12 Organizations that Give Away Free Furniture

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Free furniture near me.  There are furniture banks and other organizations that give free furniture to struggling families every day. We show you 12 organizations that give away free furniture.  Do you need a free couch or other household furniture?  Many people ask, “where can I find free furniture near me?”  There are free furniture programs all across the U.S. that give vouchers to disadvantaged households.  If you are lucky enough to live in Charlotte, NC, try the Crisis Assistance Ministry.

You can find free furniture on Craigslist, or get a voucher from Catholic Charities, Goodwill, and many other organizations across the U.S.  Every year millions of people are displaced from their homes due to fires, floods, and tornadoes.

What do you do, and where do you go when you have lost everything? Furniture assistance helps low-income families to re-establish their households by providing free furniture and household items to help them in their homes.

12 Organizations that Give Away Free Furniture

The generosity of the organization makes a difference in the lives of millions of families.  This organization has its own stores located in every city.  Once approved for help, you can receive a voucher to shop for the approved items you need. If you need furniture, go online and look up “The Salvation Army” and enter your city in the search.  (more here)

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is located in many states. As a faith-based non-profit, its goal is to help the poor and disenfranchised. They meet both the natural and spiritual needs of the public. If you are struggling and need furniture, contact this organization to find out if help is available. They also have thrift stores in the communities they serve. You will need a voucher to shop for free in their stores. More information here.

Goodwill Industries

Every U.S. community has a Goodwill near.  They usually work with the Department of Social Services and community organizations that help financially screen those needing help.  The great thing about this organization is they have their own Stores.  If approved, you may receive a voucher to shop for items you need.  Find out more here.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army helps low-income families every day.  They also help those who have experienced a disaster such as a fire or a flood.  They help families to start over.  You will need a voucher from a referring agency to get free furniture.

Crisis Assistance Ministry

The Crisis Assistance Ministry is a full-service organization that helps lose and individuals struggling to pay bills like rent, utilities, stranded travelers.  Their free thrift store stocks, clothing, shoes, dishes, towel sheets, kids’ toys, and kitchen items.  They have a furniture bank that gives away beds,  cribs, mattresses, dressers, sofas, kitchen sets and washers, and dryers. (more)


Craigslist is another place to find free furniture.  There are always people who have items they want to get rid of furniture but don’t have a truck or want it gone right away.  Go to Craigslist, enter your state, and then search for the item you want for free.


Letgo is a fast-growing online marketplace where you can sell, buy, or give away free stuff.  (find out more)

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities Community Services is a faith-based community organization with locations all across the U.S. They are a support to all those who are at-risk families and individuals. If you need furniture, please contact your local Catholic Charities. Find out more here.

Ashley Furniture – Hope to Dream Program

This program gives away free beds to children and adults who have gone through a life-altering experience.  (participating locations)

The Freecycle Network

FreeCycle is another online site designated to people requesting free items and people who want to give away free items from their homes and offices.  You can get just about anything on FreeCycle, including free furniture.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a place where people sell items they no longer want.  You can also find people who want to get rid of something in a hurry and give it away if you come and pick it up. To locate free furniture,  type “free” into your search bar to find items for $0.

Red Cross

The Red Cross helps whenever you experience a fire, flood, hurricane, or other disasters.  There help with clean-ups, food, clothing, and furniture.  Contact the Red Cross if you need help here.

North American Furniture Bank

This Nationwide organization works with a listing of registered charities, social, community and, non-profit groups that collect and distribute used household furnishings to at-risk families. The furniture is free, but it is up to the client to arrange and pay to have heavy items delivered to their home.   Gently used furniture is accepted from donations by stores, individuals, and other organizations.  (More info. here).

Where Free Furniture Comes From

If you are moving from a hotel, shelter, or if you have been displaced and need free furniture, you may be eligible for help from a U.S. furniture bank.  Keep in mind, even if you are eligible for help, there is a process.  You can not just walk in and get furniture.

If you need furnishings like beds, couches, lamps, dishes, pots, pans, etc., please contact your caseworker or social worker and ask for a referral.  They work with hundreds of state, local, and community agencies that help screen and approve free services applicants.

Furniture and Household Items are obtained by the generous donation of individuals, furniture companies, and community organizations.  If you have ever donated furniture or other items to a charity or not-for-profit, know your gifts help disadvantaged families in your community.  Most large donations receive a tax credit.

Many organizations will pick up large items from your home.  Items must be clean and in good condition.  As part of community outreach, some larger denominational churches may have thrift stores where those falling on hard times can get the necessary items to run a home. That will also include dishes, baby cribs, clothing for babies and young children.

Do I Qualify For Free Furniture?

Free furniture programs are designed to help the at-risk population.  You must be screened and qualify financially.  You may qualify if you are,

      • Low-income with no furniture
      • Low-income with HIV/Aids
      • Victims fleeing domestic abuse
      • Single with children
      • Victims of disasters like fire, flood, tornados
      • Moving from a shelter of welfare hotel and fit the HUD definition of homeless

What is the Screening Process?

To receive services, you have to get a referral from an organization that works with the Bank. i.e., Department of Social Services, Goodwill Industries, Catholic Charities, Community Poverty Organizations.  Your situation and income status must be verified to ensure only those who qualify to get the help they need.   Verification such as a letter from the government agency caseworker, W-2 forms, payroll stubs.  Proof of your living situation, such as hotel, shelter, etc.

What Happens When I Am Approved?

Once you are approved, you are given a voucher detailing what items you can receive. You will go to the organization’s store or warehouse to pick out your items.   Make an appointment to pick out your items, and you can either take them with you if you have transportation, or they will be delivered to you for free, depending on the distance.

What Kind of Furniture is Available?

There are Free Furniture Banks in every city in the U.S.   You may be able to get help when you qualify financially. Please speak with a social worker, caseworker, counselor, or church administrator if you need help with furniture.  There is no guarantee as to what furniture will be available when you go to get furniture.

      • beds
      • cribs
      • linens
      • mattresses
      • dressers
      • couches
      • chair
      • tables
      • lamps
      • small appliances


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