Free Home Repair Programs for Low Income Families

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Free home repair grants are a great help to low-income families.  “It would be great if I had a rich uncle to help me with free home repairs!”  Unfortunately, most of us who need our homes repaired don’t have rich uncles.

However, government grants are available to qualified low-income homeowners who can receive money to make necessary home repairs such as roofing, water heaters, and more.  

What is a home repair assistance grant?  Grants help deserving homeowners with much-needed assistance in maintaining and repairing their homes.

The program is to improve energy conservation in the home and maintain the safety and livability of the property.  Free government grants for home repair help keep already threatened communities intact.

What Organizations Provide Home Repair Grants?

There are many types of home grants, depending on where the state you live in. Federal government grants are not for those who want to remodel their homes but make repairs to fix a roof to keep the rain out, repair a heater to keep a family warm, etc.

Does FEMA Help with Home Repairs?

(FEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency helps families who have experienced natural disasters and provides home remodeling grants to repair damaged properties or temporary housing for displaced families.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has money as part of the Special Housing Adaptations and Adapted Housing Program. 800-827-1000.

This program helps disabled veterans remodel their homes to make them handicap accessible. Adding ramps, lifts, and anything will help the veteran become more independent in his home.

Frequents Asked Questions about Free Home Repairs

What Types of Repairs are Covered by these Programs?

The types of repairs covered by free home repair programs can vary widely. Common repairs may include fixing structural issues, repairing roofing, plumbing, and electrical systems, addressing safety hazards, and improving accessibility for disabled individuals. Some programs may also provide weatherization services to improve energy efficiency.

How Can I Apply for a Free Home Repair Program?

To apply for a free home repair program, you typically need to contact the relevant local government agency or nonprofit organization responsible for administering the program in your area. They will provide an application form and guide you through the application process. Be prepared to provide documentation of your income and the specific repair needs of your home.

Are these Programs Available Everywhere?

Free home repair programs are available in many communities, but their availability and funding can vary by location. Larger cities and regions with more resources are more likely to have such programs. Researching and contacting local agencies or nonprofits is essential to determine if these programs exist in your area and whether you qualify for assistance.

How Can I Apply for a Free Home Repair Program?

To apply for a free home repair program, you typically need to contact the relevant local government agency or nonprofit organization responsible for administering the program in your area. They will provide an application form and guide you through the application process. Be prepared to provide documentation of your income and the specific repair needs of your home.

Where Can I Get a Government Grant

There are many ways to get grants or free government money from the government.  The first place to start looking is, and click Government Benefits, Grants, and Loans to find the help your need.  You will find programs like LIHEAP, WIC, Head Start, Childcare Subsidies, and Free Money for School.

These grants help struggling families maintain family stability until they can be self-sufficient.  Check the eligibility requirements and apply for the help you need if you qualify.

10 Free Roof Replacement Programs

How to get A Grant to Fix your House for Free

The Housing Repair and Rehabilitation Grant Offers assistance of up to $7,500 to rehabilitate your home. Finances are available to low-income rural residents who live on a property needing repair to make the home safe and inhabitable. This includes repairs such as

•  Removing lead paint from the wall
•  Clearing the home of toxic mold
•  Fix or replace a water heater or furnace
•  Making repairs to well or septic tanks
•  Fix leaky roofs
•  Handicap accessible
•  Storm Clean up

How to Find Home Repair Grants

Contact the Veteran’s Affairs, USDA Rural Development, HUD, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to find grants to repair your home. You can also go to Go to USA.Gov to find grants for your city and state.

To receive grants for home repairs, you must provide proof of income, unemployment, ownership, or renting to be considered for the program.

Once accepted, local agencies will visit your home to assess the damage and work needed.

The Community Development Block Grant Program and Home Program

  • Contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and state and local government officials to find free home repair grants. This grant helps low to moderate-income homeowners in urban or city areas.
  • USDA Rural Development   Provides home repair assistance for communities with no more than 10,000 people. Finances are available to low-income rural residents who live on a property needing repair to make the home safe. 800-670-6553.

Help For Veterans

Veterans risk their lives for our country.  Yet many veterans struggle financially.   There are generous programs that help disabled ex-military with home repairs.  Homes for Our Troops and organizations like Habitat for Humanity’s Repair Corps help Veterans with home repairs.

Some alterations include ramps and making alterations to the home for wheelchairs and other access.  These programs make it possible to receive furnace repairs or replacements, etc.  If you need this kind of help, please contact the organizations above.

