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Church Assistance Programs.  Many people don’t realize that near you may be a church that has programs that provide help with bills.

Local churches do not just take collections, they have an obligation to help the poor.  You can get financial help paying rent, utility bills, home repairs, etc. 

Churches, do more thank preach the Gospel.   There are churches that help with utilties, rent, food, clothing and more.

Many churches receive government funding and work as an avenue to screen and distribute funds to qualified families and individuals in the community.  Call the larger denominations because they tend to have more money and resources.     

8 Churches That Help Pay Bills

Organizations like Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul help struggling families financially and pay bills.   

These faith-based ministries assist in strengthening the well-being of families every day.  When you qualify financially, you can get help with everything from rent, groceries, clothes, furniture, and more.


1. Love Inc.

They are a nationwide faith-based ministry that mobilizes churches, affiliates, and other organizations to help meet the less fortunate’s pressing needs.

Their call center takes incoming calls from families and individuals who need help with food, rent, utilities, clothing, home repairs, etc.

This organization also has a food pantry and a thrift store.  The organization has locations in the US and Kenya.

2. Episcopal Church  Assistance Programs

They are a worldwide church organization that distributes services locally.  It also has hundreds of parishes all across the US. 

They provide emergency financial assistance to disadvantaged families.  They like help with utilities, rent assistance, medical assistance, clothing closets, gas vouchers to get to work.

They also help the homeless, sponsor food banks, and soup kitchens. Contact the Episcopal church in your city to see what they offer. 

3. Jewish Federation of North America

This Federation is a faith-based organization that coordinates with some national charities. As will all churches and religious agencies, helping the poor is the main thrust of their work.  If you need help, contact the Federation of North America.  

4. Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services provides is a non-profit charity organization that helps low-income residents in the community. They partner with the government and other organizations as a distribution center for services like food, bill assistance, and temporary housing.  

5. United Methodist Church

This ministry brings aid to the poor in the United States and abroad.  Their programs range from temporary housing, drug, and alcohol counseling, food, and bill assistance.  These church assistance programs are available according to the funding on hand. 

This organization brings aid to the poor in the United States and abroad. Their programs range from temporary housing, drug, alcohol counseling, food, bill, and Christmas assistance.  These church assistance programs have limited funding.  

6. Catholic Charities

Can the catholic church help me financially?  The answer is yes! The well-known charity has provided financial aid and many other services to the community for its past 100-year history.

They also help with bills.  This organization is committed to helping the poor and transforming lives with respect and dignity. 

The largest group of people receive help through their feeding program: hot meals, emergency groceries, soup kitchens, and food boxes delivered to seniors, and the housebound.  

If you face eviction or disconnection of utilities, they can help you.  (find out more about Catholic Charities assistance programs)

7.  The Salvation Army   

You may have donated gently used clothing or furniture to The Salvation Army.  Did you know The Salvation Army also helps disadvantaged households with utility bills, Christmas toys, and rent?

These benefits are based on the availability of funding. Each church has a yearly budget, and when the finances run out, you will have to go somewhere else to get help.  They will provide you with a list of other organizations to help you.   

8. St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

This charity organization is a ministry dedicated to serving the poor.  They support families dealing with sickness, family problems, and other financial difficulties.  They are also one of the churches that help with prescriptions.  Saint Vincent de Paul’s financial  assistance programs

Their commitment to providing social services and financial assistance for the needy is evident.   Staff and volunteers offer financial aid and counseling to low-income and homeless families, help pay bills, and give referrals.  They are a non-profit ministry that offers varied types of assistance.  

“All Church assistance programs get a limited amount of funding each year for charity.  Another organization can help when grants run out.  Good Luck!”

Church assistance programs provide financial aid to families in the community.  Churches work with the Federal government to help with rent, utilities, and other services. 

Often churches help families who make too much money to receive help from the government.  These agents are also connected to the government and can guide you through all the services you need. 

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Local Churches Near Me

Every community has churches that provide services to the community.  You can get help with immigrant assistance, parenting education, help bills, food pantries, and family counseling.

Most of these organizations are nationwide and located in most communities in the United States. Many local and national churches and faith-based organizations work within the community to support low-income families, the elderly, the disabled, and children.

  • Thrift Stores:  Receive a  voucher to shop for free at an organization’s thrift store,  starting over or experiencing a disaster like a fire, flood, or leaving an abusive situation.
  • Food assistance:  Receive vouchers to local food banks and pantries, hot meals, and holiday baskets for low-income families.
  • Housing assistance:  Find temporary housing, down payment assistance with rent, and utilities on a new apartment.
  • Prescription assistance:  You can get help to pay for prescriptions and help to enroll in free prescription programs.
  • Eviction prevention:  Get help with late rent.  They can coordinate with landlords to stop evictions by informing them they are helping you.
  • Help with utilities:  You can get financial help to pay back utility payments and help get services turned on again.
  • Life Crisis Counseling:  Some agencies provide family counseling, immigration assistance, help for new parents, and parenting classes.
  • Transportation assistance:   Find bus, train fare, or gas vouchers to work, look for work or medication treatments.
  • Help with car repairs Some churches provide free car repair assistance or low-interest used car loans.

Do Churches Help with Electric Bills?

Yes, designated churches help with other bills pay for past-due or late electric bills.  These churches are funded by donations and government programs to help distribute help to needy families in the community.


They also may pay for security deposits on new services when moving into a new home or apartment.  If the client applying qualifies financially and funding is available, churches pay for electricity and gas, water, and other bills.

How to Find Churches That Pay Bills

When looking for churches near you that pay bills, first, call the United Way at 2-1-1.  The United Way has a listing or organizations that help with bills.

You will be given names and contact phone numbers.  You should contact the larger ministries know for working within the community, such as Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army, and the United Lutheran Church.  Larger churches are more likely to have more funding.

Can the Catholic Church Help me Financially?

Yes, the Catholic Church can help you financially when they have programs available. Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) Catholic Charities participating churches provide services to people in need.  Catholic Charities is very active in many communities and helps low-income families with bills.

These payments will be paid directly to the organization or person you own money to.  No cash is ever given directly to the person coming in for help.  This will ensure the money actually goes to paying that particular bill.  703-549-1390.

Free Government Phones for Low-Income

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  1. what I am coming here for is to bring someone back home here to America..Stuck in Germany on a ship and has no money to come back home.. I have exhausted everything I know to do and have failed.. Please get back to be as soon as posable.. Thank you

    1. I am sorry Laura. Our programs only cover people living in the US. Please try to contact your country’s Embassy for help.

  2. I have granulamatosis with polyigitis autoimmune disease and scleritis of the left eye I been denied SSI.i can’t pay bills or work I have no family or friends..I started a GoFundMe page to get churches any orginzations to help me and also share my link please kids are suffering seeing me suck and my oldest son is on medication for depression my link is mianimiana if you can’t help please share it to anyone personally or places thanks

  3. I’m a 51 year old disabled man
    I need my medicine filled. A ride and 25 dollars to get them
    Any food e
    Would be great.

  4. Im a single mother of 4 battling stage3 lymphoma leukemia cancer and our electricity was turned off . Liheap helped pay some they wont accept no payment arrangements please help us.

  5. Need emergency help with rent by Friday. Recently laid off. Waiting for unemployment to go through. It will be way too late by the time I get my unemployment. Plus with late fees an all, I won’t have enough. My lockout is on Friday morning. Please help thank you Douglas Baker

  6. Hi my name is rosa single parent with 3 kids it makes it impossible to fix my home it has mold water lick needs lots of improvements don’t know where i can get help with fixing it to be in living condition any suggestions your help is e appreciate

  7. There are no locations coming up in my area. I’m in desperate need and don’t know which way to turn. I have until Thursday to get the money for my utility and water deposits and first months rent. Can you help me please?

  8. I am looking for help to fix my car it is in desperate need of repairs. I have no money to fix it. Right now I am driving with no power steering. If you know who can help I would appreciate it.

  9. Dear Sir/Madam.

    I am on a low income wage after my husband left me. He is demanding payment of his share of our home which Ive managed to negotiate down, the problem is I can’t remortgage at this time as I only earn £13,000 even though I am paying my mortgage in full. I have no family after my Dad and uncles have died and I stand to lose my home of 17 years. I need advice and help. I want to pay my way but the financial institutions are blocking me. My mortgage is £12,900 and my ex is demanding £7000 is there any way I can borrow the £7000? I feel desperate as I have no help and no one to turn to….I have lost my husband and now stand to lose my home.

    Kind Regards

    1. He can demand all he wants to make him go to court, perhaps then the court will settle the matter but you can get blood out of a rock. Also, you are using the pound symbol for dollars so you must be outside of the US. Our programs are only in the US.

  10. Hello Amy. Contact United Way by calling 2-1-1 to find help in your area. Also, contact Department of Social Services for emergency help with utility. Also ask them to sign you up with the energy program LIHEAP>

    1. Hi Amy. You should be eligible for TANF, SNAP, and Medicare. The Department of Social Services can help you collect child support from the children’s father,

  11. Single mom with a 3 year old and pregnant and is in need of a car really bad so I can get my toddler to her appointment is and get to my appointment for my pregnancy because where I’m staying at the moment is in the middle of nowhere no bus run out here and have no transportation nor family close by!

  12. Voy a perder mi casa en el día 27 tenía que pagar 6 mil dólares y su no yo tengo que vender mi membresía de mi casa y solo me dan un mes porque me atrase? Nvunacrebta d el me de enero yo soy viuda y yo tengo deavetes yvke cortaron un dedo d cliente pie

    1. Hola Ana. Lamento mucho escuchar esto. ¿Qué tipo de ayuda estás buscando?

  13. Hi, I move here from Texas to Oklahoma City, I’m disabled in need help with everything furniture, medical, finally, I can’t help because of my stroke and back so I need ? any help. My name is Robert Davis.Thank you very much

  14. I need help how to find and get a Free car so I. May get around to get to all my doctors and appointment’s and meetings to help me food and vouchers for gas motel and food. I don’t have anyone to take me or someone to help me find an apartment because I have a hard time finding a new because I was evicted. I really need an apartment and I need a car to get me around my car was stolen and a am 59 fully favorable long does it take to get a car

    1. Hello, Janey. It is very difficult to get a free car as many people want one. You also have to prove you are able to maintain the vehicle by paying with insurance, gas, and maintenance bills, etc. For immediate help please go to the Department of Social Services for SNAP and cash benefits. You will have to take public transportation if you do not have a car.

  15. To Whom It May Concern,
    My father had open heart triple bypass surgery in Ocala, Florida at AdventeHealth Ocala on Thursday, February, 14, 2109. He has a United Healthcare Managed Medicare plan and a supplemental policy secondary and I know he is going to have some astronomical bills that he will NOT be able to afford along with all the other regular monthly expenses he has. Is there any assistance for an elderly couple that worked their whole life but will be unable to pay these medical balances that are about to come their way? Thank you for any assistance. A concerned daughter.

