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15 Places to Get Free Hotel and Motel Vouchers

Where to Find Free Hotel and Motel Vouchers.  Facing homelessness is a crushing reality for many Americans today. Amidst this crisis, emergency hotel and motel vouchers emerge as a crucial safety net, offering temporary relief for individuals and families in dire need. This article explores these vouchers’ vital role in providing shelter during hard times.

Let’s look at organizations and initiatives that support those who have been evicted or lost their home due to a disaster. homelessness. By highlighting accessible resources and the processes involved in obtaining temporary housing, we aim to navigate the challenges of homelessness and present a guide toward hope and recovery for those affected.

Where Can I Get Emergency Hotel Vouchers

Free Hotel Rooms for the Homeless

This guide looks at the organizations that offer free motel and hotel stays. Follow along to find out more about these churches and organizations.  Understand that the primary purpose of the free hotel and motel voucher is to help individuals and families in an emergency.

This temporary housing can give you a place to live and rest while you continue to work or look for new housing. If you are homeless or in danger of losing your residence, contact the agencies below for help. 

How the Hotel/Motel Voucher Programs Work

A hotel voucher helps homeless or temporarily displaced persons with temporary housing and may prevent people from entering crowded homeless shelters. Prepaid coupons can be used at participating hotels or motels. Charities, churches, and other organizations give these prepaid coupons to stay at a hotel for one or more days.

However, as mentioned earlier, you must be eligible to receive this kind of help. These agencies will offer you a free hotel voucher if you meet the limitations. For example, a single parent with children can secure a complimentary hotel voucher. In New York City, certain dwellings have been designated as homeless motels.

Homelessness in America

Addressing the need for housing in America involves a multifaceted examination of various statistics highlighting the demand, affordability issues, and the shortage of adequate housing. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Housing Affordability: A central issue in the American housing market is affordability. The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) often reports on the gap between the average renter’s wage and the wage needed to afford a rental home at a fair market rent. 

Homelessness: Homelessness is a stark indicator of the housing crisis. The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) conducts annual Point-in-Time counts that provide snapshots of homelessness on a single night. These counts have consistently shown that hundreds of thousands of individuals are homeless on any given night in the United States, including families with children, veterans, and older people.

Housing Shortage: More affordable and available rental homes for extremely low-income renters must be available. The NLIHC has highlighted this issue, pointing out that far more low-income renters need affordable housing than available units. This shortage forces many to accept substandard housing or spend a disproportionate amount of their income on housing.

Homeownership Rates: The U.S. Census Bureau tracks homeownership rates, which can reflect housing accessibility. While homeownership can indicate housing stability, high homeownership rates don’t necessarily indicate a lack of housing needs. Potential first-time buyers face barriers such as high down payment requirements, strict lending standards, and a need for more affordable homes for sale.

Gentrification and Displacement: In many urban areas, gentrification and displacement affect the availability of affordable housing for low-income residents. New housing is not in shortage; however, all that new development is deliberately out of the reach of those in the community, thus often displacing long-term residents.

These statistics and factors paint a complex picture of America’s housing needs, underlining the importance of comprehensive policies and investments to ensure every American has access to affordable, quality housing.  

Emergency Motel Vouchers for the Homeless

Charities, churches, government agencies, and Salvation Army centers give low-income and homeless earners free hotel rooms and motel vouchers.

However, applicants must meet certain conditions to receive these offers. Most organizations offering these free vouchers provide them as a short-term solution. Free hotel vouchers are usually available for people going through a crisis.

These could include unexpected job losses, disaster-stricken people, or other unforeseen circumstances. Hotel voucher applications can be made online; only a smartphone or computer and an internet connection are needed.

15 Places to Get Free Hotel and Motel Vouchers

As much as these services are available, few people know where to get these agencies that help with free hotel vouchers. Below are some of the agencies:

1. Government Organizations and NGOs

NGOs that offer motel voucher services are helped by the Salvation Army, municipal government, and other websites that provide such services. Government organizations also offer hotel and motel vouchers to homeless persons.

2. Emergency Hotel Vouchers from Charities

Charities and churches will also offer these vouchers to homeless people.  If you are far from the accommodations, these agencies will provide transport services

3. Catholic Charities Hotel Vouchers

Catholic Charities is a great agency that helps the homeless find a place to lay their heads for a few days. Understand that the churches do not offer them shelter; they will only provide free hotel vouchers to the recently homeless people.

Contact the organization if you need to spend the night after a disaster in a motel. They will determine whether you indeed need the motel voucher.

The organization will offer you a motel voucher if you are found eligible. It would help if you made them understand your situation and why you qualify.

4. Salvation Army Emergency Hotel Vouchers

The Salvation Army is another agency that supports homeless people and the needy. If you cannot find somewhere to sleep, you can talk to the Salvation Army team and secure acomplimentary hotel voucher.

The best part about the charity is that the agency offers a variety of support to people facing financial difficulties.