How To Get A Title I Loan

Title I loans finance minor to moderate property repairs for homeowners and residential or prospective property owners.  Loans are acquired through HUD’s approved lenders.

It is the lender’s responsibility to check HUD’s list of approved lenders on their HUD website.  This process helps you avoid being scammed by dishonest or unqualified contractors.

HUD guides you to approved lenders but does not deal with homeowners on one.  Always do a background check on anyone who will repair your home before applying for a Title I loan.

  1. e more likely to have such programs. Researching and contacting local agencies or nonprofits is essential to determine if these programs exist in your area and whether you qualify for assistance.

Remember that the specific details of free home repair programs can change over time, so verifying the most up-to-date information with your local authorities or relevant organizations when seeking assistance is essential.

Pamela Lipscomb

We understand that finding financial assistance can be overwhelming and stressful. Our site provides information on potential programs, eligibility guidelines, and more. Please remember that this information is for guidance only, and we cannot guarantee assistance. For personalized advice and support, we strongly encourage you to consult with financial advisors, legal professionals, or the program providers directly.

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  30. We need a new roof really bad , shingles coming up on about 5 or 6 feet of our roof and the rest looks in bad shape also,, we also have a front bay window that leaks air very bad to the point we get the fumes from the near by factory plus we get mold.

    1. Hi, Deborah. Go back to the article, ‘Free Home Repair Assistance Grants’, and contact the companies listed there.

  31. My parents house needs a new roof it leaks I’m tried to patch it up and also the windows leak cold air and hot air what do you recommend please

    1. Hi, Rachel. Contact the organization in the article, Free Home Repair Grants for help.

  32. hi my name is diana i kive in a mobile home and i take care of my farher ,who got diagnosed with vasculis last year .he got a type of bactiria in hes blood streams so they threated like cancer,hes not able to work and my mother is the only one who works we get no help from no agency but our home is not in good condition at all our heather dont work so we get really cold freezing nights pur roof is really bad when it rains im scared the rain will make it sink in our wires are really bad and i think its dangerous ,my father has alot of medical problems and i stress on trying tp rapair we dont have funds to move out or rapair im asking for he[p with home repairs or programs that will help thank you

    1. Hello, Dana. I am sorry to tell you, these home repairs grants do not cover mobile homes. Try the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.

  33. Who can help me with the outside of my house it’s the worst looking house on my street I had to get a new Roof new windows had been without heat-Air for about 8years I have pay
    Iam retired it takes most of my check l would like to do something for the outside is their any help for me.

    1. Dianne Please read the article Fre Home Repairs Grants and contact the agencies we have listed for help.

  34. I need to know where I can get help from my windows in my trailer and got disability that’s all I get. All my money goes on my bills I don’t have no extra money for nothing else if I can get somebody to help me with my windows on my trailer I own it and thank you

  35. I got my first ssd check kast month and a family member stole 1000.00 from bank.
    We are struggling to catch up.

    Need gas money to get husband and I back and for a 20 plus mile trip weekly to doctors.
    Husband cant feel his feet and is un stage 3 kidney disease dur to not nekng treated for high blood sugar as well loosing his eye sight.
    I ny self is very very sick.

    When i got my ssd we bought a old mobile home. 1983 model.
    We have to pay lot rent where it is.

    Gas money, lot rent and groceries lights also. Light is pre pay.
    Can you tell us how to get us some help


  37. Need help with. Froont doors porche repair. Need a lift removed from front of. House. Pavement needs cementing. In a senior citizen. Steps are cracking .

    1. Hello, Marsha. There are programs that help low-income homeowners with repairs. However you have to qualify, and they only make mandatory repairs that make the home safe and energy efficient. Please return to the article and contact the agencies there to find help.

  38. What grants are available for senior citizens that have home improvements that need to be repaired?

  39. My roof is caving in my walls are moldy my son and I need help I’m in school and I need help!! Please thank you!!

    1. Hello Kayla. Go to the article Free Home Repair Grants and contact the agencies there to apply for help. If they can not help, ask for referrals to other programs that are doing this work. Good luck.

  40. Are there government grants for home improvement for people on SSD who rent their home? Please reply.

  41. please help us my husband is over 65 and disable and we cant fix our home because of our low income please help us God bless you

  42. Hi I am 70yr need a new back door, shed door has rotted off, gutters need cleaning, sidewalks are crumbling, house needs painting, and I have no money to do nothing, Please help me.

    1. The free home repair program does not paint your house or clean gutters or replace shed doors. Hi, Judy. Please call Catholic Charities or the Salvation Army to see if there is anyone who can help you with this.

