Financial Help for Low-Income Families

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Low-income financial assistance can include help from many different organizations. Many governments and secular assistance programs offer help with heat assistance, utilities, home repair grants, food support, and general assistance for low-income families.  Recessions come and go, but these resources help needy families survive life’s storms.

The government sponsors programs that help citizens who have been hit the hardest financially. These programs help prevent emergencies and eviction, disconnection of utilities, and provide food, shelter, and individual and family counseling. If you need any of these services, continue to read to locate the help you need.

What Churches Help with Bills?

Central and local churches distribute financial assistance to the community from government and private organizations. Below, these churches help with rent and utilities. These benefits are always based on the availability of funding. Each church has a yearly budget, and you must go somewhere else to get help when the finances run out. They will provide a list of other organizations that can help you.

What Kind of Assistance is Available to Help Low-Income Families?

The programs below help struggling families with bills. If funding is available and you qualify financially, you can get help.

Free Dental Care

Going to the dentist is not a privilege; it is necessary for your physical health and appearance. Some doctors and dentists donate their time and skills to treat those who do not have dental insurance. You and your family can see a dentist for free or as little as a $20 fee. Please look at these resources on free dental clinics.

Free Help with Winter Heating Bills

Winter heating bills can get very high, depending on the season’s harshness. Many lower-income families struggle to maintain heating and cooling bills.  LIHEAP, the Low-Income Heating Assistance Program, helps disadvantaged families with a yearly check of up to $350 to assist with utilities.

Food Pantries

There are food pantries and food banks all across the United States. They help supplement food for struggling families as well as individuals. Catholic Charities helps with bills but usually have an on-site food pantry that services walk-in clients.

If you need help with groceries, contact the United Way at 2-1-1 to find a pantry or food bank near you. You can receive canned goods; some offer meat and household necessities like soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, and pet food.

Security Deposit Assistance

If you have found a new apartment or home to rent, you may need cash assistance with security deposits. Organizations like HUD and even the Department of Social Services help qualified applicants with rent deposits and also utilities. Look for rental assistance programs on for security deposit assistance.

Help for Low-Income Immigrant Services

There is assistance available for qualified immigrants living in the U.S. You may qualify for government benefits such as Medicaid, TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program), if you have been in the US for five years. Priority immigrant services are provided to families with small children and older citizens, who are the most vulnerable.

Help with Daycare

Child care can take up to 50% of your salary, especially if you have one or more children. You may be eligible for childcare if you work and have children under school age.

The challenge is compounded when you are a single mom and do not have a support system.   If you are a single mother needing help to pay for daycare, you may qualify for this resource.

Help with Home Repairs

The Home Weatherization Program for low-income homeowners makes necessary home repairs. Repairs include a variety of upgrades like

faulty water heaters, winterizing doors and windows, patching roofs, or repairing broken or damaged stairs. Many people live in subpar housing because they do not have the money to make costly repairs.

There is help out there for homeowners whose home desperately needs fixing. If you qualify for free home repairs, your property will be assessed, and contractors will come and make your home safe and more energy efficient.

Free Christmas Toys

Do you need toys or other assistance for Christmas? Many Christmas charities help lower-income families.  Some charities and faith-based ministries try to ensure children have a great Christmas. 

These organizations will not only provide a toy for a child, but some also provide warm coats for children and senior persons. If you believe you will need help this year, please check out these organizations that provide free Christmas toys for kids.

Lifeline Assistance Program

The Lifeline Assistance Program provides disadvantaged consumers free cell phones and landline services. When the economy hits you hard, some things have to be adjusted. People often look for alternatives to their expensive cell phone plan plans.

Cutting your plan to the basics may hurt your heart, but the main thing is that you can still keep in touch with people, use your cell phone for job hunting, and connect with your family. If things have gotten to the point that you have to get rid of your cell phone altogether, you may qualify for a Lifeline government phone.

Discount Internet Services

The Lifeline programs have extended their services to discount Internet services and low-cost computers for families with children who qualify financially—computers and the Internet helps students compete with their peers in their study, research, and grades. If you receive government assistance, such as Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, SSI, and other programs, your income is at or below Federal Poverty Guidelines. You may qualify for help.

