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Georgia Utility Bill Assistance.  If you are a resident of Georgia and need help with heating the Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT) can offer the assistance you need.  During the winter months, the ability to keep warm is a necessity.  The most miserable thing it to live in a house without heat.  There are compassionate organizations that provide cash grants to those experiencing a financial crisis to residents of Georgia.

This Georgia Heat Program is a nonprofit and the oldest fuel assistance program in the state. They have been helping Georgia residents with utility and heating bills Georgia for over 3 decades.  Like many nonprofits, Heating Energy Assistance Team Program partners with many other corporations, businesses, and community organizations to facilitate assistance to the public.

Georgia Utility Bill Assistance Programs

The United Way

The United Way is a one-stop resource organization to locate assistance programs in your community.  They do not pay bills but can help Americans find the help they need. The goal of the United Way is to help families maintain stability, prevent evictions, and the loss of mandatory home services such as utilities, heating, water, food, etc.  It also has a list of community organizations, government programs, and charities that help with emergency services. For more information, call 2-1-1 or visit the United Way website below.

Low Income Energy Assistance

This program helps low-income families struggling to pay utility bills. If you need help with gas or electricity you can get help by contacting local charities, Community Action Agency, or Georgia Power Company and Atlanta Gas to find out about the HEAT program.  The Heating Energy Assistance Team (“HEAT”) program.  Call 404.656.6696.   You may also get help from Project SHARE.  For more information contact the Salvation Army or call 1.800.25


The Weatherization program provides home repair assistance to low-income residents.  This grant is designed to make the home safer and more energy-efficient.  That can mean repairing unsafe steps, repairing broken or drafty windows, or fixing or replacing water heaters.  You must qualify financially.

If you want to apply for help,

1.   locate a local weatherization agency in Georgia,
2.  fill out an application,
3.  provide proof of income, or letter from a government agency, and status of your household. There may be a waiting list, as the elderly and families with children take priority.

If you are renting the home you are living in you must get approval from the owner to work on the home.  The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority facilitates, screens and distributes funding for weatherization assistance through Community Action Agencies.  For more information call 404.656.3826 or contact your local Community Action Agency. (404) 584-1000.

The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority
233 Peachtree St NE
Ste 900
Atlanta, GA 30303


Georgia Energy Assistance Program (EAP)

The Georgia Energy Assistance Program (EAP), or otherwise known as (LIHEAP) is most states.  This benefits program helps low-income families with energy grants for home heating bills.  Contact EAP to find out is you are eligible for help with bill, energy or Weatherization of your home. The Georgia EAP program may be able to offer you one or more of the following types of assistance.

Eligibility Requirements

The EAP program is based on your gross family income.  This means the combined income of all who are working and live in the same home.  You must also live in that state of Georgia and in need of help with heating and cooling costs. Your monthly or yearly family income my be at or below 60 percent of the average family income in the state.

Atlanta Gas Light Senior assistance Program

If you live in the state of Georgia and are 65 years or older and your annual income is 414,355 or less you may be eligible for a $14 monthly discount on your bill. Call Atlanta Gas Light Company for more information 800-869-1150.  Atlanta Gas Light 

Low-Income Energy Efficiency

Hope Works

HopeWorks helps low-income widows in the greater-Atlanta area with weatherization assistance for homes, gas furnace repairs, insulation, and general maintenance. For more information, call 404-872-0167 or visit

The Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT)

The HEAT program is administered by the Georgia Department of Human Resources statewide through Community Action Agencies. Private citizens and the natural gas industry provide funding.

Project SHARE

This is a Georgia that helps residents with monthly electric bills. This fund is made possible by the donations of electric company customers.  For help, go to your local Salvation Army, or call 404-873-3101 or visit the Salvation Army site.

Other Organization that offers Heating and Energy Assistance

Carroll Electric Membership Corporation  770-832-3552
Coweta-Fayette Electric Membership Corporation  T770-502-0226.
Snapping Shoals EMC –  Energy assistance for low-income seniors. 770-385-2737

Annual Household Income Limits (gross)
Household Size Maximum  Annual Income
1 $22,839
2 $29,867
3 $36,894
4 $43,921
5 $50,948
6 $57,976
7 $59,293
8 $60,611

*For households with more than eight people, add $1,318 per additional person.

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