  43. I have been out of work for almost 2 years, i have been diagnosed with severe panic attacks,depression and severe anxiety. I have worked my whole life. I am trying to get disability at this time, but not sure how it will turn out. I do have an attorney working on that. We are also in a chapter 13 for medical bills and some credit card debt. It will not be converted to a chapter 7, we pay what we owe. My husband is now the sole provider for us, we have a very modest home but is in need of a new roof. We do not have the money to fix it and we could use some help replacing it.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi, Rebecca. Please contact the agencies listed in the article “Free Home Repair Assistance Grants.” They will assess your situation to determine if you are eligible.

  44. My daughter tested throughout my house for mold. Tested positive for spores everywhere with visual black mold in basement. I have Pulmonary fibrosis and am on oxegen therapy. Shes concerned that my lungs are being further compromised. I only have social security for income, and poor credit. Are there programs I could apply for to fix my house?

  45. I need a new roof, shingles are blowing off, I have no money for repairs and I need new windows because of the air, I need help real bad,

  46. I need help getting a hot water tank fixed or replaced and a stove. I take care of my disabled mother, my 1 year old daughter and my 5 year old nephew. I am low income although I do work part-time. Please help me. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Hello, Aeriel. There are names of organizations that help with this, as well as phone numbers to call. Please go back to the article and call these agencies to find out how to get your property assessed so you can get help.

  47. I was left a house by my father and the house needs a lot of work I had to move a year ago due to possible mold in the back bedroom due to a leak that I couldn’t afford to get fixed and it has gotten worse. I also would like help with plumbing, heating issues and weatherization and any other help that is available to me. Back taxes also if that’s something you help with.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my email even if I don’t qualify for any help.

  48. Progams for home owners housing repairs
    My heat & air condition went out and i need to get it repaired as well as weatherization done on my home to bring my energy bill down. Thank you so much

  49. I need help with bills an home repairs. My home need plumbing fix an the roof fixed as well as the floor repairrd. I’m doing the best I can to take care of them, it’s just that since my husband passed away from cancer three years ago I’ve struggled financially to get everything paid an fixed because I make less then a 1/4 of what he did .

  50. i am a 100% disabled veteran and i need some home repairs done on my home any help would be greatly appreciated

  51. I live in Jones county but have a Pink Hill address I’m on a fixed income and my home needs repaired bad but I can’t afford it is there a Grant or something like that that can help I live in NC thanks in advance

  52. Very low income with family of three leaking roof in so many places it’s an very old roof need windows some electrical work need house safe for me and family to live in need help very badly

  53. I need help paying bills and repair family home can afford to pay money back looking for free grant to help get me back on my feet and repair family home

    1. Hello, Deana. There are a few grants you consider. They all require you to have a certain income to qualify. Please contact the agencies listed in the article to see how they can help you.

  54. My mother is 84-year-old and has mold in her home I need help in getting it removed she is on a fixed income n can’t afford to have it removed can anyone help her

  55. So what does one do if they do not have good credit and are in the process of bankruptcy. Living with dangerous mold in home. If I had good credit I could go to a bank. I am here looking for help.

    1. Hello, Dee. Please contact the agencies in the post Home Repair Grants. They may be able to direct you to a grant for removing black mold or a cost effective way to remove it from your home.

  56. Hi I am a widow raising my 5 grandchildren .
    My house is falling down around me .my windows are very old and dry rotting some are boarded up because they are broken.
    My rooftop needs done and my porch.
    Rooftop is leaking and slate is missing,porch is falling in gutter falling off.
    Need siding it has old aluminum siding on some of it ,
    My brother built 2 rooms on for me when my husband died with my husband life insurance so I would have enough room for all my grandchildren but didn’t have enough to put siding on and the felt is blowing off I keep nailing it on.
    Could someone help me please.

    1. Hello, Tammy, Please go back the article Home Repair Grants and Home Weatherization and contact the organizations to see how they can help you. I would also consider getting legal guardianship or become a foster Mom for the children so you can get financial assistance.

  57. I have purchased a home in October, and have since then found several issues, most concerning one being that there is mold and I have been feeling ill. I do not have the money to repair and my insurance does not cover it. I do not fall under low-income family. Is there any help that I could tap into if I’m no low-income?

    1. Hello, Jackie. I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with black mold in your new home. The grants available help the poorest of the poor with mandatory home repairs. There are also grants for Veterans and those hit by natural disasters. I would check with and research mold removal assistance in your state.

