some assistance for some gifts for my kids.
    I doubt i would be able to get any gifts for them this year and i just feel so horrible.
    My ex husband abandon us and he doesnt care if we even have any food.
    thank you

  41. Hi my name is ashly. I am a single mother of 1 daughter the age of 8. I work as much as I can to privide and takecare of my daughter. And I am really struggling this year for christmas. My car broke down lost insurance and everything has been fallin. Apart s ince then. Lost my good job I’m working part time but just isn’t enough. My daughter is the most important thing in my life. Alls she asks for christmas is a happy family. Shes such a good girl. I’ve never reached out for help but I’m asking this yeae and I don’t k now how to apply or sign up for anything. Its going to break my heart kn christmas that she doesn’t have any presents. So plz if anyone could help me or lead me in a direction for help I’d appreciate it so much. Thank you.

  42. Hello Trisha! I know moving to a new town can be overwhelming. I am sorry to say that registration for the free toy program is closed. However, some churches in the area may still be open. Try contact larger Lutheran churches. They are very active in helping the community. For other assistance like preventing eviction or losing utilities. Catholic Charities, and St. Paul de Vincent Catholic Church also help those in need with food, clothes, family counseling and other support. Good luck!

  43. Looking to find help for my family for christmas this year iam disabiled and I have 5 kids and take car of my grandson to. We have just moved up to clearlake, California and iam not familiar with this area or anything up here. So please any one with any information please feel free to let me know. Thank u.

  44. Hello Lori. The registration to receive free Christmas toys is now closed. There are so many families that need help, you have to apply early to make sure you can be helped. Try contact some of the larger denominational churches. Contact Catholic Charities for help with bills, etc.

  45. Hello Lori, the registration to receive free Christmas toys is now closed. There are so many families that need help, you have to apply early to make sure you can be helped. Try contact the Lutheran church in your city.

  46. Hi this is tiffany I have 3 beautiful kids an another on the way I’m on a really hard struggle rite na not able to give my kids a Christmas so I’m asking u for any help to help can u help out my baby’s with a little Christmas

  47. I haven no job, my son is 8 years old, and Christmas is his favorite holiday, my immediate family is struggling, how sad, I have never been in this situation before.

  48. Hello Cortney. What a good daughter you are to want to help your Mom. Because you are a child, you will have to get an Auntie or other adult to contact the Salvation Army in your city for you. They may be able to help you. Also see if you can find a Community Clothes closet. They give away clothing. Good luck.

  49. hi this is liz, i dont have any money for christmas gifts for my beautiful grandkids, because i already paid the bills so i need ur help that i really want to get some christmas gifts for them and make them so happy !!!! thanks god bless u

  50. Hi my name is cortney, I need some help you see my mom doesn’t have any clothes but two pairs of pants and two tshirts and a sweater, I was hoping some one can help me surprise my mom with lots of clothes I would so be happy if you did. I want my mom to have a wonderful christmas and it hurts seeing her struggle my mom is 41 and she gain some weight she is a size 12 and a large or medium in shirts and a large in sweaters and if you could help with a pair of shoes as well that would be great she is a size 8. her old ones had to be thrown away because they were falling apart so please i beg you help me give her a good christmas thank you.

  51. Suresh Kumar doing Lord’s ministry at allapadu village we are started a church building construction but some of the financial crisis we are unable to complete that,so we praying for support

  52. Im a single mom of 3 kids. Im trying to find someone to sponsor MY kids this year for Christmas. Im in del city, Oklahoma..I have 2 daughters ages 2 & 4 and a 7yr old son. We would be so blessed and greatful if MY kids got sponsored.

  53. my kids is in need of toys, used or unwrapped dont matter. They are the ages 2years, 3years and 5 years old.

  54. Hello im in need of toys for my 3 children Where can I go receive a blessing for my family ,thanks

  55. I was trying to get my child signed up for the angel tree program please contact me at 573-275-4239

  56. Natasha, thank you for writing. We do not determine who receives Christmas toys, this is the responsibility of the Christmas charities. Please contact the agencies in the post Free Toys for Christmas and be prepared to provide proof of income, address, and id for you and the children. Catholic Charities also offers family counseling, which may help you move forward. If you need help with food, or clothing for the children, please mention this when you make your calls. Good Luck

  57. Hello Josephine, I am sorry to hears of the loss of your husband and son. You did not say where you needed toys or other resources. If you need toys for the children, go to Free Toys for Children and contact those agencies right away. These agencies can also lead you to other resources like, food, clothing, eviction prevention and loss of utilities. Good Luck Josephone.

