Top Houston Catholic Charities Assistance Programs

By | June 6, 2019

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Houston Catholic Charities Emergency Services.  Catholic Charities in Harris County, and surrounding areas have been serving disadvantaged communities for over 100 years.  They network with other charities to offer a wide range of assistance services to the poor.   They provide assistance with bills and other supportive services. Catholic Charities brings hope to underserved neighborhoods without regard to race, creed or nationality.  If you live in the Houston, Galveston area and need help with bills, immigration service, food or counseling, please contact your local Catholic Charities.

Houston Catholic Charities Assitance Programs

Family Support Services

Family support service includes many basic household needs, including

Seniors and Veterans Services

The most important thing for most seniors is to try to remain self-sufficient.  Houston Catholic Charites does this for example, by providing home visitations to make sure they are in a safe environment and have enough to eat in the home.  Services also include,

  • senior center
  • mental health
  • hot meals
  • health clinics
  • emergency financial help
  • educational activities
  • AIDS and HIV support

Additionally, they provide services such as foster care, help for female veterans, housing, counseling, after adoption services and case management.

Immigration Services

There is always a flow of immigrants coming to the country.   For instance, most need services specifically to meet their needs.  Above all, they need help to navigation our social, educational and legal services.  The Houston location of Catholic Charities provides:

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does Catholic Charities help with an Electric bill?

If you are in danger of having your utilities disconnected, and you qualify, you can have your electric or utility bills paid directly to your utility company.  They will contact your electric company to let them know they are working with you to stop the loss of your electric, heating, and air-conditioning.  Single parents and individuals can get the support they need.

 Does Catholic Charities help with housing?

Yes, if you are facing eviction you can receive help with your rent. They provide eviction prevention along with other services such as free groceries from a pantry, temporary housing, and basic mandatory household needs.

Is Catholic Charities part of the Catholic Church?

Yes, Catholic Charities is founded and run by the Catholic Church, they receive the majority of their funding from state and government agencies and along with donations from business, individuals and are an extension of the welfare system. (more)

If you need assistance or want to volunteer,  call  713.526.4611 or call the United Way at 2-1-1.

Other Houston Texas Locations

North Loop
2707 North Loop West,
Suite 300;
Houston, TX 77008 (need an appointment)

Midtown Location
2900 Louisiana Street,
Houston, Texas 77006

Fort Bend Location
Mamie George Community Center,
1111 Collins Road,
Richmond, Texas 77469

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