  58. My husband and I are on ss we live in a trailor it is 22 years old we are paying payments on it and it takes most of are sschecks after we pay are bills we have nothing left to repair are roof and other things that are fall down around us we both are in bad health are roof has been leaking along time please help us find a way we can repair are roof and other things like are floors need replaced

  59. Please I need help….I was just told this morning I need new furnace and air conditioning unit…..there’s no way I can afford this….I’m trying to find government assistance with this …could you plz help or refer me to where to go…

    Thank Susan Morford

  60. need assistance with getting some house paints and some installation into the celling, I do need help

  61. I am currently looking for help related to disability grants. My wife is an MS patient and recently she has been having a hard time navigating the stairs. We started looking for a new house but with 4 kids, we just can’t find the right house for us. We have resigned to try and build a room downstairs to help with the difficulty without upending our kids lives. We have been looking for funding to lessen the financial strain. is there any guidance you can offer?


  62. I am looking for grants to assist my mother with her home. She and my father were living with my sister for some time and while she was caring for him {he recently died from cancer} the home was found to have mold in it. She does not have any money and I was thinking there were local, state, or federal grants. Do you know of any? County and state of residence is Grant County Indiana.

    Thanks Dave

    1. Hi Dave! If you mom qualifies financially, there are programs that can help her make necessary repairs to make her home energy efficient. Please visit here and contact the agencies listed.

  63. I have a friend in Manning, Ia whose home has a roof that has needed repairs for years. However, now when it rains its as if there is no roof at all!! Also, due to the severity there is mold and lots of it Im afraid! He is currently recovering from a very serious sinus infection and the weekends his children are here, someone always gets sick or has extreme headache!!! He can not afford to repair it but I am concerned for their health!!!

  64. Hi well I need help the county guys show up and keep giving us tickets for not having a septic system what they don’t seem to understand is when we keep having to pay the tickets how are we so post to save up the money to put one I don’t know what to do I’m not old so I can’t get help that way I’m not a vet so I can’t get help that way all the grants I find say Indian old or vet for septic

  65. I need desperate help with home repiair from mold and water damage, due to leaky pipes in my home- from upstairs to downstairs- both bathrooms are pretty unusable, and my bedroom is almost uninhabitable, do to the mold smell and water damage downstairs is precluding me from using my home office for my clients- so I cannot do my business..I am in Minnesota- Minneapolis area

  66. We bought a house that was built in the 70’s and has never been updated and are having a very hard time trying to get it up to date. We really need help and would be greatful for any kind of assistance on trying to complete our house for our children as well too

  67. I need help for my daughter her furnace is dying she needs a roof, exterior paint peeling, Bilco door leaking into basement, interior paint needs some doors for closets, bath cabinet broken stove broken microwave broken. furniture broken. Single mom supporting 5 a great Rn. helping others. Got behind in mortgage, almost lost her home. got help with bankruptcy and refi. which is high interest rate on car and mortgage. Just making it. to cover mortgage utilities car payment !!! where do i get help for her. I am senior citizen cannot help anymore went through my savings just to help her with attorneys.

  68. I need help with having some one check my mobile home for mold. am having breathing problems when inside my home but not bad other wise, i have found a few patches. there is also black stuff around my fausets & some times black stuff comes out in the water. please help as i can not afford some one. i live on social security only. thank you

  69. Just checking if I would qualify I had water damage a year ago in March. Since then I’ve had a lot of medical issues. Migraines, loss of hair and visions, kidney infection and etc. Can u let me know if this is even a option for me.

    1. Jodi, it depends on if there is black mold or other major problems. Please call the phone numbers in the article.

  70. Aaron Jackson, am praying for a miracle. I having a baby and can’t pay rent.. 346 775 8701

    1. Hello, Aaron. You did not mention if you are married. If you gross family income is at or below the federal poverty guidelines, you are eligible for WIC for your baby and TANF and SNAP. Please check with Department of Social Services. Also, contact the United Way who will give you references to other resources and Salvation Army. Good luck.

    1. I know there are programs that help low-income adults with serious medical issues with air conditioning. I this is especially true if you live in states like Arizona and California. Please contact Home Energy Assistance Program [HEAP] in your city.

  71. I need a home repair grant because the house we have has mold and water damage and me and my husband has a year old son and we can’t be in our home because of the black mold and water damage.

    1. Hello Nocilette. There are a few grants to help home owners make repairs to make their home safe. These programs help the very low income stay in their homes. Please contact the agencies in the article Home Repair Grants.

    1. Hello Alexandria. Contact St. Paul de Vincent Catholic Church, Catholic Charities and Salvation Army in your city. These same programs can help with utilities. Also contact your utility company to find out if they have a financial aid program. Good luck.

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