    1. Hi, Judy. The first place you want to go is to the hospital to make a payment arrangement for the medical bills. They are very agreeable as your payments can be as low as $25 a month.

  16. Hello, I’m Robin,
    I’m looking for help with gas vouchers, food vouchers, clothing vouchers, helping with bills, ect..
    Please my husband and myself. Are staying in a trailer with our dog too With no running water in the middle of nowhere, no electricity been back here in California from Montana.

    Thank you so very kindly for help
    God bless
    Respectfully robin

    1. Hello, Robin. You need a lot of help. I suggest you go to the Department of Human Service to apply for cash and food assistance. For immediate help with food go walk into Catholic Charities.

  17. I’m disabled female senior evicted my phone 6232002855 I have many health issues heart kidny nerve damage severe chronic pain i just learned how to use phone. Please help me financially for rent and deposit. God bless.

  18. Hi, My Name Tracy Sullivan!! And I have become disable and unable to work. My Electric bills Are Behind as Well. And I Could Greatly use some. Please Assist! Me if Possible.

    1. Tracy. If you are unable to work if you have not, please apply for disability. Also, go to Human Services to see if you qualify for cash assistance. For immediate help with food, go to Catholic Charities to pick up groceries.

  19. Hello hi DEAR friend MR Paul Mayer moved to SACREMENTO , CA 95812 . A couple months I need help to pay my first month RENT is $575.00 ,and plus $69.00 . Can you help ? I have to also pay my new minutes on my NET10 SUNRISE NUMBER is 775.500.1477

  20. Am a stranger here and do not know where to turn to. My husband passed away from cancer six years ago. Life insurance was enough to bury him and I did my best to send my sons to college. Funds are clean out. Had to sell my home so I can have a roof over my head. Contacted the flu last year even though I got the flu shot, complications ensued and was in the hospital for two days from pancreatic attack. Insurance has covered much of costs but I have not been able to pay back medical bills and my credit score is the lowest it has ever been. Debt collectors have been breathing down my neck. Please help!

    1. Leanne. I am sorry for the losses you have experienced. we can not do anything about your debt. Please call the hospital and make payment arrangements with them. The hospital can also take off up to 30% of your bill when you agree to pay off one bill. While you have sent your children to college, as a widow it is your children’s responsibility to help you with your situation. Please sit them down and have a talk with them.

  21. My dad who has been the only one working due to personal issues has been in the hospital since January 7. Not only do we not know when he’s going to even be able to come home.. but they’re suggesting he do something else for work because his work is extremely physical and right now he’s at the hospital with an big open wound in his stomach.. Because after the first surgery they didn’t want to close him up because they are scared of infection. I can explain more on my current situation but we just really need help right now, please if anyone can help or even call ,if you know of something or somewhere I can go to try and get help. Thank you

    1. Hello, Merissa. I am sorry to hear about your father. He has probably worked hard his whole life. Now it is your turn to take care of your father. Many people have family problems, such as abuse, depression, and illness and they work every day. The family has got to pull together and get jobs to take the pressure of your father. It is not fair to him. If you need help with groceries, go to the Catholic Charities, they give out food, without an appointment. If you have problems with the utilities or rent go to the Department of Social Services for emergency financial help.

  22. Need assistance with housing for low income single mothers in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota also help with food assistance paying my storage unit that’s overdue/locked and going to be auctioned off soon unless I’m able to pay with everything I own which isn’t much but I can’t afford to lose it I applied for cash assistance but haven’t received it process is taking longer also possible that I will not received cash/food assistance due to government shutdown. Resources that can help with infant needs as formula diapers clothing ect. Thank you much I appreciate you all God bless you all

    1. Hello, Gabrielle. I don’t know of any organization that will pay for your storage bill. I am sorry. If you need food, please go to Catholic Charities. They give out groceries daily without an appointment.

  23. hello
    i’m from Togo and i can see how this platform is helping people.Can Togolese also benefits?You can contact me if God put it in your heart to help them and together we will touch the heart of many.

    God bless you

    Joseph A

    1. Hello, Joseph. Thank you for visiting our site. I am sorry to tell you that the programs we feature on the site are only available for those living in the US. Please look for assistance programs in Togo!

  24. Hi my name is liz my situation is critidicul me and kid’s are getting padlock in 6 day’s, I have 5 kiddos 2 with disabilities, I’m going through some health issue’s aswel, we have no family or no one that could help uss, we need help to prevent from sleeping in the street’s out in the cold please help me and my family.

  25. I’m trying to get help to pay my electric bill…they will cut it off in the morning. My mom died on the 14th and had no insurance…it took every penny I could scrap together and then some to put her to rest and the light company says I’m out of extensions so termination is at 9am in the morning. Community action is closed but I also heard they are out of funds anyway…I dont know where to turn…and it’s a holiday on top of everything else..

  26. Hi my name is Chris I need help with financial crisis and help with home repairs my house falling got holes in the floor if u no any one could help plz let me no

  27. I am looking for help for that I l can’t work had major colon surgery last year I have ostomy bag no one will help me house work done on my house it falling in in i need help with bills etc plz if u no any plz let me no

  28. I’m am looking for help for my family I need to find someone s church that can grandbaby was burned he was on the channel 20 and 55 news they have been in separated for 3 weeks my daughter had found a place but is short $100 for utilities not afjing girl cash just a check written out to cwlp everything is paid rent and deposit PAID just trying to get utilities turned on today to get the family together my grandbaby is still in the hospital but need to get the family back together his name is Krysztian Grooms room 5w53 my daughter’s name is Rachel Wilson thank you

  29. Me and my family are in need of help with the bills and we have a inviction notice we have other bills that are due. My son has a disability so my finance end up loseing his job when my son stayed a month in the nicu. We need help so bad and it’s hard to get anyone to help us. Please help thank you.

  30. I am reaching out in faith. My husband is a type 1 diabetic. Over the last 2 years he has had 2 below the knee amputations and a quadruple cardiac bypass surgery and a stroke. He will be 60 in November
    I have a spinal fusion from my 2nd thoracic vertebra through my sacrum along with degenerative Disc disease
    Stenosis and Arthritis in my spine. He is still working and we figure he will be able 2 for about 2 more years. I take care of his needs and the home. We have 1 car because with all that jas happened that is what we can afford. I desperately need a truck
    Doesn’t have to be a great truck
    I have found that on the apps letgo and offer up there are many free items
    When I can pick them up I am able too sale them and generate an income.The problem is renting a truck eats up the profit and I know one person with a truck and understandably they almost never have time to help .can and will u help me.

  31. I was in a domestic violence relationship where he controlled all my finances. He caused me to almost lose my nursing license by not letting me do my Ceus now I don’t have the money to pay the penalty and I’m in danger of losing my license and it’s causing me not to be able to get a job. He also cause me such a tax burden. I don’t know where to turn at this moment.

  32. hi I am in needed of help paying bills my water has been cut off and my lights are next I don’t wanna be homeless I just need a little help im trying to get a job but is not so easy im having a lot of trobble I have a lot of problems I have a learning disability and im almost death in my left ear my right ear is getting there ive got an eye disease and is hard for me to do a lot of jobs that’s why is so hard to get a job for me If I can get a little help that would be grate thanks for your time

  33. I am in need of financial help….my gas Is about to get turned off and I have children anything would help thank you and God bless

  34. Hi My name is chantel and i dont know how to go about thus but im in need of some help for my son. Who is in junior high i cant afford a bus pass for him to attend school so im asking to see if theur is anybody who could help me with that you can call me on my home ph 7804860009 chantel gladue

    1. Hello, Chantel, Contact your child’s school. They may have a program for children that need this type of help. Also, call Catholic Charities to see if they know of any help available.

  35. I really need some names of places where I can get help with paying my rent before I become evicted

  36. Hi I have a friend need help with bills and gas in her car to like 30 dallors in her for gas to I will appreciate to if u help her out with bills a gas in the car to u can call me at 1352-302-5442 it’s Annie number thank u so much to

  37. Hi my name is,Deja Pearson I was in a abuse relationship I got out of I have a 12 year old son and I am needing to get a apartment I have already paid the deposit and all I have to do is get the first months rent so me and child won’t be homeless anymore I’m trying to heal and do the right thing for my son I really need help I have nobody I am trying to get better and love a peaceful life

    1. Hi, Deja. Congratulations on getting out of a toxic relationship. The Department of Social Services and HUD can help with the first months rent if you qualify financially. They would have paid your security deposit as well.

  38. I’m a grandmother in Miami, Florida in need of help with getting school supplies and uniforms for my grandsons to go to school this August. Are you able to help me out with this today?

  39. Hi my name is Wendy Johnson and i need help with 200$ on my rent i am moving in to my new place tomorrow and i am 200$ short.can u please help me

    1. Hello, Wendelin. You can not call one day and get money the next. First, you have to apply and qualify financially. Please call 211 to ask if there is a rent assistance program near you.

  40. Monetary Funding,

    Hey, my name is,Wayne.
    I’m looking for financial assistance programs that will help me pay for school. Right now, I’m unemployed at the moment looking for employment to help pay for school. I’m facing some financial crisis and hardship while trying to navigate my way through school. It is very stressful on me when you don’t have no income coming in for school.

    I’m attending Jackson State University Continue Education Learning Center. This particular program don’t provide financial aid for students in this particular program. So I’m reaching out for help for monetary funding to help provide funding for this particular program at Jackson State University.

    Please reply if you have any additional questions.

    Always here ready to help,

    A student at J.S.U.

  41. I have been laid off from work recently in the past two weeks my lights are getting cut off I have been everywhere to get assistance and because my son and daughter are older than 5 I can not get emergency assistance please help .

    1. Hello, Angela. As long as your children are under 18 you should be able to get full assistance if you have no income. Go to the Department of Social Services to see if you can get assistance with rent, bills and food until you are working again.

  42. hello my names april Im 27 years old and I have 2year old son his name is nathaniel he is my whole world! Right now we are 2 weeks from losing everything ive worked so very hard for because I lost my job and yet to find a new one all my savings went to lasts months rent and utilities Im down to my sons last 2 diapers and just so over whelmed I was told by an old coworker go to a church they will help I went to one made an appointment and was just told they where outta money this month and that unless you sign up the begining of the month its not likley theyll be able to help at this point try back next month? but im praying maybe i can get some advice here on where to go for some help being i have never done this and just wish someone could lead me the right way thank you april

    1. April, apply for unemployment and go to the Department of Social Services to sign up for full benefits. You should get full benefits with a 2 year old. SNAP (food for you), WIC (food for the baby) for the baby, TANF payment for rent and utilities. Also, ask for expedited Food Stamps (SNAP)

  43. I’m a single mom that needs help getting back on her feet. I’m not asking for anything for free! I will gladly take a job, in fact I would love to have a job! I lost everything I had 2 years ago when my husband left . I’ve been looking for a job, but I’m 43 years old and it’s been difficult! I’m a hard worker and I’m not asking for anything I won’t earn. Please help me get back my life! The one thing I want more than anything else is to be able to get a little home for me and my kids! Thank you in advance and God bless

    1. Hello, Musa. The programs featured here are for those who live in the United States. Please look for assistance programs in Sierra Leone. I am sorry we can not help.

