Free Financial Help Paying Bills – Low-Income Assistance Programs

Free Financial Help Paying Bills – Low-Income Assistance.   If you live in the United States and need emergency aid with bills?  There are government, state and local charities that provide low-income families help.  Get free help with rent payments, utilities, healthcare, and other financial emergencies.

There are relief programs for single mothers, care for their families and churches that help pay bills.   We will tell you how to get help.  Many people, do not know where to turn, therefore they may be evicted or lose important services.  There are, public and private low-income assistance programs, that can give you aid.

How the Government Helps

We are now in a new administration and things are improving.  Senate leaders passed a 2-year budget deal that prevented another government shut down.  Glad to Senator Chuck Schumer and President Donald Trump are trying to work together to create legislation that helps and empowers the poor.   It is not enough to help pay bills, as most people do not want to depend on other to survive.  The government has to create vehicles of opportunity, not dependency.

Many companies are coming back to the US and many are getting jobs, unemployment rates are doing down in many communities, but we have to do better. Welfare offices have to make each client aware that they are eligible for educational grants while receiving temporary aid.  Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell seem to be working a lot better with POTUS.  Let’s hope they come up with something amazing to improve the lives of the middle class and the poor.

Do you Need Help Paying Bills?

We provide information on

How do I get Free Financial Help?

We provide resources to help you locate advice about bills and other support.  Unable to pay your rent, need help with utilities after Christmas?  Please search Local Church Charities that help.  We also offer resources that provide free financial help for you and your family.  You can also find out where to get Christmas toys for kids.   The Department of Social Service offers financial support once a year.  This assistance help, those who are not receiving government aid. That is why we are excited about presenting these resources available to you.

Where can I get Assistance?

We show local charities and federal programs, that provide help.  We all have times when things get difficult. What do you do, when you don’t have a family or your family is also struggling?  There are many organizations that help pay bills like, rent, lights, water, gas, medical, child care, and mortgage, and more. It will take a little research, phone calls, and footwork, but you can get help today!

Difficult times can be temporary.  Find out how to get help with, college or a trade school.  The information provided here is a guide to lead you in the right direction.  Programs may vary from state to state.  We link you to helpful resources so you can find support.    We post new information regularly.

Get Low-Income Assistance

Free Financial Help, features low-income programs that provide help paying, rent payments, help with utilities, healthcare, and other financial emergencies.  Local and government financial support millions of families each year.  We’re not associated with any organization.  If you do not see the help you need, please leave your question in the comment section of our website.

In 2008  folks lost homes and finances. People who have worked all their lives for one company have lost jobs and the pensions. Worst of all the signing of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) many high salaried jobs were outsourced other countries.

Also, many high-paying factory jobs, are hard-pressed to find. Workers have to settle for low-paying jobs that force them to turn to government relief programs.  These factory jobs were the doorway to the middle class for many people. Things have changed a lot in this great country, and the middle class is steadily disappearing.

Need Help or Training?

Community-based organizations are an extension of the government and screen and distribute help where it is needed.  Public, private and federal benefits, and donations fund these incentives. Non-profits help by paying rent, utilities, providing clothing, food, medical,  job training, and more. They give financial aid and training that can improve self-sufficiency.

Lastly, the Federal Government can help.  Several DSS buildings serve each state and community. Apply for help, by going into one of these offices, online or calling to request an application be mailed to your home.

Help Managing Debt and Bills

Low-Income Assistance programs help many people who could not survive without free financial help, however, is it our responsibility to help others who are struggling?  During the Great Depression, when you could not pay your rent, you were homeless.  Also, your children were placed in an orphanage, if you could not care for your kids.

However, there was no government program that helped the poor.  Therefore the poor many suffered greatly. Most noteworthy, until President Roosevelt initiated a number of relief programs, like Federal Emergency Relief (FERA), that helped the most destitute of Americans. Therefore, by the end of 1934, close to 19 million depended on Federal Emergency Relief programs.

Low-Income Assistance Resources

There are a few sources for getting help, for yourself and family.  Consequently, agencies like the Crisis Assistance Ministry or the American Assistance League, help the poor.  The Federal government funds community resources and donations.  You must also qualify financially to receive help from government, charity and community organizations.  You are eligible if your gross income has to be at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

If you need help paying bills, please use this site as a tool to find the help you need.  Follow us Google +. Find Low-Income help in your State.

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  1. Hello, Roesmine. Thank you for writing. Our programs only help those living in the U.S. I am sorry we can not help at this time. Please try calling Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.

  2. Hello, Rekah. I am sorry, our assistance programs only help those presently living in the United States. Please check with church charities in India. Good luck.

  3. Helli, Christy. Bad new is there is no organization that will pay your vehicle insurance. The Good new is, charities like Salvation army, Catholic Charities can help with past due bills. You have a gross family income at or below the federal poverty guidelines. You may also be able to get help from the Department of Social Services.

  4. I’m 18 years old and living by myself…i live in Santo Domingo…I’m a young Christian and I lost my job two months ago,so I’m trying to find another job…but I need to pay my rent for this month and buy some foods…also I’m in Senior year and will be graduating in July…
    I seriously need urgent help…600 dollars will do more than you guys can ever imagine in my life and I’ll call it “miracle”
    809 758_14_59 that’s my number…much love

  5. Hello, Reza. I am sorry your Father is sick. Unfortunately, the programs we feature are for those living in the United state. I am sorry we can not help at this time.

  6. Me on country iran father sick the sing heedy help financial strongly for cure sight her kindly help. namber card 6037991805527854 melli bank.

  7. Dear sir

    I am very poor family my age is 47
    Now I left leg verycose vein and whole time pain
    And Ulser now I am presently getting any job also so please kindly some one help I am hope to
    Here from yours
    Thanking you
    Yous faithfully. RAJAN .MU

  8. Hi my name is Joseph. I have a gas bill that is about ten years old? I need to find a organization that will help me pay my past bill? I am disabled. i have high blood pressure and other complications. I have not had gas in my apartment for all these years. Please help. Thanks. please contact me on my sisters email. Thanks

  9. My petition from me Semeni said mgunda.Am living in Tanzanian. Am single .Am effected by AIDS and am 3 children .Problems dancing me is emergence assistance fund to pay the Rented house or Bills and school fees of this children. Now one month not join to school Reason no paid me school fees. please helping me Semeni said mgunda.Thanks and Best wishes.Semeni mgunda.Tanzanian.

  10. Hello, T.Mamatha. Thank you for writing. Out programs are U.S. government and community programs that help needy families pay bills, receive food and other necessary needs. We do not give business loans.

  11. I need financial support to build up my family I had to kids both girls I don’t have job for me and for my husband we need your support for doing some small business to lead our life

  12. Hello, Dike. Out government programs and charities do no give cash to those needing assistance. If your Uncle lives in the U.S. and needs financial assistance, he needs to apply for help personally.

  13. hello am Collins from Uganda am an orphan i need your help to help me with $10000 thanks that’s my contact +256750038800

  14. Hello, Brenda. Please go directly to the Department of Social Services. Ask for expedited food stamps and other referrals for housing. Ask if they would pay for you to stay at a Salvation Army or WMCA housing location.

  15. Please i need your help financialy am a single mother and want to futher my education and take good care of my baby tanks

  16. Hello – not sure if right fit my mom need ? Question is beening help my mother remodel home as need reason she is alone and can’t afford high cost to remodel as need . Something help her out and want see her make comfortable no worry . Her home need remodel bathroom and dry wall upstairs and new cabinets for kitchen and back room remodel as pantry room also want garage shut down put new shed something what she want make her happy reason our gamma passed ( cancer) for 4 fours give my mother house ( homeowners ) not sure if this grant will help my mother or not ? She is low income .

  17. Hello, Please am from Ghana I need money for food, I was staying with my uncle when my mother pass away, my uncle wife aways gives me trouble in the house I don’t find peace in the house I. I run away to find peace for myself and decide to join mechanics shop to learn job but I need pocket money for living. Please help me am really finding it difficult to get something for food

  18. Hello, AnnaMaria. It seems like your husband is in an impossible situation. He can’t care for his mother if he can’t care for himself. I suggest you call the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. These charities usually try to help you if they can and are compassionate. Good luck.

  19. Hello, Dawn, you didn’t say if you need help with new service or your utilities just got turned off. Please call the United Way (211) for help with your situation near you.

  20. I am pregnant, my doctor took me off work and I will be homeless tomorrow if I don’t get help. I am currently in a motel but tonight is my last night. I need a voucher or to be pointed in the right direction.

