Rent Assistance for Single Mothers

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Single Mothers Rent Assistance.   Many single mothers occasionally need help to prevent eviction.  The Salvation Army and other church assistance programs can be a one-stop resource for many of your needs.  As a single mom, your kids are the most critical things in the world.

Many federal, charity, and community programs are available if you are struggling financially.  These programs are designed to prevent homelessness and instability in the family.  Let’s look at some of the tools that are available to you.   If you are a single mother in danger of eviction, you can get help, and the Salvation Army can help.

Programs that Help Single Mothers Pay Rent

The following programs work to support the family and help you become self-sufficient and stand on your own.  Once screened, parents are directed to other services to help their family.   When you go for assistance, they are committed to preventing homelessness for families and single parents.  Their goal is to help people retain dignity and stability.

They provide the tools needed to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.  The Salvation Army is well-known for collecting money with red kettle Christmas volunteers during the holiday.  This organization offers a wealth of support both in the United States and Internationally.

1.  Salvation Army Rent assistance

If you need emergency help paying rent or utilities, the Salvation can probably assist you if you qualify financially.  When you apply for service, a caseworker will also attempt to identify other issues you may have.  The Salvation Army provides domestic abuse assistance, addiction issues,  and other crisis.

They can refer you to the help you need to restore stability to your family.  They also run emergency shelters, transitional living quarters, and group homes if you have already lost your home.

2.  The Salvation Army Emergency Housing

The Salvation Army also works with the government and other agencies to distribute finances and services.  Emergency shelters, group homes, and transitional living give adults and families temporary housing.  You will receive help with bills to help you address any other family needs.

That would include food banks, clothing, education counseling, addressing health issues, and vocational training and referral resources for further assistance if you need rent assistance in Charlotte, NC, and check this out.

Free Government Child Care Assistance

3.  Government Housing Assistance Programs

All three programs help low-income single moms pay much of the rent, depending on their income needs.  Section 8 Housing can include apartments, public government housing, or private homes.  Tax Credit Housing Communities are not as readily available.

Housing assistance programs make rental properties available for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled.  Public housing would include single-family houses to high-rise apartments.

4.  Rural Housing Assistance

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) offers Rural Rental Assistance to help low-income renters develop apartments.  Rural Rental Housing and Farm Labor Housing project owners can apply for help.  Contact your state’s Rural Development (RD) office for further information.  For details, go to the website URL.

5.  CoAbode

This non-profit organization will give single moms housing and indirect rental aid by allowing them to pool their expenditures with other single parents.  The organization screens all applicants and matches clients with services.

CoAbode pays some housing costs, such as electricity bills and monthly rent.  This partnership helps moms provide a safe and secure environment for their children and themselves.   Check out this network to get help.

6.   Social Serve

Social Serve can assist you in locating affordable housing options in your area.  This non-profit organization provides job training, life skills counseling, and catastrophe relocation assistance.  Search for a house to rent or buy by state.  If you have any questions, please call 1-877-428-8844 or (704) 334-8722.  You can contact Social Serve at  For further information, go to the website URL.

7.  HUD Public Housing Program

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Public Housing Program assists millions living in low-income apartments and houses.  Check your eligibility at a housing agency (HA) based on income constraints.  Examine the program’s requirements before you apply.  For further information, go to the website.

8.  Program for Housing Counseling and Assistance

The Housing Counseling Assistance Program assists clients facing foreclosure or requiring mortgage counseling.  Learn about renting or purchasing a house, stopping foreclosure, home ownership, and homelessness prevention.  Find a local housing counseling organization (HCA) or contact (800) 569-4287 for free or low-cost housing guidance.  For further information, go to the website URL.

9.  YWCA Temporary Housing for Single Mothers

The YWCA provides racial justice, employment growth, and anti-domestic violence programs to low-income women and single mothers.  Find a YWCA in your area to assist you.  Contact the Washington, D.C. center at (202) 467-0801 or  For further information, go to the website URL.

Organizations that Give Away Free Baby Stuff

10.  Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a non-profit, faith-based organization.  This organization can help single mothers prevent eviction if they are behind on rent.  Catholic Charities will contact the landlord, informing them they are helping you with the rent.

The organization helps pay rent.  You can also get referrals to other agencies for other services.  You can also get bags of groceries to help you feed the family.

11.  FEMA

FEMA assists you in finding a new, affordable home after a disaster.  You may use the FEMA housing portal to look for condominiums, townhomes, mobile homes, single-family houses, and apartments.

Reduce your options by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required and the maximum cost and lease duration.  Call (800) 621-FEMA to inquire about FEMA housing resources.  For further information, go to the website URL.

 Bill Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

Other charities help single mothers struggling to care for their families.   They can help you with rent, utilities,  food assistance, job preparation, parenting classes, and more.  They recognize that our communities are stronger when families receive support to help them maintain stability.  (Single Mom financial assistance programs)

1.  Childcare Assistance

Finally, the Child Care and Development Fund is instrumental in providing low-income families assistance to pay for childcare while a parent or primary caregiver works or attends school.

Furthermore, free childcare assistance helps many disadvantaged adults work and attend school.  The Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) helps low-income families with federal child care assistance.  (Childcare assistance for single mothers.)

2.  Free School Supplies

Free School Supplies – Back-to-school time is one of the favorite times of the year for many parents.  Summer is over, and the kids return to school.  However, every family cannot afford much-needed school supplies.

