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ABOUT US –   Free Financial Help Paying Bills is dedicated to making available financial resources to struggling families and individuals.  I am a licensed and ordained Protestant minister and in 1978 began working as a  community outreach minister in the inner city of New York.

I worked with underserved communities, churches, visited prisons, hospitals, worked with food banks, and pantries.  My mission is to bring hope and direction to struggling families, and individuals.  I have found that most people want help, but aren’t sure how to get it.

As a single mother, with no job skills, I struggled with many of the same financial challenges you may be experiencing.  I wanted to care for my family and give them the security they deserved. I discovered there is a world of help out there, but you must dig for it. 

I used many of the grants, and government benefits, and community resources listed here.  These grants enabled me to return to school, to get a job skill and I went on to obtain a job at a major New York law firm.   There is light at the end of the tunnel!

About Us – Free Financial Help Services Inc WebSite

We can help you find the assistance you need, during difficult financial times. is a one-stop informational resource to help families and individuals find assistance.  We feature organizations that, work with landlords, utility companies, churches, and community action groups.

These organizations help you with bills, food,  temporary housing, and other basic needs.  You will find out how to contact local and government agencies that can meet your specific needs.  If you are unemployed and need assistance using consider using the grants and programs featured on this site. 

You will be able to do more than just get by.  You will be able to maintain the stability of your family and improve your life altogether.  Educational grants can help you to move from welfare to independence.  These programs are based on gross family income.

Those living at or below the US government poverty line are good candidates for help.  Life is a journey and some people’s journeys are harder than others, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Don’t give up!

We are presently located in the state of Georgia.  Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.  We will respond to you as quickly as possible.  Follow Facebook Page Free Financial Help Paying bills and feel free to join our Facebook group Need Help Paying Bills ASAP. Join our group to get quick answers, and find financial help with your bills.

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What We Do

Free Financial Help Paying Bills, offers advice and point you to resources for help with rent, utilities, childcare, medical bills, affordable housing, and more.  We provide information to help you connect with, state and local agencies and charities that can help you.  The articles here are researched and written by Pamela Lipscomb the President of Free Financial Help Services Inc.  All assistance is given based on eligibility and available funding. We will show you:

  • Find Assistance with Phone Bills
  • Locate Childcare Assistance
  • How to Get Money to Return to School
  • Where to get Free Toys for Christmas
  • Where to go for Help Paying Rent
  • How to Get Grant to Repair your Home
  • About Discount Internet and Computer Programs and much more.

As a yearly outreach, we work with the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program donating hundreds of dollars in toys to help needy children as well as, Samaritan’s Purse “Operation Christmas Child”.  Each year through our Facebook group and page we give cash gifts to a few chosen single mothers during Christmas.

Are You Facing A Financial Challenge?

If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to ask for help!  Keep your head up.  Tough times don’t last forever.  Millions of men and women who need help, are hard-working and have one, sometimes two jobs.  We understand what you are going through, so feel free to l send a message through our contact page, or emails us at,  We will respond and try our best to direct you to the resources you need.  Keep looking up!  You can contact us at

“Life is funny. You can be working and self-sufficient one day, and the next, be unemployed and need help.  Our lives and fortunes can turn on a dime. Compassion and understanding are needed, and by helping the less fortunate, we show our ability to empathize with others.”  – Pamela Wilson – Lipscomb