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Assurance Wireless is one of the many companies participating in the free government phone program.  Assurance Wireless provides eligible customers with free monthly minutes, unlimited texting, free monthly data, and a free smartphone.

This free phone program was established by the Federal Communications Commission to provide people with a telephone subscription.

In short, the plan is available to low-income Americans as long as they meet specific criteria. The Lifeline program has been reformed several times since its inception and would update to keep up with new technologies. Continue reading the post to learn more about it.

What is Lifeline Assistance?

This unique program provides a discount on internet and phone services based on household size and income. The Lifeline program is available to low-income people in every state and tribal land. Your household income must be below 135% to qualify for the Lifeline program, as stated by the federal poverty guidelines.

Besides, the program allows one phone or one internet service per household. Consumers need to apply for the program, and when they get approval, they can choose a telecom company that offers the benefits. In addition, companies require you to meet specific standards on devices supported by the Lifeline plan.

These might include the number of minutes allowed, home internet speeds, and devices that support hotspot features. The Lifeline program is headed by USAC or Universal Service Administrative Company.

How do I Qualify for a Assurance Wireless Phone?

Enrollment for the program is available to applicants who qualify depending on state-specific eligibility or federal criteria. Moreover, you can qualify for the program based on how much your household income is.

Apart from that, you can qualify for the program if you have access to specific public assistance programs.  This program is designed to help low-income families obtain reliable phone service.

  • Medi-Cal or Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • CalFresh or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Veterans & Survivors Pension Benefit

Michigan residents may qualify for the plan depending based on the programs below.

Here are the government programs that help you qualify for an Assurance Wireless phone.

For people living on Tribal Lands in Wisconsin, Nevada, Massachusetts, Kansas, Florida, and California, the additional qualifying programs can make them eligible for the program.

These programs might include the following.

  • Tribal TANF or Tribal Temporary Aid for Needy Families
  • Head Start (for Tribal only)
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

You can apply for the same if you are unemployed by using your Unemployment Benefits Letter. This document would serve as proof of eligibility. The Lifeline Assurance Program is applicable for wireline or a wireless number per household.

Do they Give Assurance Wireless Phones to People who Work?

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you may qualify for Assurance Wireless free phone services depending on household size and income. Working families may also qualify for an Assurance Wireless phone. 

You are not disqualified from the program if you work full-time or part-time.  You do, however, have to meet financial qualifications. Here is a table that would help you understand more about the same.

What is Considered a Household?

A household is considered related or non-related people living under one roof.  In addition, these households qualify for this plan. However, each household is only allowed one phone. 

And that includes residents of nursing homes and homeless shelters as well. Besides, residents without permanent addresses are eligible, too.

Assurance Wireless provides you with the most generous cellular plan you can’t find elsewhere. The Assurance Wireless Unlimited plan combines Lifeline services with Emergency Broadband Benefit or EBB.

Assurance Wireless: Costs and Plans

Assurance Wireless services are free to use for qualified customers. However, international calling, international texting, and additional voice minutes are available for additional fees. Here are the phone plans you can avail of when you opt for the services.

Based on the availability of the smartphone, free Android phone. However, shipping charges might apply. Users who are reinstated within sixty days of the service’s end date can keep their phones along with the number.

  • High-speed 3G data every month. However, the speed might vary across devices.
  • Free unlimited texts every month.
  • Free caller Id, call waiting, and Voicemail number.
  • At least 350 voice minutes are free every month.
  • Unlimited calls free to 211
  • Free to access 911
  • Keep your current cell phone number or home number.
  • Sprint Network coverage nationwide.
  • Customer care calls for free.

What Kind of Cell Phone do I Get

Assurance has stepped up its game over the years.   They have gone from the tiny phones lost in your pocketbook to Smartphones!  When you sign up for the Assurance Wireless service, you can get an Android Smartphone.

How Do I Apply

You can apply by going online to the Assurance Wireless Website.  Enter your zip code to make sure there is service in your area.   Next, fill out the application and submit proof of income or confirmation you are in a government program.

Enter your name, address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, etc.  They will contact you to let you know if you have been approved.

Can I Purchase Additional Data, Text, or Minutes?

You can get that for 10 cents each if you need additional voice minutes. Also, you can buy 250 voice minutes for an extra $5. Here are some bundled plans that don’t cause you more.

  • The $15 plan comes with unlimited voice minutes, unlimited texts, and an extra 500MB of monthly data.
  • The $20 plan comes with unlimited texts, unlimited voice minutes, and 1GB of data per month.
  • The $30 plan has 10GB of data, unlimited texts, and unlimited voice minutes per month.

Additionally, there is a separate plan for feature phone customers. For $30, you can enjoy unlimited data, unlimited texts, and unlimited voice minutes per month. Even if you miss paying for a month, you can receive free minutes, texts, and data. However, it depends on the base plan as long as you are eligible for Lifeline service. 

How Do I Receive Continual Free services?

To continue receiving Lifeline services from Assurance Wireless, you must follow specific steps. First, you must certify yearly, and second, complete the re-verification process. These would help determine whether you can enjoy the benefits further.

Also, it would mean that you have qualified for the federal Lifeline Assistance program. You can get these things done by visiting the official website of Assurance Wireless. Besides, you can call 888-653-9262 and verify the same from your registered phone number. These are essential things you need to do to enjoy continued Lifeline services.

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