  21. charities and nonprofits have financial assistance that helps fund those that need application fees and security deposits as well as rent this is only for apartments and houses many of them are hud approved apartments and houses that are for an individual person or different people in the south Omaha, NE area and the rest of the world. they charities do have to use their funding to pay management companies or some realtors directly for the potential tenant/potential resident or for the already residing in an inside apartment or house tenant/resident

  22. My husband returned to the usa to take care of his mother as she is getting on in years and she had been told that rather than his siblings take her in that she would end up in a home. We moved back to be with her, it took everything we had, all savings, and now immigration stalled with a hiccup not related to current politics. He cant get work, he has one hand and has been rejected for disabiility even though he is also dyslexic and so cant do an office job, and no company with touch him due to the legal issues if his hand is damaged further. We have spent the last 6 months with zero income, living in my inlaws house on her pension. He has food stamps but thats it, and the bills keep piling up. When I can work things will improve, but right now, its going to be at least another 6 months to a year. My mother in laws bills are far too high for us to get on top of, and she has been told that if she can get them down in total then she can get assistance. We arnt drug users, alcoholics, no young children, not pregnant, and English is our first and only language, the result, no one will help us… we are being driven to the very edge and all because we sacrificed everything we had to be here for his mother.. please tell us if there is anyone out there at all that can help us

  23. Rachel & Mike, there is nothing work with asking for assistance. There are organizations that exist for the sole purpose of help those in need. Of course, none of them require you work in exchange for help. I would suggest you go to the department of social services and request a referral to Catholic Charities. They help with temporary and transitional housing. Once you and you husband start working, look for an apartment and contact HUD for help with your security deposit.

  24. Hello, Charlene, please contact the department of Social Services. Your eldest child is eligible for SSI and other benefits. Next, ask for referrals to any other agency that can help you with your situation. Good luck!

  25. Omeje, I am so sorry you are not working and can not care for your family. However, our programs are only in the United States. Try contacting some of the Religious organizations in Nigeria, to see if help or work is available. Try contacting Christian Aid Society to see if help is available.

  26. Hello, Tammy. Once you have a medical bill, you will need to make payment arrangements with the hospital. You can also negotiate a lower hospital bill when paying the debt off. Tell them what you can afford to pay and pay it on time each month so it doesn’t go on your credit record. Going forward, find out if you qualify for the sliding scale program with the hospital. Sliding Scales allows you to pay according to your income.

  27. I need help paying my rent my husband is the only one that has income and my rent was do on the first I have two kids and if I don’t pay it we will be homeless can u please help.

  28. Do you all offer emergency car payment relief?
    My car is in the repossession list, I can’t afford to be without it.

  29. Hi, Tammy. Thanks for writing. Agencies do not usually pay your bills until they are outstanding. Call the hospital you will be having surgery and ask to speak to the social worker. She will be your advocate and help you process any emergency assistance you will need in the future.

  30. I really need help paying for a car related issue is there anywhere that will help my financially with that?

  31. am a nigerian pls i need finacial assistance, i was once operating a school but in a leaving place nd d owner of d house drove me out of the place but becouse i just started the school i have nt realy make money to look for else where right now i have been at home since september last year doing nothing and the worst part of it all my four children are at home with me none is going to school i dont even have money for business. The cell phone am using now has problem with my email that is why i cant use it but here is my contact 23407063627223 God bless

  32. I need some assistance paying for some dental work I’m on disability and I cannot afford to have my teeth fixed and they’re causing me some health issues I have Medicare they don’t pay any part of it and my secondary insurance does not pay any part of it

  33. Hello, Bobby. When you put a bill in your name you are officially taking responsibility for the bill. Perhaps you father can sign a document saying it was his home and he will be responsible for the bill. My experience is when a company has a name and social security for a party, they then to want to keep the pressure on that person. That’s why when a husband and wife sign a lease both names and financial information are requested. Somebody is going to pay and they don’t care who. Sorry I could not be of more help. Curious because I use Duke Energy and they will turn off your electricity if you owe $100 much like $5,323. What I am saying is they don’t allow your bill to get that high…ever!

  34. We are in need of a helping hand , we have had a bit of a hard time the past year after my husband’s seasonal Tree work slowed down to the point his company let him an a few others go . We have been seeking employment an staying with friends and family here an their . We are not looking for a hand out only a hand up. We will work for what we can get right now . We just need some serious help paying rent an getting some kind of transportation to get to work . My husband could have gotten a couple of jobs already how ever they both require him to have his own transportation . An we have a friend who has a camper they will let us buy off of them for 1000. Which will give us a place to live at least. An it would provide some kind of transportation for work also . If needed . We are desperate for help an do not know where else to turn . Please any help would be extremely greatful for . An like I said we aren’t looking for a hand out just a hand up so we are willing to work for what ever help we can get .

  35. My name is Charlene Giddens & I have two daughters, one 16 years old that is in Early College since 14 years old & my eldest child is 23 years old who has cerebral palsy. I am a 44 year old single mother & I just returned back to college classes to better myself. I have remained on the Presidents’ List since June of 2016. I am in a horrible financial ditch and I do not know what to do. My youngest daughter was just in a life threatening accident and can not walk for the next 4 months then, she will have to have extensive therapy. We are basically living on credit cards and that is close to coming to a end. We have had a couple of really life altering situations to occur and are in financial distress. Please, direct me to any help I may qualify for. Thank you, for your time and help

  36. I am wondering if there are any companies/people that help with immediate utility payments. We are in desperate need of help with our utilities before they are cut off in the next 2 days.

  37. Hello Austin. First, I hope you reported the scam to the police? If they did it to you, they will do it to someone else. Second, contact the agencies listed on this site to get help with your bills. If you qualify financially, you should get help. GET HELP Good Luck.

  38. I was scammed in the middle of college and need some serious assistance paying the bills this month. I don’t know who to ask or trust at this point.

  39. I put the electricity in my name for my families house when i was 19 due to my fathers disability. the debt was raised very high on said bill while i worked on a horse farm to provide for my two younger siblings and 2 disabled parents. i provided toiletries and attempted to do good for us all. when i moved out i was told the bill would be taken care of. it wasnt. now because of a foolish attempt to help my family i now owe duke energy $5323 that i was unaware of until 2 weeks ago when i started the process of moving out of my current apartment with my roommate to start an independant life . i am so very scared . i dont know what to do. this bill is one third of my annual salary and an insurmountable amount of money. duke energy would not settle. p.i.p.p. cannot help. please someone help me. i am drowning … i am not requesting any money to go to me personally in any way. if any help could be provided i would request it go directly to duke energy . i , in no way, shape , form, or fashion want money given directly to me. i just want a shot at life and help this ridiculously impossible bill.

  40. Mattie, this is not a blessing it is stealing and remember ATM’s have cameras and if caught you will go to jail and your children will be without a mother. You can not become rich by taking what does not belong to you. You have become a felon. Please stop stealing. (People this is a scam targeting poor people. They never get the money and lose what little they have.)

  41. i have been very poor and i have bee suffering with my kids, i dont have a husband , i am posting this here as a testimony of how i became rich and wealthy.

    on a very blessed day i received a special card and this card can pay me 3000 dollars every day, i use this card to collect money from any ATM machine in the country and the card works without failing to give you money.

    since i received this card i have been able to pay all my bills without complaining, everyday i collect 3000 dollars with this card, this card is a blessing, if you need this card contact the man i got it from on his email address


  42. My company closed down after me working there 27 years I only need rent for just one month I’m looking for another job can you please help

  43. Hello, Zenaida. You seem to be a candidate for emergency assistance from DSS for delinquent bills. You may be able to get WIC, a nutritional food supplement for children under 5 and pregnant women.

  44. i am a single mother with a 3 year old and a baby on the way how can i get help with my rent? im behind 2 months… on the urge of loosing my home rent is 534.00 im also behind on my electrcity bill. if someone can please help me… or give me advice, a number to contact

  45. Hello Denise. It sounds like you are on fixed income. Please speak to someone in the Department of Social Services for you and the children. You will need all the children’s SS cards and proof you are the temporary guardian of the children. Also, ask for emergency assistance with your lights. They help once a year with those not on Public Assistance. If you qualify and there is funding they will help you. If not they will refer you to other organization.

  46. I am a single grandmother trying to raise 3 kids, ages 7,8 & 10. My electricity has been off for 8 days now because they want $870.00 to turn it back on… That will be almost my whole paycheck, then how do I feed the kids or pay other bills or have gas in my car to get back & forth to work.? I get cash aid already but only $350 a month which doesn’t even cover my food bill for the month. I make too much for food assistance.. I need some help turning my lights and air back on especially with this hotter weather…. I can’t seem to find anyone who wants to help me… I have even left messages with churches and have not received a call back… Why wont anyone help me?

