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Oakland Free Christmas Toys | California

Many organizations and programs in Oakland, California, aim to help families in need during Christmas, particularly with children’s toys. Registering your children early for these toy drives and giveaways is a must.  Especially if you want your child to receive gifts, here are some programs and organizations that have been known to provide Christmas toy assistance in the Oakland area:

Community Churches to Consider for Help for Christmas

You may have heard of many of the churches below.  It is good to know that they help struggling all year round with bills, goods, clothes, counseling, and more. Keep in mind that programs may change from time to time, so lease do not hesitate to contact these helpful organizations for more information.

Catholic Charities of the East Bay

What they do: May organize toy drives and distribute Christmas toys to needy families.  Also provides food, clothes, counseling, etc.
Phone: (510) 768-3100

St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County

What they do: Often provide holiday meals, clothing, and toy giveaways.
Phone: (510) 638-7600

Oakland City Church

What they do: May organize events or drives during the holidays to collect and distribute toys.
Phone: (510) 482-8810

Acts Full Gospel Church

What they do: Known to host holiday events and may distribute toys to children.
Phone: (510) 567-1300

Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church

What they do: They might have special programs or partnerships for holiday assistance.
Phone: (510) 893-2484

Allen Temple Baptist Church

What they do: Involved in community outreach and may organize toy distribution events.
Phone: (510) 544-8910

First Presbyterian Church of Oakland

What they do: Offer special services and community outreach programs, including toy distribution.
Phone: (510) 444-3555

Bay Area Christian Connection

What they do: They might have holiday programs, including toy drives and gift distributions.
Phone: (510) 444-1719

FAME Church of the Bay Area

What they do: They may host holiday events and toy giveaways for needy community members.
Phone: (510) 633-0525

These churches and religious organizations are known for their community involvement and charitable work, especially during the holiday season. For specific details on how to participate, either as a recipient or a donor, please get in touch with them directly.

Community Organizations that Help with Toys, Food, etc., for Christmas

The Salvation Army

What they do: Known for its Angel Tree program and Red Kettle campaign, providing gifts and meals.
Phone (Alameda County): (510) 383-9300

Toys for Tots – Alameda County

This nationwide program, run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, distributes toys to needy children. You should search their website by state and county to locate local community organizations.

Brighter Beginnings

  • Often, we have initiatives during the holiday season, which might include toy distributions.
  • Phone: (510) 437-8950

Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland

  • They sometimes participate in or are aware of holiday toy drives and events for children in the Oakland area.
  • Phone: (510) 444-8211

City of Oakland Human Services Department

  • They might have information or direct resources related to local holiday toy programs.
  • Phone: (510) 238-3140

City of Oakland Mayor’s Community Toy Drive

The City of Oakland Mayor’s Community Toy Drive is an annual initiative organized by the Mayor’s office to collect and distribute toys to underserved children in the Oakland community during the holiday season.

East Oakland Community Project:

  • They might know of or collaborate with holiday toy drives or distributions as a multi-service organization in the East Oakland area.
  • Phone: (510) 746-3600

Holiday Helpers Warehouse:

In some regions, this program is affiliated with county social services to provide toys and gifts for low-income families. It’s worth checking whether a similar program operates in Oakland or Alameda County.

Unity Council:

  • Given their community involvement, they might have holiday initiatives or know of local toy distributions.
  • Phone: (510) 535-6900

Other Places to Find Christmas Assistance

Family Support Services of the Bay Area:

  • They might have holiday toy drives or collaborations with other organizations.
  • Phone: (510) 834-4006

Local Radio and Television Stations:

Some stations sponsor or promote holiday toy drives or events. By tuning in or checking their websites, you can find details of community events or drives they might be supporting.

Local Churches and Faith Organizations:

  • Many churches in Oakland organize their holiday toy drives or assistance programs. For instance, Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland sometimes hosts community events and Christmas toy drives.
  • Phone: (510) 567-1300

Community Events and Drives:

Watch for local community events, which might be advertised on community bulletin boards, newspapers, radio stations, or online forums like Nextdoor or local Facebook groups. 

When seeking assistance from these programs, it is crucial to register early. Most programs have registration or application deadlines and specific eligibility criteria. It’s also beneficial to check official websites or directly contact these organizations to confirm program details for the current year.

Local Businesses and Corporations:

Some local businesses or shopping centers may organize toy drives or partner with charities for the holiday season. It’s a good idea to look out for advertisements or announcements.

Service Clubs

Organizations like the Lions ClubRotary Club, or Kiwanis Club in Oakland might host or be aware of toy drives during the holiday season. Local branches can be contacted through their leading websites.

Oakland Unified School District

  • Schools might partner with organizations for holiday toy drives. Contacting the district or individual schools could provide information on specific programs.
  • Phone: (510) 879-8200


If you have having financial issues, know that you are not alone.  The above organizations help you bring the joy of Christmas to your little ones.  Please apply early.  Contact the organization you are interested in to ask what documents you must submit to get help.

It’s worth noting that the availability of programs can change from year to year due to various reasons, such as funding or organizational changes. It’s always recommended to call ahead, verify the current year’s offerings, and understand any requirements or deadlines for participation. Additionally, if you can give, many of these organizations gladly accept donations or volunteer help to ensure they can assist as many families as possible.