  58. Gd afternoon my name is angie I have 2 children 1 boy in 1 girl in I need help this year for Xmas anything would b fine I been struggling since their dad left us in moved away so now I am raising them all by my self in it is hard with no help so if u please can help at least to put a smile on their face .thank you in have a bless day

  59. Hi PATTI I am sorry for your loss. I know this is difficult, especially during Christmas. Please contact the Salvation Armay, which has a program that helps with a toy for a child. They can also help you with anything else you need (like food, clothes, furniture), you lead you to agencies that can help you. Good luck Patti.

  60. Hi. I need help this yr 4 Christmas. I have 5 kids 1 girls 3 boys can u please take this into consideration

  61. Hi I was writing this letter to see if maybe you could help me I am on a shelter with my two kids a boy that is 5 years old and he is autistic and a baby girl that is 1 year and 8 months and I was wondering if you could please help me , Christmas is coming and I don’t have money to buy presents today is already the first of December and my heart ache because I don’t know how is going to be our Christmas and because we are on a shelter I have try to make it feel like a home to them because they don’t want to feel that we don’t have nothing and that mommy don’t have money to buy presents this Christmas we can not put a chirstmas tree and besides that in the shelter say that if we put a tree it have to be with no lights … please help me I am a desperate mother that is seeking for help so my kids can have a happy Christmas

    Thank you very much and God bless you

  62. I have a 5months baby girl she was born on June 24 2015 and this is gonna be her first Xmas I wanna give her the best Xmas ever but I don’t have much I also have a 4year old son I would love to make them happy this year.

  63. Hi my name is Natasha Park. I’m a single mom of 3 girls 13,6, and 2 yr old. I’m have alot of issues with bills. And I’m also having alot of car problems. I just want my girls to have a good Christmas. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t afford a new vehicle. This has been a stressful year I just don’t think I can afford gifts this year. Please help us if you can.

  64. I am a family of 7 whom only recieves ss surviors benifits can you i possibly tell me where i can get help for my children for christmas we recently lost my husband and my oldest son died from a blood clot in his lungs any help in which direction I can go to get help please I am from erie county ny thank you and many blessings!

  65. Hi I am a singal mother of 3 boys. There father passed away 4 years ago from in large heart. So it’s been a struggle with bills and the holidays. If there any help out there whatever it is my family would be greatly apreiative. Thank you happy holidays and god bless

  66. Would like to be put in for food basket and for toys, I have custody of my 11 yr old grandson Richard, and we just lost everything we own

  67. Hello Tanya. I do not know if you have applied for disability from the Armed Services. If not, please look into that right away. Depending on your disability you can get up to 100% disability for emotional and physical injuries. Christmas toys are for the youngest children of course. You may be able to get help with the older children, but must contact the agencies to find out what they offer. Like Make a Wish Foundation, helps very sick children. Call the organization in the posts below for help. Good Luck and thank you for your Service to this Country.

    Christmas Assistance Programs
    Toys for Christmas

  68. Hello Kathneen, the assistance programs for toys are for very low-income families living below the US Government poverty guidelines. You can not get toys, solely because the store is too far from home. If you qualify as disadvantaged, please contact the organizations below to register for help.

    Toys for Christmas

  69. Izeta, I am sorry to hear you husband has passed. Please contact the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities or Goodwill Industries for help with Christmas. All help is given based on your income. Please make available identification for all the children, proof of income and address. You have to go in person to get this help. They do not delivery toys. Good luck.

  70. Jacince the most important thing is to make sure you and your family have a save place to live. This is your priority. Please contact the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and Goodwill Industries for help for toys for the two youngest children.