Free school supplies give children the tools they need to succeed in school.  It can be stressful for families who cannot afford school supplies for their kids.   Some people don’t understand how many families need help.

3.  Churches Assistance Programs

Finally, church assistance programs are well known for their support of the disadvantaged, elder, and people with disabilities.  The concept of these church assistance programs is “demonstrating the love of God through helping the less fortunate.”

If you have never received help, give them a second look.  They can be of service far beyond rent assistance.  (Churches that help with bills)

4.  WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)

WIC is a state-run Nutritional Supplemental program that helps low-income mothers provide nutritional meals for themselves and their children.  They give vouchers for baby food, formula, and healthy food for expecting mothers.   If you are pregnant or have children under the age of five and qualify financially, you can receive help.

  • Pregnant women receive WIC up to 6 weeks after birth.
  • After giving birth – up to six months after giving birth
  • Women Breastfeed until the infant’s first birthday.
  • Infants can receive WIC up to the child’s first year.
  • Children receive WIC until their fifth birthday.

Pamela Lipscomb

We understand that finding financial assistance can be overwhelming and stressful. Our site provides information on potential programs, eligibility guidelines, and more. Please remember that this information is for guidance only, and we cannot guarantee assistance. For personalized advice and support, we strongly encourage you to consult with financial advisors, legal professionals, or the program providers directly.

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  16. I’m a single working mom of 3 I work full time I was Just recently approved for section 8 hud voucher. I let my landlord know I was approved told him I had paperwork if he wanted to fill it out but that we were currently looking to move somewhere else and would give formal notice When we found something. We have no contract no written agreement no receipts for rents paid when I told him I was approved for section 8 he gave me a 7 day eviction notice. I work full time and have 2 teens 1 toddler. I M on every apartment list even looked into the next town which would be out of our way but willing to do if necessary still cannot find A place to rent that is suitable for us. Is there anything I can do to delay a vision at least 30 days

    1. Hello, Tracy. Section 8 knows all the ins and outs of renting. Please contact them to inform them of what is going on and how to move forward. You may also want to speak to someone at Legal Aid.

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  18. I lost my job over a year ago and got behind on my car note, I have been working on repairing my credit so that I can refinance and have lower payments. My car has now been repossessed and I have been working for over 8 months. I need my car to get to and from work for me and my daughter. I only have 10 days to pay the $14,479 to get my car back. Is there anyone that can help

    1. Hello, Iashonna. I am sorry you have lost your job and vehicle. There is no organization that will pay off your car loan. Please, call Goodwill Industries to see if they have a WHEELS TO WORK program. They sell low-interest low payment reliable vehicles for sale.

  19. Hi I lost my job after ten years . I have a masters degree and I’m a single mom of two kids . I am short rent 1000 and it was due and I’m getting evicted if I do not have it by Monday . I have never been in a situation like this . Unemployment has not came and it’s really backed up and I been praying and hoping . I have no one to help me and just need my rent paid for the month and prayers . I am out look g for a job but just need someone to spare me some help once in my life . I have always worked and taken very good care of my kids so this is more than humbling but I’m in need urgently .

    1. Hello, Sheena. I am sorry you have lost your job. I know this can be very stressful. Your ability to receive assistance may be determined by how long you have been out of work, as many of they go by gross family income. I would start at the Department of Social Services, (sorry) I know it is discouraging to have to go there after being self-sufficient for so long. Tell them you need emergency assistance with your rent and electricity. While you have to do this anyway, see if you can get emergency SNAP benefits (Food Stamps) Also contact HUD and the Salvation Army. Ask the DSS for a referral to these agencies. Take IDs for all family members, SS cards, you last three payroll checks, proof of address (electric bill) They will ask if you have a bank account so they can see how much money you have on hand. If you don’t have a bank account, no problem. Good Luck

  20. Well I would just like to express that I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children ages ranging from 15yrs-12months…and one whom is Autistic…..We have literally been homeless for almost 4 yrs. coming up here in November….. I do get a Lil bit of cash aid and Im totally ok with giving it all to rent each month….that is no problem for me…but u can’t even find anything decent in that price range ….decent meaning “habitable” not fancy…SO MY QUESTION IS …..PLEASE WHOMEVER KNOWS OF “REAL”ACTUAL RESOURCES OR ASSISTANCE PLEASE SHARE….THERE HAS TO BE SOMEONE OR SOMETHING WILLING TO OFFER ASSISTANCE TO ME&MY CHILDREN…THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

    1. Hello Gina. I can not imagine the type of stress you are under. It is very hard work getting help, because it is all not given at one place, sometimes funding runs out and you have to qualify financially. Have you tried the Department of Social Services? With children under 18, you should qualify for TANF, WIC, SNAP and your child with disabilities should receive SSI. Please make and appointment with HUD. Families with children with disabilities have preference, for housing. Also, call the Salvation Army as they are very pro-family and many have family housing. Don’t give up! Something will come through for you.

    2. Call hud families they help disability people
      Hope this help .

  21. Dear Friends
    This is remarkable service for the single mothers by The Salvation Army because there are few churches who cares about such needs of the families. There are many families especially the single mothers who are facing financial crisis regarding their children education, clothing , school books, school uniform, food and shelter. Last year i personally launched a campaign to provide toys, shoes and clothes to 50 poor kids some how was succeeded and one of a Christmas program entertained only 15 kids with tean and snacks and new clothes.
    God bless your activities

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