  44. Why do all the toys for children programs all say’apply early’? I met a woman 2 days ago while ringing a bell for the salvation army. Shes had a year of health problems she just went back to work and has no way to give her kids Christmas. There are no places that will help her at this time close to Christmas? Seriously? Her problems in oct(registration time of year) were bigger than that because she was living in her car then.

    1. Hello, Rhonna. All the major Christmas toy drives are closed for the year. They say apply early because millions of poor, families sign up for help every year. Some are in homeless shelters, abused women facilities, unemployed and some work but are still so poor they qualify for help. It is, however, great to know your friend now has found a place to live. That is truly something to be grateful for.

  45. necesito ayuda me quede sin trabajo.mi esposo tambien cuando sali embarazada ..mi esposo solo.trabajado medio tiempo sueldo aveces es de 200 ala semana .. debemos muchas renta necesito.ayuda de corazon ayudeme … mi bebe no quiero q duerma en la calle

    1. Claudia Alvarado: Hola. Puede ser elegible para recibir ayuda del Departamento de Servicios Sociales. Además, contáctese con el Ejército de Salvación y la iglesia católica St. Vencent de Paul para ver si pueden ayudar. Además, llame a HUD al (800) 569-4287. Buena suerte.

  46. I need help to buy Christmas for my 18-year-old daughter and my 17-year-old so I’m a single mom I live in Quincy Florida. I need some gifts and food I hurt my leg so I been down for a while now so please find it in your heart and help me please I need everything for my apartment please I’m on a fixed income after my bills I have nothing left so please help me thank you

    1. Hello, Carrie. Contact the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots to see if the children can get a gift. Also, call 2-1-1 to see what Christmas programs are still taking people. Also call around the large Catholic, Lutheran and Baptist church to see if they have a toy drive. Also, here is a link to a list of Furniture Banks in the US.

  47. Hi my family of five just got an eviction notice. We are behind on November rent and now December. We were paying as we could due to having to put up security deposits and paying for a hotel till we could get in the house. We just need help to catch back up and then we will be good. We live in Berkeley County South Carolina. It’s my husband and I along with 3 daughters 13, 7, and 3. Please help us. Thank you!

    1. Hello, DeDe. Please go to the Department of Social Services and take the eviction notice for help with rent. You amy also be able to get help with rent from HUD.

  48. I am seeking help with our electricity bill this month & not because it’s Christmas & we wanna buy gifts, but we have no running water on our property now. Our water well pump and air tank both quit about 2 weeks ago, so we desperately need help with our electricity bill. We only have my husband’s SSI check coming in & that isn’t much. If you can’t help, please point us in the right direction.

  49. Hi my name is Adell I am currently homeless and pregnant with my 3rd son.. This year has been very rough for me and my children, I have not gone to a shelter because my mother had us in multipule throughout my whole life and i refuse to put my kids through it.. we have been staying with friends but as the time gets closer to my due date 2/14/18 (or he can come before) and as the holidays get closer, my friends can no longer help. i recieve 300 a month in cash assistance and thats how i have been paying them to live there bcause every interview i go to they see my big belly and wish me luck.. my 3 year old still wears diapers ive been trying to potty train him, my oldest 5y.o has emotional and behavioral issues (ADHD) and i have yet to get my unborn child the things he needs.. my family and i dont mix well because they keep telling my son, that a man who is NOT his father , is his father. completely disrespecting me and going against what i say which is why my son has emotional problems. they do not help at all.. in any way.. my unborn childs father is also struggling with his 3 daughters but we are seperated at the moment .. I just need help getting into a home before my son is born so that he can have a stable home.. this is the first time i have been homeless and unable to do anything i feel helpless and really depressed because all i get are walls built up in my way.. please give me call or send me an email we really need the help.. 321–316-9156

    1. Adell. Please contact the Salvation Army that has programs that house women with children. You should also be entitled to WIC for all children under 5 years old SNAP, and financial benefits when you get a home. Please check with the Department of Social Services. Go to the Department of Social Services personally and ask for expedited assistance with your case. Ask for referrals to charities that can help you with food, clothes, etc.

  50. Hello, I’m Shelia Hawkins and i am a single parent that does not receive help from anyone. I really need the help this year because i have limited income and it very hard asking for help. Every penny i get goes to bills and there is nothing left to get food and clothing. If you could help us out just this once it would be much appreciated.

  51. Yes my name is Marlana
    And I’m a single mother of four children
    Well I’m single now ,I just got out of a 8 yr abuser relationship
    I finally got away but I’m struggling real bad
    I’m needing help with household stuff and clothes,shoes
    But the main thing I need emergency help for my pre paid electric
    Please help me

    1. Hello, Marlana. You may qualify for help, so I encourage you to call 2-1-1 to find out what programs are in your area. Please call Department of Social Services to see if you qualify for TANF, WIC, SNAP, Medicaid. Go to the DSS and ask for referrals to church program and charities that have clothes and household item, beds etc. Contact the agencies in the post, Free Toys for Christmas. Please sign up right away to make sure the kids get a toy.

  52. Hello my name is Renee. Am homeless with 4 kids and need help with a room for a few days. Anything Will help. Thank you god bless

    1. Hello, Renee. Please call around to see which Salvation Army has temporary sound for women with children. Also, call 2-1-1 to see what kind of help is available for you and the children.,

  53. I’ve been out of work since August for depression and problems with my ms. My benefits have been denied. I need help paying my rent. My landlord has worked with me for one month but now is going to start eviction proceedings. I don’t want to lose my home

    1. Hello, Betty! There is help available for you when you qualify financially. Call 2-1-1 to find help with rent in your community. Also call the agencies in the article “Local Church Assistance”. You may also be able to help emergency help with rent and groceries at your Department of Social Services. You can find more information on help with bills on our website.

  54. Hi I am in need of someone if they could help me in paying a couple of nights for a hotel. I’m homeless n I’m also disabled. I’m in a wheelchair n I have both of my legs from the knees down amputated. If there is anyone able to help me n could also come see me cuz it’s very hard to travel in my situation.

    1. Hello, Maria. I am sorry you weren’t able to get help before you lost your place. Please start with calling the Salvation Army in your city. Some of them have emergency or short-term housing. If they can not help you they are connected with a lot of other organizations that can help. Ask for referrals. Write us again if you need more information.

  55. Hello, I was wondering whom I may contact for assistance with paying my rent in order to not get evicted? Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  56. I havent got a place to stay. Were being evicted. And my car is broken down. I need some help. I have a 15 year old daughter with me. Please help.

    1. Hello, Crystal. Call the Salvation Army do they have room in the family shelter. YOu can also go online or call 2-1-1 to look for temporary or transitional housing.

  57. To whom it may concern I Latoya Barnes need. Help with my utility bill please my cut off day is tomorrow October 4,2017 please help me and my disabled son please

    1. Hello, Latoya. Please go directly to the Department of SOcial Services for emergency help with utilities. Also, ask for groceries. If the office has a pantry, they can help.

  58. i am a elder disable fameal and i need healp with paying utiley bills water bill and lightbill is dus for disconnect soon comming up for oct 3 2017 my phoene number is 678-344-7093 thank you verry much

  59. Hello I’m new to the state from Houston Texas and I was wondering do you guys help with families to be put in a room because we do not feel safe a the road Home in midvale and we need more information on your help…. Please help this is a emergency…

  60. I need help after hurricane Irma.I haven’t been able to work. I have fibromyalgia and other issuez. My fiance works but hasnt been able to due to the storm. We need help we are running out of everything and cannot pay out bills at this time. We have lost all our food due to no power. And all of our utilities are due now. We are 2 months behind i don’t even know if they will be the power will be cut back on. We have 6 kids who depend on us. And with my condition I can’t work. My fiance is doing all he can. If there’s anyway y’all could help we’d be extremely grsteful.

    1. Hello, Erin. I am hoping you and your family are all safe at this time. As you know the electric companies are working hard to get electric services back on. Contact local churches to find out where you can find a feeding stations and contact everyone who provides you services to get an emergency extension on any bills. Try contacting the department of social services to get emergency assistance. Also, call 2-1-1 to get a list of agencies in you are helping hurricane survivors. Good luck.

  61. I am in an abusive situation was looking for a hotel voucher to carry me through til the 3rd of October when I get paid. I am in the Okc metro area. Please help

  62. Hi I Am A Single Mother Of Seven Children Two Being Disabled I Reside In Newark N.j & Am Only Seeking Help For Utility Assistance I Am Currently Not Working I Just Had Twins One Passed Away So Its Been A Little Difficult For Me Lately. Ms.Boyd 973-855-7892

  63. Hello my name is Andrew Killebrew and I am messaging you because I am in desperate need of help. For about a week now I’ve been experiencing a severe toothache in which it is affecting my everyday living. I just moved to San Antonio about 3 months ago, and I just started working again. I’ve tried multiple dentist and it was to no avail because of my financial difficulties. I am employed at this time but my insurance doesn’t “kick in” for another 3 months. So my question is could you please help me get this tooth removed? I will reimburse you!!!

  64. On August the 7 I lost my job and was in a bad car wreck coming from work to home stay in the hospital for 2 week’s didn’t realize I wasn’t able to go back to work now im having this problem with my stroage people’s trying to sell my stuff what lil that I do have in stroage needing some help on my stroage Lord here my pray and help me get it payed not able to pay it ask of now I have until August 28 to get it payed off can someone reach back out to me please at 214 9814646 thank u and god bless

  65. I have a grandson and his family who are in need of immediate housing. There is a pregnant wife and 10 month old child that need a place to stay.

  66. My Name is Lyle Wollet.
    I experienced a traumatic Brain Injury and had to have surgery. Since then I was fired from my job because of the injury and the insurance company has decided to stop coverage so I have been forced to go onto SSI. I search for employment every day with no success the brain injury has caused a stammer or stutter in my speech and word finding issues especially when under pressure so getting thru an interview process is impossible. I have cut back on everything selling or trying to sell everything that would be considered a luxury. My property taxes went up. the electricity in my home is going haywire and I am stuck living in n area that has harsh winters. I have constant head aches and severe panic attacks. I am not asking for anyone to give me a large amount of money but I am asking for donations because I need to move out of this place and pay bills. I have two horses and two dogs and many of you may feel those are a luxury. I hope you understand they are all I have and they help me get thru every day. They are my therapy they show me unconditional love I may be forced to give them up but they will be the last thing I give up. I go without eating sometimes so I can feed them. I started a go fund me page which was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make because I have never had to rely on asking others for help. As hard as it is to write this letter. I am forced to beg I will send you a link to my gofundme page and hope you will help share it and get it out to others. If needed I have medical records, Doctors Name what ever you may want.
    Thank you, Sincerely Lyle Wollet Jr

    1. Hello, Lyle. I am sorry you are going through such a difficult time. This is a resource site and we do not give any money or post GoFundMe Links. Please try contacting the government agencies and charities listed on this site. Contact the World Horse Welfare, maybe they can help with your horses

    1. Hola Gladis, Hola, por favor lea este artículo y póngase en contacto con las agencias para buscar ayuda.

  67. To whom it may concern, I am writing to see where we can get a little husband and I is dialed and don’t get much husband has health problems and heart problems and goes to doctors alot.we have an older jeep and runs ok, but it leaks from muffler system and comes inside it.that smell affects my husband COPD .we take our grandkids in u know a program might be able to help us get it fix, we would really be greatful.thanks for reading this and God bless.