Home Heating Grants For Low Income

If you want to apply for heat assistance, contact your Department of Social Services or a community action agency. They offer service from both the state and city levels. Funding is limited, and families with children and the elderly get preferential treatment when funding is limited. (More)

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We understand that finding financial assistance can be overwhelming and stressful. Our site provides information on potential programs, eligibility guidelines, and more. Please remember that this information is for guidance only, and we cannot guarantee assistance. For personalized advice and support, we strongly encourage you to consult with financial advisors, legal professionals, or the program providers directly.

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  21. Hi there !! I am a single dad and have full custody of my ten year old son we have rented our home here in lebanon for the past 4 years and 2 months ago my transmission on my car went out leaving me no way to get to marshfield where ive been working at Marshfield care center i had to quit due to no transportation i finally got the car fixed and now a month behind in rent and of course lookingto go back to work now but i hate to make my son loose his home over a month of rent before i get my tax return so close im a cna if there was any way to get help to keep our home for 495 . . for january i would pay it back sign a contract anything i need to do i have never asked for help before and feel like a failure doing so now :( thank you so very much and god bless ?lebanon mo 4172883493

  22. I need help paying rent I have a 11mo. Old daughter and a 12 year old daughter and I got laid off in Feb my unemployment check is only 275 a week my rent is 600 a month please help thank you Scott Christian

    1. Hello, Scott. Please go to the Department of Social Services for additional assistance. When your unemployment ends, if you are still not employed ask for full assistance which is SNAP, WIC for the baby, and Financial Assistance. Check to see if you can apply for LIHEAP assistance for utilities.

  23. I’am a 73 year old senior in need of one time money help. My income is low and fixed. I have congenital defects in both feet. I had to get a new prosthesis for my
    right foot. I was able to get help with that expense. I need orthopedic shoes and the prices are beyond my means. I need some dental care and after rent and must pay bills, there is very little left for extras. I don’t use my heat in the winter
    months so I can pay my gas,water and sewer bill? I don’t qualify for any help. I was hoping to find Grant help of $3500. That would cover shoes,dental care and
    allow me heat for a few months Nebraska is in the deep freeze right now. I really
    need this help. Thank you Patricia

    1. Hello Patricia Squier. Please keep the heat on in your home. Elderly people are more likely to suffer and die from hyperthermia. I suggest you look for help from the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. Also, contact AARP that may know of programs that can help you. AARP

  24. how can you help my friend she in homless .she need a car and a house. her name is nancy has three kids
    my name is octavia santos and i have been helping her but i no longer cant help any phone is 757 358 3114

    1. Hello, Octavia. Please send your friend to the Department of Social Services to see if she qualifies for any type of assistance. If she qualifies for help for her and her children, she has to find her own apartment and the government with help with rent deposits and utility deposits. Also, call The Salvation Army has rooms for women with children. If she can get housing, it will be easier for her to get a job and eventually a car.

  25. It’s been very hard this year for me and my family me as a grandmother I’m struggling on social security and my kids who are adults and has kids is very hard we all live together and is so hard we have no money for Christmas and it hurts that we can’t afford Christmas this year and I’m reaching out for help please help

    1. Hello, Lisa. Contact the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots to see if the children can get a gift. Also, call 2-1-1 to see what Christmas programs are still taking people.

  26. Hello i draw disibilty and have had a lot of things go wrong and health issues and got behind on my mortgage please can i get help to save my home thanks

  27. I am a mother of 4 I have been able to find a job and my power has been shut off. I made arrangements but PGE did not complete it’s part of the arrangement we made. And now they told me I have today the full balance to get my power back on. I can’t afford it is there any program that can help me out ASAP.

    1. Hello, Jontelle. Please search our site for the type of help you are looking for. (rent, utilities, food, etc.) You can also call 2-1-1, which is the United Way to find help in your area. Contact the agencies in the posts.

  28. I want $1500 for my rent ,I don’t have a family right here, because I get some sickness, but every thing is OK ,I can give you $5000 after 12 December 2017, My phone 6787552659, is emergency

  29. It is interesting that these alleged low income assistance programs want you to pay to be linked to a program to help find you financial assistance…what is wrong with this picture the purpose of seeking assistance is because YOU DON’T have the money.

