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Where to Get Free Christmas Toys in Louisiana.  The holiday season is a time of joy, warmth, and giving. One of the most cherished traditions during this time of the year is the act of gift-giving, especially to children. Unfortunately, not all families can provide their children with Christmas presents.

However, numerous organizations across the United States come together during the festive season to spread happiness and ensure that every child experiences the magic of Christmas through the distribution of toys.

This article will examine some unique organizations, including faith-based ones, that give away Christmas toys and explore their heartwarming efforts to make the season brighter for those in need.

Louisiana Organizations that Give Free Christmas Toys

Toys for Tots: The Marine Corps’ Gift to Children

Toys for Tots is one of the most well-known and respected organizations dedicated to providing toys to children in need during the holiday season. This organization’s affiliation with the United States Marine Corps is unique.

Founded in 1947 by Major Bill Hendricks, Toys for Tots has collected and distributed over 604 million toys. Marines and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure no child is left without a toy on Christmas morning; more information.

Operation Christmas Child: Shoe Boxes of Love

Operation Christmas Child, a Christmas project sponsored by the faith-based relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, is a unique way to make a global impact while spreading holiday cheer.  I have been privileged to help pack shoe boxes in Boon, NC.  It was so beautiful to see volunteers come from every state to participate in the holiday effort.

Individuals and families can participate by packing shoeboxes with nontraditional gifts, like school supplies, toys, and hygiene items, distributed to children in need worldwide. This initiative brings smiles to children’s faces and fosters a connection between those who give and receive. Find out more.

Elves & More: Free Bicycles 

Elves & More is a Texas-based organization with a unique twist on Christmas giving. Instead of traditional toys, they focus on providing brand-new bicycles to underprivileged children.

These bikes bring joy and serve as a means of transportation and a symbol of hope for a brighter future. The organization’s “Build-A-Bike” program encourages community involvement and fosters a sense of pride in giving.  

Be an Elf: Connecting Gift Givers with Children in Need

Be an Elf is a grassroots organization that offers a unique way for individuals to impact the lives of underprivileged children directly. They connect volunteers, or “Elves,” with local post offices to answer children’s letters to Santa Claus.

These letters often reveal the simple wishes and heartfelt desires of children in need, allowing kind-hearted individuals to fulfill their Christmas dreams, one letter at a time.

The Christmas Spirit Foundation: Trees of Joy

The Christmas Spirit Foundation focuses on making the holiday season unique by providing free Christmas trees to military families. Their Trees for Troops program distributes thousands of real Christmas trees to military bases nationwide.

This unique initiative adds festive cheer to military installations. It supports military families who often spend the holidays away from their loved ones.

Prison Fellowship Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a faith-based organization that partners with churches and volunteers to provide Christmas gifts to children with incarcerated parents.

Through Angel Tree, prisoners can request gifts for their children, and volunteers work to fulfill those wishes. This initiative brings children joy and helps strengthen the bond between incarcerated parents and their families during a challenging time.  Get more information here.

Louisiana Faith-Based Organizations that Give Free Toys for Christmas 

Catholic Charities

As you mentioned, Catholic Charities is one of the largest and most well-known faith-based organizations. They provide various social services, including assistance for people without homes, food programs, disaster relief, and immigration services.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is recognized for helping people without housing and those in need through various programs, including shelters, food assistance, addiction recovery services, and disaster relief efforts. They have a yearly Christmas program, Toys for Tots, that gives free Christmas toys to kids and gifts to older adults.

Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services is a faith-based organization that offers many free services, including refugee resettlement, adoption services, and programs for older adults.

Louisiana Community Groups That Give Free Toys for Christmas

The holiday season is a time of celebration and joy. Still, financial difficulties can be challenging for many families and individuals in our communities.

Fortunately, community organizations step up during this festive season to provide assistance, support, and a dose of holiday magic to those in need.  Community organizations are dedicated to spreading holiday cheer and helping those facing adversity during this time of year.

Holiday Food Drives 

Holiday food drives are a joint yet essential community effort during the festive season. Local food banks, churches, and non-profit organizations come together to distribute food items to families struggling to put a holiday meal on the table.

These efforts not only provide nourishment but also serve as a reminder of the importance of caring for one another during the holidays.

New Orleans – Second Harvest Food Bank

  • Annual Thanksgiving food distribution.
  •  Free turkeys and food baskets for needy families.
  • 700 Edwards Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70123.
  •  (504) 734-1322 for further information.

Baton Rouge – St. Vincent de Paul Society

  • Providing free Thanksgiving meals to those in need.
  • 220 St Vincent de Paul Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.
  • (225) 383-7837 for details on Thanksgiving services.

Shreveport – The Salvation Army

  •  Free Thanksgiving dinners for families and individuals in hardship.
  • 200 E. Stoner Ave, Shreveport, LA 71101.
  • (318) 424-3200 for information on the Thanksgiving program.

Lafayette – FoodNet Food Bank

  • Offers food baskets to those in need in collaboration with local businesses and volunteers.
  • 217 Surrey St, Lafayette, LA 70501.
  • (337) 232-FOOD (3663) for more details.

Note: Availability of turkeys and other items is not guaranteed; arrive early. Alternative options may include groceries or an invitation to a community Thanksgiving dinner.

Adopt-a-Family Programs 

Adopt-a-Family programs are run and organized by community-based organizations, businesses, and individuals who “adopt” families in need for the holiday season. They provide gifts, clothing, and sometimes even essential household items to ensure that these families can celebrate Christmas with joy and dignity. This program builds bridges within the community

and spreads goodwill among neighbors.  Adopt

Free Community Meals in Louisiana

Many Louisiana communities organize free toy holiday meals during Thanksgiving and Christmas for those who may be alone or unable to afford a traditional holiday dinner.

Local churches, community centers, and non-profits open their doors to provide a warm meal and a sense of togetherness. These gatherings not only fill stomachs but also fill hearts with a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Note: Availability of turkeys and other items is not guaranteed; arrive early. Alternative options may include groceries or an invitation to a community Thanksgiving dinner.

Secret Santa Programs: Anonymous Acts of Kindness

Secret Santa programs elevate anonymous gift-giving. Often, community members donate via local media or organizations. These donations fund gifts for those in hardship. Recipients may not know their Secret Santa’s identity. Yet, they deeply feel the love and kindness from these acts.


The holiday season is a time to unite, share joy, and support one another. These community organizations exemplify the season’s true spirit by providing assistance, comfort, and happiness to those in need.

Whether fulfilling a child’s holiday wish, ensuring families have a festive meal, adopting a family in need, offering free community meals, or engaging in anonymous acts of kindness, these initiatives significantly impact individuals and communities.

By supporting and participating in these community efforts, we can lift burdens and make the holiday season brighter for everyone, reminding us that the true essence of the holidays lies in our capacity to give and share with those around us.

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