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By | May 9, 2016

Florida has many programs that provide assistance to low-income residents.  Find out how to get help when you can’t pay past due bills like rent and utilities.  These assistance programs help struggling family maintain stability and prevents homelessness.  If you need emergency support, please check out the agencies below and contact them to see if you qualify.  All programs are based on your family income.  Many programs depend on funding from a state, government, and charitable organizations.   If an agency is out of funding they will refer you to another agency that can help.

A list of Florida Assistance Programs

Florida Lifeline Assistance

Many families work forty hours or more and still need assistance to keep going.  The Florida assistance program ‘Lifeline’, helps qualified consumers receive a free cell phone and service.  They also offer a discount on landline phone service each month.  You may qualify if you receive help from government assistance program like SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, Free Lunch, Section 8.

Housing Assistance

If you are facing eviction, you can find support through Florida charities like the Salvation Army and C.   Catholic Charities.  HUD can help with rent, utilities, security deposits, and transitional and temporary housing assistance.  Assistance is available based on available funds. To receive help, you must prove financial eligibility.

Housing Vouchers

Housing vouchers are available to eligible disabled, low-income and seniors in Florida.  Housing Authority screens applicants who seek Section 8 Housing which can include apartments, public housing or private homes.   Once a tenant is approved, the Housing Authority signs the lease and pays the difference between what the tenant pays and the market rate or the apartment.

Florida Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF)

TANF is a government assistance program that provides financial assistance for families with children under  18 years old.  The help can continue if your child is over 19 and attending college.   TANF can continue until the family no longer needs help or 60 months.  TCA is also available to expectant women who live alone or a pregnant woman living with parents or family. For more help call  1-866-762-2237

Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI)

This assistance is available to the elderly, and disabled adults who are not U.S. citizens. You must qualify for SSI or SSP Supplemental Security Income, State Supplementary Payment as an immigrant. Medi-Cal and in-home care may also be available, so please request to be included if you need this help. You are eligible for CAPI if you are a non-citizen, or 65 years old and disabled and qualify financially. 1-800-772-1213

Florida SNAP

The food stamp program is a state and local federal program for low-income families. If you are eligible for TANF, you also qualify for Food Stamp  (more)

Florida Food Banks

Food banks help individuals and families who can not afford to buy food.  Food banks are supported by community volunteers, corporations, and individuals.  Donation of canned foods and other foodstuffs to help the disadvantaged.    If you need help with food click here to find help in your neighborhood.

Head Start

This program is a Federal program helps Florida children from infancy to 5 years get ready for school by promoting basic education skills. The program helps low-income children develop social, emotional and learning skills that help prepare them to succeed in school.  Head Start encourages parents to participate as their child’s primary educators. To qualify the family must have a gross income at or below Federal Poverty Guidelines. Many Head Start programs also provide Early Head Start, which serves infants, toddlers, and pregnant women and their families who have incomes below the Federal poverty level.

Child Care Assistance

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services help eligible adults find qualified childcare services and referrals to daycare providers that accept state subsidies in their area.  To enroll you must be the parent or primary person responsible for the child under 19 or with a disability.  Call toll-free: 800-424-2246 (more)

Florida Free School Breakfast/Lunch Program

The School Breakfast and Lunch Programs provide free discount meals for children who qualify financially. Meals must be balanced and meet government dietary guidelines.

Florida KidCare

KidCare is low-cost health insurance for underinsured children in Florida. Go to the florida.gov site and print out and mail in an application. You must be a resident of Florida, citizen, legal alien, U.S. national or permanent resident. The child must be under 19 or a legal guardian of a child under 19 years old that is not covered by insurance or Medicaid.  For more information.

Energy Assistance

Florida LIHEAP

  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program in Florida gives grants to local and non-profit agencies provide help low-income Floridians with heating and cooling expenses.  A check is distributed once a year to families who qualify for this help. They help in three areas:
  • Home Energy Assistance
  • Crisis assistance
  • Bad Weather assistance

To receive help, you must reside in Florida and meet financial eligibility.  Call  (850) 717-8450 for more information.


Catholic Charities

This religious charity gives aid regardless of religion. on several aspects of human need.  this organization works to provide access to healthcare, prevent homelessness and stamp our hunger.  Their immigrant and refugee program helps those seeking a safe refuge. (more)

They help with:

  • Groceries
  • Utilities
  • Parenting
  • Senior Support
  • Family counseling
  • Immigrant/refugee Aid
  • Education

Catholic Charities Florida serves:  – Brevard, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Sumter, and Volusia Counties

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