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Free Pet Food for Low-Income Families

How to Find a Pet Food Pantry Near Me.  If you have been looking for ways to feed your pet during this difficult time, you should know many organizations offer free food for your companion. Organizations that help with pets include local churches, animal shelters, and government agencies.

You can find pet food banks and pantries all across the United States. These food banks are essential in helping pet parents feed their cats and dogs for free. These organizations are helpful because they understand a pet is a part of the family. It is essential to ensure pets do not go hungry due to a lack of funds to purchase their food.

Why Free Pet Food?

Pets are often the only comfort seniors, and the homeless have to ward off loneliness.  Family pets help with the mental well-being of the elderly and homeless.

Low-income seniors and displaced adults already struggle to feed themselves. When they can not afford pet food, they share their food with their animals. Providing free food cuts down on their food through social programs like meals on wheels and SNAP.

Food prices have been rising because of the economic downfall due to the pandemic. As a result, it is more difficult for low-income earners to afford sufficient food for their cats and dogs. This guide also looks at where you can find pet food pantries near you if you are a low-income earner and finding it hard to feed your pets.

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Meals on wheels not only help feed elderly the elderly. They also help feed their pets.    Call your local Meals on Wheels to see if they sponsor food assistance programs in your area. You can also call The Humane Society to list local pet food pantries.

Food prices have been rising because of the economic downfall due to the pandemic. As a result, it is more difficult for low-income earners to afford sufficient food for their cats and dogs. This guide also looks at where you can find pet food pantries near you if you are a low-income earner and finding it hard to feed your pets.

What is a Pet Food Pantry?

Pet pantries are programs geared toward providing nutrition to pets owned by low-income earners. Most of the time, you will find that these pets will go hungry because of the financial situation at home. The family does not have enough money to take care of the pet’s food.

Following such instances, the pets are abandoned or given to rescue centers, breaking the family bond. The pet pantries’ main aim is to ensure that does not happen, and the family stays together with their pets even if they cannot afford food. The pantry program offers free pet food to such families and keeps the family intact.

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How to Find a Pet Food Pantry Near Me?

As a low-income earner, your best bet to feed your animals is to look for pantries. But where will you find these organizations? You can Search “pet food pantry near me” to find such organizations. However, this guide contains prominent food pantries in the United States to secure free pet food.


Alabama SPCA’s Pet Pantry – the pet pantry is found in West Alabama and provides low-income earners with cat or dog food for free. You will get two weeks supply of pet food once you visit.    (205) 440-3647

Animal Friends Humane Society – this pantry delivers pet food monthly to the recipients. You can benefit from this program if you are a low-income family with fewer funds to buy pet food.   Call 256-351-2347


Anchorage ASPCA – found in Anchorage municipality, this pantry can offer free food to your family or friend.   Head over there and go through the entire process to get help.   Phone (907) 562-1092

Alaska Equine Rescue – this food pantry is near the Eagle River area and will aid horse owners who cannot feed their horses. The organization will provide grain or hay to feed your horses.   1-888-LUV-HORS (588-4677)


Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry is a free pet food organization in Arizona that helps families unable to feed their pets. The organization offers diverse types of pet food to keep your friend healthy. 888-679-1109

Lost Our Home Pet Foundation – the pet food pantry offers families free dog food. They make sure your pet is not given up to rescue organizations or abandoned.   602-230-4357


Faulkner County SPCA is a non-profit organization that takes care of pets. You probably have no money to buy pet food if your pet is ill. Visit this organization to secure pet food for your friend. Call 501-470-9049

Northeast Arkansas for Animals – Get free dog food from this organization rather than simply abandoning the pet because you cannot afford to buy them food. Call them or visit their page on Facebook at   870-932-1955


Bakersfield Pet Food Pantry – the free pet food organization, offers low-income families pet food if they cannot buy pet food for their friends. You can visit their website or call +1 661-369-1222

Bessie’s Bowl Pet Food Pantry ensures all Californian pets have full bellies and do not go hungry just because the owners do not have sufficient funds.  1 209-283-1412


Animal Haus – this pet pantry looks at keeping the pets at home with their families rather than giving them up to rescue centers. The organization relies on donations from well-wishers to support the Colorado pets completion.   Call 720-505-4287.

Cat care society – if you are looking for an organization that will take good care of your cat in pet food and other things. They offer pet food to families that cannot feed their pets—phone number 303-239-9680.


The Connecticut Humane Society has a food bank for pet owners who cannot afford food for their animals because of financial difficulties. They provide short-term assistance with food. If you need help, fill out their application. Locations:  Locations:  Newington, 701 Russell Road, Newington, CT, Waterford, 169 Old Colchester Road, Quaker Hill, CT, Westport, 455 Post Road East, Westport, CT. Call 800-452-0114.