  68. I need help paying my rent I had bed bugs roaches and mice in my old apartment so I had to throw away all my stuff and kids stuff and had to start over cause someone brought them to my house and we have nothing I still didn’t buy everything back but rent is kicking me in the butt I don’t want to be evicted with my kids I only owe 311

    1. Hello, Kimberly. Please go to the Department of Social Services to get a one time help with rent. You can also contact 211 the United Way to find programs in your area.

  69. I need help we are homeless with two children waiting on a job orientation have applied for jobs everywhere just waiting , I am willing to work for a place to stay and food for my babies I just don’t know where to go everywhere I have asked for help has told me no they don’t do anything like that , so I’m holding on to my faith hoping that someone will be willing to help me. My name is Kelly thank you for your time.

    1. Hello, Kelly. It is devastating to be homeless. The Salvation Army may have rooms for families with children. Also, contact the and Catholic Charities and St Vincent de Paul and the YWCA. Also, contact the Department of Social Services to see if you are eligible for a hotel voucher

  70. My landlord is going to court Monday at noon to file the papers at noon if I don’t come up with 3990 to pay my rent that is past due. I don’t know what else to do I have gone to DHS to get assistance and have been denied please help me. I got behind because my husband was laid off

    1. Karnetta. Even after the landlord get an order of eviction, you have options. First, the time period in the Eviction Notice must be over (usually 7 days or 30 days). Second, you must be served with court eviction papers. The Summons must give you at least 7 more days before the court hearing. Third, if you lose the hearing and do not appeal, you will have 7 more days to move. As soon as you get the eviction go to court to ask for an appeal. Hopefully, by that will give you time to contact agencies to get help. If the DDS denied you help, you may make too much money. The thing is most charities and community agencies also go according to your income . Call 2-1-1 which is the United Way. The may have a list of churches or charities who help with rent. Good luck.

  71. Hello my name is gaelle Charles I was born July 16,1996 and my phone number is (561)320-8656
    I’m 36weeks pregnant and I been calling for the pass few weeks indeed of emergency shelter because I been going from house to house sleeping on people couch I really don’t have nobody to help me out I been trying to reach out to you guys leaving voicemail back to back but I haven’t receive any calls from y’all if by any chance please email me back or call me once again phone number is (561)320-8656 I really need help with shelter please and thank you

    1. Hello, GAELLE. I know there are places you should be able to get help. Go to the department of social services which may be able to get food stamps and WIC to make sure you are eating properly. You will need to look for an apartment and the DDS can approve you for Cash Benefits for rent and utilities if you qualify. Also, contact the Salvation Army. They may have chapters that provide housing for Mothers with children and pregnant women. Also, call 9-1-1 which is the United Way for help in your area.

  72. Hi my name is Patricia and I am in desperate need of help getting my gas bill paid and turned back on! I have tried the salvation army, el-ada, and indigent services; can you possibly set me in the right direction to get help?

    1. Hello, PATRICIA. The Department of Social Services offers emergency assistance to those not receive government aide (one instance a year) Please go there for help.

  73. I am inquiring about help with bills and food for
    Me and my daughter. My husband has MULTIPLE Sclerosis and last year he had a really bad relapse. This in turn caused him to go into a nursing home and lose the other half of our income. I was the only one working living paycheck to paycheck to provide for our 4 year old daughter. I recently lost my job and and I am not entitled to unemployment. The bills are coming faster than I can get another job. Any help that I could get would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello, Robyn. I am sorry you have had so many difficulties. With a four-year-old daughter, you should be able for government assistance. Please contact your local Department of Social Services.

  74. My name is Trisha I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and have a 4 year old son . I’m homeless and been trying to get help but nothing has happened I cry myself to sleep because my son keeps saying let’s go home mommy but we don’t have a home, I just want to be in a stable home for my son’s sake and my unborn child.

    1. Dear Trisha. Please go to the Department of Social Services. You have a child under 4 and are pregnant. If you are approved for aid, you will have to find a government approved apartment and they can help with rent and security. Also, call the Salvation Army to see if they have temporary housing for homeless women with children in your area. They will also help with counseling and other issues.

  75. Hello my name is Yolanda and I need help with getting a glucose meter my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes we have no insurance and can’t check his blood sugar with out a glucose meter.. Can you please help us. Or tell me where I can get a meter. I am in the 75217 area.
    You can contact me at 214-680-2772

    1. Hello, Yolanda. You should be able to get a glucose meter at any drug store for about $20. Also, call your doctor to see if they know of any programs the give our free meters.

  76. I’m in a physically and mentally abusive situation. I moved here from St Louis, Mo. two months ago. The abuser has taken every dime I have. I have a vehicle but no money for gas to get there. Is there any agency out there that could help me? I’m desperate.

  77. I need help bills please im tired page by page one place where there funds and i can be help

    1. Hello, Martha. Finding assistance can get frustrating. Funding runs out as they are trying to help as many people as they can. Try calling 2-1-1. This the the United Way and they will have a list of place you can go for help in your city.

  78. HI my name is Jessica Waters and I need help to get back home to Missouri were my family is. The only thing that is stopping me is I need 2 tires and tags on my car. My ex boyfriend and I had a bad break up and I’m trying to get away from him cause he has be came very aggressive and has got so bad that he threw my car key at me and my eye is black. I just really want and need to get back home

  79. Hello this is my first time doing this but we were needing assistance with our utilities. Since my mom passed its been hard to keep up. We have a shut off notice in 2 weeks and I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hello, Elevera. Please call 211 which is the United Way. Also, contact the agencies in the article Local Church Assistance Programs for help. If you qualify financially and funds are available they will help you. Also, consider the Department of Social Services for emergency assistance. Also, see if you can get emergency expedited SNAP.

  80. this veteran would like some financially help with transportation cost .medical cost. prescription cost/etc. phone number is434-616-1056.

    1. Hello, Christopher. God back to the post Local Church Assistance Programs and contact the agencies there. If there is funding available and you meet the financial criteria, you will get help. Also, check out USA Cares. Thank you so much for your service.

  81. i am looking for help on utilities i paid 2000 dollars to get into our home and now facing to get kicked out cause i have a balance of 800.00 from a ex relationship. I had no idea this was my balance i have left the house and wasnt living there but the bill was never took out of my name. My kids and i waited a year for this house and now i dont know what to do…can u help me

    1. Holly, I don’t understand how an electric company would let a bill get that high. What state do you live in? In NC Duke Energy will disconnect you for $80. Try going the DSS for help with that bill. Good luck.

  82. Hello, I’m looking for help for my family. My wife and i recently got married but can’t afford a place. Her and her son are in an emotionally abusive household and really need help to get her out. I have been fired from my job, but have interviews. I am unable to get to them due to the lack of money

    1. Hello, Levi. It is difficult for me to give you advice as I do not know if the son is a child, teen or adult. Contact a few agencies for domestic abuse. Most shelters don’t house entire families. Also, contact the Salvation Army. Someone should be able to direct you to the proper services for your situation.

  83. Thank you for your commitment to assist in the name of Jesus Christ as He did while He was here on earth personally unlike today with us spiritually. My desire is to serve differently Him and meet both spiritual and physical needs. I seek for your support in this regard. Mainly by starting a preaching point. Please contact for details. May God bless your work of your hands.

  84. Do you guys help with Greyhound or Amtrak tickets. Me and my husband are stranded and in need of getting back home.!

    1. Hello, Mariah. There are agencies that will help you with a one-way ticket back to your hometown or where you have family or support. Usually, a bus ticket as it is more inexpensive. Call the Salvation Army and request referrals to agencies that help with a bus ticket in you city.

  85. I am contacting because I am in need of assistance in getting a motel room for a couple of days, I have been approved for rental assistance but my voucher haven’t came yet. I am a victim of the baton rouge, la August 2016 flood and me and my daughter is in desperate need of assistance it should be in sometime this week!!

  86. I’m in desperate need of dental care,
    I need to have all my teeth pulled and get dentures. I found a dentist that can do it for 1,600
    If you can help please let me know. Thank you and have a blessed day

  87. I have contacted all organizations including churches for help on a shut off notice for electricity..all say they don’t have funding or they can help if I pay a majority of the bill..well if I could pay a majority I wouldn’t have a shut off…I have a health needs child that is on a feeding pump and his med cert has been used already and I can’t find anyone else to help..I have reached out and I need to pay sixty dollars to avoid it and I don’t have family

    1. Hello, Hillery. Try the Department to see if they offer temporary financial assistance. This program helps those not receiving government assistance help once a year.

  88. Single disabled dad with a 7-year-old daughter who loves the Lord. Seeking aid from spirit led!

    1. Hi, Kenny. Thanks for writing. You did not mention what type of help you need, but please do a search on the site to find what you need and contact the agencies in the article.

  89. My son and I are in need of immediate assistance, He need to finish his physical therapy and we are foreclosed on June 2 2017…we need temporary housing immediately. Please help !!

    1. Hello, Teri. Please contact the Salvation Army and ask for a referral to Catholic Charities. Contact HUD to see if they have zny emergency assistance programs. The YWCA may be able to help with housing for you and your son. Good luck with everything.

  90. I am a disabled senior in dire need of help. Lost my long time partner to Pancreatic Cancer and I cared for him until he died in 2016. I have no family. I am in need of legal assistance, and I have no washing machine and my fridge is about to die. I suffer with severe depression, and I have no car. I do not know what to do. Any help you can provide would be so appreciated. God bless you.

  91. hello my name is rose and my guy friend is gene, genes mother passed away,and she h ad a reverse so we lost a 3 bdrm home and 14.5 acres . and are currently living in our car . we have camping gear just need enough cash for maybe some gas and a few days pd on a camp site at 20 dollars a night, if you can help we can afford 10 days but it would be nice if we could stay 20 days , iam usinsg someones laptop to send this message so pls call us at 3608393920

    1. Hello, Rose. Government agencies and charities never put cash in your hand. Start with the Department of Social Services or some of the faith-based charities, like Salvation Army for temporary shelter or housing.