  47. Hello, Mary Lou. You sound like a good candidate for TANF. Please go to your Department of Social Service with identification (social security cards, picture IDs) for everyone in the family.

  48. Hello my name us Tim. I live in rockford illinois. I fully support my family of 2 kids and a wife. My wife has had a umbilical hernia surgery and i have had to miss some work to take care of the baby and my autistic step son. Now i am freaking out over bills that i just cant afford at the moment and on top of it are only car is almost not road worthy. My question is what do i do in a situation like this?

  49. I have been out a,work for a month and half and have applied for unemployment but was denied. I been applying and searching for work since I lost my job. I’m expecting my second child and it’s been hard. Staying with family it’s hard when the bills are split but you not able to assist and bills are piling up. I don’t know what else to do. Just stress and truly overwhelmed and dealing with minor health problems in reference to my pregnancy and not able to pay for my medicine. Who can I talk to?

  50. My name is Scott Sippel I am currently struggling with my rent i do have a job but sadly it is currently part time and ive had help from both my local st. vincent de paul and my local salvation army.
    see the main issue is that im not sure how big my next paycheck is going to be and i still need to do some grocery shopping and i only currently have just over 100 dollars left from paying the rest of my bills
    any help would be greatly appreiciated

  51. My lights are off…they been off since Friday. I contacted DSS but they keep telling me I ned different types of paper work. I’ve been waiting on social services for a week. Now Salvation army cant help until I find other other. Catholic Charity gave me an appointment fot the 21st. My children are hungry. I’m hungry. Im afraid if I dont find help I will loose my place. I’ve several people….no help.

  52. My utilities has been turned off for 5 days I can’t seem to find help anywhere. I have called 2-1-1 and nothing . I have a one yr old a two yr old and a eight yr and a pregnant daughter living with me. Low income family with just a part time job I have applied for other jobs but no luck. What can I do ?

  53. Hello, Patricia. Our assistance programs help with mandatory bills, like rent, utilities, prescriptions, food, etc. Our assistance programs don’t pay insurance, car notes, etc. I would try contacting the Salvation Army, and Church Assistance Programs Perhaps they can lead you in the direction you need to go. Also try calling 2-1-1 (United Way)

  54. I am a 59 year old widow who is having a hard time paying my rent and my electric bill…i recently list my part time job and am still receiving treatment for breast cancer.

  55. My name is Gonzalo Mata Jr. I just lost my job and I am having problems paying bill. My electric bill is due and i cant pay it.
    I have an interview with a job, but need some help. What can i do.

  56. I am a very
    Poorman and a homelass man ,now very need a home. please helf me Amy man and any organization. Please
    Name….sohel ahamad
    From…… Bangladesh
    Contract…… 01712500540

  57. I don’t have a job I have a single mother sister who stays with me we desperately need help with rent and bills we’ve tried everything and we cannot get help anyway

  58. Good day. My name Faina. I’m from the city of Tashkent of Republic Uzbekistan. Writing to you from the hopelessness of the situation. I know I have no right to ask for you help. But this current situation is so desperate that no one else to turn to. The fact that my husband is very much framed on a huge amount of money, people whom he trusted. Money which he in turn borrowed under the promotion of the business. Took all the money require urgent return interest grow every day. Please help us.

  59. I am a single mother of 1, I am not working I lost my job in July and I need help paying my water bill. I have a leak somewhere in my house but I can’t afford to pay to have it fixed and the water company is no help. There customer service is horrible. I was placed on the wrap program and when my bill was due I had already lost my job. I get unemployment that’s no help it’s not a lot. So please tell me that y’all can help me with this or at least give me the name of an organization who can. Thank you

  60. Hello, is there an email address I can forward you information about AT&T’s New Access program?

    Thank you,
    Taylor Miller

  61. Our family is struggling for basic needs. In additional my young bro is failing to go to school. Please help my family please!

  62. I am due to be disconnected with electricity tomorrow September 12 I am in desperate need of help I am a divorced mom raising my son with no income looking for jobs I desperately need help desperately thank you so much

  63. Hello. Other than LIEAP do you know of any organizations or foundations that will help pay heating cost for disabled person living alone in rural Montana? This will be my fourth winter without running my furnace.

  64. Hello, Zakara. I am wondering if you may be financially eligible for emergency assistance from the Department of Social Services. Try calling 2-1-1 which his the United Way. They may direct you to some agencies you have not contacted. Good luck.

  65. Teranisha, you should be able to qualify for TANF, or some type of emergency assistance. If you are approved for government assistance, ask for a voucher to stay in a hotel. While in the hotel, look for an apartment. Take your letter of denial from unemployment.

  66. Hello, Nadine. If you qualify financially, there are several agencies that help will bills. No one will pay for your cable, but you can help with utilities if you have a turn-off notice or eviction notice. Please call United Way 2-1-1 to find assistance in your area. Also, consider Church Assistance Programs.

  67. OMG Wendy. They are not supposed to do this which someone is on some type of life support device. Please call 2-1-1 which is the United Way for find help with this. You can also go to the Department of Social Services to emergency help with your electric bill.

  68. Hello, Elizabeth. I am sorry to hear you are under such stress. However, you forgot to tell us what areas you need help with. Please call 2-1-1 which is the United Way to find help in your area.

  69. Oh, Sohel I am so sorry you are suffering like this. Our programs are for those already living in the United States. Please do a Google search for Christian charities in Bangladesh. Good luck.

  70. Mogalakwena hospice and rehabilitation center npo registered is looking for a sponsorship for premises renovation. The organization assist the community with disabled, old aged,and terminally ill.

  71. Mogalakwena hospice and rehabilitation center request assistance on premises renovation .newly npo registered not yet funded.

  72. Hello, Anthony. I applaud you for trying to get help for a very common program. Tell the program you are getting the methadone from to start detoxing you and incrementally lowering your dosage. This is also another way to go. Ask your family doctor to see if he know someone who specialized in addiction or call 2-1-1 (the United Way) to find what out-house drug programs are available in your area. Good luck finding sobriety! You can do it!

  73. Hello, Bella. I know it is a terrible feeling having children and not knowing where to turn. I suggest going to the Department of Social Services and applying to TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) That would mean help with rent, food, medical and utilities. Take identification for you children and yourself, lease, etc. Good luck Bella.

  74. Hello, Madhu. I am so sorry to hear you are ill. However, the programs listed here are for people presently living in the U.S. Please do a Google search for assistance in India. Also, consider Christian organization operating there.

  75. I am desperate for help. My name is Clarissa. I am a 38 yr old single mom of 2 kids ages 5 and 16. In 2015 i had a total hip replacement. When i returned to my job of 10 years as a restaurant manager it didnt take long to realize i couldnt do the job because of all standing, moving, and lifting. I stopped working in January. On august 24th they shut my electric off. The electric company wants 1100.00 to turn it back on. I am waiting on disability. I have called the united way and salvation army in my area, there is no resources for help. I have made over 1000 phone calls in the past 2 weeks. I have left letters with every church in a 20 mile radius. I dont know where to go from here. Does anyone know where i can get help. I am truely ready to give up and not sure i can handle another “no”! Please help! Btw i live in cuba missouri, crawford county

  76. Hello my name is Anthony and I am presently on 80 ml grams of Methadone and need help getting off. My insurance will not pay for a program that meets my needs. Instead my job insurance is offering to put me in a in – network program but all those program is willing to do is take me off one addictive drug in exchange for another. IF ANYONE CAN TELL ME WHERE I CAN GO TO FIND A CHARITY THAT WOULD BE WILLING TO HELP ME GET INTO A PROGRAM THAT WILL MEET MY NEED I WOULD DEEPLY APPRECIATE IT. ….THANK YOU

  77. I need help my husband is disabled and i cannot work due to i need to take care of him i called my electric company they would not help and shut my electric ofc my husband is on oxygen and 6 breathing treatments a day i dont know who elses tk try

  78. I am a homeless and very poor man in Bangladesh.our no home on bussnice no job.I m very kind less request any organization or any man please helf early.
    Thank you
    Sohel ahamad … 01712500540

    [email protected]

  79. I’m a young guy who have no support of using what I’ve learn to make income due to lack of photo and video camera. if I could see people who can help me by providing me those gadget i need I know I will be able to stand on my own.I will be glad if you can help me with these gadgets. hope to hear your favourable response.thank phone number is +2348167573674

  80. I am in search of help i had a separation which i got stuck with all the bills an i am also 6 months pregnant an now do to pregnancy complications got left go from my job of 7 years. I have applied for many options an in the process of interviews for new jobs but my bills are due now an i have not received unemployment. I do not want to lose my house especially with my son about to be here in December. If i could find assistance for this month i know i could get on my feet once again. Any suggestions i do not know where else to turn.

