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Free Food Baskets For Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The holiday season is a time of joy, gratitude, and togetherness. Many more people need food assistance this holiday season due to the high cost of food, rent, and gas.  For many individuals and families in Alabama, it can also be a struggle, especially when putting food on the table.

Thankfully, the spirit of giving and community support shine brightly in the Heart of this fair city. Let’s look at the incredible efforts of Alabama organizations that come together during

Thanksgiving and Christmas to provide food assistance to those in need. With their unwavering commitment and dedication, these organizations ensure everyone can enjoy a hearty holiday meal, fostering a sense of warmth and unity throughout the state.

Do You Need Help with Thanksgiving this Year?

You are not alone.  Millions of families all across America would like to have a food basket or even a hot Thanksgiving meal.  Below is a list of organizations, charities, and faith-based organizations that can help.  Firstly, apply immediately if you would like help.

Community members, churches, and businesses donate all the canned goods, turnkey, chicken, and vegetables.  However, there is a first come, first served policy in place, and when food runs out, that’s it.  So, if you want the turkey, apply early.

Community Organizations that Provide Thanksgiving Food Baskets and Meal Assistance

Community Organizations

Alabama Food Bank Association

This association focuses on optimizing the distribution of resources among local food banks. Their collaborative approach ensures that food reaches even the state’s most remote areas, making it easier for individuals and families to access essential holiday meals.  This statewide organization collaborates with various food banks, ensuring resources are distributed efficiently to local communities.

Christmas Clearinghouse

Operated by the Volunteer & Information Center in Montgomery, AL, this program assists those in need during the holiday season. Contact: 334-264-3335.

Christmas Charities of Jackson County

Offers an adopt-a-family or child program for Christmas, providing needy children, disabled, and elderly in Jackson County, AL, with toys, clothing, food, and other essentials. Contact: 256-575-6056.

Community Food Bank of Central Alabama

This organization engages in advocacy efforts year-round, addressing the root causes of hunger. By partnering with local agencies, they can provide holistic support to individuals and families in crisis.

Christmas Charities Year Round (CCYR)

In Madison County, AL, CCYR provides free clothes, shoes, bedding, and kitchens year-round to needy individuals and families. They also offer Christmas assistance and help by providing gifts and meals to older adults and individuals with disabilities.  256-837-2373​.

Feeding Alabama

As part of Feeding America, Feeding Alabama leverages the nationwide network’s resources to ensure that holiday food baskets are both nutritious and diverse, catering to the community’s various tastes and dietary needs.

YWCA Central Alabama

Besides food distribution, the YWCA of Central Alabama provides educational workshops and job training to empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

Manna House – Huntsville, Alabama

Manna House Services, such as clothing distribution and access to hygiene products, acknowledges that many individuals facing food insecurity have various needs.

Faith-Based Help with Food Baskets for Thanksgiving

The Community could not exist without the help of Churches, Mosques, and religious Temples in our communities.  They are the first line of defense for those struggling with life issues. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two seasons that make the most impact on uplifting the lives of lower-income families and individuals.

The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama

Located in Mobile, AL, they offer Christmas assistance through their Angel Tree Program, usually starting registration in October.  251-438-1625​.

Salvation Army – Alabama Division

The Salvation Army’s holiday initiatives often include toy drives, ensuring that children experience the joy of receiving gifts and having a festive meal during the holiday season.

The Ministry Center at Green Springs, Birmingham, AL

Their Share the Joy Christmas Programtries to meet families and grandparents raising grandchildren’s Christmas financial and social needs. Contact: 205-326-121.

Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, AL

Known for their Christmas Mall Experience, called Giving Hope, this program matches families with a host to help them choose gifts for their children. Ministry teams offer prayers and support at each location. Contact: 205-980-5577.

Other Organizations that Can Help

United Way of Central Alabama

United Way focuses on building solid partnerships with local agencies and nonprofits, streamlining the support available to needy families. This coordinated approach maximizes the impact of their holiday programs.

Toys for Tots in Alabama

This initiative aims to bring the joy of Christmas to children in low-income families by providing free toys. There are numerous drop-off locations and events across the state for toy assistance registration and donations. Contact: Toys for Tots AlabamaOpens in a new tab..

Shelby Emergency Assistance, Montevallo, AL

This nonprofit assists people in crisis in the Montevallo and Wilton areas with their Project Christmas, which provides Christmas gifts to children. Contact: 205-665-1942.

Getting Help from the Faith-Based Community

Don’t forget to contact all the major denominations in your community to see who offers food assistance or Thanksgiving or Christmas food baskets.   The more established the ministry, the more likely they will offer food assistance to the community.  Contact the organization to see who is helping with food this holiday season.

Baptist Churches. Many Baptist churches, especially larger ones and those associated with Baptist associations or conventions organize Thanksgiving meal giveaways. You can search for Baptist churches in your area and contact them for information.

Catholic Charities.  Many Catholic Charities organizations across the country provide Thanksgiving assistance. You can look for your local Catholic Charities office online or in the phone book.

Episcopal Church. Episcopal churches and related charitable organizations may offer Thanksgiving assistance. Look for Episcopal churches in your area and inquire about their holiday programs.\

Jewish Community Centers and Synagogues. Local Jewish community centers and synagogues may offer Thanksgiving meal assistance to those in need. Look for Jewish organizations in your area and contact them for information.

Lutheran Social Services.   Lutheran Social Services organizations in your area may offer Thanksgiving meal assistance. You can search for their contact information online.

Muslim Community Centers and Mosques.  Some Muslim community centers and mosques engage in charitable activities during Thanksgiving. The Muslim community is one of the most generous communities.  Helping, regardless of your faith. Reach out to local Muslim organizations to inquire about their programs.

Presbyterian Church (USA).  The Presbyterian Church often engages in community outreach and may provide Thanksgiving meals or food baskets. Find a Presbyterian church near you and contact them for details.

United Methodist Church.  Some United Methodist Churches and affiliated organizations participate in Thanksgiving meal programs. Contact your local United Methodist Church or check their website for details.

In Conclusion

These organizations work diligently to ensure that those in need can experience the joy and warmth of the holiday season, offering a variety of assistance from food and clothing to toys and gifts. Their commitment to ensuring no one goes without a holiday meal is truly a blessing.

Through collaboration, dedication, and the generosity of donors and volunteers, these organizations make the holiday season a time of warmth, unity, and gratitude for all.

As we approach the holiday season, let us not forget the importance of giving back to our communities and supporting these organizations in their mission to spread joy and alleviate hunger.

Whether through donations, volunteering, or simply spreading the word about their efforts, we can all make Alabama’s Thanksgiving and Christmas a celebration for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

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