Free Government Phones for Low-Income

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Best Free Government Cell Phone Plans.  A free government phone with the internet can make a great difference in the life of a disadvantaged family.

Now you can get a free smartphone and free monthly minutes.  Lifeline Assistance and Linkup assistance programs have been helping low-income families and individuals gain affordable phone service since 1985.

The upgraded program now offers smartphones and includes major companies like Safelink Wireless, QLink Wireless, and Assurance. 

The availability of cell phone service gives the poor access to all the benefits associated with being able to communicate with the outside world.

The free cell phone program was created to help low-income families with discounted land-line services, such as paying the installation fees and a bill discount.


Today the program includes cell phone service. A cell phone is a necessity in the fast-pasted world we live in.  Lifeline is financed by the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF).

The USF provides free and discount phone services to families and schools, libraries, rural and urban areas, and low-cost, high-speed Internet.

Who Qualifies for a Lifeline Free Government Phone?

You may wonder if you are eligible for this free cell phone plan.  You may qualify if your gross monthly or yearly income is at or below 350% of the Federal Poverty Guideline or if you receive assistance from a government agency.

You may be eligible for a free cell phone plan, even if you work but are still considered low-income.   Many families have Mothers and Fathers working one or even two jobs to meet ends.  It is especially great to know consumers like this can be helped.

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Eligibility Requirements

You may qualify for this program if you receive assistance, such as

The process of applying for the free government phone program is very easy.  Once you choose a provider,  go to their website to apply.   You can also apply by phone or download and fax the application to the company. 

You will receive a cell phone, free minutes, and all the provider’s benefits if approved.  Each year, you must re-certify your financial status to continue the program.

 Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies

There are dozens of new cell phone providers throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Territories.  The plans vary slightly from company to company, and some charge a small fee for phones and services.

All provide phones, text messaging, 3-way calling, caller ID, Voice Mail, and a phone charger.  You are only allowed one phone per family unit.  A family is considered anyone who lives together in one location.

These are some of the Top Phone Provider

Free Q Link Phones for Low Income Families

You Must Provide Proof of Eligibility

This free government phone benefit has been a tremendous help to millions of people. However, there has been a lot of fraud and waste associated with the program.

Every application must be submitted with income proof and government assistance program enrollment.

Documents you Need when Applying for a Lifeline Phone

  • A Statements from:
  • Department of Social Services
  • Veteran’s Administration
  • Social Security Benefits
  • A current Federal Tax Return
  • A letter from Unemployment/Workman’s Compensation
  • A payroll statement or current check stubs from your job

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Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies

Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies.  A free government phone can make a great difference in the life of a disadvantaged family.  Without a phone, people feel cut off and lonely.

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  1. I need help. I have been trying to get a free Government cell phone, getting nowhere. What do I need to do? I am ha dipped. On Medicaid, Medicare and husky. My email Please help me. I have been trying too long. Thank you

  2. I’m just trying to get free cell phone and service .everytime I feel out the application it tells me my address is right but my unit and lot are wrong and its not. so I would like to try safelink or something else besides qlink .

  3. I didn’t realize that some people could qualify for a free government phone. It’s good to know that you might qualify if your yearly income is below 350% of the federal poverty guideline, like you said. That could be a great resource for a lot of people. It is important to have a phone these days.

  4. Ive been trying to get approval with safelink for. Over a month. I send documents get a conformation, then when I call to get update customer service tells me they didn’t receive anything, can u help me

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