  81. I work as a CNA at a nursing home. My fiancé has been without work since March, but has a prospective job starting the end of October. We have a five year old and a baby due Oct 7. I barely make enough to pay the rent and am behind on bills. Social services said that I will only qualify for $63/mth cash assistance when my baby comes and I’m unable to work. I am not looking to live on a ‘Program” just NEED some financial help until we can get caught up and on our feet. Please are there any sources to assist my family?

  82. J. Brown
    Hi, I fell at work. As a nurse, I was taking care of patients. While passing medication, I fell. My workers’ comp claim was denied because two doctors think I may have MS. I have 3 children (2 adults -1 with special needs, I minor) , but only two at home, mortgage & other bills. I can’t work due to difficulty walking, standing, excruciating back pain & shoulder pain. All sick & vacation time is depleted due to family crisis in February & having to take care of adult child. Also, there are very few programs available in my area. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  83. I need assistance quickly. My husband and I just moved into a new home over a month ago and our move has not been good. He is self employed and I work full time. But because of the move he has been unable to work until this week. We are so far behind on our cell phone bill we were just shut off and we need to make a payment by tomorrow or we will get shut off again. My husband cannot have our phones off as he uses his for work. And we have 2 kids that walk home from school and need their phones on. Now since we were shut off once and we will be aging that is 200.00 in reconnection fees. Can anyone please help us pay our past due to avoid shout off.

  84. Morning,
    I am a single mother of two girls (ages 8 and 5) and we are being evicted. When my ex left us I had transportation but he eventually took the car and left me $0.00 to help pay for rent, food, at the time diapers and formula, utilities etc. I need help financially to help keep my girls and I in our aparrment. It’s all we have. Please let me know what I should do or can do. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you…

  85. I am G.M sudhan from India.
    I am working in a construction company as a mechanical incharge, know I am in a condition can’t able to do job due to family and health problems. I need support financially for about 6 months . so that i will be free from family problems.
    I am asking you can i get financial support of $4000 from you.

  86. Hello, Haidee. Please contact your creditors and make arrangements to make the minimum payments. If you qualify financially, you should be able to help if funding is available. You did not specify what bills you need help with. These programs help pay basic mandatory bills like rent, utilities, etc. Call 2-1-1 United Way for help in your area.

  87. Hi, Zarita. Please see if the Salvation Army, HUD or DSS can help prevent eviction. If funding is available and you qualify financially, you should be able to get help. Good luck

  88. Hello, Joshua. Go to the Department of Social Services to see if you qualify for temporary financial aid for your family. These programs will not pay child or spousal support for people. Contact the courts and present your medical report perhaps they can have your payment adjusted. Another place to check for with is the United Way. Call 2-1-1 to see what help is available in your area.

  89. We need help. I was injured at work. My last day working was Dec1,2014. A lawyer is fighting for my workers comp, which was denied. Social Security is waiting for a hearing date, appeal was submitted Separate 2015. I’ve had two major back surgeries, 4 cages, 6 screws, rods. They had to break my back in 4 spots, cut half of L4 and L5 out. I’ve been on full restrictions. No work/school, no bending, twisting, stooping, driving or carrying more than 10 lbs. My wife is pregnant. My 10 year old and wife both return to school in September. I haven’t been able to pay my $170.00 child support to x- wife for 20 months. I was head of household, but have had 0 income for 20 months. I’ve sold most of my collection of tools and ect. Our credit is ruined, we’re being sued. Our life’s have been turned upside down. No idea when comp or social security will happen. My family is in severe distress . Wife’s car is about to go has 250,000 miles on it. I’m stuck at home against my will helpless. Please we desperately need help to get by until something happens with one of the two cases. If I had the option to go to work I would go running back. Please help, anything please.

  90. Hi. My name is César, Im from Bolivia.

    Im searching help, my family lost everything for debts of my father, my mother died when Iwas a child.
    A few months ago, my father lost his job and 3 months ago, we lost our Home.
    My sister and I, have a debt with our college, if we don’t pay until september 10, we won’t continue studying.
    Please, if you can help us to pay we will be thankful with you.
    We need $2500 for pay our debt in our college.
    If you want to help us, my cell phone number is +59167885046 and my e mail is [email protected].
    thank you

  91. Hello my name is Zarita I have Section 8 in Staten Island, NY. I’m a working as a HHA i work sometimes 30-35hrs weekly, but I can’t seem to pay my rent & bills. I receive court ordered child support. I need help with budgeting ,daycare services ( which I’m on a waiting list since 1/16. ) I have 2 High School students & 2 Public School students. I’m a single parent. I received a letter from my landlord about evictions . Please help

  92. Hello, I am trying to support my family, and feel like I am failing. I went to school to better my education so I could get a great job, and all I was left with was student loans(when I was told I was getting grants), a degree that is pretty much worthless, and a load of medical bills for not having insurance during this time. I am currently working, but keeping our head just above water. I have no way of paying my old medical bills or school loans, so my credit is shot. The home we live in is too small for us, but I cant get a mortgage for a new one, because of my credit. Is there help out there for my family? I just need help getting out of debt, ill do the rest. I work hard everyday and will continue to, but need a bit of help.

  93. Please help me, they dropped my ssi that i was on for 10 years for no reason even though my condition got worse, SSA are liars. They do not follow rules. I have no where to go and I am being evicted. Catholic Charities will not answer the phone. My phone number is 7246992491 if you can help. My PO box 178 Irwin, PA 15642. Please help me

  94. Pls do help me im widow , im the bread winner of the family i need big help im suffering for financial problem i need to pay big credits and bills my income is not enough for our daily needs pls. Help me

  95. Hello,
    I am in desperate need of help. I had to move to a new area which meant I had to leave my current job. At the same time I am battling custody for my child and the legal fees are devastating. With no income paying rent, car payment, insurance, credit cards, lawyer fees and other bills, I am scared. I’ve borrowed from family as much as I can and at the beginning of next month, I have multiple bills due. I have looked into loans for debt consolidation, but with no income I won’t be approved. I am currently seeking employment and plan to have a job in less than a month. I need help!! Life has been rough for me lately and I’m doing my best to stay positive, even though I feel almost at my breaking point. Please let me know what route I can take or if you can help.
    Thank you for your time.

  96. Hello Siti. I am sorry to tell your these programs are for those living in the US. However, there are some Christian ministries in your Country that can help. Good Luck

  97. I really need help to feed all my 7kids i have now due our financial is not enought to sufficient to do it..i’m from Brunei…is there any solution to solve our problems since which i did google all who need help is only supported usa and other countries but not in my country..please if there is people who can help me…i really appreciate it…

  98. I really need help my husband as abusing me an i have to run away from him I have no family nothing. Am on the street right now I don’t need much I only need a safe place an a job that I can take care of my son please help me u can contact me at 2706049725
    Thank u

  99. My husband is abusing me an i have to run away from him. I have no where to go no family nothing. I don’t need much I just want a safe place to stay and a job that I can work an take care of my son please help me!

  100. I’m a widow my husband past away in 2014 from brain cancer I’m needing help paying bills my checking account is in the negative I jhave no food in my house and yes I do work at a daycare but not paid alot

  101. Hi I currently lost my job. I ran a business and had an incident in 2014 happen putting me behind I have been trying to get on my feet ever since but it’s just getting worse: I lived off credit cards last year and now they are in default. I just got a letter from the interval revenue that they are putting a lien on my property bit unpaid sales tax that I have been working on getting papers turned into them for a payment plan but haven’t had time. Now my electric is shut off because I got behind on my payment plan. The Electric company will not work with me at all that’s why it got shut off, I even appealed it with the public service agency.. I just had my water shut off last week and finally got it turned back on now it’s my electric. I owe 1800. All the charatie places are out of funds until the 16th. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack I’m not saying that for sympathy it’s the truth. I’m in a jam and don’t know what to do I live in West Virginia the worst state for help if there is anything you can advise me to do please call 3045326343

  102. My roof leak s my home owners insurance will be cancelling me . I can’t afford a new roof it’s over 8 thousand dollars. Slot of money for a senior ! I have reverse mortgage . Please help! Thanks jean

  103. I have not had any gas on my in house it was cut off on may. Now I have no light they where just cut off I had ask for help and community actions said that they can not help me. I have a 9 year old child in the house.

  104. Ihello ,my name is Barbara, I’m trying to get assistance with a pass due account, I owe 740 dollars to the electric company,im trying to raise my seven grands kids, and I need some help in getting lights on in order for them not to live in the dark

  105. I believe now a day you should revise your information from saying single moms to saying single parent , do to the fact in my area there are many single dad’s raising there kids

  106. Hello, Nadine. I don’t know if you are children, are elderly, if you are working. I will direct you to the United Way, who can give you a list of agencies in your town that can help you. However, you can not get help with cable.

