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Jewish Association Interest-Free Loans. These loans help people of all faiths struggling financially.  You do not have to be Jewish to receive help.  The mission of this non-profit is to help others become self-sufficient through no-interest loans. Jewish Free Loan Association has branches all across the United States and abroad.  Find out how to get help with loans for medical bills, unexpected financial emergencies,  moving, rent, or security deposits for utility rent.  Also, loans to purchase vehicles or old car repairs.

Jewish Interest-Free Loans

JFLA believes in the bible principle of not charging interest for loans, food or clothes, or anything else. “Not to charge interest on the loans you make to a fellow Israelite.”  Deuteronomy 23:19.  That is why this Jewish association gives interest-free loans.  The organizers have extended that principle to include all people of all faiths.

Another aspect of the organization is to help the Jewish community, which we will address in another post.  This organization provides 1,200 interest-free loans a year, and 99% of the loans are repaid.  There are, however, organizations within the foundation solely dedicated to serving Jewish communities.  Many Jewish foundations offer interest-free loans throughout the United States.  You can find them listed and the end of this post.

A Loan vs. Charity

I agree that many people are in a position where they need charity.  Thank goodness for organizations that offer this help, with bills, food, clothes, Christmas toys for children, etc.  However, a loan is different than a charity.   A loan allows a person to take care of a need, and they repay the lender.  This brings dignity and promotes the feeling of self-sufficiency.

The Jewish Foundation provides interest-free loans to help with education, medical bills, rent, mortgage, car repairs.  If you have a legitimate need and the fund is available, you can get an interest-free loan from this organization.   (More info.)

You can be denied help from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) for earning 14 cents over the government’s Poverty Guidelines.  This foundation helps those who have a need but may not be eligible for government assistance.

How to Qualify for Jewish Interest-Free Loans

You qualify if you are:

  • Over 18 years old and have an income and can prove a legitimate need.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or of legal status to be in the country.
  • You must live county where you are applying for assistance.
  • You must have two people willing to cosign for your loan.
  • Businesses must not be non-profit and prove the existence of your business.

How to Apply for an Interest-Free Loan

  • To be considered interest-free, you must fill out a pre-loan application that will require you to do several things. You need to produce people who will co-sign for your loan—one for under $1000, two for over $1000. Cosigners may live in the state you apply and be over 25 years old and have established credit.
  • Have an interview with a loan officer.  Complete an application form and a promissory note stating how the loan will be repaid and the interest rate and take the co-signers statement to approve.
  • Have co-signers complete and sign the c-signer agreement and original installment note.
    Mail-in and application and other documents and the application will be processed in seven-to-ten days.
  • If you are approved, you will be issued a check to pick up or have mailed to you.
  • You have 30 to 45 days to begin making installment payments to repay the loan.

Must-have Documents

  • A Social Security Card
  • Proof of stable income
  • Proof of how the loan will be used
  • Have a Current Driver’s License or ID
  • Proof of where you rent or have a mortgage

Loan Types Include

  • Green Loans – Make energy-saving upgrades to homes or businesses.
  • Student Loans  – For undergraduate, graduate, technical, vocational, and trade school education.
  • Resettlement Loans – For the resettlement of hundreds of emigres.
  • Small Business Loans – helps established businesses.  Must have a business plan, cash flow charts.
  • Home Healthcare Loans – Get help with nursing care.
  • In Vitro Fertilization Loans – For families having difficulty conceiving.
  • Children with Special Needs – For children who need specialized equipment and medical care.
  • Women and Children in Crisis  – Helps women in family abuse with transportation, job training, transportation, furniture.

Jewish Association Interest-Free Loans

Here is a list of the Jewish organization that offers interest-free loans.  All of the agencies below offer loans to people regardless of religion, race, or country of origin.  A cosigner with established credit must accompany all loans, and you must sign a promissory note and agree to a repayment schedule.

Hebrew Association of Tucson (520) 297.5360

The IAJFL Home Office Los Angeles 323) 761-8830.
Jewish Family Service of San Diego, Turk Family Center (858) 637-3000.
Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Francisco (415) 546-9902

Jewish Interest-Free Loan of Colorado (303) 759-0841

Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service Boca Raton, FL (561) 852-3334
Hebrew Free Loan Association of South Florida, Inc. Miami, FL (305) 933-1187
HFL of Palm Beach County West Palm Beach, FL (561) 242-6642

Jewish Community Alliance Portland, ME 207-772-1959

Maryland and District of Columbia
Hebrew Free Loan Association of Baltimore (410) 843-7536 for an application
Hebrew Association of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD (301)770-4836.

Hebrew Free Loan Association of Greater Springfield (413)736-6573

Hebrew Free Loan of Metropolitan Detroit and Wayne County Bloomfield Hills, MI (248) 723-8184
Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids (616) 942-5553

Jewish Family & Children’s Service Minnetonka, MN (952)546-0616

The Jewish Federation of St. Louis operates Jewish Loan Association. (314) 432-0020

New Jersey
Jewish Family Service of MetroWest Florham Park, NJ (973)765-9050
Paterson Hebrew Association Fair Lawn, NJ 201-791-8395

New York
Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association, Getzville, NY (716) 204-1133
Hebrew Free Loan Society (212)687-0188.

North Carolina
Jewish Educational Loan Fund provides coverage to NC and Georgia.

Jewish Federation of Cincinnati (513) 985-1500
Hebrew Free Loan Association of Cleveland Beachwood, OH (216) 378-9042

Hebrew Association of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA (412)422-8868 or (412)422-8740

Rhode Island
Hebrew Free Loan Association of Providence Providence, RI (401)331-3081

Hebrew Free Loans of Austin Austin, Texas (512) 677-4352
Tarrant County Hebrew Association. Fort Worth, TX (817) 569-0898
Hebrew Free Loan Association of Greater Houston and Harris County Houston, TX (713) 667-9336
Association of San Antonio San Antonio, TX Bexar County (210)736-4352

Joseph & Evelyn Rosenblatt Free Loan Fund Salt Lake City, UT (801)746-4334

Hebrew Free Loan Association of Seattle Seattle, WA 206-722-1936 and 206-722-0310

Milwaukee Jewish Free Loan Association Milwaukee, WI

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