  71. Hello Mylinda, I am so sorry you are experiencing this difficulty. Most church assistance programs can help you with this as well as lead you to other programs in your city that can help. You should may also be eligible for many benefts. Please contact the department of Social Services in your city to find out what is available. Also contact the agencies in the posts below.
    Church Assistance Programs
    Toys for Christmas
    Emergency Rent Assistance

  72. hi I need help for Christmas I am a single mum of 2 boys and cause I live so far away from shops I cant get my kids on gifts for Christmas please help me

  73. We have 3 kids ranging from the age of 10-13-16 they are very good kids and would love to see them just have a nice Christmas I wish all of u a wonderful holiday season

  74. I am a disabled veteran who has 6 children at home one of them is 19 but is a cancer survivor and recently was in icu for a blood clot on her lung and they found a new mass on her liver, she just had a major spinal surgery back in March….I have a 17 yr old son who ships off next year to the army , I have a 16 yr old son who has Adhd and is partially deaf in both ears, I have a 11yr old daughter who has learning disabilities and struggles with being bullied everyday, I have 2grandchildren I raise due to my 19yr old being very sick they are a 4yr boy and a 2yr girl….I am trying my hardest to be strong for them all but I as well suffer from military injuries and ptsd ….I have not been to any organizations for help and am looking for a Christmas miracle and you are more than welcome to meet my family , we usually don’t ask for help but my husband hasn’t been able to work due to having 2 bars a plate and 5 screws in his leg…it is very embarrassing for me to ask for help but this is a mom,wife,nana trying to find a Christmas miracle for my family …God bless for more information please contact me @ 4193924662

  75. Hello I’m a mother of two girls which they are 3 and 5 I’m homeless need help with h food,perment housing,cloths in need help with Christmas please contact me..

  76. I was trying to sign my grandchildren up for Christmas I don’t have the money to buy them any present and it hurts my heart can anyone help me

  77. Christmas is sneaking up on us this year. I haven’t had small children in the house for many years. Now I have custody of 2 of my grandchildren (Total of 4 children in the house, my single daughter and her 2 boys are here now too.) All of my savings have been used to get 2 of the grandchildren placed here after being in a really bad situation.

  78. I’m in search of help getting my son and daughter gifts for Christmas this year. Things are hard for me right now I can’t afford to give them the Christmas they deserve.

  79. I am currently homeless this Christmas season 3 mos and a half pregnant I also have 2 twin boys ages 12 years old ..its been really rough this year im waiting on the father of my child an ex come and rescue his family it will be the greatest gift of all if my twins can get a wonderful Christmas this year please my children has been through nothing but struggles and the only thing I want is to put a warmth feeling in there hearts and a wonderful smile on there faces..

  80. I am single and I have children that I help in sierra Leone pls I need stuff for the children for Christmas

  81. Hi my name is Kasandra. My boyfriend and I have been struggling for the past couple years and this year we hope our kids will have a good Christmas. I am hoping that you will be able to help us because neither of us have good paying jobs and we can barely afford rent so I pray that you can help us this holiday season. Thank you

  82. I am in need for Christmas for 3 children ages 9. 6 and 4. The oldest is a girl she is 9 middle is a girl she is 6 then boy age 4. I don’t no where to go for help a friend told me about this. Thank you

  83. Hello Alisha, thanks for contacting us. Please don’t feel ashamed. More than 50% living in the US need help. It is not your fault. You will however have to find a way to register you children to get toys and then to pic them up. Contact the agencies in the articles below for Christmas help. Good luck

    Christmas Charities
    Free Christmas Toys

  84. Hi. I am a single mother with 3 kids. I am embarrassed to even be in this situation. But I need help with Christmas gifts for my children. 8,7, & 1. My email is [email protected]. I have a hard time getting around because I have epilepsy and the government won’t let me get my drivers liscence. Please contact me when you are available.

  85. greetings i am applying for help with Christmas gifts for my two girls the youngest is 3 and the oldest is 12 thank you

  86. Hello Lisa, if you have legal custody of your grandchildren, you should be able to get assistance for the government. Please contact them to see how, and if they can assist you. I will also post some articles that will direct you to other assistance. Contact the agencies in the articles below. Hope you can get the support you need for you family.