  107. Help help help……. I’m a single mother of two, I have been without work for 4 months and unemployment has denied me three times I really need help paying my car note….. I’ve called many places but they only assist with rent and I don’t pay rent because I live in a shelter

  108. Hello Am Robert
    Please Do You Also Help People From Other Continents, For example Africa.

  109. please try to help me living alone , no one to help me rent con Edison, cable bill . Please try to assist your assistance. Thank you

  110. My Name is Nadine Washington, I need assistance paying my bills.My rent my cable, bill and my con Edison bills. Please call me at (718)901-1974.

  111. Hello. My name is megan, im 25 y.o. just recently moved back to AZ from VA. Having a hard time finding a job in the medical field that abides by the bus schedule. I have been homeless twice already. It was horrible, I’m afraid its looking like the third time is inevitable. I am staying at the studio 6 in mesa on country club and broadway. Its about 60$/day if you pay weekly or monthly. I pray that someone who has the means to help a sister in christ out stumbles upon this message. In jesus name I pray these things,amen.
    My number is 480.939.8899

  112. Hello Shane, All these programs are for very low income people. if you friend is a registered nurse, she may not be eligible for financial assistance because of her income. It is possible that her hospital has some type of sliding scale, but that also is based on gross income. No hospital can refuse to treat a sick person, but can set up a payment plan with an organization plan. Call United Way to see if they can help.

  113. I’m so confused all these different sites. My property is going in foreclosure. I was working for two disabled woman and they can’t afford to pay me for last month and haven’t worked for three weeks. My electric is behind. I’m 56 years and I’m loosing my mind. Anxiety is very high. Please contact me at 830)481-9426 and help direct me before I have a heart attack

  114. Hello.
    Im searching for financial help for a friend
    she has lung medical problem
    lives in rapid city south dakota
    she is a registered nurse
    she needs financial help

  115. Hi, Gina. All programs are based on your gross family income. If you qualify financially, you may be able to get emergency one-time financial help from DSS. Also call United Way.

  116. Are there any programs available for people who need help that are unable to pay personal bills because of an accident and is waiting on disability?

  117. There are various everyday expenses like monthly bill payment, debt clearance that financially crunch you.don’t worry;there are grants for them too. Start applying for your free grants and get assistance even for your day to day expenses.

  118. Hello. I am in need of help with utilities majorly. Between my husband & I we just aren’t able to make it & im scared for my daughter.

  119. Hello, Joshua. Try contacting the department of social services for emergency assistance. Take with you any paperwork the Department of Unemployment.

  120. i am uneployeed, seeking some help to pay rent, bills and to buy some food. I will highly appreciate your unforgetable help.

  121. Hello, Christy. I know it is impossible to work when you are sick and having to be responsible for other is quick a burden. Call around to the Salvation Army in your city. Many of them have temporary or transitional housing for women with children. Good luck Christy.

  122. Hi…I have had a couple surgeries which got me down. But I can’t find a job. Now me an my 3 kids are homeless an all I’m asking is to have someone give us a chance with a home until I can get a job and caretaker. I literally have nobody. Please can someone help???

  123. Hello, Mansoor. I am sorry you are struggling financially. However, the programs listed on our site are for those presently living in the US. Please look for Christian Charities in your city for help.

  124. Hello, Lisa. I am so sorry you have been so sick. Contact these agencies: The United Way who has a list or resource where you can get help. HUD and the Salvation Army. The Department of Social Services also provides once a year emergency help. As far as medical bills speak to billing letting them know you do not have health insurance, they will cut your bill and accept payments as small as $25 a month. Good luck.

  125. I have been very sick over the past year. I have been hospitalized 17 times in intensive care 6 times. My lungs are only functioning less than half of what they should. I have to wear oxygen now. I have always prided myself on working and paying my bills. Now I can’t work. PSE&G are going to turn of my power. I am so far behind in my water/sewage they are going to turn off my water. Medical bills keep piling in. I don’t know what to do. I need help.

  126. Dear Sir,
    I belong to a very poor family of Lahore Pakistan and residing on rental house. My parients had been expired a few years ago and i have two small school going children.
    I am working as low paid employee in Pakistan with earn twenty thousand pakistan rupees as monthly salary which is low and did not fulfill my financial needs.
    Sir please help me for the sack of God.
    Mansoor Alam Khokhar
    UBL ACCOUNT NO 000225678721

  127. i need help paying medical and dental bills, total about 10thousand dollars. i have been disabled for over 5 years. i had a diabetic foot ulcer that would not go away, a triple by pass last easter, a stroke this easter. i spent all of my 401k on large medical bills, very high medical insurance due to being disabled, and paying back credit card debt. please if you can give me advice as to where to turn for halp i would appreciate it. welfare will not help due to my disability and my wifes salary adding up to too much. Thank You and God bless you.

  128. Hello, Sudesh. I am so sorry you are having these difficulties. However, our programs assist those presently living in the US. Try contacting some of the Christian organizations located in Qatar.

  129. Sir i am an orphan lost my parents long back still worked in streets and with that savings came to qatar working for a catering company.

    But since last 3 months suffering from kidney failer please help me i cant bare this pain please

  130. Hello, Debbie. Please contact your local HUD or Salvation Army. Contact the United Way who will give you references to other resources. You may also be able to receive emergency help from Department of Social Services.

  131. Hello Vicky. Please contact Catholic Charities, HUD or Department of Social Services. All programs give aid based on your gross income, which needs to be at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

  132. I need help paying my bills. I am low income and on SSI. My bank account is $ 60 overdrawn, and by the 1st my check won’t cover my bills and my account. I really need some help to get back to being secure.

  133. Hello, Annie. Online fundraisers are not a great way to acquire funding. Everyone is doing it and people get tone deaf to sad stories after a while and won’t give. I suggest you make and appointment with HUD. They can lead you in the right direction and help you with security down payments, for an apartment and closing costs if you are buying a home.

  134. Hello, Angela. Our programs offer emergency services with rent, utilities, food, etc. If you need help with medical bills. Ask the hospital if they have a sliding scale program, that charges you according to your gross family income. Look for a free financial counselling agency, that will help you renegotiate your outstanding bills. Good luck.

  135. I need help paying my daughter’s doctor bills. Plus I have judgement against me on a car loan so I can’t get a loan from a bank. Her doctor bills are adding up each day and they denied me financial help. Its adding up to be over 30,000. I really dont want to file for bankruptcy then I can’t move out of my parents house and get one for me and my girls.

  136. I’m looking for assistance to move to a new home. I’ve been sharing my story and have yet to find help. I have a fundraiser on telling my story

  137. Look my name is Lorna may Smith I have a mom at is in need for gas a are going to cut off. She is elderly and can’t do without it.

  138. Hello,
    I need help please, im afraid, i dont have all the money needed to pay my rent and dont have ant other options at this point, please help.

  139. Hello Chuck. Try negotiating with the companies you have loans with. Our programs help folks with mandatory services like rent, food, medical, utilities. If you need to go to rehab please don’t wait, go now.

  140. I have really messed up, if someone could pay off my two loans total of twenty five hundred I could go to rehab for vodka and crack I really am begging or I’m gonna end this problem for good.

  141. Hello Sam. I don’t know of any agency that will pay your cell phone bill. However, you may be eligible for a free government cell phone. For more information go to:

  142. Hi my name is Sam Miller. I am currently unemployed and the only source of contact is through my cell phone. I am currently past due, and need assistance ASAP, for jobs, emergency contact for family members. If you can help me, I would appreciate it a whole lot and be very Greatful.
    Thank you

  143. My husband is out of work ( but looking) and my income is just not enough to cover everything. We have three daughters.

  144. Hi my name is Mary Jane I am 76 I am struggling my electric and rent is in process of being shut off and I’m short in rent my phone number is 763-258-9757 my email is [email protected] please help

  145. Hello Joyce. Find out if they has a sliding scale program, where you pay according you your income. Also most hospitals can help you with payment arrangements. They will take as if little as $25 a month.

  146. Hello Amber, please contact the United Way who will give you references to other resources, and the Salvation Army. Also, check with the Department of Social Services for emergency assistance. If you are to get on your feet, every adult in the home has to contribute. This kind of stress is so difficult, I hope things improve for you. Good luck.

  147. Hello, I have been working only and my husband lost his job. We are losing our home and just waiting to get evicted. I also take care financial my three sons and my son’s fiance along with my two grandchildren. My son lost his job and could not afford to live on his own so he had no choice to move back in. I have so many people depending on me but I financial can’t. I don’t have no money for groceries and bills. We barely eat and my boyfriend bills just keep getting extensions. I really don’t know what to do. I have to decide food, bills, car payment, insurance. I fell behind when my husband got sick and found out he had diabetes, high blood pressure and was hospitalized.

