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Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte.  The Crisis Assistance in Mecklenburg County is a one-stop assistance organization.  They provide emergency financial assistance to struggling families in the community. These valuable services help households to prevent eviction, the loss of utilities.

When you qualify, you can receive, help with rent, utilities.  You can also receive free furniture, appliances, clothing, and household items like dishes, sheets, towels, etc.  If you are a stranded traveler can get a bus ticket get back to his home town. Many people in the Mecklenburg County area line up as early Monday – Friday to receive a ticket so they can be seen by a knowledgable caseworker.

How do I get Help?

Once you get in there is a process of determining who needs help first. No, there is not a first come, first served policy but the worst situation, first served policy. What I mean is, if you have already lost your utilities, are about to lose them or have an eviction notice. You may be seen first because just a call from the Crisis Assistance Ministry can stop an eviction or the termination of your lights, gas or water.

Documentation Need to get Help from Crisis Assistance Ministry?

In every situation where you are seeking financial help from an organization, you will need to bring documentation. You will need to bring,

  • A copy of your lease as proof of where you live
  • 4 weeks Pay stubs from your job
  • A picture ID for the adult seeking help
  • A copy of a disconnection notice or eviction papers
  • Proof of income for all living in the home for the past month
  • Social Security documents for everyone in the household
  • Letter from a government organization where you receive help, like unemployment, disability, child support, VA benefits

Prepare for the Wait

The Process of gett Help is Time Intensive. That means if very likely you will be there all day. so to make your experience less stressful, be prepared.  If possible leave the children with friends or the family, Bring books for you and the kids. If you don’t have a sitter, bring everything you need to care for and entertain children.  You have access to free WiFi so bring the charger for the Smartphone and Ipads, etc.

Programs Offered by Crisis Assistance

Crisis Assistance Ministry is a full-service organization that not only helps with bills but clothing, household items, and free furniture. There are two other amazing programs offered by this organization.  One is the furniture Bank and the other is the free store.  Let’s look further.

Free Furniture Bank

A furniture bank is a warehouse of furniture and appliances that have been donated to help disadvantaged families. You can get free furniture for your home.   When you visit with a caseworker let them know if you need furniture.  You will be given a voucher to go to the free furniture warehouse to pick out what you need.  Keep in mind, it will depend on what is available at the time to you.  But you can also put off shopping until what you need is available.   What you can get.  You are responsible for taking your furniture home.

  • Beds
  • Dressers
  • Sofa
  • Lamps
  • Living room chairs
  • Kitchen sets
  • Mattresses
  • Washers
  • Dryers

How to Shop for Furniture

  • Bring photo ID
  • In order to shop, you must get a referral from a caseworker.
  • Wait for the referral to received by the Furniture 3-5 days.
  • You have 90 days to shop and pick out your items.
  • Bring a truck and someone to load your furniture.

How to Get Furniture

  • In order to shop, you must get a referral from a caseworker.
  • Wait for the referral to received by the Furniture 3-5 days.
  • You have 90 days to shop and pick out your items.

Crisis Assistance Store

How excited is it to know that a struggling family can shop for free?  Very exciting indeed.  Many women line up waiting for their turn to get free items for the Crisis Assitance free store.  You must present ID for each member of the family, even if they are not present.  This is because you are allowed a certain about of items for each person in the household.   When shopping you have access to clothing, shoes, books, dishes, sheets, towels and many other items.  Shoppers can register at 9:30 AM.

Crisis Assistance Ministry- Charlotte
500-A Spratt St,
Charlotte, NC 28206,

Crisis Assistance Ministry Furniture Bank
333 Dalton Ave
Charlotte, NC 28206
704-371-3001 ext. 325

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