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Christmas Help for Low-Income Families – West Virginia.  The holidays can be a stressful time period, especially if you have small children. There are, however churches, community, and non-profit organizations in West Virginia that help during Christmas.  These organizations have special holiday programs to help meet your needs with everything from food to toys for children. Below are some of the best organizations across the state that you can reach out to for assistance if you need it.  Please contact the below agencies right away for help as help is limited.

Christmas Help for Low-Income Families – Churches & Religious Organizations

When looking for help for Christmas toys or bills, keep in mind you must apply as soon as you read in October.  You may not realize it, but this is the time of year they begin to take applications for assistance.  Also, many, people will also be applying for help.  Sign up early to improve your chances of receiving help.  As long as funding and toys last, qualified applicants can receive assistance.

Catholic Charities

There are a variety of different Catholic charities scattered throughout West Virginia that provides services to low-income people in the community throughout the holidays. They do things like deliver meals, provide toys, and help single moms through the season.  If you need emergency help with rent, utilities, or food you may qualify for help from this organization.  Call to make an appointment to sign up for help.

( 888 ) 900 -2989

Christian Help

Christian Help is a faith-based organization with several locations throughout West Virginia. The group offers emergency assistance and food assistance, has a free store, and offers help to individuals trying to find a job or career. They also usually have special programs around the holidays, including holiday food, providing Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers, and more,

( 304 ) 296 – 0221

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries is best known for its thrift stores, but many locations around West Virginia also offer assistance to struggling families in the community through the holidays. They often offer meals for the homeless and working poor and other forms of holiday assistance.  Goodwill Industries also has a used car program for qualified applicants.  To qualify to buy a car you need to be working for at least eight months and not have reliable transportation.  Single parents, especially apply.  Find out if Goodwill has a used car program in your city.


Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is another well-known charity organization that you can find pretty much anywhere across the United States. w Each year their sidewalk Santa, They have programs year-round, but they have a variety of special holiday programs to cater to the community’s unique needs during the holidays.

One of the most well-known programs is the Angel Tree program, where people pick up tags and agree to provide children with things that they need and want for Christmas. They also usually have free toy shops, serve holiday meals, and have food pantries. Find your local Salvation Army center on the website below.

( 304 ) 343 – 4548

Heart and Hand House

The Heart and Hand House is a non-profit organization that is associated with the United Methodist Church in north-central West Virginia. They offer a variety of services, including a food pantry, free home repair services, and financial assistance. They also usually have special programs around Christmas to help with food and provide kids with toys or other small presents.

( 304 ) 744 – 6741

Good Shepherd Mission

Good Shepherd Mission is a program run by Good Shepherd Catholic Church to provide those in need with food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. They also usually serve a hot meal to the community. This group serves communities including the following: Cabin Creek, Pratt, Chelyan, Dawes, Decota, Drybranch, Crown Hill, East Bank, Eskdale, Gallagher, Kayford, Marmet, and more.

( 304 ) 595 – 6002

Belle Ministerial Association

Belle Ministerial Association is a non-profit organization run by a church. They have a food pantry all year round that runs off of people’s donations, and around the holidays, they often have special holiday food that you could pick up like a turkey or other side dishes.

( 304 ) 949 – 3126

Bread of Life Ministries, Inc.

The Bread of Life Ministires, Inc. is run by Davis Creek Nazarene. In partnership with other non-profit organizations, this group works to provide food and other services to low-income communities. They distribute holiday food baskets around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they have a program called Bags of Blessings to help provide children with toys for Christmas time.   Contact the church in October to apply for assistance.

( 304 ) 744 – 0863

Boone County Community Organization

Boone County Community Organization is a non-profit group that provides a variety of different services to disadvantaged citizens of Boone County all year round. Additionally, every year around Christmas time, they run a program called Secret Santa. Through these programs, volunteers sign up to provide toys for children in the community who otherwise might not get Christmas presents.  They start taking applications for the Secret Santa in October.  Ask for Tracie or Missie.

1940 Fisher Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315,
( 304 ) 369 – 0451

St. Albans Ministerial Association

The St. Albans Ministerial Association is a religious organization that has a variety of different programs all year round to help out community members. They also usually have special programs around Christmas time to help meet individual and family needs. They serve both Saint Alban and Jefferson communities.

( 304 ) 727 – 2241

Campbell’s Creek

Campbell’s Creek Church of the Nazarene runs a food pantry throughout the holiday. If you live in the Tad, Malden, Blount, or Drybranch area, you can go to this food pantry to get help providing your family with food through the holidays.

( 304 ) 638 – 7931

Other Organization that Help Low-Income Families for Christmas

West Virginia Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a program run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and works to provide kids all over the United States with toys for Christmas. There are several different Toys for Tots campaigns throughout West Virginia, and you can go on their website to find the one local to you and apply to get some toys for your little ones.


The Secret Santa Foundation

The Secret Santa Foundation works with other non-profit organizations year-round to provide the community with what it needs. However, they really shine during the holidays, where they collect toys to give out to kids who would not usually get toys at Christmas time. Kids up to age 12 get to make their wish list, and volunteers donate the toys. You can also reach out to them for some more information about their year-round partner organizations.

( 304 ) 344 – 8697

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