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Are you a single mother or veteran who needs help with car repairs?  Some organizations offer car repair assistance and free grants to low-income car owners.  Some churches help with grants.  Repairs are expensive, and if you don’t have good credit or savings, car repairs can be devastating.  Having a working, reliable car is not a luxury but a necessity.  But now you know you have options.   Below you will find charities and other organizations that provide the help you get back on the road.

11 Organizations that Help with Free Car Repairs

The Lift Garage

This non-profit auto repair shop helps low-income Minnesotans and those living at or below the poverty line.  If you live in the state and need help, go to For more information, you must verify your income before receiving repairs.  If you are on WIC, TANF, SNAP SSI, etc., provide proof when you receive help.  (612) 866-5840,


This is a county program that helps you get back to work.  Go to the county Workforce office.  They will know about transportation grant programs, free used cars, etc.  If you are in a work-study program, job training, re-entry program, or finished a vocational training program.   In Pennsylvania, the Workforce offers an $8,000 grant to buy a car or $1000 to repair a car.   New Jersey has a program to help women to get to work.    More info

Women to Work

Very often, women are the sole providers for their families.  Women to Work provides stepping stones to help women become more self-sufficient.  They assist with childcare, clothes closet, employment opportunities, scholarships, and transportation assistance.  If you are a working woman and need assistance, call us today at 412-742-4362.

Career Connection

Career Connection in  New Jersey offers transportation grants to get to work and discount automobile insurance to eligible drivers.  This program may be in Career Connection locations in other states as well.  However, it is up to you to determine if your state offers a transportation grant; go to Career Connection in your county to find out more information.  more

NHTSA | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

One way to get your vehicle repaired for free is to check with NHTSA.  Here you can find out if your car’s problem is related to a recall on the car.  Go to the website, click ‘recalls,” and enter the VIN of the vehicle.  If your car is listed,  take it to the dealership to be fixed for free.  If you have a used car go to Was, a Recalled Car Fixed?  to find out more about doing that.

Consumer Assistance Program (CAP)

In an attempt to improve California’s air quality, CAP will help California residents who qualify financially with a grant to help make repairs to vehicles that do not meet vehicle emissions standards.   Repairs are limited to Star test and repair stations.

To be eligible, your care must be 1996 or newer and can receive up to $1,200 toward repairing emissions.  If your care is between 1976  and 1995, you can receive up to $900 to help you pass a Smog Check inspection.  Apply here

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program

If you are a resident of Arizona and low-income, you may qualify for a grant for emission repairs on your car.   You must be registered in Maricopa or Pima County for at least 12 months.  If approved, you may be eligible for $500 and up to $1000, depending on your vehicle’s year and makeup. 

The vehicle owner must contribute the first $150 as a co-pay.   If you have failed an emission test and your vehicle is 12 years or older, contact the emissions tester to find out how to apply.  When approved, locate an ADEQ approved repair facility to make your repairs.   Call 520-628-5395

 Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC)

JARC is a government program that can help fix your car.  One of the qualifications for receiving help is you must live in a rural area or an area where there is no public transportation.   You may be eligible for assistance with repairs and even used tires.  As with all such amazing programs, funding is limited, and you must qualify financially.  more information  

The CARpenter’s Garage

The Carpenter’s Garage is a federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit auto repair shop in Vancouver, WA.  Their mission is to display the compassion of Christ by directly helping their community. However, car repairs are not free but greatly reduced, which is the next best thing.  They have repaired over 15,000 cars at reduced labor costs to help families in need. 360-882-7755.  More info.

United Methodist Chuch

In many locations, the United Methodist Church will fix your car.  This ministry helps struggling families and individuals return their cars to good working order.  As a Christian ministry, they understand how losing your transportation can lead to disaster for disadvantaged families.  Please contact a church in your state to find out how to get help—more info.

Veteran’s Administration

If you are a veteran with a service-related injury, you can get help to buy a specialized vehicle or purchase equipment to make your car handicapped-friendly.  You can get up to a one-time  $21,488.29 grant to purchase a specialized vehicle or equipment.

You are qualified if you lose limbs or loss the use of one or more limbs, vision 20/200, ALS, ankylosis in permanent loss of use, of 1 or both feet, severe burn injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ankylosis in knees or hips. More info.

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