    Toys for Christmas
    Food Banks in your City
    How to Apply for Food Stamps
    Christmas Charities that Help

  87. Hello Barbara, I am sorry to hear you are struggling right now. If you are on disability, you should be able to many other services as well, such as SNAP. LIHEAP etc. Please check out the agencies in the articles I am posting below or help. I hope you can get the help you so desperately need. God bless you.

    Food Banks in your City
    Home Repair Assistance
    Free Toys for Children or Christmas
    How to Apply for Emergency Food Assistance
    Charities that Help for Christmas
    Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

  88. That’s right Rene, you can’t receive, if you don’t ask! I will try to direct you to the proper help. You didn’t specify what you needed to let’s just look at Christmas. You girls have a reason to smile. They have a Mamma that loves them very much! Contact the agencies in the articles below. They will also be able to direct you to other assistance. Good Luck!

    Christmas Charities
    Toys for Christmas
    Local Food Banks

  89. Hello Patricia. It is wonderful what you are doing to help the children in your community. However, Free Financial Help directs our readers to local charities, and government agencies that can help them. We do not warehouse toys, etc. Please let the parents in you community know there can get toys or there children by contacting these agencies. Good luck with your Christmas project!
    Toys or Christmas
    Angel Tree
    Christmas Charities

  90. I own a thrift store in stockton calif 2712 e fremont st stockton can 95205 it’s in a lower class area I have a room just for kids to play I go to auctions and pick up toys and give them to the kids I need some help with toys to give away for Dec 23 rd I have a Santa going to be there I really think kids are important my parents passed when I was young so never got to be a kid now I own a store I would love to be apart of a smile of giving thank u for your help at letting me be apart of giving love to a kid in need

  91. I need help with toys and cloths for my boys. I have two 12 year Olds and 9 year old, and 8 year old and a 3 year old. I have a hard time getting around no vehicle to do so. I work graves and it’s just really hard. I also don’t think we will be able to have thanksgiving this year. I’m freaking out.

  92. I am a single mother of 4 girls ages 16,14,12 and 7 I am asking for help this Christmas for my girls times are getting hard for us and as of know I fell like the old saying u have to as for help to get help so I am asking if someone can please help us of so my girl will have something to smile about thank you and god bless

  93. Or the iPad 2 boys husband put me and my 3 kids out on the streets have nothing to show their make your Christmas about 15 year old daughter at eight year old son and a 7 year old son Was in a rental house and the landlord put me out because of my husband now I’m running around town trying to find a place to live for me and my 3 kids If you are can help me so much is a good Christmas I would surely appreciate it may God continue to bless you as I know he will protect me and my kids thank you is Howard

  94. I am in need of help please i am disable and my husband just had to apply for disabilty and i have a 11 year old i just had a total left knee replacement and i am the only one bring in any income and it is a disabilty check we also receive a lot of damage to our home during the month of oct i have applied for fema but was turned down doing the appeal but in the process we have no food and money and my daughter will not have a christmas i am begging please help me.

  95. I have 5 children and 3 granddaughters I am on cal works and can not afford much for the holidays our home is in need of repair and we have no heater for the cold this winter I could really use some help thank you god bless.

  96. hello my name is outta boskovic I’m a single mom my husband just passed away I need Christmas gifts for my children .please call me 971 804-9561 thank you I need delivery please I’m a single mom I have no car

  97. I have three children 1,7,10 and im requesting help for the christmas holiday. Thanks in advance any help would be appreciated.

  98. Just was given custody of my two grandchildren they was in foster care they came to with nothing an i work 3hrs a day we are ask for any help we are grateful for what ever help we can get thanks so much

  99. I need help with getting Christmas for my son I can not work due to health reasons If u can help thanks in advance..

  100. I am K. Naveen. I have been suffering from crohn’s disease since a year. My father died 5 year ago. My mother is not good health. I have to use expensive medicine. I can not eat all foods. Many foods have reaction mainly gas problem.

    When crohn’s medicine use my white cells reduced. I can not stay in a crowd and even crowed class room. With much difficulty I completed my X class.

