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Atlanta Church Assistance Programs. Churches in Atlanta & Fulton County offer assistance for low-income families.  If you live in Atlanta or surrounding areas and need help, you can get help from local churches.  These ministries provide aid to struggling families and individuals.  Below are some of the leading religious centers in the city where you can get financial help for your family.

Top Church Assistance Programs in Georgia Area

Midtown Assistance Center

Midtown Assistance Center is a not-for-profit emergency help center. Their assistant programs are designed to helping the poor and low-income residents. They supply help with basic needs and opportunities to improve their lives.  This organization has merged with 5 churches in Midtown, Atlanta.  Therefore, by uniting their organization, they make it possible to provide more help to the community.  If you have recently been laid off or struggling to meet bills, you can get temporary assistance with bills and more.

Atlanta Church Assistance Programs that Help the Community

Food Pantry –  The organization runs a food pantry that supplies non-perishable meals to families needing food.  MAC  provides food assistance to families in need.

Rent & Utility Payments – The agency offers rent assistance to families facing financial hardships.  However, this financial assistance help prevents evictions or disconnection of utilities like gas, water, and electricity.  Every year MAC makes about 390 rent payments to struggling families, including utility bills.

Help with Transportation – If you are unemployed and don’t have money for travel, MAC can provide a special MARTA Pass to access public transportation. Each year, the organization provides around 2,243 transit passes to Atlanta residents. They also pay to obtain your Georgia photo ID necessary when looking for a job.

Clothing  Bank – The clothing banks provide professional clothing to help prepare for interviews and work.  Also, they supply non-slip shoes and work clothes suitable for construction or restaurant work.

How to Apply for Help

  • First, call 404-681-5777 to make an appointment.  Only residents with Atlanta zip codes will be considered for assistance.
  • Next, the application and document will be screened to determine eligibility.
  • Lastly, visit MAC’s official website to submit a request for assistance to complete the application process.

Midtown Assistance Center
30 Porter Place NE Atlanta,
GA 30308

Jars of Clay Church

The Jars of Clay Church is a faith-based charity that was founded in 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. Their main mission is to help residents with basic support like food, rent, and clothing. Their services provide hope and help those facing poverty, abuse, and drug addiction.  If you need help, contact Jars of Clay Church at 470-851-5472.

The mission of this JOCC is to help the less fortunate and improve family stability.  They also provide necessary resources that ensure long-term recovery from addiction and poverty.  Their grocery store helps feed the homeless and families unable to buy food.

Jars of Clay Housing Program

This is one of the church’s top projects, as they endeavor to provide the homeless with temporary shelter, sufficient food, and a healthcare plan. This service is open to all community members, regardless of their race, religion, or family background. Below is how the program works.

  • Contact their offices through the numbers provided above.
  • You will be connected with state-approved housing agencies that provide shelter for homeless families.
  • After an initial orientation, the agency will help you find new housing and supply furniture through the Furniture Bank of Atlanta.
  • Finally, you will be informed of Atlanta’s housing rights, including the McKinney Vento Act and continuous care.
  • The Church’s housing project is designed to get the homeless off the streets quickly. Their basic needs can be addressed.  Apart from helping the needy find decent shelter, they can also arrange for other necessities such as a mailing address, free phone service, diapers for children, blankets, and hygiene kits.  (more info.)

Jars of Clay
937 Sims St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia

If you face a crisis in your life, St. Vincent de Paul is a faith-based Catholic outreach to the community.   Also, this organization is open to people of all faiths and backgrounds who need assistance.  They are committed to providing social services, resources, and financial assistance for the needy. Volunteers work with the community to provide financial and social aid to low-income and homeless families.

St. Vincent de Paul Assistance Programs

The Journey Program – The Journey Program gives clients tools to move from dependency to independence. This is accomplished by education, job preparation, education, and life opportunities.

Thrift Stores – St Vincent de Paul Ga location has 12 local thrift stores where the community can shop purchase clothes, future household items, toys, books at reasonable prices.

Computer Lab – The computer lab is a one-stop job resource to give clients the tools they need to prepare for a new job or career.  CLients can use computers and printers for job search and resumes preparation.

Food Pantry – The food pantry is the heart of many charity organizations.  Struggling members know they can receive free groceries to supplement the income.  Family Support Centers sponsors the food pantry gives clients access to fresh meat, canned food, and other items.

Benefits Screening – St. Vincent de Paul works with government-sponsored programs. They screen those seeking help from 15 supplemental government benefits programs like Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, WIC, etc.  Once screened and approved, they can receive these government benefits.  (more)

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta

The Salvation Army church provides comprehensive charity services to the residents of Atlanta.  These services range from transportation, emergency funding, healthcare, and housing. They help families and individuals experiencing a financial crisis and, therefore, can’t meet their daily obligations. For more information about their programs, visit their offices at 469 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA 30313.

Salvation Army Project Share

Their Project SHARE initiative has so far managed to provide beneficiaries with emergency financial assistance to cater to rent payments, utility bills, and even medical prescriptions. Below are some of the steps you should follow when applying for church aid:

  • First, make an appointment with the church by calling 404-486-2900.
  • Provide proof of address and identity is needed for verification of your ID and financial situation.
  • After screening, if you qualify, you will get the help you need.
  •  Assistance would be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis, depending on available funding.

Church Programs that Partner with other Organizations

The above project has partnered with state agencies like Georgia Power and several local natural-gas and public utility suppliers in the region.  Besides, the church runs a homeless shelter. There are several provisional and permanent housing options throughout Atlanta.

It is devastating when you have lost your job or can not pay your rent or mortgage. No matter the reason for your homelessness, you can always find decent shelter at a  Salvation Army shelter location. (more)

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta
469 Marietta Street Atlanta
GA 30313

Buckhead Christian Ministry, Inc.

Buckhead Christian Ministry (BCM) has provided financial assistance to Atlanta residents for about 30 years. They offer programs that support people dealing with unemployment, lack of housing, lack of school fees, and many more. Every year, the ministry provides assistance to close to 5,000 people. BCM works together with other Atlanta agencies, churches, businesses, foundations, and private donors.

Specifically, if your family is facing hunger, you can visit them to get supplies of nonperishable food items and meat, including household supplies and toiletries.   To learn more about their Church assistance programs in Atlanta, Georgia, call  404-239-0038.

To sum it up, many churches in Atlanta, GA, provide comprehensive assistance to residents facing different life challenges. Likewise, some have partnered with other charity agencies to increase their outreach in the community. If you are destitute, please contact these religious centers for help, and they’ll surely assist you. (more) 

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