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Are you looking for the first month’s rent and security deposit assistance?  Many government programs, non-profit organizations, churches, and community action groups can help with the first month’s security deposit on rent and utility payments.  Continue reading to see how Catholic Charites, The Salvation Army, and other church charities and community organizations can help with payments or deposits on new apartments and utilities.

Where to Get Help with Security Deposits

1. Emergency Security Deposit Help for Rent

The ERAP offers housing assistance to government agencies to pay the utility and rent of low-income individuals and families.  If you meet the eligibility criteria and funds are available, you can receive help.

The government also provides funding to Tribally Designated Housing entities, Tribal governments, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, and government entities. They offer cash grants to qualified renters, utility providers, and landlords. You can get emergency help with rental arrears or if you cannot afford your deposits.

You will need a current lease to be eligible for help with rent payments.  Security deposit assistance is available for mobile homes, houses, apartments, or similar accommodations.  Your household income eligibility amount will vary based on where you live—this helps when you are homeless or about to lose your home. You can visit the emergency assistance website or dial (202) 622-2000 to inquire about this rent assistance program.

2.  Charites that Help with First Month Security Deposits

Many local government relief programs are available to support low-income families. However, they cannot get the benefits.  Contact your local city hall to inquire about the security deposit assistance programs. You can call 211 to find community organizations in your city that help.  The organization will connect you to your local security deposit assistance programs.

In addition, contact charities, including Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army, and St.Vincents de Paul Additionally, you can contact your local chapter of  The US Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

They help low-income families with safe housing. Also, you can get rent assistance or a security deposit. You can get rent assistance or a security deposit. Some will cover your utility and other expenses. However, they focus on low-income families and individuals, and you will have to qualify for such assistance.

St. Vincent de Paul

All requests for help with a security deposit or rental service must be verified through St. Vincent DePaul or a local church. They help qualifying low-income, working poor, and homeless individuals with the security deposit to get new housing. This support will pay for the first month’s rent, transportation, utility deposits, and security.

The applicants will not pay themselves. However, the landlord or utility company is paid directly by St. Vincent de Paul. Many locations require individuals who receive financial assistance to help pay the money back over time when possible.

Security deposit assistance programs will be available to formerly homeless, evicted, or new renters, helping deliver the cost of a condo or new home. The United Way is the clearinghouse for information, offering free referrals.

Salvation Army

If The Salvation Army in your area has money available, they will help with part of all the money necessary, depending on the amount. They have to ensure most people who need help can be serviced.  Assistance with paying deposits will also be offered for previously homeless individuals moving out of shelters or into transitional housing.    

This is typically available as long as the families have met any goals set while living in this short-term housing. The funds are offered to individuals who require additional support before establishing new housing.

In addition to helping with deposits, individuals may work with a case manager to guide them to develop employment skills, education on child-rearing skills, and more.  Contact the nearest Salvation Army branch if you need assistance paying a security deposit. People who have been evicted lost their homes.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities will provide some financial assistance. Call the Church affiliate near you. The help available at the locality includes help paying rent security deposits, preventing evictions, and housing on low incomes.

Some local sites will have volunteers who will assist with moving, which will go on top of any deposit assistance. If even that is available, the social workers at the sites will be making determinations about any financial help based on an individual basis.

3. Rental Assistance Program (RAP)

RAP is a supported program designed to assist low-income families. You can get assistance when your household income is low. You cannot afford safe and decent housing.

However, you can choose your housing type, including townhouses, apartments, or single-family homes. The fund comes from the DOH or Department of Housing, and DOH agents will distribute the funds among low-income families based on income criteria.

You can visit the Department of Housing website to inquire about certificates and funding amounts. You can find a house where the owner can rent you based on the certificate.

However, the rental units will have to meet some standard quality and safety decided by the State of Connecticut. The certificate will grant you an amount, and you will have to pay the rest more than the defined assistance.  Please call 1-844-864-8328 for further assistance.

