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Los Angeles Church Assistance Programs.  Churches in Los Angeles and surrounding areas provide emergency financial assistance.  There are struggling families that need financial help to care for their families.  Church programs help to struggle Los Angeles County families with basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and education.

There is help available and many organizations are set up not to help you people a bring them to self-sufficiency.  If you live in Los Angeles there are many church assistance programs that can help you get back to your feet. Below are some of the churches that provide these services.

Los Angeles Church Assistance Programs

First AME Church

First African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest church found in Los Angeles founded by African Americans. In 1872, it’s founder Biddy Mason had the vision to build a ministry that addresses the whole person. Today it has grown to several dozen incorporated ministries and about 19,000 members. This ministry provides services to help individuals and families remain healthy and stable.

  • Legal clinics – Free Legal clinics are run by law students and attorneys help with evictions, housing issues, immigration, and other legal problems.
  • Medical clinicFree clinics provide for basic health needs.
  • Counseling – For a small fee of $20, you can receive family counseling, stress management, depression, child, adolescent and anxiety and other types of counseling that address mental health. For more information, contact them below.  (more)

First AME Church
2248 S. Hobart Ave.
Los Angeles California, 90018
(323) 735-1251)

 United Methodist Women Church

United Methodist Women Church,  (UMWC),  is the largest faith-based women’s charity organization in California.  The organization has 800,000 members and it continues to grow.  This institution partners with the Center for Asian Pacific Families.  They provide safe, temporary housing for women and children from Asian & the Pacific Island fleeing domestic violence. Through this service, families are given a place to escape the physical torture back at home.

Women are taught technical skills that can help them gain independence and confidence to pursue their lives.  UMWC also works closely with PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) institute to provide transitional shelter and employment opportunities, which are specifically geared towards the veteran community. This helps them to transition back into society after serving in the army, and begin their journey towards self-independence.

Likewise, the United Methodist Women Church supports UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) students who are facing food-insecurity with free weekday meals. The beneficiaries are not only provided with food for their nourishment, but also other necessities such as toiletry-bags and small pocket money that they need for their daily campus life.  If you are interested in getting help give them a call.  (more)

1913 Purdue Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

St Vincent De Paul Catholic Church

This Los-Angeles (LA) based Catholic Church states it is  ‘Committed to ending poverty.’ They help the community by providing emergency financing, counseling, food & clothing to the disadvantaged in society. This charity opens its door to the poor, regardless of their race, gender, social status or religion.  Currently, Catholic Charities works with more than 2,500 volunteers spread across Los Angeles to support the poor in society.

In addition, they provide help with rent payments, furniture & appliances as temporary emergency housing for the homeless.  They have partnered with the Cardinal Manning Center (CMC) in the Skid Row region of LA.  They offer free and comprehensive rehabilitation services for adult men facing homelessness. Some of the benefits provided under this partnership include,

  • Education
  • Safe provisional housing
  • Job training
  • Healthcare assistance
  • Intensive care for personal needs

To qualify for the men’s housing program, you must first apply through St Vincent De Paul Parish. as the project’s main sponsor, or directly to Cardinal Manning Center (CMC). As your application is being reviewed, you must also attend a compulsory Orientation Session.  Register to ask about the assistance available by calling them on 323-224-6287.

St Vincent De Paul Catholic Church
621 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90007

 Dolores Mission Church

Dolores is a Jesuit Catholic religious center dedicated to serving the residents of East Los Angeles with quality charity programs. Found in 1 n the institution works closely with other members of the community to support residents who are struggling.  The Dolores team works to provide scholarship funding to underserved students in the area.  Their goal is to respond to people’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational needs of the community.

For instance, in partnership with Safeguard the Children office which is part of the Los Angeles diocese.  They provide support, training, education, and funding for child abuse. While also providing free rehabilitation services to kids who may have been affected.

Moreover, as part of their Protecting God’s Children initiative, parents are taught how to detect signs of assault on their children.  To sign up for any of their programs, you need to call them first at 323-881-0039 which is the Parish’s official phone contacts.

Dolores Mission Church
171 South Gless Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army is one of the most active faith-based charity ministries in Los Angeles.  They help less-fortunate individuals in the society with a variety of free assistance programs for food, healthcare and rent payment among others. Some of the common help include the following.

Food Programs – The institution has partnered with various other non-profits in LA to provide largescale distribution of food to local communities. They serve fresh meals and distribute groceries to residents.  and they also provide food baskets during special holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Financial assistance – Working together with the city’s Family Services Department, the Salvation Army provides financial help throughout the year for expenses.  They give assistance with utility bills, school supplies and job training & fairs for the unemployed. The church provides needy children with gifts, toys, clothes, decorated Christmas trees and food.

Youth Support Programs –  The organization supports local youth initiatives aimed at fostering talent and leadership skills.  The church has multiple programs that encourage young people to make positive life choices. and become productive members of society.

Veteran Assistance Services – The LA Salvation Army church is dedicated to helping veterans with their daily necessities, like shelter, job opportunities, and supportive services to them. They also offer substance-abuse rehabilitation and counseling services.

Health & Medical Care – The institution also provides various healthcare services for free to the residents of Los Angeles. They have dental clinic programs and provide free health check-ups for diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and hypertension.  They also provide treatment for patients living with HIV/AIDS.  If you want to seek any of the above assistance from LA’s Salvation Army, feel free to call them through their numbers at (213) 381-3747.  Los Angeles Locations

Fame Corporations

Fame Corporations is a group of faith-based organizations and nonprofit agencies, working together to provide basic needs support to the community.  Additionally, the organization has more than 20yrs experience bringing support to the residents of Los Angeles. They provide free health & nutrition services, housing, transportation programs, skills development.

The Immediate Needs Transportation Program (INTP),  helps low-income residents by providing bus fare. Through this plan, they give about 96,000 free bus tokens and another 8,000 taxi vouchers to city residents. This gives the participants the ability to go to a doctor’s appointment, job interviews, etc.

In addition, Fame Corporations has a program that teaches the dangers of tobacco smoke, and secondary smoke.   To summarize, there are various Church assistance initiatives in Los Angeles that provide free financial, social and medical help to residents.  (more info.)

Fame Corporation
1968 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018

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