Free Baby Diapers for Low-Income Families

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Free Baby diapers help low-income families with babies and toddlers.  Unfortunately like everything else, diapers have gotten very expensive.  It can be a struggle, to keep your little one in Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, or whatever brand you use.  According to the National Diaper Bank Network, “5 million babies and toddlers live in low-income families.  I in 3 families struggle with diaper need.”

Fortunately, there are programs that help low-income families keep their babies clean, dry, and comfortable.  If you are a single mother it is even more difficult.  Thank goodness, there are many,  community organizations. Let’s look and see where to get free help with diapers in your town.

Where to Get Free Baby Diapers

New parents face many expenses, but the most dreaded one is the diapers expense, as it’s very frustrating to spend a lot on something that will eventually be thrown away. It’s expensive since, on average, a baby uses six to ten diapers in a day, translating to approximately three thousand diapers the first year alone. To save on that cost, the following are some sources where you can outsource baby diapers for free.

The National Diaper Bank Network

NDBN, The National Diaper Bank Network is an organization that exists to safeguard access to dry and clean diapers for all babies. The NDBN works to support community-based diaper banks, and according to their website, the network in 206 alone gave over 52 million diapers.

If you are a low-income family in need of diapers, you can check out their website, where you will be connected with someone who informs you if you qualify for free diapers and how to have them delivered in your area. The National Diaper Bank Network scans your area for food pantries and churches that have access to free diapers.

Food Banks and Pantries

Food banks and pantries receive diapers and baby supplies which are donated by the National Diaper Network.  So if you need food and go to your local food bank don’t forget to ask for help with diapers, wipes, or baby food.  If they do not have any, ask for a referral to another food bank that can help you.

Free Diaper Samples

Most baby diaper companies release free samples to customers and offer free coupons to loyal customers to use them for purchases on discounted diapers. Mostly, discount coupons on diapers purchases are equal to free diapers since you get more diapers at a very affordable cost. The discount implies that you save on the cost that would have been used to buy it at the entire price.

Receiving free diapers from companies to try out their brand is not a long-term saving strategy, but you get enough diapers to carry you through a week or so. Since every little saving bit is essential, why not try the following popular diaper firms to see if they could send you diaper coupons:


The GoodNite brand sells diapers for children translating from diapers to “big kid” underwear. When you register for membership, you become eligible to be rewarded with coupons for money off GoodNites products. To enjoy more bonuses, visit their site for more information.

Luvs Diapers

The company doesn’t have a rewards program, but they share coupons on their website. Those coupons are for money off of diaper purchases for their clients. They also avail sweepstakes contests where some contests provide a giveaway for a year’s supply of diapers which allows you to save a lot of dollars.


This diaper company provides a reward program, too, where signing up allows you to earn pampers points in several ways. Those points can be used to acquire coupons for cash off diapers purchases. The points can also be used to buy other items.

One way to gain points is through buying Pampers diapers and scanning the points code found on the package using your phone. For every code scanned, you’ll earn several points. For regular Pampers diaper users, that is a great way to gather money towards free diapers.

Huggies Company

Huggies company has a fantastic reward program that allows you to get free diapers. However, you have to sign up to join this program where you will earn points through:

* Sharing on social media programs like Twitter and Facebook
* Reading articles
* Taking surveys

After gathering some points, you are allowed to redeem them for use as gift cards and secure some free diapers. You can also use the points to acquire other products as well.

Check at your Hospital and Doctor’s Office

Baby Diaper companies mainly send out free samples to hospitals. When in need of free diapers, connect with your hospital to check if diaper samples are available for needy people. Hospitals have many free baby samples and baby freebies, so it is essential to enquire about free baby stuff they can give you while asking about diaper samples. Hospitals send home new moms with bags full of baby stuff as a congratulatory gift for delivery.

Doctor’s offices are also other spaces that easily get free diaper samples as company representatives try to lure their affection to promote or recommend their products. Doctors consecutively have free diapers to dish out to their patients. Thus, you can easily secure free diapers by simply requesting them. Doctor’s offices will mostly give away free samples as they have insufficient space to store the pieces.

Local Community Free Baby Diapers

As babies proliferate, one diaper size may fit them today, but it might be too small the following day. It only means some parents may have partial packs of diapers that fail to fit their babies anymore. As they no longer need these diapers, they are happy to pass them along to parents with younger babies who might make use of them.

Great places to obtain such free diapers in your local community are Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. A simple search for “diapers” yields a lot of places in your community where you can obtain such diapers. You might be lucky to find some cheap or free diapers which you can pick up. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if free diapers are available. The fact that you don’t see them posted doesn’t always mean that no one has a pack or two in their closet they are willing to dish out.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie allows you to get paid for your opinion. It is a survey company with over three million members. To join Survey Junkie, you have to complete a member profile used by the company to match you with surveys based on your interests and likes. Every complete survey earns you points. Joining Survey Junkie is easy and free.

Points earned can be used to get gift cards to popular stores. Some store choices you have with Survey Junkie are Target and Amazon, where you are free to use the gift cards to purchase diapers. Another option is converting your points to cash which gets transferred into your PayPal account.

Take Surveys for Free Diapers

The cool thing with earning points through completing tasks and surveys is that you can do it during your spare time. Signing up with the survey companies helps you get free diapers and other stuff.

Baby Registries

Another exciting method to obtain free baby diapers is getting them in boxes full of other free baby stuff. Such free baby boxes are given to new parents or expectant mothers after signing up for baby registries. Registering for such allows you to get boxes of goodies you might need for your baby. It’s an excellent strategy to build up your stockpile of baby stuff.

If you are expectant or have a newborn baby, check out the free baby box offer to receive free welcome gifts. Baby offers are always available with details on how you can obtain them, with each free baby box showing how to sign up and qualify for it.

Every baby box contains freebies with contents frequently changing. However, most include diaper samples, which allow you to try out popular brands of diapers. Some items included in the baby boxes are lotion, nursing pads, clothes, free baby wipes, pacifiers, blankets, and others. Baby boxes are a great way to get free diapers and a whole lot of other free samples.

Sign up for Amazon Family

Amazon Family is a great reward program from Amazon, which is a program that can give you free diapers via serious discounts. Signing up as a member of Amazon Family guarantees you expert advice and a discount on purchases. You are given a 15% discount on baby registration completion. You’re also offered up to 20% off family and baby products and many more offers.


Bringing up a child is expensive, but you can use the methods above to cut down the cost. It helps you create a robust financial future. Securing free diapers is a cost-cutting method, but you can also find other creative techniques to save cash on these necessities of raising your child for the first two years.

Cloth diapers have been used for generations.  With the popularity and convenience of disposable diapers, many moms do not use cloth diapers that are more work, but reusable.  Cloth diapers have gone a long way as well.  Consider keeping a supply of cloth diapers for those times when you can not afford to dish our $30 for a package of baby diapers.

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