Alaska Home Heating & Energy Assistance Programs

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 Alaska’s home heating assistance help residents keep electricity and heat on during the extreme cold of winter.   The cost of electricity, propane, heating oil, and natural gas has increased recently.  So, now more than ever, these programs are essential.

Many people are finding it hard to find ways to pay for their energy bills apart from paying for other necessities like medicine and food. Luckily, heating assistance resources are specifically available to help pay utility bills from the federal government and the state of Alaska. 

Alaska Home Heating Assistance Programs

This post lists several home heating programs intended for low-income families having problems paying their electric and heating bills or facing discontinuation of their electric supply.

1. Heating Assistance Program (HAP)

Otherwise known as HAP, the Heating Assistance Program is designed to safeguard the well-being and promote the general welfare of the population of Alaska with low-income sources by offsetting their home heating cost. The HAP helps homeowners with an income at or below 150% of federal poverty income guidelines.

Also, they should have at least $200 in heating costs yearly apart from other eligible criteria. Therefore, the benefit is a one-time payment to the consumer’s account as a credit sent to the vendor and the homeowner. This program is available to renters and homeowners.

The program began on October first, 2022, and the benefits are planned for delivery from the start of the upcoming year, October first, 2023. Moreover, there will be a hotline to determine the status of applications. Clients have to check the information by using their application Id.

One benefit is allowed per season that starts on October first and ends on September thirtieth of the upcoming year. The last date for applying for heating assistance per season is September thirtieth. And the new benefit starts on October first.  To learn more about the Heating Assistance Program, contact Public Assistance Office.  

2. Low-Income Home Energy Heating Assistance (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Heating Assistance or LIHEAP is a specialized program funded by the federal government that helps low-income households and even senior citizens pay for energy costs. As a result, people can stay warm during the winter season.

And doing so reduces the chances of health risks and other safety issues such as eviction, fire, or illness. The LIHEAP program offers eligible people one or more benefits through the following.

The LIHEAP receives money from the United States Department of Health & Human Services to fund this program. This unique program runs from October first through April thirtieth of every year. In addition, homeowners with disabled or elderly members can apply for the same between September first and April thirtieth.

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All applicants must meet governmental income standards. And applicant is also eligible to receive only one heating assistance every season. However, home heating assistance grants are paid directly to the electric company, not the applicant.

Apart from that, the application can take around 45 days to process. Therefore, applicants must continue paying their utility bills while waiting for a verdict on their application. But there is an exception. If the accounts are overdue and the applicant receives a disconnection notice or is about to exhaust heating fuel, they can apply for emergency processing.

In that case, the applicant must submit a copy of the disconnection notice and the emergency processing application form. To find out how to receive an application, contact the Department of Social Services by calling the toll-free number 1-800-470-3058.

3. Department of Health & Social Services (DHSS)

Other than the two resources mentioned above that help distressed citizens of Alaska relieve their utility bills, there is another one on this list. The DHSS, or Department of Health & Social Services, has different programs that help Alaskans with their utility costs.

Scroll down and view several programs listed on the website. Furthermore, you can click on the provided links to understand more about the programs you may need.

These government programs cover various situations, including help for mothers with young children who need food assistance. If you need help with your utility bills, starting with the Alaska Temporary Assistance Program or the General Relief Assistance Program is good. However, for people with age 65 or even older, the Senior Benefits Program might provide cash benefits of up to $250 every month.

4. Services by Tribal Organizations

Specific households eligible for unique benefits from a tribal organization that administers a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) might not be eligible to receive assistance under the State Heating assistance program.

Besides, some tribal organizations may serve both non-native and native residents. The following organizations offer home energy assistance programs for low-income residents.

  • Association of Village Council Presidents – They work with different tribes to improve self-sufficiency, sovereignty, and way of life by assisting low-income families. To know more about them, call them at 1-800-478-3521 or 1-907-543-7400.  
  • Bristol Bay Native Association – They have several programs to provide educational, cultural, economic, and social opportunities along with other initiatives that benefit the native people and tribes of Bristol Bay.

And that includes home heating assistance as well. So, know more about their program by calling them at 1-800-478-5257 or 1-907-842-5257. Besides, you can visit their official website and learn more about these programs.

  • Tanana Chief’s Conference – They are non-profit organizations that attempt to address the needs of the people of Alaska. For a long time, in terms of socioeconomic development. As such, the tribal communities benefited throughout the region.

 Learn more about the home heating assistance program. Also, you can contact them at 1-800-478-5875 or 1-907-675-4384.  Please look at some of the best regional organizations that help people with energy assistance.

5.  Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority  

They are a primary service provider of different housing projects, especially affordable ones. However, they benefit people with home heating assistance to low-income families as well.

You can call their executives at 1-800-478-5255 or 1-907-443-5256 and get an answer to your queries. Contact the Bering Straits website. 

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6.  Maniilaq Association

 It is another non-profit organization that recognizes twelve tribes backed by the federal government in Northwest Alaska.  This organization manages health and social services and various assistance programs, such as a home heating assistance program.  907-442-7640.

7.  Habitat for Humanity Anchorage

This organization is dedicated to making homeownership possible for the lower-income community.  It has served more than 100 families and has significantly changed the neighborhood.

In short, they are changing their community’s face by transforming Anchorage’s communities. Also, they help the downtrodden get relief from their outstanding utility bills. Learn more about how they operate by visiting the Habitat for Humanity website. Or call at 907-272-0800.

Weatherization Assistance Program

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation funds the Weatherization Assistance Program from the Alaska Community Development Corporation. Plenty of citizens in Alaska have received home weatherization free of cost.

They have made their homes healthy, safe, and energy-efficient. Weatherization can add many years of life to the houses in Alaska that experience extreme arctic climates.

In addition, home heating assistance provides energy consumption benefits and saves homeowners on their heating bills. This heat assistance program is available to both renters and homeowners throughout Alaska.

Besides, the eligibility is determined by the applicant’s household size and combined income. 

Kenaitze Indian Tribe

Because heating a home in Alaska can be super expensive during the winter, the energy-assisted programs from Kenaitze Indian Tribe offer financial support to people with low-income sources. Contact 907-335-7600.