  148. My daughter was diagnosed with squamous intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 she is under going chemotherapy through eyedrops. she has to do treatment four times a day for 1 month as of right now. She is not working and needs financial assistance to continue her treatment. My daughter is residing in washington as of now is there anyway or is there a program that my daughter can qualify for??

  149. My wife and I are currently 6,000 dollars behind in rent. I’m currently in a faith base substance abuse program,do to my negligent my family suffers.WE NEED HELP, can somebody reach out to me ?

  150. I do work and draw my Social Security I am 2 months behind on my electric bill I am behind on several of my bills I do need some help or something be done I just hope you can help me out and I am 70 years old and I’m having to work

  151. Our electric has got shut off and our gas and we owe rent and a car payment. I would really appreciate if you could help us please

  152. Hello, Susan. I am sorry for the loss of your Mom. While caring for a sick or aging parent can be difficult, it is only right and proper to care for the one who gave birth to you. If you can be more specific on your financial needs, I can refer you to the proper agencies that can help.

  153. I took care of my mom with alzheimers for almost 3 years. She died Aug 26. I’ve been out of power this whole time and living in it. Tried to get wages for caring for mom but I was run in circles. Mom had to be fed through a feeding tube 4 times a day. Plus I washed their clothes cleaned their house ran errands bought groceries. Took some time after mom died. Been looking for job. No help here for me

  154. Ugh! A.D.H.D.! I own my own buisness, but I’m a Mobil dog groomer! My timing chain broke. In my Ford Bronco! I have been homeless for 3 years. I have twin 4 yr. boys! & Apartment! & the car, just had to break! I need a decent car! So I can pay my own bills! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  155. I’m disabled and unable to work cause I gave seizures and I’m on oxygen 24/7 and my wife can’t work cause she has to be with me well also we live on 1300 a month test get from SSI disability and that’s it we are barely making it sometimes we don’t even have enough to pay our bills so we are behind everything I pray every day to my lord Jesus but sometimes its hard cause I can’t work and support my wife I just need a blessing from a brother or sister out there amen thank you, my lord

  156. I have called all the resources that are listed. I’ve begged and borrowed. These resources no longer help anymore and alot only help “ONCE” a year, but yet the process for anything takes MONTHS!!! . I’m at my wit’s, please help!!! Someone.

  157. we need helping getting a palce to live homeless and want to work and be able to keep jobs.

  158. hello
    im a single mother of 4 kids with no job. Me and my kids live only from meager support from my siblings that only amounted to 2thousand philippine pesos in a month, barely even enough for the 5 of us to eat. I wanted to work but Im already 39 years old and here in the Philippines its really hard to find a job at this age plus the fact that I still have a 2 year old daughter and a 4 year old. I have been scouring for online oppurtunities but I have found out I would need a little cash to get started. Please help me make this possible. This is the only way I can provide for them. I hope you can help me.

  159. When it comes to my finances it’s like a roller coaster. I can’t seem to save, or pay any of my bills. Since that’s the case, I can’t really afford to get assistance. However, I saw that you said free financial help. I’d be interested in learning more about how I can get some of that help.

  160. Good morning, my name is Numfor Divine Nfonsang I am a Cameroonian my father died wen I was 12 and have 7followers to take care of them, and due to the fact that my mother is not working I have to drop school and started moving from one town to d other looking for work so I can send my younger ones to school. My father come from a royal family and because of that he married 3wifes and my mother was the last wife. My step brothers started suffering us and depriving us from our Fathers properties. I need help so I can take care of my mum and 7younger ones. Please I really need help right now my mum is sseriously sick . Thanks .

  161. I need financial assistance with medical and dental bills …..the medical work was done already and the dental
    work is yet to be done. my income is about 21000 a year and I am single with a family of one and I have ssd
    ssdi and I work part time in a sandwich shop. I recently got 500 for medical bills but I have 662 in medical bills
    remaining and I got 200 for utility .

  162. Hello Paula. Please contact your electric company. Many have programs that work with disadvantage clients. Also contact, Catholic Charities and Salvation Army to see if funding is available. Good luck.

  163. I’m going through a divorce. No income and searching for work. I was a stay at home mom got 17yrs. In my husband’s request, it was best for our family and kids. Now I am in my old home for now, with a roof on the house that won’t allow it to be insured. I have borrowed from friends and family. But I’m worried my home will be forcloeed on foot a $7000 lien my x owes and the fact I can’t get this roof on my home. ? Any ideas would help thank you

  164. Hi my name is Paula Isbell and I seeking emergency assistance wih paying some bills. Car insurance, phone,lights. Any resources given are greatly appreciated. My email address is [email protected]. thanking you in advance. Paula Isbell

  165. Hello my name is Alison M Chin I’m looking for resources for low income to help with Oral Surgery an orthodontist work my number is 971-220-4257

  166. Hello Joseph, you can do two things…First, Contact your Local Department of Social Services Office or the NYS HEAP Hotline at 1-800-342-3009. Second, call Con Edison and ask about the Low-Income Energy Assistance program.

  167. Hello Savannah: There is no reason why you have to change towns to get assistance from the Department of Social Services. You are pregnant and eligible to TANF, SNAP and WIC. All you have to do is to find out what is the most DDS will pay for an apartment or rental house and then look for a place. HUD, Catholic Charities and Salvation Army will help you. The Salvation Army and some YWCA has cheap or free housing for single women. The program is you have two dogs. You have some decisions to make but the first step is finding how much DDS will give you for a place.

  168. Hello I am in a situation where I need help either paying off my overdue rent and water bill or help relocating to find work. We are unemployed. I went to welfare which they told me they will not help me until we move to a new town… Which I then need help to relocate to a new town. I am so screwed and looking at being pregnant, in high school, with 2 dogs living out of my car. Please check out this link and enter your zip code. Emergency Housing

  169. Hi I m hajera and I really need help with my bills like utility bill and cell phone bill because I lost my 2nd job I want some help int I get my job back. My name is hajera and my email add is [email protected]. please let me know asp. Thanks

  170. Hello, I’m been working part time for five months now. Just can’t catch up on my rent, my rent is $767.26 due on the 1st of next month and I don’t have the funds to pay it. I had to pay my car, car Ins, food and the utilities. I need help

  171. Hi my name is Tangela Turner I’m 23 single parent of a 3 yea old baby girl. I recent lost my mother of stage 4 breast cancer and the house we are living in is going for foreclosure which he to little time to help. This will be my first time living on my own and paying bills for the fist time. I’m seeking for help of any problems I can apply to help for any assistance with bills and etc

  172. My power was shut off by Consumers Energy, I have 3small children. We applied for help with our local DHS. They put a hold on the account. I lost my job and I can’t afford to pay. I need help. What can I do.

  173. Hello Christie. I am very sorry you are having these recent struggles. Please contact HUD. Also please contact the Department of Social Services as they offer emergency financial assistance once a year for those who qualify financially. Good luck.

  174. Hello Catalina. I am very sorry you are having these recent struggles. Please contact HUD. Also please contact the Department of Social Services as they offer emergency financial assistance once a year for those who qualify financially. Good luck.

  175. Helllo my name is Catalina. I’m struggling these last 4 months .i m lookyfor a job. My rent is 3times more than my income,my roommate left 3 months ago. I can’t get low housing because of my past.I bake cakes,clean houses.just to get by with my 2sons. I have cervix cancer again. I dnt want sympathy, I m just tired.I’m only 35 yrs old and I’m diabetic with high blood pressure and now cancer. Not mobile and its hard but I don’t give up fory boys.. But they deserve better. I haven’t had no water or gas in my house for 2months.we barely getting by but my sons are so understanding. Ivechave failed

  176. Hello Christie. I am very sorry you are having these recent struggles. Please contact HUD. Also please contact the Department of Social Services as they offer emergency financial assistance once a year for those who qualify financially. Good luck.

  177. Hello my name is Patricia and I am seeking help to pay my rentage,I wrk pastime but just don’t earn enough to survive I am seeking other employment in the meantime but it is very difficult for me due to the fact that I am not mobile,
    I would appreciate it very much if you could asist me while I am trying very hard to survive and to get on my feet.
    Thank you.

  178. Hello
    My name is Christie and I live in West Blocton, Alabama and I am desperately needing help paying some bills I became behind on. I am a diabled single mom of 2 young children and I was attacked and robbed on December 29,2015 and am now on the verge of being evicted from the house I rent and my power and water getting disconnected. I’ve contacted my local community service,churches and red cross and they told me they are out of funding til March. If there’s anyway you can help or direct me to a program that could it would be a blessing for us. I don’t know what else to do and I am scared. Thank you for your time.

