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By | October 9, 2017

Need Free Baby Stuff and infant supplies?   It is great to know that you are not alone if you need a little support providing for a new baby.  There are agencies that help low-income families with things like diapers, car seats, cribs, and clothing.  

Babies are expensive and if you have lost your job or are a single parent, it is even more difficult.There are charities, non-profits, religious that lend a hand to expectant and new mothers.

There are also government programs that offer long-term support, like TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ), WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) and Medicaid.   You may qualify for assistance even if you are working.  There is help out there and we will show you where to get it!

Free Baby Stuff

Caring for a newborn is expensive and there are basics they can not do without.   We have listed a number of places you can get help with the most important things you will need for your baby and toddler.  A lot of people are not aware this type of assistance is available, so we wanted to provide you with a list of places that to contact for help.

There are many ways to get free infant supplies for your babies.  You can find help from:

  • Non-profits
  • Religious
  • Hospitals
  • Community and
  • Corporations

It will take a little work because there is usually not one place where you can get everything you need for your child.

Baby2Baby Infant Supplies

Baby2Baby is a network that helps low-income families with children from 0 – 13 years old.  They help with clothing, diapers, and other necessities. Though they are expanding nationally, they presently operate in 20 US states.  Baby2Baby works with 19 partners that distribute help to shelters, hospitals, and Head Start programs.  More info

 Catholic Charities

A religious organization committed to helping under-served communities in the U.S. and abroad.  The offer assistance such a help with bills, counseling, adoption services,  food pantries, foster care and clothing pantries for babies.

At the “Baby and Toddler Pantry”, parents can get free gently used and free baby stuff for children. To receive help:

  • Have a child 5 and under
  • You need to show documentation
  • Be the primary parent or guardian
  • You can visit the pantry once a month and
  • Volunteer on shopping days

Check your local Catholic Charities organization to see if the program is available.

The Salvation Army’s Prenatal Clinic

If you are expecting the Salvation Army has a prenatal clinic offering OB/GYN and standard medical care.  You can choose a group prenatal program or traditional prenatal care.  Clinic services include acute care, family planning, yearly exams, and well-child exams. Contact your local Salvation Army to find out if the program exists in your city.

 Free Infant Supplies Just Pay Shipping and Handling

These companies offer free baby stuff for children.  All you have to do is pick one of the items listed below, check out and pay shipping and handling.  Call the company to check for the current code, because they change from promotion to promotion.

Free Baby Pillow – A nursing pillow makes breastfeeding more comfortable., will send you a free nursing pillow when you pay the shipping and handling fees.  Use the Code “npillow”.  Lullaby Nursing Pillow 

Free Baby Sling –  Using a Baby Sling offers a convenient way to carry your baby around.  It also gives you a free hand when shopping and doing things around the house.  Women from other cultures have carried their babies using this method for centuries.  Use the Code “Name1”.   Seven Everyday Baby Sling

Free Nursing Covers –  A nursing blanket allows you to nurse your baby in public and still offer the privacy you need.  Use Code “Name1”.  Udder Cover Nursing Covers

Free Carseat Canopies –  A Car Canopy helps protect your child from cold winds the sun and the elements.  Order a basic canopy, just pay shipping and handling.  Use “Code Name1”.

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

If you shop and have an active Prime account you can be eligible for free baby stuff for your baby. All you have to do is register using “Jumpstart” and have $10 or more in purchases for their registry. Once you have done this press the “Claim Now” button. You will be notified by email in a few days. The Welcome Box include things chosen by  More information here.

Cribs for Kids

There is nothing sadder than losing a child to preventable death. Cribs for Kids® is an organization that seeks to prevent the death of children.  They help by educating on the benefits of providing a safe sleeping environment for infants. This organization has formed a coalition of partners committed distributing literature and education parents and childcare providers.   Go Here if you are in need of information or a free crib.  They have created safe sleep cribs for infants. 

National Diaper Bank Network

This organization is a resource for parents looking for free diapers for their little ones. The NDBN offers a listing of organizations that offer free diapers in your community. This program exists nationwide and if you need help with diapers, Click Here and enter your State, Zip Code and they type of diapers you are requesting.

Request cloth, disposable, infant, older children or for adults.  If you can not find a free diaper organization in your area, call 2-1-1, which is the United Way and they will be able to help you.

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)

WIC is a state-run provide program helping low-income mothers provide nutritional meals for themselves and children.  They give vouchers for baby food, formula and healthy food for expecting mothers.

If your gross family income is at or below the federal guidelines, you can get help from six months up to 6 years old.Women Infants and Children provide vouchers for baby food, formula and healthy food for expecting mothers.

You can stay in the WIC program, as long as you continue to meet income, medical requirements. Women. Breastfeeding Mothers: You can receive WIC benefits for up to one year after your baby is born. Non-breastfeeding mothers: You can receive WIC benefits for the first six months after your baby is born.

Free Car Seats

Today car seats are mandatory seating for all infants and children. It is one of the first things you need to have in your car when traveling with little ones. It is important to keep children safe while in a car.  There are programs will provide car seats for disadvantaged families.  If you need help installing your car seat, go to your local fire department who will install the car seat for free.

  • Local hospitals.
  • Catholic Charities.
  • Local fire and police may be able to help.
  • Local Safe Kids Coalition – If you have a Safe Kids Colation in your community.
  • Speak to social service working before you leave the hospital with your new baby.

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  1. Pamela Lipscomb

    Hello Megan, please contact the companies int the article Free Baby Stuff to find out how to get help. Also, contact Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army to see if they can help with strollers for the babies. These two charities have thrift stores and may donate one to you. Good luck! Megan!

  2. Megan Makula-payan

    I am in need of diapers for my two baby’s And formula for one of my daughters also I needed a stroller so I was able to get a round with my baby’s I just moved here and I have no one and don’t know where to find help

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