  92. Hello my name is James leff I am a 6 person family moving from Colorado to Maine. As of right now we have jus spent that Las of our money for a motel room in oak Grove Missouri. Bcause one of our cars broke down . Can you help us soon. We only have till morning. PLEASE HELP US ???????

  93. I am a single mother of.two in a car wreck totaled front end of car witch is totaled of course car lot did not want to.give me a new vehicle my insurance was cancelled due to financial issue with bank so my account was closed so I had no insurance to cover damages now I need 1500 for a down payment on a new vehicle and no were or anyone live in Rutherford texas out in county away from town with no transportation anything at this Moment please let me no.God bless all

  94. hi i reside in toledo iowa atm i been here for a few years iam working 2 jobs in order to keep up with my chilsupport . my mom became very ill she got diagnosed with cancer i d k what kind of cancer it is but its effecting her health she wants me to come home to be with her . but iam stuck in toledo iowa i do have some money but its not enough for a bus ticket . please help i need a way to get from TOLEDO IOWA to MONROE LA i d k if your services reach out here or not but iam giving this a shot maybe you have other church organizations out here i d k please help i would give my email on gere which i did write it down but it says my email wont be published ?

  95. I live in lancaster, pa. Ive recently lost my job and been living in a hotel for free with my gf and our son through the kindness of other people, but as of tomorrow we can no longer stay here. I have a good paying job lined up but it wont start until near the end of may so we will be homeless come tomorrow. Im in serious need of help.

  96. I am a single father of three i have not ever asked for any help like this but im struggling very bad i am about to ve evicted from my home the utility bill was way more than i had exoected it to be i am $329 short on my rent now if the church coyld help me in any way i will be so greatful thank you for your time

    1. Hello, Dennis. There are a few options for someone in your situation. Churches like Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, and St Vincent de Paul can help with your rent. Other options are HUD and the Department of Social Services. The DSS offers one-time a year help with bills. Good luck.

    1. Hello, Patricia. Contact Catholic Charities or Salvation Army for help. You can also go to the Department of Social Services for emergency assistance.

  97. I am behind on my rent, I’ve been trying to catch it up but, because I was recently sick, I have fallen further behind, I have paid 200, and have 200 more to pay towards it, but my next months rent is now coming rapidly closer, and I will be in the same dilemma again , is there any help,

  98. hi im currently between homes at this time, i have to have 19 teeth surgically removed at once on Tuesday the 7th ,2days from tomorrow due to a bad gum disease. Im gonna be left with no teeth at all after Tuesday.
    I am needing a place to recover for 3-5 days, is there ANY assistance available to me,such as a hotel voucher, something to assist me with the healing time? im freaking out as it is, it dawned on me that ima need some rest after this procedure, can you help or tell me who might be able to ,with this short notice?

  99. Hello
    I’m injured and the money I’m getting from workers compensation is not enough to pay my expenses.
    I need help with my apartment rent utilities & electricity bills and car payment I have 4 kids wife & my self
    Appreciated your concerns to help me
    Muwaffaq Alzaben

    1. Hello, Muwaffaq. If your gross family income is low, you may be able to get assistance from the government, especially if you have young children. Have your wife go to the Department of Social Services to seek if the family is eligible for assistance. If you have a turn-off notice or an eviction notice thy may be able to help or refer you to another agency that can help.

  100. I’m needing help with food and clothing for work I just moved to a new place and have no help and or nobody I know in new place. ….Please help

    1. Hello, Brittany. Please contact the United Way by dialing 211 to see if there is help with food and where to find a clothes closet where you can get clothes for work. You may be able to get temporary emergency help with SNAP benefits. Contact your Department of Social Service. Good luck with your new job.

  101. Hi there my name is Krystiel and I’m in need of help with my rent I haven’t had a job since December my husband recently started working and we have 2 little girls one is 1 year old and the other is 2. We had talked to our landlord but t she had told us we have 5 days to pay 1590 dollars to her and the new months rent which is 670.42 and I really really need help because of my kids I don’t want to make them suffer please. And may God bless you all.

    1. Hello, Krystiel. Even though you husband is working you may be eligible for emergency assistance from the Department of Social Services even though you do not receive monthly assistance. Also contact HUD, the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities. As the DSS for a referral to those other agencies.

  102. hello, my name is Yong. I lost a job about 4 months ago and I think I am battling a depression after lost a job that I had sacrificed for 4 years. It was a big lost for me. Now, I am in such a big mess here in financially. I moved my son to Richmond Va so he doesnt have to deal with my struggle but I borrowed $1000 to move him and now he needs $800 for the February rent. I also had borrowed $4000 to stay living in those 4 months because I have no savings. I feel so aweful because nobody can help me. I wanted to just end my life here so that everyone can move on without dealing with my struggle. However, I am reaching out for help. I want to live! I will do everything I can to survive. Its too bad that I just, now, decided to get out of my struggle, but I am asking help because it scared me when I was really thinking about end my life. Please help and looking forward for your response….thank you

    1. Hello, Yong. I am sorry you are suffering from depression. Call the hospital in your city and ask if they have Sliding Scale program so you can go to the doctor for your depression for free. You may be able to get help from the Department of Social Services in your city. Also call Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army for help with your bills.

  103. I would like some help cause I fix to be homeless cause I don’t have money to pay motel fee I am a sick lady .I have two teenagers kids who I love but I don’t want to be on the street but the person who I stay with nasty and her son give me headachesceveryday.

  104. Throughout my life i have struggles becoming the person i am today which i am most proud of. My upbringin was not the best but it was all i 34 now at 19 I came to know christ and learned and recieved love for myself and others. As a going through divorce mother of two beautiful children we are moving into our new home and in need . I work as a PCA going to school for CNA but am considered undermployed so i do not make much until work picks up. Furniture , and vehicle are necessities for our family . Any suggestions?

    1. Hello Lindsay. Many are in your situation working but still unable to meet the completed needs of their family. Please go back to the ariticle Local Church Assistance Programs and call the agencies in the post to ask is they have a furniture program.

  105. hello my name is Heather Thompson I live in Evans Georgia, I need help so badly it’s indescribable. I’m pregnant I just turned 30 I have no job and worst of all im a recovering iv using drug addict. I’m leaving in that battle and I need help whatever kind of help I can get it would be greatly appreciated please contact me @ 706-664-4672.

    1. Hello, Heather. Go to the Department of Social Services to get help. Special benefits like WIC and SNAP and Medicaid TANF can help. Also, check out the Salvation Army for counseling, recovery and support to help with many other issues.

  106. Hello they told me I get help with my bill I own 341$ on my electric I only made 578$ I have 5 kids if u plz could help me

  107. My other problem is some of my stuff and clothes and all other stuff I have is on magaliesburg just lying there on farm outside and no-one can help me to go and fetch it, I have lost my work and am a widow and people told me to go to Magaliesburg to a friend where we didn’t even bath or eat me and my son so I came to Rustenburg to friend of mine with few things I would just like all my stuff here cause ii have been building this up for 3 years and don’t want to loose all my possessions, thanks

    1. Hello, Stephanie. I am so sorry you are in this situation. You will have to ask a friend or family member to take you to get your things. Our organizations help with rent, utilities, food, etc.

  108. Hi my name is esmeralda and i am a mother of 6 children but at moment have 5 i am not working at this time only my boyfriend works but we have no money at the moment because of rent and bills that had to be paid we are in need of FOOD definitely but also some clothing just for my children we are ok with what we have but my vhildren are growing and their clothes is no longer good. Please i do struggle on making them good meals because we dont qualify for foodstamps because we have felonies on our records ….we made a mistake in the past but we are trying hard to move forward just need some help for now asap please let me know what i have to do to be able to get some food and maybe a little clothes for kids.Thank u so much.

  109. please help me keep my mother light on she need 375.00 she very sick and need oxg ent in day at night need her sleepc mask for heart ,during day need 3to 4 breathing treatments . i pray ,i search all day all month her time is up some one please hear me ,tell me wear to go.

  110. We could use help with our mortgage and utilities because we may loose them both by the end of rhe month!!!! My parents used to help but my father currently had a stroke they believe due to the stress of our financial situation.

  111. My husband has lost his job in sales twice in the past year!! We have two children that are awesome students and are involved in extra curricular activities. I am a stay at home mother because my son has lots of health issues and is Autistic so I advocate for him at school to keep him from being bullied. We are VERY CLOSE TO LOOSING OUR ELECTRIC AND THEN OUR HOME!!!

  112. hello my name is tawanna and im trying to get help with my light bill that will be disconnected on the 21 of September I don’t know who to talk to about it I may contacted @ 4702329199 or thank you in advance

  113. Hello my name is Tomika summers I really need help wit my light bill I have kids it’s hot am a single parent please help me thanks god

  114. I have been in prison for 20 years, I find myself struggling with life in general. Apparently I have PTSD of some sort in social situations. I did get a job and worked a I find myself lost…my car payment is due and at the present it’s where I live also. I’m fixing to lose everything I have tried to live for.i don’t know what to do…..I need help. I don’t want to be a criminal or go back to prison….help me.

  115. Hello, I need help with food for my family and help with my rent, is someone able to help me please contact me @ 832 332 1326

  116. I am currently homeless after having been release from custody.I own a vehicle that is in no condition to even sell.i used this car as a mean to shelter me.i have since landed a job in willow grove as a barber but with the business being fairly new it isn’t quite generating the cash flow to get me started with a room or one bed room apartment.i have no family,and with winter coming I am seriously concerned.please help.

    1. Hello, Jose. So glad to hear you landed a job. Please try contacting the Salvation Army. They do a lot of work helping people get back on their feet. Also call the WMCA to see if they have any programs that can help you in your city. Both these organization can help lead you in the right direction and help you find a place to live. Good luck Jose!

  117. Hello my name is Pershell and I’m in desperate need of help in repaying a rent amount that my housing place holding me responsible for income my son had when he was still living with me abd I only have 2-days to do so or me and my daughter on this Friday September 16,2016 at noon we will be removed from our home of 10 yrs I been to so many agencies and they have no funds so please if someone can help us with something I be highly grateful

    1. Hello, Pershell. Please go directly to the Department of Social Services for emergency help. Also, you can not be put out without a legal eviction notice or 30 days notice if renting from a private individual.

  118. Hi my name’s Kenny I’ve been stuck in a motel for over a month trying to get to Utah I’m finally leaving end of week but I am in need of financial assistance to get me and my dog food until I so leave and medication.if anyone can help please contact me at 701-989-2934 thanks in advance

  119. I need help with gas to getting my little girl from Mississippi to Memphis TN to the brain an spinal care unit tomorrow they found a 4.8 mm blockage in her brain

  120. Hello I am trying to get assistence with my rent and power bill.If someone is able to help please call 309 750 7401 Thank you

  121. My landlord is about to have my wife and I evicted. I was a truck driver and the sole provider in my home, am no longer driving because I cannot pass my physical for my cdl due to high blood pressure. I need assistance for rent and utilities. Can you please advise. Thank you

  122. my family and I moved to Georgia to closer to all kinds of jobs. Unfortunately things took a turn and now we are semi homeless. My wife and three children are staying with a friend and they have outstayed their welcome. Myself pretty much working my job and sleeping a couple of hours a night and then going to a park. There’s about one and one half hour between my family and myself and trying to save some money gas becomes a problem visiting them. At the end of the week sometimes I get a cheap motel room for one or two nights to get rest. We just need help getting into housing immediately with just some money after two to three months we will be fine.