  179. Hello everyone,I am Andrew Lissah.I need to pay my rentage.I want you people to help me pay my 3years rent.It is U$ 25,000 am a sierra Leonean by nationality I have not yet paid my rentage for the past three years.My phone number is +23276822668.Thank in advance.Best regards

  180. I have been on medical leave since sept 1,2015 due to a accident at work. Workmans comp is regusing to help and as long as they are involved our family health insurance refuses to help so unable to work and unable to get medical help to go back to work i need help paying my financial obligations just for everyday bills. Please help

  181. Latonya, try contacting the department of Social Services for emergency assistance. Also try Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. They will give you a list of other possible opportunities for help.

  182. Hello me and my family really need help I have been going around in circles trying to get help. I work but it’s not enough right know need help badly had to move out the house I was in due to mold growing in my home so it took all my money to get another house and now I don’t have the money for my lights my kids have no clothing it is just a lot to deal with can someone please help me.

  183. I had spinal surgery and I dont have any short term . My job said they cant let me be off more the. 3 weeks so ill be unemployed soon. I paid b
    My bills for december but not im broke. I don’t know what to do I tried everything I looked on the internet for any to help but I have found nothing. I don’t qualify for Social Security because I’m hoping this won’t be a long term disability. I just need help paying some bills

  184. I am a single mother of two small children in debt. I am two months behind on my rent with no place to go and no money to borrow. My bills keep stacking up and every day I come home scared I’m going to be locked out. I’ve looked and called around and can’t seem to find anything or anyone that can help me.

  185. Hello Shawna. I don’t know of anyone who will pay your car loan as this is a personal loan. I suggest to talk with your lender to get an extension or lower the payments. Keep in mind no one wins when a care is repossessed, so them will be willing to work with you. Good luck.

  186. I am seeking assistants with paying my car note i have fallen behind an right now my car is the only shelter i have so i can lose it.please help me

  187. Hello Leonard, Hello Dayton, there are a few place to contact for help. All help is based on your income and put in place to help the very poor. Contact HUD, Catholic Charities, and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. If they have the funds and you qualify, they will help you, if they do not have the funds, they will direct you to other agencies that can help. Good luck.

  188. i am female i need help financially urgent please help me financially i have two kids some persons take me fraud so name of help i dont know why peoples take this way to distrube tense persons which is also worried i need 200000 2 lacs dollars contact me +9203402109583 if you help me you safe 20 families lifes indirectly who concered our bussiness my email is [email protected]

  189. Hello Jenella, thanks for contacting us. Hello Jenella. thanks for contacting us. There are a few places that will help you with this. Keep in mind you have have to go to more than one place to get the entire amount. Contact the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and Community Action Agency (CAA). Good luck. Hope you get that apartment! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  190. Low income has found me a house and I no longer want to be homeless. I honestly just need help getting my foot in the door. The total is $542 but I will come up with half if I could get some assistance.

  191. I hurt my back in August of this year 2015 my boss has refused to help i have been borrowing from friends and family to get medicsl help have logged in over 3000 miles my injurues make it that nobody will hire me and our bills have fallen way behind i have not found any government assistance i only need help until able to get back on my feet. I can work a couple hours a day then the psin is too much. I always here of people and organizations helping people who need help.

  192. Hello Christian. I am sorry to hear you are in this difficult situation. There are a few charities that may be able to help you, if funding is available. Christmas is a very busy time, and many need help. In the post below outline different charities and how they may help. All assistance is based on income. Good luck Christina.

    Church Assistance Programs

  193. My husband and I just MOVED to Kauai because he was to start a job with there new power company and they keep putting off its been a month now we used all out money to get here and pay for a place to stay. Now we have to be out b in five says cause there is other people who have reserved this spot. We have nowhere to go especially since my husband just got out of the hospital and has phnemonia. We can t even pay for one of his prescription. Thank you for your resources.

  194. It’s Christmas time n my funds r really low cause helping my daughter move in a house to Texas n I need help with some bills

  195. Hi,need toys and food assistance for the day care children .
    looking forward for the assistance

  196. Hello Sherry. I am sorry, but the registration to receive free Christmas toys is now closed. There are so many families that need help, you have to apply early to make sure you can be helped. Try contact some of the larger denominational churches. Contact Catholic Charities for help with bills, etc.

  197. Hello Christine. Sorry you are having so many financial issues. We do not give out cash. Try calling your local government office or contact a property tax consultant or lawyer. Look for a pro-bono attorney (they donate services without charge)

  198. I am trying to help with some money to pay bills get grocery and. get my new born baby something for christmas. My name is Chauncey Davis my number is 9015131189

  199. My son & his family of 4 moved in with me 2 years ago. He lost his job a year ago & I’m on social security disablity. I have helped them out last 3 years.
    I am 3 years behind on trash pick up and they have put leans on my home& have fallen behind on this years property tax.

  200. Hello Teresa, Free Financial help does not give away money, but leads people to resources for basic such as rent, utilities, finding help with medical bills, etc. Talk the people at the storage manager, so they know you haven’t abandoned your property. Perhaps they can give you an extension. Also ask a friend or family member with home to take in your most important things. Sorry we could not help. Good luck.

  201. Help, I have a storage unit , I need to pay for $440 dollars, , but I want to get rid of it this up coming forllowing weekend , but, I do not want to loose what i want to keep . can you please help me .

  202. hey i am faisal maseh from pakistan.i need 1500 dollar for my home renew because our home wall is fallen due to rain now winter is start and it’s hard to live in fallen wall of house ,we don’t have warm clothes for winter and Christmas and i want to re start my study which i have left three year ago after father death.
    my father has mama is house wife and my brother donot support us.
    please help us in the Christmas season
    contact me
    [email protected]

  203. Shannon Cummings and i need help with Christmas for my kids.And help paying my lightbill.please help me.

  204. Iam single mother with a disabled child I don’t have no money to buy my son anything for christmas I don’t have no money to pay my bills either so if yall read this message please take it into consideration thank yall who ever sees my comments yall can call me at this numbers 2102595240 210 4519729

  205. LAURA, right now the most important thing is to keep a roof over your head, lights on and food on the table. Please contact the organizations in the posts below to get the help you need, until you can be back on your feet. You may qualify for emergency assistance from DSS. To get toys for the children requires proof of income, residence and identification for you and the children. I do not know the children’s ages, but there is a cut off age to get toys. Some offer coats for older children. Good Luck!

    Local Church Assistance Programs
    Toys for Christmas

  206. SHANKIKA, The agencies that offer help in the article below do not penalized you for being fired. Ask for a Notice of Eviction from the landlord and take to any of the agency for help. They will contact your landlord notifying them they are helping with rent. This should stop the eviction process. Good Luck.

  207. I’m a single mother of three not working and I need some help paying my bills I’m barely making ends still trying to find work I need you to connect to some of these organizations that can help mm e.

  208. I have two little girls one is 6 and the other is 3 I’ve been of work for awhile now do to surgery and I need some help with Christmas for them I have nothing not even a tree

  209. My 64 year old disabled father just received his permanent resident card and we are trying to figure out any sort of assistance we can get. Nursing homes are too expensive for my family and taking care of him is getting really hard as well. As well as trying to pay all his bills. Any suggestions?

  210. Hi My name is Shanika and I live in Warren township Indianapolis, In 46219 I applied at warren township trustee for help paying my rent for this month of november but I was denied because I was fired from my job. I have no way to pay my rent this month but I do start a new job on November 23rd but I have to turn in rent by the 24th or the 25th or I’ll be subjected for an eviction. I really just need the help for this month extremely bad, what should I do?

  211. I am54 year old woman single with one child I adopted her when she was a baby it’s been one year my husband left me I am alone and in need of help I have no car no way of getting nowhere I would like to please have and get some help financial and also to receive Christmas present for my 7 year old daughter I have been praying for help it is very hard when I get only disability I am in need of a lot of help please contact me at 210 -216-1600thank you and God bless

  212. We are in need of emergency help gor rent and for just for a little money gor other things please help

  213. Shequanda, there are several programs that may be able to assist you. However many of the programs help those in danger of eviction or disconnection of utilities. You may be able to get assistance with utilities. If you receive any type of assistance from the government like, SNAP, or WIC, contact your case worker for help registering for LIEAHP. Here are some agencies that help with Christmas toys.

