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Utility Assistance Programs – North Carolina

North Carolina Utility Assistance. Suppose you live in North Carolina and need financial help with home energy bills. In that case, agencies like the government, charities, churches, and community action groups have specific helpful programs. Low income households, individuals, the elderly, the disabled, and even the unemployed can receive emergency financial help.

North Carolina Assistance Programs that Help with Bills

Get help with paying your bills from the government and charities-backed assistance programs. Additionally, nonprofits and utility companies can provide support in paying bills. Below are charities, government, and utility companies offering payment assistance programs. Also, you get to know the specifics and contact numbers of the sources.

1. Emergency Assistance

Low-income living in North Carolina or even in Virginia experiencing financial difficulties might be eligible for financial assistance to pay for utilities, mortgages, rent, and housing. Also, the programs are available for low-income individuals, the elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed.

The best way is to contact your local community action groups and ask for financial help through the available emergency assistance program. Apart from that, there is emergency help with rental payments for eligible applicants.

Tenants inching towards eviction, veterans, single others, and the unemployed can apply for funds or grant money from charities. Click here to learn more about North Carolina emergency assistance programs.

2. North Carolina Utility Assistance – Energy Bill Conservation Program

This company provides various services and resources that provide financial assistance to the elderly, low-income, and other qualified families or individuals. Some benefits for eligible persons include sealing air leaks, attic insulation, installing the extra floor, caulking, and using energy-efficient light bulbs.

Moreover, the North Carolina office performs tune-ups and repairs for heating and cooling systems.  There are different types of weatherization and energy programs available in North Carolina.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the programs or are eligible to receive help, you can call the Office of Economic Opportunity, North Carolina, at (919) 715-5850. You can call or visit your community action agency.

3. Piedmont Natural Gas

Another assistance program goes in the name of Share the Warmth. Piedmont Natural Gas offers the program to low income families and individuals that can turn to concerned authorities for help. Nonprofit agencies and charities use customer donations and business funds to provide financial aid.

Additionally, there are cash grants for low-income families and individuals struggling to make ends meet. Besides, they might be using wood, kerosene, electricity, heating oil, propane, natural gas, and coal. So, they are in great need of financial help.

Suppose you want to grab the opportunity and seek financial help. In that case, you can get ahead and contact Crisis Assistance Ministry at 704-371-3001. You can also contact your local community action agency or government social services agency. Click here to learn more about assistance programs from Piedmont Natural Gas.

4. Dominion or PSNC Energy

Another program that offers the deprived ones a particular program is the Heat Care Fund. This intuitive program allows eligible candidates to get direct financial help through cash grants. These are for people who are struggling to pay their heating bills.

And it doesn’t matter what fuel they use at their homes. The Salvation Army manages the money collected and used in the Heat Care Fund. The oppressed people receive those grants and funds through your local Salvation Army agency.

Other than the fund mentioned above, they partner with local social service organizations. That way, PSNC Energy offers several referral programs that help pay for gas and other utility bills.

The company may direct certain low-income applicants in the region to federal government programs like LIHEAP. To learn more about the assistance programs, click here. Call (877) 776-2427 and ask for help.

5. Mecklenburg County Crisis Assistance Ministry

The Crisis Assistance Ministry is a nonprofit organization. They partner with the United Way, local churches, religious communities, gas and electric utility companies, and other agencies in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

They work together to resolve issues with deprived people by providing them with financial assistance through utility bills, food, and other basic needs. With a private-public collaboration, Mecklenburg County and United Way provide the necessary funds.

These funds are for eligible households. If you need help with bills, connect with them by calling 704-371-3000 and learn how to apply for the grant.

6. Dominion North Carolina Power

Dominion North Carolina Power operates a particular program called EnergyShare. It is a fuel assistance program that helps pay utility bills like home heating bills. Also, they pay for the expenses of individuals and families who are in great need of financial need.

This assistance is for those living in the company’s service area. The EnergyShare program helps pay for the heating sources. These include wood, electricity, kerosene, natural gas, and heating oil.

Grants are available for all who face financial hardships from unexpected crises such as family problems or unemployment. The payment goes directly to the energy companies or the vendors on whose behalf the help came. Eligible customers can receive help with utility payments.

Where Can I Get Utility Bill Assistance In North Carolina

Visit your local community action agency to learn more about the program and how to apply. Or else, you can ask for help by calling 866-366-4357. Moreover, Dominion North Carolina Power establishes payment plans for qualified people facing hardship.

The long and short-term programs provide more time to pay electric bills and saves you from disconnection from the services. Although several conditions need attention, this is the most crucial when paying your utility bills.

7. Duke Energy Utility Assistance

Duke Energy offers you several assistance programs like Share the Warmth. It is a specialized heating bill assistance program funded by Duke Power customers, Duke Energy shareholders, and local businesses. You can use the crisis or emergency funds from Share the Warmth to pay energy costs and other costs.

The best way to make the most out of the program is to contact a participating community action agency near you. However, another service called Fan Heat Relief Program provides free fans to the elderly who live in the territory.

Lastly, a Cooling Assistance Program focuses on assisting individuals during the summer season to pay for air conditioning and cooling bills. To learn more about the program, check the link here. Or, you may call 1-800-777-9898.

The grants you receive from Cape Hatteras Electric help you pay for health care expenses, free food, clothing, rent, shelter, and other humane requirements. The grant limit is $1000 per applicant per year. To learn more or apply, call 800-454-5616 or 252-995-5616.

11. Albermarle Electric Membership Corporation.

This program receives emergency funds from the so-called Operation Round Up. Besides, the program gets funds through customer donations. Apart from that, financial aid could be available for families and individuals who live in the service area.

You can use the grant for other purposes other than paying utility bills. Some examples of individual requests for help include emergency medical care, cooling and heating system repair, or even wheelchair purchase.  Knowing a program in detail is essential to get a complete idea about its benefits. Hence, to understand how to apply for the program, call 1-800-215-9915.

In Conclusion

Now that we have listed several programs that can help you as a North Carolina resident, please contact the above agencies to get help.