  123. We are going to be homeless can no longer stay with son because his way of life we need help myself wife two daughters and three grand kids ages 1 3 5 my wife and I are disabled both us have cold and asmia she has hard time walking I had five heart attacks and had open triple bypass sergery been hospital sever times

  124. hello my name is david and i have currently am needing to find a place to live, i am sick and have been dealing
    with medical issues that prevent me from working and i am wondering if there is any way i can get some help getting on my feet

  125. I live in public housings my rent went from $198 when I was getting ssi due to disability,the ssi stop I am working my rent is $429 a month they base my rent on 30% of my gross the money I never see, they get 30% before the government gets theres, now I am sorry I went back to work, they only request 19% of my ssi

  126. I am begging for someone to help me out a way to get a lawyer so that I can get a job I will give you anything I don’t have much I broke my back and have been trying I got a ticket and now the state Illinois has mark me as texting i wasn’t texting I’m so sorry I didn’t do it please someone I don’t know if there is any hope for me maybe I should just don’t know what to do
    270-987-2701 DPollard

  127. Hi I have got in a tuff bind i need a 1000. To get my mortgage caught Iam a single parent just need help right now don’t know what else to do.

  128. I am in a crisis my father past away on the 18 of August I am the only one he had there for all the funeral experience feel on myself . Because of this I am behind on my lot rent and utility bill my family is about to be homeless. We live paycheck to paycheck and this it us hard. I have a 9 year old son and I am scared to death we are going to be homeless. Please help me. If you have any of info for me please email me at thank you

  129. Hello..
    My name is denise and I found myself homeless and just started my first day at work yesterday and when I got back to the place u had been staying my stuff was outside the door with no explanation or nothing. I have a friend that picked me up and let me spend the night but she is struggling and cannot help me get to work so I missed today. If I don’t show up tomorrow they will let me go. I was wondering if I could get a voucher for some gas to give her for a week til I get my first check? If u can please help..

  130. I just got out of prison and have absolutely nothing. Im now being told that if I dont aquire a legal place of residence by 24 jours theybwill arrest me and send me bsck to prison. Please im begging someone for some help

  131. Hello
    My name is Sivianna and my husband name is Ed,
    We are kinda in a tough spot and we need help on
    A lot of stuff!! We are being evicted from our apt and
    He is in weld Country jail for minor offenses!! But he
    Was the only one bring in money and I got laid off!!
    I am trying to bound him out I need 291 to get him out and a
    Co signer!! And we have no where else to go or family or friends!! We only have each other for help!! And I need help getting a Storage unit have not be able to eat because of not having money… I don’t know where else to turn to…

    1. Hello, Sivianna. I don’t know any organization that provides bail for someone in jail. The Department of Social Services may be able to help with one-time emergency assistance with rent. There are also charities that can help, when funding is available. Call 2-1-1 which is the United Way for a list of places that can help in your area.

  132. Needing assistance on my cool bill any assistance would be very appreciated have 2 children one with special needs. Thank you so much and god bless

  133. Everytime i call the numbers i was giving for the salvation army it rings busy and i call exactly 8:30am for rental assistant.

    1. Hello, Nese. Try contacting the Salvation Army, as they have a housing program for women with children. Also, find out what shelter house women and children. Once you find a temporary place, look for a permanent home and apply for public assistance until you can get on your feet. DDS, HUD and Church Assistance programs can help with the rental deposit. Check out food pantries by you.

  134. Hi
    My name is Nicole i work as part time nanny.I need help to rent an apt as soon as possible i need deposit and month rent.Because i am in a very difficult situation.i am going to court for child custody and need to have my own apt for the kid.I am also pregnant.I live in a friends house but its not a healthy enviorement for a child,and i pay 600$ rent thats why im not able to put the money aside and i dont have any family here.if anybody knows where i can get help in nyc i would appreciate it.Even if i have to pay it back.Thank you

  135. Hello,
    My name is Mia Narcisse, I have called and exhausted all of my options above I mean all of them Salvation army, 211,St Vincent, local churches,House of Hope,loans etc. I live in a hotel and that’s all that’s affordable other than the streets since I don’t have a traditional home places will not help, the shelter all have long waiting lists, and due to the hurricane season lots of people are not budging anytime soon. I have no car so its tough getting anywhere and food requires you to actually show up to the location. I am looking for work and hopefully its promising but my boyfriend is working and through the little bit he makes and the processions we have sold we are barely making it. Let alone eating or having personal hygiene products. We have no family to turn to and although I’d hate to say this we are absolutely desperate at this time. Thank you, even if no help is out there just wanted to try my hand and see if there was.

  136. Good morning my name is Chiquetta and I am heart broken. I live in Riverdale Georgia and I would like to know of any programs that assistant with rental assistant I have no job I have been looking tears i do not wanna be on the street with my kids please.

  137. My name is shalisha fuller and me and my husband Andre need help with furniture and food and any other items please

  138. Hi My name is Patricia. I need help with paying my bills. I’m disabled and need help through out the day so my husband is home with me we only have my income. Please Help…

  139. Hello my name is marilyn vigil i have a friend in need of help with his sons surgery bill can you help him just text me back on my number to let know my number is 720_325_0322thank you if you give me a number for him to call you let me know hes embarrsed to say anything

  140. My name is Beverly and I really need some help I am homeless and been sleeping where I can I have no clothes hardly so please help me my body is so tired

    1. Oh, Beverly. I am so sorry you are homeless. Please call the Salvation Army. They help women to become more stable and may be able to help with housing, and give you a voucher to one of their stores. Also call 2-1-1 which is the United Way they have information on all assistance in your area.

  141. Homeless an every shelter is full lookin for a hotel or motel assistance been homeless fr two months had a job just can’t afford everything at once.

    1. Archie, please call the Salvation Army. Many provide temporary housing for cheaper than a motel. They can also help you with other issues and help you become more stable. Good Luck Archie!

    1. Hello, Christina. Thank God for the gift! Try calling HUD to see if they can help with a deposit and lot fees. Also try the United Way by calling 2-1-1. Hope things work out for you.

  142. I need help ASAP I’m desperate for three days to go and recovered my property at the impound I have two kids 2 and 9 and. I missed my weekend to spend time with them and can’t really move forward without my identify and belongings which is in my car. So I need help as I sumbut this urgently please I’m frustrated that I can’t do for my myself

    1. Tasha, I am so sorry you had your car impounded. I do not know of any program that can help with this. If you are working for 8 – 12 months you may be able to purchase a used car from Goodwill Industries. (if there is a program where you live.) Perhaps the people holding you car will give you back your identification. Tasha, also try contacting the Salvation Army, if you are needing housing.

  143. Hi my name is Connie Denney and I need some help paying my PG&E bill. Please and thank you and God bless

    1. Hi, Lorita. Please see if the Salvation Army, HUD or DSS can help prevent eviction. If funding is available and you qualify financially, you should be able to get help. Also try the United Way by calling 2-1-1, Good luck

  144. I am at the end of my rope I am facing eviction I don’t know what I am going to do have know where to go or turn to I am so lost

    1. Hi, Cherry! Please see if the Salvation Army, HUD or DSS can help prevent eviction. If funding is available and you qualify financially, you should be able to get help. Also call 2-1-1 which is the United Way for more programs near you. Good luck

  145. I have been living in a nitemsre and it is getting worse I really want to give up I need to move away from him he broke smashed my heart he raped my sole broke me .I have a spark of child spirit inside but I keep running into walls I Have three dogs that have kept me from going over the edge but I feel I am dying inside from all the hurt now hitting again but he words and his female sex partners are tearing me down. I am drowning I owe like – 1500 in debt I get six but have to pay bills with my only income I don’t have anyone to reach out to if I could get self contain trailerii could find a place relocate where I won’t be around him fifteen my years gone I would pay back any help I get and I want divorced. Please help I would be ever so greatly please I will pay bsck

    1. Hello, Travy. I am sorry are experiencing so much trauma. I would suggest a shelter, but unless you live in CA, they don’t accept pets. If you have family in another state, perhaps you can get help to move back home. Call the Salvation Army to see what options are available to you. Also, contact HUD. Your biggest obstacles are the dogs. Call 2-1-1 for help in your area.


  147. I am needing assistance with a van payment until I get a job after being on leave from the Texas work force for having my son. Who would assist me?

    1. Hello, Elizabeth. There are no agencies that will help you make a car payment. My only suggestions are: Ask for a 30 day deferral (or longer even).
      See if you can pay less per month by extending the life of your loan, or renegotiate to lower your interest rate

  148. I need help paying my utlily bill my wife is dis able our lights my be turned off today we need some help please

  149. I lost my job in March I have a 8 month old son my light bill is 45$ and I have no food to eat I need help

  150. I am in the process of moving and car was stolen. I now have nothing for my daughter and I. She is telling me to keep my head up and put it in God’s hands.

    1. Hi, Corey. I am sorry someone stole your car. You did not specify what you need, but call 2-1-1 (the United Way) and The Salvation Army for help with clothes and school supplies.

  151. Hi me and my fiance just moved down to jacksonville florida 4 months ago and are trying to get and find steady work weven been trying to pay off our rent for our home but ended up being 2 months late on it. If you can help us out today before this coming monday call us at 386-365-1926 cause our eveiction process will start this coming monday and we dont want to lose our home

    1. Hello, Hanna. You are in a tight situation, but should be able to get help. The DSS helps with one-time assistance, even if you are not receiving government aid. Hanna also, call 2-1-1 which is the United Way for a list or organizations that can help in your area.

  152. Hi My Name is Louisa Nitro & I have a 10 year old Son His Name is Vincent..we are in need of Help Paying our PG&E Bill 48 hour notice since Saturday…. Sorry to say I’m . A COLON CANCER STAGE 3t.& more illnesses PATIENT.. Its been soon hard with the side affects of CHEMOTHERAPY …. I would Apprectat if we can get Some Help or if you no of some where we can Help From …PLEASE Thank You. Amen. 559)493-9022

    1. Hello Louisa. I am so sorry you are ill, I hope you have a full recovery. Isaiah 53:5 reminds us that God has made provision for our healing. I am believing for your total recovery. Contact the Salvation Army, but call the United Way first to find all the programs in your area that can help you. You sometimes need a referral to other agencies. God bless you.