  214. Good morning I wanted to know how can I go about getting assistance with rent. Also I have a 2 year old son and I know Christmas is coming up I have a job but I only make $8/hr money is very tight for me. Rent $635, utilities $150-175, daycare $135 among other daily needs. Please if you could help or could direct me to someone who can. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Shequanda Evins
    Ps: feel free to email or contact me 205-915-4480

  215. My husband lost his job and i have 5 children and 3 grandchildren we are getting by little by little but the holidays are getting closer. And i dont even know how i am going to get Christmas. Presents for them our billls are back up of someone could please help me i really appreciate and god bless

  216. SIR
    MY E -MAIL ID: [email protected] please kindly help me

  217. Thanks for contacting us Connie. These assistance programs help situation such as yours, unfortunately many of them require you have a disconnect notice from utilities or a notice of dispossess from the landlord. You may be able to get emergency assistance from the Department of Social Services if you combined unemployment benefits, or income, put you at or below 135% of the Federal poverty guidelines. Good luck.

  218. Norelys, if you are having a financial crisis, such as eminent eviction, having your utilities disconnected, etc. please contact Catholic Charities, Department of Social Services, Or Crisis Assistance in you city.

  219. Hi. I lost my job as a preschool teacher, because of personal reduction.
    I was counting to continuo to work this school year, but no.
    I urgent need help.

  220. My husband got laid off 7 months ago. Then I lost my job to 1 month ago. We been looking for jobs. Now I have no more money for bills and rent. I don’t know what to do.

  221. I tried college in 2000 and was unsuccessful. I recently went to the same college to re-enroll and found out i owe a good sum of money to them. I am in a different situation now and am confident that things will be much different this time. Are there any orginizations that would help me pay off this debt?

  222. Yes I would like to know how I can qualify for that kind if help please. So how and where do I get that assistance.

  223. Hi my name is Becky. I was adopted when I was 10 years old and now I live with friends. But I really try so hard to fine help. I’ve found this website and I though if you could help me as I need help with finances. Im struggling to pay Board and also not having enough money for board, food, transport, clothes and others. Im hoping to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

  224. Tammy the answer is there is no such thing as a free lunch. It you take out a loan, you have to pay it back. Government and local charities and organizations help with bills, but the monies are paid directly to debtors.

  225. Henry, thanks for your question. Government programs of course are only for those in the US. Outside of the US you can get help from Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul Catholic church, have location worldwide. Go to their websites to see if their is a location in your town. Good luck.

  226. Please I want to know if your services is available to people outside USA. In other words can in another country assess your services?

  227. Sorry you are having trouble. I know it can be difficult. Check here for how to get a free government phone. Check here fore Help with Medical Bills I don’t know what state you live in but check to see if there is an Assistance League in your city for help with school clothes. Also check with Catholic Charities and The Salvation Army for further assistance. PS Check with the Department of Social Services for one time emergency assistance.

  228. I am struggling to pay my monthly bills due to a few reasons. I am on a fixed income and below the poverty level. We were recently burglarized and all my money for August of 2015 was taken which has put me in a crisis situation. Currently there is myself and two teenage children living with me and soon my elderly mother. I am trying to find any assistance I can to help pay my bills. I have found some programs to apply for assistance but am looking for more such as help with Medical bills, Help getting a cell phone as I do not have good credit and there fore am unable to get a cell phone that works in our area. I have tried a pay as u go which receives no service. I am also looking for help with water bills, sewer bolls and garbage pickup. There is more but these are just some. I am also unable to afford school clothes and school supplies as many of these thins were taken when we were burglarized .Please reply to give me help with any assistance u can. Lastly, we rescue cats ans kittens and try to get them adopted out. CURRENTLY I HAVE PAID FOR ALL VET BILLS AND FOOD. Are there any programs to help with food or vet assistance for cats? Please contact me ASAP. Thanks Kimberly Jameson

  229. Try going to the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. Also you may be able to get Emergency assistance from the Department of Social Services. They will help you and give you a list of referral services in your state. Good luck!

  230. Work slow bills piling up have 4 children to support and medical bills and others bills put on hold!!! Just to make home and utility payments and car payment!!! Feeling over whelmed

  231. Desperately need help, have unfiled tax returns, and in debt above my head. I don’t know if i should file for bankruptcy or not to get me out of this bind that I stupidly put myself into, please help me quicklyi know not what to do,I’m deeply depressed over this

  232. Hello Dawn: Since you are unable to work, have you applied for public assistance while waiting to be approved for disability? You should be able to get help with rent and utilities. Contact Catholic Charities, Salvation Army and HUD to see if you can get help with the rent. Ask any of these agencies with a list of places to get help in your city. Good luck

  233. I am a 45 year old single woman that up until a couple of years ago was completely self sufficient. I always had a decent job, went to work every day, maintained my own home and paid my bills.About four years ago I was having unexplained pain and fatigue. That was when my doctor diagnosed me with Lupus. Today I cannot work now, I have applied for Social Security was denied, I appealed and have a hearing scheduled in just a few days. While I wait for a decision to be made, I have no income to pay my rent or utilities. My son was helping me with some of those and with chores around the house, until I discovered he stole my bridge card I use to buy food, and spent it on himself. He is no longer coming over to help me with anything. I am looking for help with rent and utility payments, as well as some food to get me through until I get my bridge card next .month. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  234. I have struggled to study for my master degree online. I have also tried my best to complete the classroom and the dissertation work. I’m now left with $6999.43 00 to pay before the school will give me my certificate. Please kindly help me settle this debt as my work has crushed down and I don’t have any hope of making this money any where soon.
    Thank you.
    Adom Manas.

  235. Hello Selene, I am sorry you are experiencing these difficulties. Here is a website where you can get prep for taking you GED test: Also go to your local JOBLINK, they can help you with what steps you need to take to further education and find work. Goodwill Industries also offers job training and employment assistance too. Good Luck!

  236. Hi my name is Selene , I’m 22 years old . I need help to get my Ged and need help to get a job either they want a person with a experience or with a high school diploma . I am alone in the United States my father who raise me die when I was 15 years old than my Mother got deported to Mexico I have no one to support me at this time I need help to make it through .

  237. Sara, We are not associated with any organization and do not give money. We are, however, a resource to help you locate the financial assistance you need to pay bills, to care for your family in difficult times. Most assistance programs require your gross yearly income to be at or below 135% of the federal poverty. If you quality, you may get help with rent. I don’t know any agency that helps pay a car note. Contact Catholic Charities or HUD to see if you can get help with the rent. Good luck

  238. Hi, I am broke this month and I would appreciate if you would help me pay my car and apartment insurance. It costs $700. If you have more information, please contact me. Thank you.

  239. There are places you can get help. Local charities like the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities will help with bills. However, getting assistance will be based on your gross yearly income. If you have little or no income a few months out of the year, this will of course lower you income.

  240. I need help just keeping up with bills! No,I’m not in school(can’t afford it),not a mother(definitely can’t afford that),but still need help. I have a commission based job. This time of year is dead & won’t pick back up until mid August. At the moment, my truck needs tires,I haven’t been able to renew my car insurance because I have not had the $380 to do so. I’ve managed to pay half of my phone bill but can’t get an extension because my service is “too new”. I wish there was financial help for those who just need a little extra help.

  241. I just had surgery 3 weeks ago to have a tumor removed. I need help with my bills and rent I’m not working and my cousin only helped me for the month of June. I live in Milwaukee, WI is their any help for me I’m still healing

  242. Maria I am sorry you are have these troubles. Contact HUD with help with saving your home. LIHEAP helps pay utility bills, but that check is not given until January. So contact Catholic Charities, Lutheran Services for help with other bills. There is a lot of helpful information on this site, look around. Hope things improve for you.

  243. I am looking for organizations that can get help paying utility bills and help with home repair. I have not had a job for 2 years and the income that i get is not enough to pay my bills or repair my home. I am in a position of loosing my home and i don’t no where to go for help.

  244. Mary Ann, it is great that you pay your bills on time and you have no debt. The banks definitely look at that. Please go to HUD. This website will give you an idea of the steps to buying a home. Next contact your local HUD Office to make an appointment. Also ask them about ask about HUD’s Homeownership Voucher program. They will work with you. Good luck!

  245. I need an loan to buy my first home. I am 60 year old and need help. My credit are not good.from over the year. I did have the help I need.i need some one to true me. I have no debt. My trunk was paid off on time. I pay my car note on time. He pays finger hut on time. All the bills are paid on time. Give us an chance please. 479_304_1791

  246. Yes, no one should be hungry or homeless in America. These assistance agencies make a real difference!

  247. It’s great to know that there is somewhere for the poor to go when they have no where else to go. I’ll keep this as a reference.

  248. I learned a whole lot about doing my budget, and now I’ll be able to keep track of my spending in order for me to save enough money for down payment for new home and this information is awesone.

  249. Thanks for sharing Free Financial Help Paying Bills. Many struggling people need this type of support.

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