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Welcome to FreeFinancialHelp.Net

Our Story: From New York Streets to Georgia’s Heart

In the vibrant neighborhoods of New York City, our journey began. Free Financial Help Services, Inc. was born out of a deep commitment to community service as a Licensed and Ordained minister in the Bronx.  My outreach extended to hospital and prison visitation, working with single mothers, and visiting older adults, bringing emotional and spiritual support.

Today, we’re based just outside Atlanta, Georgia, continuing our mission with the same passion. We work in the spirit of inner-city ministry, collaborating with faith-based organizations to reach under-served communities in prisons, hospitals, and local food banks.

Our Mission is More Than Words, A Promise

Our mission is a promise from the heart. As a former single working mother with limited job skills, I’ve lived many of our clients’ struggles. This personal experience fuels our empathetic and informed approach, forming the bedrock of our services. We are committed to planting hope and guiding you toward financial stability and independence.

Your Path to Financial Independence

We believe everyone deserves a chance to build a secure future. We offer more than just financial assistance; we offer a partnership. Whether you need advice, resources, or someone to listen, we’re here for every step of your journey.

How I Found My Path

My journey began as a young single mother seeking a better life for my family.  Consequently, with small, determined steps, I began utilizing grants, government benefits, and community resources like those we list on our website.

These resources were pivotal in advancing my education and enabled me to secure a legal secretary position at a New York law firm. I was so proud of my achievements, reinforcing the belief that “There is light at the end of the tunnel!”  My experience with poverty gave me the drive to help other families move from dependence to self-sufficiency.

Our Website: Your Compass in Rough Financial Seas

Visit Freefinancialhelp.net for a comprehensive guide to assistance. We connect you with organizations and agencies providing essential services like bill management, food security, and temporary housing. The site offers direct links to local and governmental agencies, each catering to specific needs. From educational grants to assistance for low-income families, our resources are designed to uplift and stabilize.

Eligibility and Hope

Eligibility for these programs is generally based on family income, focusing on those at or below the poverty line. Every journey is unique, and we’re here to provide hope and support, regardless of your path.

Connect With Us

We’re eager to hear from you. Contact us at admin@freefinancialhelp.net, visit our Facebook page “Free Financial Help Paying Bills,” and join our “Free Financial Help – Low-Income Assistance” group for timely support and community engagement.

What We Offer

At Free Financial Help Paying Bills, we provide assistance and connections for dealing with

rent, utilities, childcare, medical bills, affordable housing, and more. We collaborate with state and local agencies and charities to offer support based on eligibility and available funding. Our services include:

Additionally, we partner annually with the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program and donate to Samaritan’s Purse and St. Judes Cancer Treatment Centers yearly.   Our Facebook community offers cash gifts to selected families during the holiday season.

Need Help Paying Bills?

If you’re facing financial challenges, we’re here to help. Many who seek assistance are hardworking individuals, often holding multiple jobs. We understand these challenges and are ready to listen and guide you to the necessary resources. Contact us through our website or email at admin@freefinancialhelp.net. We’re committed to responding and guiding you to the required assistance. Remember, tough times are temporary, and help is available.

Life’s Unpredictability Life can change rapidly – today’s self-sufficiency could shift unexpectedly tomorrow. Our fortunes are often fluid, but our commitment to helping you navigate these changes remains steadfast.

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