You can visit the Salvation Army and discuss your issues or communicate with them online via their website or phone at 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

5. Local Assistance Events

You may not be aware, but some regional programs offer free hotel coupons for homeless people and low-income earners.

9.  FaithWorks in Albuquerque: This group, supported by local churches, helps with more than a place to stay. They also offer help with bills like electricity and other emergencies. It’s a great example of how a community can help people in tough situations.  505-457-1728. 

10.  Project BEE in North Dakota: Project BEE does much for people without homes. It gives out hotel vouchers and offers showers and basic supplies, showing that it understands what people need when struggling.  Their contact number is 701-838-1812.

11.  HOPE in Vermont: HOPE is all about giving different kinds of help. They provide hotel vouchers and help with food, medical needs, finding a job, and learning how to manage money. It’s like they’re helping people get back on their feet in every way possible.  Their contact number is 701-838-1812.

12.  Sweetwater Family Resource Center in Wyoming: This center provides more than a temporary place to stay. It helps people pay overdue rent and utility bills and even supports finding more permanent housing. It’s an excellent example of how to tackle different parts of the problem when people don’t have a home.

13.  Veterans Affairs Offices: These offices provide specialized services for veterans, including information on emergency housing options and other support services.

14.  Domestic Violence and Abuse Shelters: They provide safe havens and support, including temporary housing vouchers, for individuals escaping abusive situations.

15.  Public Housing Authorities: These are mainly focused on long-term housing, but they sometimes offer information or referrals for emergency housing resources.

Each of these places has its way of helping people who don’t have a home, showing that there are many ways to give support in tough times. For more detailed information, refer to the sources I mentioned earlier.

Churches that Help with Free Hotel Vouchers

Churches are a lifeline for those facing homelessness or homeless emergencies. These motel vouchers provide immediate housing assistance to people struggling to find shelter. The free emergency motel voucher system benefits the homeless population, providing a temporary solution until they can find more permanent housing.

Many organizations, such as the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities, offer emergency assistance through hotel vouchers, which can be used at motels. One must contact these organizations to receive coupons and complete their application process.

Once approved, they receive printed vouchers, which they can use to obtain a hotel room. In addition to these voucher programs, some charities offer free online programs to help people recover and find more permanent housing solutions.

Emergency Housing Vouchers for Disasters

The hotel vouchers are typically for recently homeless people, offering them a temporary solution. These vouchers could last a day or two before deciding what to do.

If your area has no hotel or motel nearby, the government may arrange for you in a nearby motel/hotel.

Besides churches and government organizations, some NGOs help the needy secure temporary shelter during a disaster.

Emergency Hotel Vouchers for Older Adults

The elderly and debilitating people in religion will also receive these free motel vouchers. Another impressive aspect of these services is that the agency will facilitate transportation for those far from the motel where they are to spend the night. Salvation Army, charities, and churches will help you get great discounts on the taxi fee.

There are times when specific offers work differently. For example, if the service accommodation is out of space during winter, these agencies will look for extra shelters to accommodate everyone.  The older adults, sick, and those with disabilities will be housed first, especially during cold or heat spells.

Restrictions of the Free Housing Vouchers

While seeking to secure free motel vouchers, there are various restrictions. Typically, the agencies will ask you to appear at the requested location the next day, where you receive the travel vouchers.

Applicants could be required to get employed or work in some way. From then on, you should think about your future residence. Applicants are requested to write a re-housing plan with help from the executive management.

Who Can Get Free Voucher Services

The free hotel and motel voucher services have some limitations. That means you can only use the service in specific circumstances. Here are the situations whereby you can apply for the hotel coupon successfully:

Domestic Violence

Many families and individuals face domestic violence in a place they call home. No one should go through abuse or domestic violence at home.

If you feel insecure and some violence looming, you can always get a free motel voucher from any of these organizations. As you figure things out, you will receive a coupon for several nights at a motel.


When you have lost your primary dwelling place and have nowhere to turn, you can receive a free voucher to stay in a hotel or shelter if no hotel spaces are available.

Contact your local charities such as Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, or St. Vincent de Paul for a referral for housing assistance.

Accidents or Natural Disasters

Sometimes, Mother Nature is unhappy with us and brings calamities such as hurricanes and flooding. Some people live in calamity-stricken areas, and they are the most affected. The good thing about this is the presence of nonprofit agencies that help people when calamity strikes.

Fire outbreaks could be another reason you become homeless. Rather than sleep out in the cold, you can quickly search online for agencies near you that can offer you motel vouchers.

Even if a disaster strikes, talk to any involved agencies and secure a hotel voucher for a few days.


Navigating through life’s unpredictable challenges, especially when facing homelessness or the imminent threat of losing one’s home, can feel overwhelming. Yet, amidst these adversities, a beacon of hope exists through the availability of free hotel and motel vouchers. These vouchers represent more than just a temporary roof over one’s head; they offer a momentary respite, allowing individuals and families to gather their strength and resources to pursue a more stable and secure future.

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