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Apart from basic human needs such as food and clothing, having a house is another necessity. Yet, for some people with a low-income source, having an affordable home is what many need. Although housing opportunities are always in demand, a few programs pop up without a waiting list.

Homeless people with severe mental illness, dealing with domestic abuse, or living with a physical disability can access a wide range of housing programs with no waiting list. The programs are administered by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development. So, if you are searching for affordable housing near you, continue reading the post to learn more about it.

Affordable Low-Income Housing with No Waiting List

If you are in a situation where you are unable to have a house, both government and non-government groups bring housing programs for low-income people. These programs can help you pay little rent while making your monthly payments manageable from every aspect. Let’s check out the programs.

1. Housing Choice Vouchers Section 8

It is a government program that helps renters with limited income by providing them with housing assistance with rent every month with ease. The Section 8 Housing Program helps homeless people find affordable homes.

The people qualified for this program must pay about 30% of their monthly household income. And the remaining part of the rent is produced by the housing authority depending on the voucher. The housing authority sends the voucher to the landlord.

In addition, the qualified people can transfer the voucher to other housing authorities after the one-year expiry of the tenancy. Besides, the people applying for the housing choice voucher must be US citizens over 18.

Also, the income level should be around 50% of the average income in that area from where you are applying. However, the family status and income level vary from one state to another. Hence, check the criteria before using. Besides, many applications are dropped daily in massive amounts, and the waiting list might pile up after some time.

2. Public Housing Programs

It is another housing program available at the community level. The program is operated and funded by Public Housing Authority (PHA). The federal government ensures that they assist in the form of low-income housing for seniors, households, and people with limited abilities.

Moreover, the rent calculation is similar to the Section 8 housing choice voucher. People qualified for the program must pay 30% of their monthly incomes. Still, the housing authorities have extraordinary power to fix the minimum rent between $25 and $50.

Affordable Senior Housing for Fixed Incomes

In addition, the applicant should be a US citizen over 18 years of age. This program is mainly for low-income families—the chances of getting shortlisted increase when you are homeless and have several other problems.

Explain your circumstances, and you can have assistance without a long waiting list. Apart from that, a single person can also apply for a one-bedroom space. But that would depend on the availability.

3. Project-Based Rental Assistance Section 8

It is another excellent housing assistance program for people over 18 years of age and with low income. The program is about having affordable apartment communities specifically designed for people with a fixed income.

The private landlords receive a rental subsidy and give low-income homes to eligible people. That way, the tenants must pay about 30% of their adjusted income or 10% of their total revenue. In addition, the program has a few similarities with Housing Choice Vouchers.

The Project-Based Rental Assistance Section 8 housing program is for US citizens below the poverty line. The program helps them find an affordable and safe place to live. The program involves Public Housing Authority that acts between the government officials, landlord, and tenant.

However, there is a special rule for a single-person family as well. In that case, a single person can qualify for this program if there is a one-bedroom space. But these units are limited.

4. Section 811 Housing for People with Disabilities

People with certain types of disabilities can avail of low-income housing through Section 811. The program provides affordable and subsidized housing for people with disabilities. Besides, the rent comes at a lower amount of only 30% of the net income.

Or about 10% of the gross income of the applicant. To become eligible for this housing assistance program, an applicant has to apply through Section 811 to the landlord or property management company.

The suitable applicants are selected based on their disability status, income level, and current living status. Because Section 811 is available across the US, there might be a waiting list due to the countless applicants.

Apart from that, not all property management companies would provide you with this facility, even if you are a disabled person in the first place. Instead, they accept applications from a local organization that follow the guidelines of Section 811. Therefore, check out Section 811 availability in your area.

5. Supportive Housing for Elderly Section 202

As the term suggests, this housing program is for seniors or older adults. No wonder senior people have low to no income compared to the others. That’s why they need a housing assistance program to lead a peaceful and happy life until death apart them.

The federal government provides funds and loans to private management companies and non-profit organizations to ensure that they build houses for older people. This program’s rent payment comes with 30% of the net income.

The applicant should be at least 62 years old to fall in the category of older adults. Another important criterion is that the applicant should have about 50% of the median income in that area.

Under this program, older adults might opt for transportation and independent living where walking, taking meals, bathing, transportation, and other facilities are included in the housing program.

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6. Rural Development Apartments Under Section

Through the Rural Development Apartments section 515, you can live in a peaceful environment in rural areas. This program provides loans to non-profit organizations so that they can build houses for people with low incomes in rural areas.

However, there are a few issues, like operating cost and size of the unit, that the tenant has to pay between minimum basic rent and a higher market rate. It is a housing assistance program available to people, and there is no long waiting list for you to avail of the program.

7. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

If you are willing to pay a reduced rent, you can have an apartment in no time. In addition, you don’t have to worry about a long waiting list. Also, the program is proud to provide you with a cheaper apartment compared to market rents alongside many facilities.

The federal government funded the program, which means that you can get housing at a much lower rate. So, a family with only one member and another single member is entitled to this housing assistance. The best part about the housing program is that you don’t have to fulfill citizenship criteria to qualify.

5   Charities that Help with Low Income Housing Programs Near You

There is no denying that Catholic Charities offers emergency and referral accommodations for low-income people without a waiting list. So, you can check out the local Catholic Charities Financial Assistance Programs in your area for housing programs.

1. Mission

The authorities develop relationships with the local area and people to provide low-income housing. They describe themselves as a grassroots ministry and collaborate with the churches and other types of spiritual groups to fulfill their objective.

2. Habitat for Humanity

The mission of this group is to bring together members from the local area, volunteers, and funders so that they can help build sufficient houses for families with low incomes. To create sustainable communities, they collaborate with governmental and commercial groups.

3. Building Homes for Heroes

Founded right after the 9/11 attacks, the main objective behind this group was to provide single housing to each veteran. They have now become a nationwide group constructing more than 250 houses, especially for combat veterans. They are determined to complete the 500th home by 2025.


This group is dedicated to the well-being of young people. The group aims to eradicate hunger and poverty in Latin America. And they are planning to do that through transitional home construction.

5. Home for Our Troops

This charity believes that providing modified bespoke homes to the injured veterans of the 9/11 attacks would help those people reconstruct their lives following the incident. Apart from providing a mortgage-free house, they give financial advisors for up to 3 years to help the veteran.

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