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Medical Bills.  There are government and private agencies that offer resources to help pay medical bills.  Find help with prescription drugs, free and low-cost dental programs.  Find out how to negotiate medical bills with the hospital bills and how to get a percentage off when you pay off your entire bill at one time.

Free Financial Help Cancer Patients

Looking for free financial help for cancer patients? Organizations that help cancer patients financially.   Cancer is a devastating disease and everyone knows someone who has been touched by this disease.  There are, however, groups that help patients with medical bills, and basic living needs. You may also be looking for groups that help financially with bills related to your… Read More »

Free Dental Clinics Near Me

Free Dental clinics.  There are millions of low-income families living in the U.S., who do not have insurance and can’t afford to go to the dentist.  Low-cost dental clinics help provide emergency dental care for low-income families.  If you are out of work, or your job does not offer dental insurance, you may be able to get free… Read More »

Financial Help with Hospital Bills

Financial Assistance for Hospital Bills.  Many people need help with hospital bills.   The assistance program in your hospital can be a great benefit.  No one wants unpaid medical bills, that can destroy credit.  Hospital bills can quickly mount up when you do not have insurance.  Assistance programs help low-income patients with “medically necessary” inpatient and outpatient hospital services. Patients pay according… Read More »

I Need Help with Medical Bills

Financial help with medical bills & organizations that participate. Many who are without health insurance or low-incomes need financial assistance with medical bills and prescription drugs.  In several years, there has been an increased need for healthcare assistance.  Doctor bills can pile up, especially if you do not have health insurance to offset the costs.  These bills can easily… Read More »