  153. I’m in Mississippi and I have no way back to Texas where my kids and family are. I’m homeless and have no one nor nothing

    1. Hello, Danyle. I am sorry to know you are having such a hard time right now. Don’t get discouraged, this will get better. Contact the Salvation Army to see is they have opening in their housing program. Also, call the United Way for a list of help in your area. In Charlotte, NC there is a program that help folks like you by giving a one way ticket back home. Ask the United Way if there is something like that in your city.

  154. My daughter and I have been homeless since the day I had her I’ve had still have a job for the the passed two years as an assistant manager at my local burger king before I had a child I was in a very dark place in my life but ever since I found out i was pregnant I’ve done nothing but good and became a well rounded person all together I work full-time from 5am to 1pm every day, go to to my math tutor on Thursday nights cook and spend time with my daughter until it is bedtime I’m extremely dedicated to my child are our future together but i feel so less worthy due to not having a home of our own my passed criminal history is existencive which has made it completely impossible for anyone to approve renting to me but somehow I still try knowing we will be denied my heart drops everytime even tho I know it’s coming I thought I’d give this a shot while on my journey. Karisa Doe

    1. Hello, Karisa. You have your hands full. We all make mistakes. I praise you for keeping your child and a job! God bless you. I suggest you contact your local Salvation Army many of them have housing for single mothers with children. As a faith-based organization they understand, we serve a God of the second chance! Please keep in touch with me. I want to see you settled and established again. Pam Lipscomb (Free Financial Help)

  155. Disability.. Can’t do much walk very well . back keeps me in pain .
    I am in need with my home and cleaning it , organizing so I can walk to bathroom without falling.. On oxygen and line gets stuck on stuff often .. My check barely covers rent and elec. I got a ticket in Chatham co for not reporting the damage I did to my car.. 300.00 fine can’t pay so can’t get drivers license back . .. Only food I have is what my neighbor brings from garden. I am in need of so much … Please contact me 336 266 3796 ..liberty

    1. Hello, Michelle. Thank you for writing. It is my understanding when you are on disability, you can have someone come into your home a few times a week to help you. Please call DSS and also call 2-1-1 to see what help is available for you in your area.

  156. We have to be out of the aurora inn in aurora mo and don’t have no where to go I get paid Friday if u could help thank u God bless

    1. Hello, James. I don’t know what state you live in. You may have to go to a shelter until you can move to another hotel. Also contact the DSS, they may be able to help with a voucher towards your hotel payments. Good luck.

  157. Please help us… I am filipino…. My mother suffered mild depression .. My father was pass away since 2003…. We don’t have enough money to paid all utility bills… There’s no foods on our plate… I am unemployed….i feel hopeless and less opportunity… Even other people’s around us… Doesn’t care with us….please help us….

    1. Jhoy, thank you for writing. I know how hard it can be when you can not properly care for your family. I am sad to tell you, our programs are for those living in the U.S. Consider, contacting Christian Charities in the Phillippians.

  158. Additionally, all of these places like united way, salvation army, catholic charities, and other places do not help. They keep telling us that we need to drive there and we keep telling them that our car is still in the shop and since we do not have our cars , we can’t go to work and we do not have money except for food. We eat breakfast at the hotel and we use their snacks for throughout the day and eat at night. We conserve our food. All of the charities and churches do not help. We are stranded.

    1. Stranded, you are in a real difficult situation. You have to understand these agencies can not help you, if they can not meet with you, take an application and receive documentation of your situation. Is there a bus or train near you, or do you have someone who can drive you there? Going in person is part of the process.

    1. Hello, Viviana. If you are living in a hotel because you do not have a permanent dwelling, contact the Department of Social Service to see if you can get a voucher to help with your rent.

  159. The problem with rent assist programs that many fail to mention is you must have children. I have none so will be homeless. No one can help because of that.

    1. Btends, you can go to the DSS who give once a year financial assistant to adult not receiving government assistance. I know someone who received help when behind in rent. Also contact the United Way in your city.

  160. I’m maria from Hyderabad India and I’m in a very very bad financial problem in need of 3lacs atleast as a loan I doubt if we have a branch in Hyderabad please help me
    Thank you

    1. Hello, Maria. I know many people are having financial programs these days. However, our programs are for those presently living in the United States. Sorry we could not help.

    1. Hello, Cheryl. Right now, I suggest you contact transitional housing option and shelters in your area. You did not mention if you have young children or not.

  161. We need help with a place to stay that allows pets or someone to help pay for a hotel room for us. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  162. My wife have hit a ruff patch and we have two daughters ages 5 and 9 months. We need some assistance with rent and/or utilities. Just need some help with this and hopefully won’t again after this. Please help

    1. Hello Pablo. Contact the United Way in your city. They can give you a list of the place that can help you situation. Also try the Salvation Army and HUD. Good Luck

  163. My name is Nicole and recently I lost my job. I have numerous utility bills and mortgage that are in jeopardy of being shut off. I was told there is help but don’t know where to look. I’ve looked online but am very confused and frustrated with all the different information. Can anyone please help me?

    1. Hello, Nicole. I know how distressing it can be when you lose your job. Try contacting United Way who can provide you with a list or organizations in you city that offer help with bills. Keep in mind assistance is given based on your gross family income. Good luck.

  164. Hi my name is Olivia I have 3 kids been staying at a motel recently lost my job. So after this week kids and I are homeless. I’m a breast cancer patient. Just needing a motel voucher till I get back on my feet .

    1. Hello Olivia, please contact the Department of Social Services for help with a hotel voucher. The Salvation Army also has temporary and transitional housing for women with children (if available). It is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel. They can also refer you to other needs such as clothing and food. Also, contact HUD for housing assistance and finding affordable housing. Good luck!

  165. I need help paying my rent this month I’ve been sick and have been unable to work for a week or so. I go for a job interview on Wednesday but my rent is due this Friday please help or put me in the right direction.i also need help with getting a little food until I get a job

    1. Hello, Polly. I am sorry you are experiencing these difficulties and that you are sick. Please contact United Way in your city for a full list of assistance in your area. Also, try HUD and the Salvation Army. Depending on your past income you may be able to get emergency help from the Department of Social Services.

  166. Hi, my name is Shirley. I am single mother of a 14 yr old daughter. We are currently in North Dakota, where we have lived for the last 5 years. The last six months, with the oil boom falling off, I lost my job and my house. We have sold all that we own to survive this long. I have a job lined up and a place to live in Arizona. I just can’t seem to come up with the gas money to get there, despite selling the last of our belongings. can you please help or direct me to someone that can help. I’m desperate. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Hello Shirley. Try calling Lutheran Social Ministry. The two main sites are Bismarck Program Office, 1616 Capitol Way, Bismarck, ND (701) 223-1510 as well as Williston Program Office, (701) 774-0749. Good Luck!

  167. Me any my fiancee are looking for assistance we have three kids on one pay check ive already got some help from salvation army and trustees but it wasnt enough to pay rent and bills i reallu would aprecaite if i can find a place that will help pay by june 7 my number is 765-271-8696

  168. My name is Stephanie, and we have fell on hard times. We are looking for help in getting food. My husband works but sometimes it just barely covers the bills. We do get SNAP but we have ran out and have eleven days till we get them. We have no food in the house and honestly if I didn’t have my daughter I wouldn’t ask for help. Can anyone direct me in getting help? I live just inside Strawberry Plains, TN…

  169. My name is Shawon Mercer I am a single mom with three kids in the home they are gonna turn my lights off on Monday off don’t come up with some money I’m been trying to get help but know luck my number is 203-526-3321

    1. Hello, Shawon. For help with lights call the United Way, who will give a list of resources for help. They can also tell you other places to get help and provide groceries if they have a pantry. Also, the Department of Social Service may provide emergency assistance for you case.

  170. HI my name is lori I am trying to get help we have had to move out of the place we were living almost a month ago due to health hazards and now we are staying in a motel temporarily until thursday cause they won’t let us pay by the week anymore….I am looking at a house this evening around what we can afford each month but I’m needing help with rent , deposit, food and utilities getting turned on ….I get disability a month and my husband works I just need some help from someone we are living in manchester tn 37388….I don’t normally do this but I need help plz

    1. Hello, Lori. Please go back to the article HERE and contact the agencies for help. HUD also assists with rental deposits. All program assistance is based on gross family income. Good luck!

  171. Hi my name is Randy Redmond I’m living in Richmond VA I have been struggling to find a job I guess because of my background but that is my past and I’m a totally different person I have a family a 5 and a 13 year old girls I really need help and also some positive people could you please help

    1. Hi, Randy. I totally understand the situation you are in. We should not continue to be punished for the mistakes of the past. Check out this article HERE If you need emergency financial assistance contact the agencies in the pos HERE

  172. Hi my name is Kendra Kidd i just moved out here from virginia wit my family. We moved in to my mothers house and now we are trying to move into our own house because we are about to get kicked out. We need assistance with getting the down payment for an apartment or house can you please help

    1. Hello, Kendra. There are programs that will help with rent security deposits. HUD is one also consider Salvation Army, United Way and Department of Social Services. keep in mind help is given based on your income and you must prove your ability to consistently pay rent (proof of a job, income)

  173. Hello my name is shaniss girtman .I need some assistance with rent because i have no where to stay and i need to find a place for my kids and myself so i can you please help my family .

    1. Hello, Shaniss. Please call Catholic Charities for help with your past due rent. If you have an eviction notice, let them know you are in immediate danger of losing your home. Also contact HUD, Salvation and Department of Social Service they help with emergency services, even if you don’t receive government aid.

  174. I am facing a Sheriffs sale on my home in 25 days. I lost my job. Is there any help out there for me? The mortgage company wants $26,000 in order for me to keep it. I need help and advice. Time is running out.

  175. Please someone help I need food and a place to live my house burned down in dec and I have been bouncing place to place

  176. I’m new to the Florida Area and I’m trying to find housing. I’m having a hard time getting a job. I’m single family and homeless. I came down with good intentions on getting a job if there are any programs that will help me get on my feet I would really appreciate the help.

  177. Hi my name is James I don’t really know where or how to get help I am homeless rite now but I am working and I need help with my phone bill and a new phone I broke my phone slipping on some black ice a week or so ago but it is to much for me to pay rite now because I have fallen behind on my bills but I really need that paid ao i can catch up with everytjing and possibl get on ky feet asap because I am on call on my job I can be called in any time o the day so if someone can help me with that I will be really grateful

  178. Hello
    My name is Erika and I need help paying my rent. I have already gone through my state and county and I keep getting the same answer that I make to much money for assistance and that the waiting list for emergency housing. I am a single parent I recently had to have brain surgery and now I’m facing eviction..can someone please help.. I called a company called the they are very rude no customer service back they even used profanity

  179. My name is Rhonda and I really need help with rent . we just moved here and we have no money for rent or food .we are staying at the knights motel on 301. He hasn’t put us on the street yet but who owe ..please help us

    1. Hello Rhonda: Please contact the DSS for emergency assistance. They have help

      with emergency help with bills, utilities, food etc. once a year

      for those not presently receiving assistance. If you qualify

      financially they help you once a year with rent, food, utility

      problems, etc. Also check out Charities that Help with Bills.

