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Virginia Financial Assistance Programs

Help Virginia Financial Assistance Programs. Low-income families, individuals, the disabled, and even the elderly can receive temporary assistance. There are various types of programs backed by the government, churches, community action groups, and charities that help people struggling with financial problems.

Virginia Financial Assistance Programs

The charities and government provide financial assistance to low-income households for their essential utilities and housing needs. The resources might range from energy bills, medical care, and an education bill to free food. Find out more information on financial assistance programs in Virginia.

1. Energy Assistance Program

The EAP or Energy Assistance Program, Virginia, assists needy households in meeting their home utility needs. Eligible families should have a cooling or heating expense.

The gross monthly income shouldn’t exceed 150% of the federal poverty level. The local social service departments receive applications for cooling, crisis, and fuel assistance from the applicants.

The Energy Assistance Program Virginia consist of four components:

  • Cooling Assistance – Works with cooling equipment and utility bills
  • Help with Fuel Bills – Includes heating fuel costs
  • Emergency Assistance – Includes heating emergencies
  • Assistance – Applies to air filtration and energy efficiency

Because these programs run under the local Department of Social Services, get in touch with them and learn more about them. Alternatively, you can call (800) 552-3431 as well.

2. Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program

The LIHWAP is a federally-backed, temporary program designed to assist low-income families in managing their water and wastewater bills without worries. Because this is a particular program, the tenure is shorter.

Therefore, if you are interested in the program, you can apply for the same because the concerned authority is already accepting applications. It started on October 2022 and will end on 1st September 2023.

However, the program might end if funds exhaust before the said date. The Virginia Department of Social Services administers the program in collaboration with Promise, a technology solutions company.

Who is Eligible for Water Assistance

Households eligible for LIHWAP should have previous outstanding water or wastewater balance. Also, they should have a gross household income at or below 150% of the US federal poverty level.

However, households whose water or wastewater has been disconnected or is at risk of getting disconnected will benefit from the program on a priority basis. To know more about LIHWAP and how to apply, visit their website. Or you can call 888-373-9908.

3. Emergency Assistance Program

This is another intuitive financial program designed to help individuals and families manage financial crises. These programs come in handy for people who are struggling to lead their life in the best way possible because of unavailable resources.

The Emergency Assistance Program or EAP is a government-backed financial help program operated by the local DHR offices. This program provides help when it comes to dealing with short-term emergencies.

Emergency financial assistance is helpful to deprived people who are in great need of resolving their problems. With the grant, they can quickly address their issues and come out of the crisis.

The program’s requirement for needy people includes medical services, mortgages, clothing, transportation, household supplies, utilities, rent, and food. To know more about the Emergency Assistance Program, call (304) 558-0684.

4. WV Works

This is another specialized program backed by the government that provides financial help through grants and cash to needy families and individuals. The program is to provides support to people who are in great distress from their present situation.

For families at risk or economically dependent, this program helps improve their financial condition for the time being. Besides, the program is a part of TANF. This program helps distressed families get job training, become self-supporting, and find suitable employment. Call them at (304) 558-0628 to know more.

5. LIEAP/Low Income Energy Assistance Program

To help families help pay the cost of their utility, heating, and electricity bills, LIEAP is another intuitive scheme that comes in handy in these situations.

The program gives you direct grants or cash payments so that you can clear the outstanding dues. That way, you can save yourself from getting the services disconnected.

Apart from that, the program even makes payments to utility companies on your behalf. On top of that, this program even includes a weatherization service along with crisis management.

Both these services work wonders for households facing a loss of heating sources or without resources. Learn more about the LIEAP program in Virginia here. Or, dial 1-800-642-8589 or (304) 558-0628.

6. Medical Centers and Community Clinics

About a decent percentage of the population living in Virginia uses the services from community clinics to receive low-cost medical assistance. It’s another beautiful program that you can opt for. Check out the information here for free community clinics.

Furthermore, Virginia coordinates medical care for uninsured and underinsured people as well. Many resources provide Medicaid applications, senior care, checkups, medications, and other healthcare to low-income individuals and families who don’t have health insurance.

Moreover, there are centers where you can get dental assistance as well. You can get free or even low-cost services such as checkups, cleanings, and other important things related to dental programs. Click here to learn more about free dental clinics.

7. Child Care Subsidy Program in Virginia

Through this innovative program, eligible applicants can receive financial help and cash grants to pay for childcare costs. With Childcare Subsidy Program, you can attend training or education programs.

Also, you can take up any job that involves full-time engagement. The Childcare Subsidy Program focuses on a family with a child as the center of attraction. This program supports the objective of strengthening families’ goals by obtaining self-sufficiency.

9. Virginia Financial Assistance Programs for Disabled

The state of Virginia and nonprofits provide general relief and resources for individuals with disabilities. Suppose you fall into this category or have someone in your family. In that case, you can get financial help from health care, medications, and SSDI.

In addition, you can access several programs that are good for low-income families, such as LIHEAP. Learn more about the program by clicking here 10.

Financial Help for Senior Citizens in Virginia

The Department of Aging & Elder Services has several centers and offices throughout Virginia. However, the best part is that they have resources for senior citizens struggling to pay specific bills.

The department gets resources from nonprofits while focusing on providing needs to older adults, seniors, or elders. As such, the eligible people receive Medicare applications, legal advice, home healthcare, medical, and food.

To learn about aging and senior financial assistance in Virginia. Or, you can dial 800-924-0088 or 304-242-1800 and learn how to apply for the program.

10. Children with Special Healthcare Needs

The CSHCH, or Children with Special Health Care Needs, provides low-cost or even free health insurance to insurance to children under 19 years of age. It is a government-backed program intended to help children suffering from certain diseases.

These might include chronic medical conditions or symptoms. Children receive medication, transportation, medical care, and many more with this assistance program. For more information, call 1-877-982-2447 or 1-800-642-9704.

11. Golden Mountaineer Discount Card

It is a different kind of discount card for people over 60. This card allows eligible people to save on many items, including prescription drugs, food, and travel. Contact Golden Mountaineer to find other ways to have free healthcare and save a lot on medical bills. Or, call (888) 968-4462 instead.