4. Santa Cruz Security Deposit Program

You can use many programs if you live in Santa Cruz under Housing Authority. It administers these programs to assist low-income eligible families and individuals with housing relief and late fees. But they pay a portion of rental security deposits. You can check the income limit for your household and apply if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Before applying for security deposit assistance, with this program, first, you must find a rental unit. Otherwise, you cannot process your application. Choose a suitable housing unit and then fill out the form for assistance. You can visit the website or call (831) 454-9455 ext 321 to inquire about this program.

When filling out the application form, you must enter your income, assets, and similar information. There is no application fee. Also, you will have to provide documents to prove your income.

You must submit your proof if you want to process your application. However, they will process this application on a first-come, first-served basis. Dial (831)454-5977 if you have queries about the application, documents, and submission.

5. Security Deposit Guarantee Program

You can also benefit from the Security Deposit Guarantee Program. However, the program will provide a guarantee of two months’ rent. It will offer a warranty instead of making an actual payment. It will guarantee your rent if you have a signed agreement.

The program can pay your rental deposit in whole or part. You can get this assistance if you cause any damage to the apartment or move out of it. However, the landlord must claim it within forty-five days after you move out.

When seeking help, you will have to provide the name and address of the tenant, the landlord, and the reason for the claim. However, the processing will take four to six weeks. You can send all the above data to and wait for a response.

6. Finally Home Security Deposit Program

The Finally Home Security Deposit Program assists those families and individuals moving to permanent housing. You can get a one-time payment of up to $2,500. It gives priority to the families and individuals with the greatest need. However, it works with partner agencies, and you must submit your application form through partner agencies.

Families or individuals moving into rental units within Santa Clara can get these benefits when experiencing homelessness. The maximum household income must not exceed eighty percent of the area median income of Santa Clara County to qualify for this program.

7.  Security Deposit Assistance Guarantee

You can qualify for this benefit if you have a steady income and a decent credit score. It is available as insurance and purchased to cover your security deposit. It can cost a fraction of the cost and manage your security deposit. Also, it will cover all the house repair costs and make the rent affordable.

You can consider this benefit when your landlord prefers monthly income instead of a cash deposit. Since many companies offer security deposit guarantees, you can shop and find the best deal. Know more about the security deposit guarantees, research available options, and find the best fi.

8. Security Deposit Assistance Program

SDAP (Security Deposit Assistance Program) provides funds to eligible individuals and households. They can get financial support to deal with emergencies. They can receive security assistance in homelessness prevention. In addition, qualified applicants can secure permanent rental housing using this program.

You can visit the website and inquire about the eligibility requirements. However, the program helps low-income families in affording rental housing units. Visit the website, know the requirements, and fill out the application form. You can also call (605) 773-4247 to inquire how to get assistance.

9. Non-Profit Organizations

In addition to all the above programs, you can get security deposit assistance from non-profit organizations. Some organizations provide funding to low-income individuals and families with financial hardships.  You can also receive help with utility deposits and past-due rent. Besides, you benefit for t this eviction prevention program from federal and local organizations.

These are Modest Needs and Net Wish. Visit these websites and receive funds when going through a difficult situation.  These non-profit organizations can rescue you with security deposit assistance and other emergencies. Eligible applicants must be moderate to very low-income to receive help.

10.  The United Way

The United Way doesn’t physically give money but can direct you to programs in your community that can help you with bills, like rent, security deposits, utilities, home repairs, etc.  To contact them, call 2-1-1 or go to their website and locate your city and state to get help.


When you need help getting into a new apartment, rented house, or deposit to get your utility service turned on, the agencies above can give you a hand.  You can receive help when funding is available and meet the family income requirements to apply and receive assistance. It may take trying two or even three organizations before you can get help, so be patient.  Make sure to have all necessary documents to prove your financial situation, your identity, and that you are a resident of the state you are applying for help.


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