    I am interested in computers and i joined a computer class. The fees are high. Some one please help for my medicine and fees for computer learning. I don’t know english well. Someone helped me to write this. Please help. I have a younger brother is in IX class. I was in an orphanage and due to my condition they allowed me stay this year also. What will be my fate next I don’t know. I pray for you. Please pray for me too. Naveen

  101. My name is Lisa. I’m 47years old.I have 8 grandkids.I lost my job 4 years ago due to sickness.I can’t get foodstamps or buy gifts this year for my family.I have a hard time paying rent unless to by toys for Christmas. My grandbabys are age 10 to newborn.I need help bad.please help me.3 girlls 5 boys

  102. Hi my name is tinisha, I have 3 beautiful kids two boys and a girl I am in the shelterbut I want my kids to have the best Christmas they deserve it Kaseem is 12 yrs old,Demonti is 7 yrs old and my Daughter Desire is 4 thanks it would be nice for some help for Christmas

  103. Hi my name is amy i am a single mom always have been.i lost my job this year that i been at for 5yrs so now i draw employment and my girls lost there dad in car accident in 2013 so i get ssc but with that an reemployment it just paying my bills an im barley getting by but I have two girls the are older 16 and 17 but this will be there last couple Christmases wit me so I would like to be able to give them one but it dont look like it right now i don’t even have a tree i usually go get a real one every year but don’t see myself affording to do that either. My 17 year old name angel also had a baby boy this year 5mon old that i been helpin her with too so she could finish school which would like to have christmss for too plus both my girls need winter stuff too coats, boots, hats. If any one could help me please it would be a god bless. It has been a struggle for all of us in so many ways. Thank you for atleast taking the time to read.

  104. I am a single mom of 3 kids 15. 14 and 13. We just had to move over 800 miles n move in with my elderly parents cause we had no where to go. I am disabled I get sdi. Which is only a lil over 700. Their father just STOPPED paying child support. WE NEED HELP!”” PLEASE!! Iwant MY KIDS TO HAVE CHRISTMAS! They been thru alot! God Blesd n thank you

  105. hi,my name is ricky i not long ago hurt my self at work im not working rite now do to mt injury i have 5 kids ages from 16 to a week old new born baby girl i’m writing this letter to ask for help for my kids for christmas .financially im.doing bad but some how we been passing by with God’s help i reaaly need your help please thankyou if can if you can’t help is also ok may god bless you and may god bless all those families that are so empty and in need during this holidays

  106. I just wanted to see to you all thank you for all that you do for people like us. Who are struggling at this moment. We are very greatful for all that we have in life. But to see our kids happy for Christmas. That is the only wish I have to ask this year for Christmas. So I thank you so much for all the help you all give to the people who are in need like for our family.

    Thank you,

    Talau Hansen Fonua

  107. Hello my name is Talau Hansen Fonua. I have been looking for a job for the longest time. My husband is working part time at the moment and we have 4 beautiful handsome boys. Which Christmas this year is going to be hard. That is “WHY” I turn to you all for help if that’s possible. We would like help for Christmas for our boys. The oldest is 15, going on 16 next year. The next one is 12 going on 13 in November and the third one is 11 going on 12 next year and the youngest is 4 going on 5 next year. We both wanted our boys to be happy on Christmas and seeing their faces on Christmas morning that is all we want for them. So please I am asking as a mother if you can help me with this wish for Christmas it would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Talau Hansen Fonua

  108. Norma there are many wonderful charities and agencies that can help you. Please feel free to contact any of the agencies here listed. Phones number and web addresses are listed. Take care of yourself.

  109. I really need help to get Christmas for my children I just recently had brain surgery and a stroke so I’m at hard times right now so if anyone could please help me I will appreciate it thank you Norman brown

  110. I just moved here and really dont have much. I have 5 children. Could you please help me give them a Christmas? Or point me in the right direction. Thank you and God bless.

  111. My husband and I we are our Great Nephew’s Prince Brandon Foster Great Aunt and Uncle. I’m retired my husband is on Disability. We would like to get some Toys and clothes for our Great Nephew, this Christmas.

  112. hi my Jeannette I live the Bronx I really need some help for Christmas I have 5 kids and one granddaughter who I would love to see four Christmas if I am live and I would love to good Christmas this year eve in that me my kids have one year to find artpment hope I could do what need to do but when you are along it hard but if can help me give my kids and granddaughter a good Christmas thank you

  113. I Would like to apply for gift card and free toys for december call me 484646956 i have a 9month old

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