Get a Free Air Conditioner from These Organizations

Get a Free Air Conditioner from These Organizations!  Many low-income families aren’t able to afford an air conditioner.  Fortunately, the government as well as some charities have programs where people can get a free unit.  Also, some charities offer free air conditioners to at-risk people.  If you are interested in getting a free AC unit this summer, let’s look at the types of programs out there.

Free Air Conditioner Programs

The summer months become merciless when people need to save themselves from the excruciating heat. Here an air conditioner plays the most critical role. It keeps medically challenged people from having heat strokes.   Upper class to a middle-income group of people can afford an air conditioner or two for their house, but what about the low-income, disabled, senior, and sick in the US?

1.  Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) 

HEAP, or the Home Energy Assistance Program, is one of the free AC-providing programs in the country. This program is established by the New York State Government, which offers AC for the low-income group of people.

Patients whose health might deteriorate due to heat conditions can get the benefits of the FREE program. People must be eligible for the requirements first to apply for the program. The HEAP program offers $800 as the AC installation charge. If there is a problem with the installation, they offer a fan.

This program is especially for low-income families who cannot afford the AC machine with their meager salaries. This is also for the medical needs of patients.


2.  The DOE Program

The United States Department of Energy sponsors this program, where they offer to pay for the AC of low-income families. If you are elderly, then you may get a new unit, or you can repair your old machine. The availability depends on the rules of the state. For this, you must be eligible for:

  • You must be a US citizen  
  • Your income must be a minimum wage
  • You will not be able to get other benefits from the statWhen you are applying for a free AC.  You must not own another unit or should have a five-year-old AC.

3.  Weatherization Assistance Program 

This program offers free AC for low-income families. They will help you stabilize your home’s environment and ensure the cost stays low. Get in touch with the local weatherization program to get a free machine for this program. The application will only take less than twenty minutes, and then it will be reviewed for eligibility. If you pass the criteria, you will receive a free AC.

4.  Free Air Conditioners from Churches

Low-income group people can try to get a free AC from churches. Your local church sometimes offers to pay for the unit. This is mainly because people of faith donate a lot to these places. From that source, the churches provide such assistance to underprivileged people.

You can get a free unit other than the money for an AC. However, you might not get these benefits if you are not a churchgoer or a non-believer. So, to get one life-saving machine, you need to attend their sermons for some weeks at least.

5.  Get a Free Unit from Thrift Stores

You may get a free AC from your local thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul Society. These places often have the latest models of appliances, and they tend to give away the old units. Contact these stores run by charities. If they replace the older ones with the new models, they will donate the old ones. You can contact the local stores for this and get a unit for your home. You may need a referral from a community organization. However, you will have to carry the machine by yourself.

6.   Free AC for Disabled People

There are several options to get a free AC for disabled people. Other than government programs, you may get a low-cost unit from thrift stores.  Some non-governmental places often hold AC giveaway programs for disabled people. This is for the people who cannot finance an air conditioner, and they get support from the local churches, non-profit charities, and other places.

It’s hard to live with a physical disability. When the summer heat is too much, it becomes unbearable, primarily for disabled people. For this reason, a free conditioner program is conducted by non-profit organizations and the government to help out from time to time.

7.  Free AC for Senior Citizens

LIHEAP is helping senior people with utility assistance for the free AC program. They are assisting old people in getting the advantage of this program. Old and disabled people suffer from extreme heat conditions in the harsh summer months.  This is also for the case of low-income groups of families living with old people. The program provides better help to the senior citizens who cannot finance an AC and need to stay safe inside their homes within the care of a cool temperature. If the weather is cold outside, the unit will run as a heater.

8.  Free Air Conditioner from Saint Vincent de Paul Society

This society is a voluntary organization that helps people in need. They also organize free air conditioner programs. You will get a unit if you can provide proof of your condition. This is for the families who live in a small place and do not have enough finance to afford an AC.

After you apply for the free service, you will receive an appointment. If you get selected, you will get a free AC. You have to keep in mind that two people from the same family will not be able to get this grant. There must be one unit in a single house. The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul also offers sick and senior people the same service.

9.  Free Air Conditioner from Salvation Army

This is available from family service programs. You can also get installation assistance. These machines are offered among low-income families and at a lower cost. You may receive one from a Salvation Army organization as they provide the same for poor people.  

In case of emergencies, some places offer a unit for free. A Salvation Army center can provide a free air conditioner to a family or to an elderly who are unable to finance such things. This is also eligible for a single mother with a child or a kid with a severe sickness. These people are most in danger of heatstroke in the harsh summer months. So, to give those a bit of comfort, Salvation Army centers may offer free air conditioners.

These units are easy to mount on the window and any other designated place in the house. The AC provided by the Salvation Army centers isn’t available at thrift shops. However, if the air conditioners aren’t available, you can get a fan instead. You can contact such centers near you for more information.

10.  Free Air Conditioner for the Sick

Every year hundreds of people get sick of the unbearable summer heat. Also, the people who are already suffering from illness need to stay in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Unfortunately, many sick people can’t afford an AC, and for them, the governments often provide a free program. As sick people need to stay isolated from others, the government and other non-profit agencies offer free AC services.

Accessible units are available for people suffering from asthma, joint pains, and other medical conditions. Few governmental offices provide a free AC for patients. To receive these services, you need to get in touch with the health assistance in your locality.

You need to apply for the grant and submit some documents. After you submit the same, it will be reviewed for eligibility. You will get a call from the service center if you are eligible. You can always get a new air conditioner from these programs.

11.  Energy Star Tax Credit Program

This is, however, not a government program, but it can always get a free AC from this. First of all, you can get ten percent off on the cost of the unit. You might get a discount of $50 to $300 based on your living standards. Sometimes you can even get $500, but this will be for an actual need.

The Energy Star Tax Credit program depends on how you have previously paid your taxes. Also, the grants are qualified for AC and HVAC units with energy stars. Apply for the Energy program by filling out an application on the sites owned by the government, and you have to submit some required documents.

 The company will contact you if you are eligible for the free unit. For more information, you have to visit their official website.

12.  Get a Free Air Conditioners from Craiglist

Craigslist is very popular in the USA. You can often find many things you need for your household and the locality. The site offers advertisers, and you can request items here. Many people donate stuff like AC through Craigslist, and you will find a unit easily from here for free. You just have to search for a free air conditioner on craigslist.


Check out these government and non-government programs from this article, and you will get an idea about the free AC services. If you are willing to apply for one, make sure you have the proper documents to prove your condition.

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