    If anyone can reply back with a reasonable explanation for this I am open if not please direct me to a resource that is legitimate and can offer me the financial assistance I need.

    Discouraged Consumer

    1. Hello, Sharon. If you are looking for assistance please only contact the agencies listed in our articles. Never fill out an application of give personal information over the phone. When you apply for assistance, it should always be done in person. You can call United Way at 2-1-1 for a list of help in your area.

  30. How come there is all these programs that say they will help you with utilities if its an emergency and you have children in the home, yet everytime I call they say they cant help or keep giving me different places that only say the same thing why have all these programs listed saying they will help if none of them will!

    1. Hi, Larissa. It can be frustrating going from place to place to get help. There are so many families needing help, organizations run out of money. Keep in mind money for assistance programs do have a limit. If you need help you just have to do what you need to do to care for your family.

  31. My mother is a single parent and she has tried to get financial assistance in the past because she makes $5000 a month she makes $772 a month with her job the rest is subsidy for my dad’s army retirement , dfs subsidy, and $2100 for social security with the 2 youngest kids we are wondering what she can do to get caught up on bills.

  32. I have two kids. A boy who is 12 and going the 7th grade and a little girl whom is 8 and going in the 3rd grade. I am a single mother and u truly need help with school supplies.

  33. I need help to get a home for me an my 2 babies ,I am separated an have no job,I been in SC for 8 days an need to get a home for my kids as well as a job so u can provide an take care of them,my kids are 18 months old and 4 months old.any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Brandy. Go to the Salvation Army, they have temporary and transitional housing for women with children. Another agency that can help is HUD and Contact the United Way who will give you references to other resources.. Good luck.

  34. I need help for my twins with education. I am only earning member at home and since last 15 years i have been supporting my family and kids. My kids are very bright students and now in 10th standard. My husband is an alcoholic and does not support the family. I look after my mom in law and my kids. I the same process we have been also rescuing dogs and cats for which veterinary doctors help me with medical. My kids education cost for the year is around 3.5laks.

    I have also approached banks for loans but my company is small and is not listed i am unable to get any financial help. I hope if we receive any help, me and my kids will repay back.

    For any more information feel free to write me on

    1. Hello, Snehal. As a parent I know your desires for your children is important, however, our programs, only help those living in the U.S. I pray your find the help you need to educate the children.

  35. I currently make about $608 monthly. I’ve received assistance with heating bill, a little for electric & 1 time assistance with water bill. I do not receive food stamps or have any other financial help. Currently looking for another part time job, but in the meantime are there any programs available to help with temporary food allowances?

  36. I don’t know what to do, I just started a new job that isn’t cutting it financially. My rent, car payment, owed money for health insurance, owed money and other personal expenses are due tomorrow at the latest. I’ve been researching all day and I can’t find any help. I don’t want to lose my apartment but I just can’t make any ends meet. I only have $200 for my bills when they are almost $1,000 and that doesn’t include food and gas. Please help me.

  37. I need help paying my back rent before I get kicked out I have two kids and a fiance that I care for and I work full-time.

    1. Hello Dayton, there are a few place to contact for help. All help is based on your income and put in place to help the very poor. Contact HUD, Catholic Charities, and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. If they have the funds and you qualify, they will help you, if they do not have the funds, they will direct you to other agencies that can help. Good luck.

  38. I just got a 3day notice n I can’t find any help to help me pay it I also have a disable child at home n still can’t find help what to do lights going off n it Christmas n a week imlosdt my job back in October so its been very hard…pas..I need help please

    1. Hello Toccaro, Please contact LIHEAP, also St Paul de Vincent Catholic Church, Catholic Charities and the Crisis Assistance Ministry. Good Luck. PS. Before you do this, Please let your utility company know that you have a disabled child.

  39. I’m a single parent I’m in need of help with paying one bill just a one Time thing that’s all I need I’m a mom of one child living with me in our home and if I can get one bill paid then I will be set I just need help with this and in hopes I can get some help with this
    you can contact me at 616-301-5506

    Thank you very much

  40. I am a mother of 3 kids and I need help with my rental this month. It’s winter time and we might get kicked out please help

    1. Hello Habibo, if you have a Order of Eviction, you can take it to the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities or HUD.They will help you if funds are available. If not, they will lead you to other resources. Good luck.

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