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How to get Home Heating Help.  The goal of home heating assistance programs like LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy AssistanceProgram), helps low-income families with fuel, heating oil, and heating bills.  Each year, monies are set aside for assistance with the electric or fuel bills.  These grants are given to the poorest of families who need them.

The Home Energy Assistance Program is provided by the United States Government and provides aid to families in need across the Country. If you are unemployed, work part-time are low-income you may qualify for government help for your heating.

Assistance is given once a year for qualified families. You may be eligible for this assistance if you qualify financially are a citizen of the United States or are a legal resident.

Unsafe Heating Practices are Dangerous

Each year you hear tragic stories about how a whole family dies in a fire, where they were trying to keep warm with kerosene heaters or some other unsafe method of trying to stay warm.

The Home Energy Assistance grant, help low-income families stay warm in winter heating bills. This also applies to warm-weather states. This program relieves financial burdens and saves lives. Each year eliminating the use of fireplaces, stoves, heaters, kerosene stoves to heat a home. Home Weatherization Program.

This program limits the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and accidental fire by overloaded electrical circuits. Making the necessary repairs, will save energy and ensure greater safety for low-income families.

Get Help with Home Heating Help

Federal funds are distributed to individual states to be administered to those in need. They make a payment directly to your utility company or you will receive a check in the first week of February to be used for utility bills.

The program gives assistance by helping with:

•  Bill payment (yearly grant)
•  Energy crisis assistance (to avoid disconnection of services)
•  Weatherization and energy-related home repairs

The time to apply for this assistance is in the Fall. The program provides help on a first-come basis so it is necessary to apply as early as possible before the funding runs out in your state.

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible, for home heating help, your income should not be more than 150 percent of your state’s poverty level. Each state has different criteria for determining your eligibility. You also may receive help, if your family receives any aid from the government.

Speak to your social worker to find out if you are eligible and when you should apply in your state. If you qualify you will receive a fuel assistance check the first week of February.

Household Size and Income Requirements

1 $17,820
2 $24,030
3 $30,240
4 $36,450
5 $42,660
6 $48,870
7 $55,095
8 $61,335

If you have more than 8 in your household add an additional $6,240.

  • If you are unemployed
  • Receive food stamps
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Some Veteran’s Benefits
  • Social Security Insurance (SSI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Women Infants and Children (WIC),

or other government benefits, you may be able to receive help from the energy assistance program, call or contact your local Department of Social Services or The National Energy Assistance Referral Project at 866-674-6327 for questions about eligibility.

Documents Needed to Receive Home Heating Help

•  Proof of address
•  A recent copy of your utility bill
•  Documentation of any federal assistance you are receiving
•  A turn-off notice from your utility company
•  Proof of citizenship or permanent residence

Contact Information

  • Contact your state and territory here.
  • Native American Tribe and Council here.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
HHS, Administration For Children and Families
Office of Community Services, Division of Energy Assistance
Mary E. Switzer Building, 5th Floor West
330 C Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20201
Phone Number: (202) 401-9351

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