Star Relief and Pet Assistance – It is heartbreaking when pet owners have to surrender an animal because they can not care for them. Star Relief provides full assistance to  STARelief and Pet Assistance to low-income individuals, the homeless with pets, seniors U.S. Military, etc. P.O. Box 3035, Stamford, CT 06905. Phone: 203-636-0971.


Delaware SPCA – If you need assistance, you can walk in to get help. You can pick up food once a month. 455 Stanton Christiana Road, Newark, DE 19713. Phone: (302) 998-2281

Brandywine Valley Spca – Offers drive-through services.


Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry – this church pantry also offers free pet food for families that find it hard feeding their pets. You can visit the church pantry in Florida for free pet food. 727-365-7810

Esca Rosa Coalition on the Homeless – fast, free food for your pet in this food pantry.  Call 850-207-1698


Georgia SPOT Society -A non-profit whose mission is to reduce the number of pets surrendered and euthanized each year. Providing free food services is one way they help keep pet-owers; call 404-584–7768.

Douglas County Humane Society – Provide temporary pet food assistance.


Hawaii Island Humane Society  -Provides food to low-income residents of Hawaii County to encourage pet retention.  78-6767 Mamalahoa Hwy Holualoa, HI 96725, Main: 808-329-1175.

The Pet Kōkua Outreach Center – This pet resource is located in Waipahu. For more info, please call 356-2222 or email


Idaho Humane Society assists individuals and families, seniors, Meals on Wheels deliveries to homebound seniors and Meals on Wheels participants, and animal welfare groups. 4775 Dorman St., Boise, ID 83705.  (208) 342-3508.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry –  3890 W. State St., Boise, Idaho 83703,, (208) 333-1460.


Animal Welfare League – is a full-service facility dedicated to bettering pets’ lives. The organization takes care of pets’ health and terms of food. Secure free food from this pantry whenever you need help with your pet. Phone 773-667-0088

Best Buddies Pet Pantry is another organization that organizes free food pantries for families that cannot feed their family friends. If you are in Illinois and want free food for your pet, you can check out this organization. (219) 728-1401


Bound Fur Life Foundation offers free pet food to families unable to feed their pets adequately. The best part about this organization is that it can also help with veterinary costs. To find more information call 316-880-1120.

CAART Pet Food Pantry is a resourceful pet food pantry in Kansas. Any family that cannot feed their pet properly in Kansas can visit this organization and get assistance. Visit their website at   785-925-3678


Cascades Humane Society – a non-profit offering free pet food for your pets. Call 517-787-PETS.

Genesse County Humane Society – this pet food pantry is available in Michigan to ensure no pet goes without food just because the owners cannot afford it. Visit this pantry and get help for your pets.   810-744-0511


Gallatin Valley Food Bank – found in Montana is this food bank that also offers pet foods to families that cannot afford food for their pets. Check out the organization Call +1 406-586-7600

The human society of Western Montana is another food bank where you can find pet food at no cost. Check out the organization,  or call 406-549-3934


Carson Valley Community Food Closet – found in Nevada is this food bank. If you cannot feed your pet in Nevada, you can reach out to this organization at 775-782-3711 or visit.

Douglas County Animal Services – the organization takes care of pets and offers pet food to low-income families. Call 775-782-9061 or veterinarian Services to find out more information.

New York

Collide/Graffiti Church – the food pantry organization takes care of your pet to ensure it does not starve.  For more information, call 212-473-0044 ext 17.

Country Kids Food Pantry, Inc – is a popular pet food pantry in New York where you can get help with pet food for your family or friend call 845-496-2119.


Bear Creek Community Church Food Pantry

This food pantry in Texas offers free food for your pets. If you cannot feed your cat or dog, reach out to this community for assistance. Find them via 972-257-0206.

DFW Humane Society  – The free food pantry gives your animal friend free food if you cannot afford to buy it. Call 972-254-3265 for the way forward.

Pet Food Pantry in Washington

Ballard Food Bank – the food bank in Washington takes care of your pets’ food if you are unable. Visit the organization to receive free food for your animal friend. Do not let them starve just because you have no money to buy their food which is expensive.  206-789-7800.

Central Kitsap Food Bank – the food bank collects food from PAWS and distributes it to pet owners that cannot easily get pet food. Call 360-692-9818.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has drastically impacted the global economy, affecting cat and dog food prices. Many pet owners struggle to feed their pets, which is where these food pantries come in. They offer free dog and cat food to pet owners that cannot buy it. Take advantage of these pantries and avoid killing your friend of starvation.