4 Ways to Legally Get a New Social Security Number

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How to Get a New Social Security Number. You may be surprised to know; you can get a second Social Security number, and it’s legal.  As a matter of fact, you are allowed to have up to three Social Security numbers during your lifetime.  If you are a citizen of the United States, children, as well as adults, are required to have them.   A Social Security number identifies your existence, and is used to confirm and track individuals, it is also used to report income for taxes and retirement benefits purposes. You cannot get another number because you want to get away from bad credit history, but the IRS does allow a change, for certain reasons.  Your second card will be connected with your original number, to make sure all job earning are reflected.

The First Social Security Number

According to the Department of Social Security, John David Sweeney, Jr. was the first person believed to receive a Social Security card.  He did not live long enough to collect his benefits, as he died at the age of 61, but his wife was able to collect his S.S. benefits.  S.S. benefits include Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance.  Social Security number applications were initially issued to employers, who had a specified number of employees.  Applications were collected by the local post offices in 1936.

Why Amish Reject Paying into Social Security

The Amish are mostly exempt from paying into the social security system.  This religious organization does pay taxes but did believe commercial insurance would erode their faith.  Amish, do not rely on outside resources, such as electricity, automobiles, secondary education, etc.  They take a strong stand on the separation of church and state.

They alone are responsible for the care of their families and communities, such as helping a neighbor, feeding and caring for the sick or helping a neighbor build a home or barn.  Today the Amish pay Social Security only if they work for a secular company.  Those who are self-employed, do not pay Social Security, receive benefits or unemployment.

First Reason you can get a Second Social Security Number

  • Sequential numbers assigned to people living in the same household that are causing problems.
  • When you are a victim of identity theft and you experience undue hardship associated with the number.
  • If you are being harassed, the victim of abuse or your life is in danger.
  • If certain numbers in your social security number have negative cultural or religious connotations.  (You must present documentation of your belief from your organization).

How to Get a New Social Security Number

  • To receive a new S.S. number, you must go to the Social Security Office to make your request.
  • You must complete an application.
  • You must provide a written statement requesting a new number indicating and the reasons for you need to change your number.
  • Present proof of citizenship or legal status, year of birth, legal name.

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