  180. Hello Iam in need of help to pay my rent (450.00) as I have had to take time off do to haven spinal snoysis.I have applied for disability and I am waiting for my video hearing. I have had several shots in my back.I live in Dixon il

  181. Me and my four kids are homeless and I’m a divorced mother we need help with food and money and my 10 year old I’d autisic we are staying with someone but we are sleeping on the floor please help

    1. Dannielle, please go to the Department of Social Services for emergency assistance. For help with housing please contact HUD, they may be able to help with emergency housing, and when you find a apartment or home with security downpayments. HUD gives perference to families with you children especially with disabilities. Good luck.

  182. Hello I lost my job at the beginning of January 2016. I work for a temp agency, but I haven’t been seeing any jobs on their App.
    I live in Atlanta, I’m a 24 year old woman.
    I need $200 for my rent on February 1st.
    I’ve been applying places and have had two interviews but no luck yet.

    1. Hello Shainna: I am sorry to here you lost your job. You should qualify for assistance from Department of Social Services. They offer emergency help with rent, electricity bills, food etc once a year for those who qualify. Also contact, Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army. Good Luck.

  183. I’m a single mom who is two months behind on my rent. I can’t find help anywhere, including local churches. Any suggestions?

  184. Hello I am a single woman I’ll be 28th the 16th of January I am currently homeless I receive SSI I am in Kansas City Missouri living in a hotel and I need help with a couple more weeks until the 30th of January they charge $77 a night and I’m down to my last $100 two more weeks would be $200 more and that can really help me out if there’s anybody out there that can hear me please help me and I can pay you back on the 30th of January.

  185. I am 20 years old and have screws in my knee that are coming out and cant get around very good and have an eviction notice to get out of my house in 3 days . I have no where to go and no gas to get there. If ther is any one that can help me with my rent I would be glad to help pay this back with work or any help I can do to pay this back just in a hardship right now Please call me if there is any resources out there in Boise to help me Very much appreciated thank you 208-869-4436

    1. Hello Shane,
      I am sorry to hear of your physical and financial problems. Please contact HUD to see if there is help available. Also call Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army. All assistance is based on family income and you must qualify financially.

      Good Luck

  186. please I have a daughter of three years old that yet to walk on are foot, have spent all I have but it just don’t walk, so I was introduced to one doctor which walk on are body and he said everything will working perfectly but I need to deposits 400$ to complete the operation and I have notting again, am just down of cash…. Please all I need is your help….Help me please…..Almighty God will surely met you in your point of need Amen…..

  187. Hi I’m a mother of 5 children from 8 to3 yrs old I really am in financial hardship all I’d like to knw is there somewhere I can get some help with gifts for my babies i don’t have any family or help please help me

    1. Melissa, Thank you for writing Free Financial Help. Concerning receiving a toy for your little one, It is too late to register, but the larger denominational local churches are a place I would suggest contacting. The Lutheran church does a lot of outreach to the community. Perhaps you can find some help there. Sorry we could not send you to the help you needed.

  188. I have 5 baby’s I m single father I need to pay my rent and bills
    Please help me
    Not plenty government ofice help me because I ilegal
    My baby’s is American
    Please help me
    My phone # is 5806658734

    1. Hello Vicente. Thank you for writing us. The good new is there are charities that will help you whether or not you are an American citizen! When looking for help always go to a Charity, or church ministry. They help everyone. Try contacting HUD for security deposit assistance. Contact St. Vincent de Paul, Catholic Charities, the Red Cross and the Lutheran Church. I know it is frustrating trying to get help, especially during Christmas when so many people need help. Please try not to give up.

  189. Please help fiance got picked up by ices Iam behind rent by three months was unable to work due to medical issues .Iam devastated his church not One asked me if I needed any support feel alone and broke so broken and don’t want to be homeless have three children n can’t afford bills christmas diapers feel ashamed please help and be a friend to me just need company n financial help and prayers

    1. Hello Carol, thanks for writing. I am sorry you are experiencing this trouble. If you need help with food, clothes, or help with bills, contact St. Paul de Vincent Catholic Church, Salvation Army, or Catholic Charities. To help stretch you money go to the food banks for help. Also go to the department of social services to get emergency assistance, and a referral to a food bank. You may also be eligible for emergency government assistance. Good luck.

    2. Hello Carol, I am sorry you are experiencing these difficulties. There are a few place to contact for help. All help is based on your income and put in place to help the very poor. Contact HUD, Catholic Charities, and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. If they have the funds and you qualify, they will help you, if they do not have the funds, they will direct you to other agencies that can help. If you are an American or have lived in the U.S. at least five year, contact the Department of Social Service, to get help for you and your children. Good luck.

  190. hi my name is rocio rubalcava im 23 years old im a single mom i have a 4 year old i been struggling with depression and anxiety i been struggling with chirstmas persents every year also my mom is a single mom she has 4 kids incudle me she struggles so much buying everyone chirstmas toys this years the only thing is holding us back is welfare my mom gets 68 dollars and thats for the rent i get welfare too i get 316 every month the sad part is that money is for the rent are rent is 500 my brother has a part time job he gives my mom 200 every month we always needed help with toys for the kids its sad how we have no money or nothing like clothes for them i wanted to know if you guys could help us this chirstmas please a single mom that just needs help this year please help us and god bless you

    1. Hello Rocio: With a child of 4 years, you should be able to apply for TANF from the department of Social Services. The free toys for Christmas programs are closed.Try contacting some of the local churches to see if they can help with present for your child. When you are struggling to eat and keep a roof over your head, this is the most important things. Do not stress trying to buy presents, save your money, so you can pay the rent. Here is a list of Church Assistance Programs where you can get help. Tell them what you need. If funds are available they will help with late rent and utilities. Good luck.

  191. My name is kimberly moore and my only child my daughter age 13 has been very ill with diabetes all yr it has been a struggle but by the grace of God we have made it until now . I am about to have my electric shut off and loose my home friday dec 18th 2015 because i have missed so much work if there is anyone out there that can help please contact me 4054175012


    1. Hello Kimberly:

      I am sorry to hear you are have financial difficulties. Please contact the Department of Social Services, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, St Paul de Vincent Catholic Church and LIHEAP. Call your utilities company to see if they have an assistance program. Many Electric and utility companies have their own financial aid program. Let them know you have a sick child as well. Depending on amount pf your bill, you may have to go to more than one place to get all the money you need.

      Good Luck

  192. How u doin my name is Tiffany Davis i have 3 kids two boys in a daughter we had a hard year we find out that my husband has bone cancer. We are so upset cause this year we cant get our kids anything for Christmas i do work but all that money go on bills and rent plus he medical if there anyone out there can Blessed my family this holiday i will be so greatful. Please contact me at 3188209065 Thanks Tiffany Davis

    1. Oh Tiffany, I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s illness. The free Christmas toys programs are closed, but there still may be some churches or charities that can do something. Also contact Cops for Kids. Most do require early registration though. Here is a list of church charities to consider. Good luck with everything. We are praying for your husband.

      Church Assistance Programs

  193. my name is Tiana. i have 3 children, 11, 2, and 5months. my rent is 950$ and i cant afford because i lost my job. its the holidays and really do not want to loose this for my kids. can anyone please help with my rent.?

    1. Hello Tiana. I know the thought of losing you home is frightening. Please go back to the article Emergency Help with Rent and contact the agencies there. Contact each agency to apply for help. The process can be tedious, but the main thing is you should be able to get help. Be prepared to take you Notice of Eviction, proof of income or letter from any agency giving you assistance. Good luck.

  194. I been homeless for a month or so . Been sleeping in my car . My car broke down . I have the parts to get it fixed but I don’t have money . Cause I can’t work .

  195. Hello i have three girls 10 yrs old a 3yrs n 1 yrs old im a single mom renting a room i pay $700.00 and i have left is $50.00 it not much for Christmas gifts for them this is the four time without gifts.. im in west covina.. 2821 E mesa Dr. West Covina
    I feel that i get give what they want its sad.. i dont have a job cause day care is to much. Im 26 yrs old in young with three girls

  196. Hi my name is Erika swift I’m having a hard time lost my job and have four girls no husband and I need help on paying my rent this month if anyone can help please I’m in a time of need and have a sick child in house to so please contact me soon as possible 562-281-3325 thanks god bless

  197. Hello my name is Cyndia and I’m a single mother of 3 girl’s, I lost my job two months ago and haven’t been able to get on my feet. We live in small one bed room. I really need help this Christmas I don’t have nothing to give to my kids

    1. If you are unemployed, there are many benefits that you qualify for. Contact your Department Of Social Services for Emergency Assistance. To receive a toy for your child, take identification for yourself and each child, proof of residence and income to the agencies that offer toys below.
      Toys for Christmas

  198. I am a divorced single parent mother of 2 beautiful girls. Lillie 10 and Tinsley 5. I am currently unemployed and struggling horribly…

  199. I am in need of Christmas help for our two children. Please..please let me know of any websites or phone numbers in the Keego Harbor, Mi area..

  200. Hello I’m a single mother in need of housing ASAP I find myself no where to turn to me and my children have been staying with relatives back and fourth for a 1st now our home was sold with no warning and was forced to move in with family my kids long for a place to call home and I have searched high and low for help I’m on a fixed income of 630$ a month don’t make enough to get a place on my own can’t find work all my kids want for Christmas is a home to call there own not someone else’s couch or floor plan if anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly ply contact me at 951-283-7094.thank you and godbless

    1. Regina, I am so sorry to hear this. Please go to the Department of Social Services in your state. Also contact HUD, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army in your city. They may be able to find temporary housing where you all can live in one place. Good luck.

  201. I need help whit clothing for My girl she have 3. Year she need shoes & toy’s please i dont have many thanks & God Bless you

  202. I had a medical disaster this year, my 12 yr old was in the ICU for several months so my other children suffered greatly. We’re in San Francisco but nowadays with the internet any things posible. Our car has been riddled w bullets and hate crimes continue. I’m hoping to give the kids a special Christmas this year. Something to help forget our tragedy. Myself, jason -31 sierrah-14 mykaelah-12 river-9 akasha-7 thank you n god bless

  203. Hi am simon miriti from kenya my problem is that my wife has suffered from cellulitis since 2007.she has suffered tb two times even now she is under medication.Those types of diseases have made us very poor even putting food on table is hard.Our four children are out of school because huge fees arrears two are in high school and two are in primary school.The other thing is we are given notice to vacate the house we are living because we have not paid for three month due to financial hardship we are facing.please if you assist us. in anyway we will appreciate with alot of thanks and God will bless you very much because our life is in danger.yours faithfully simon miriti Nairobi kenya.

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