Free Winter Coats for Kids 

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Organizations like Operation Warm provide free winter coats and clothes to low-income children.  Many deserving children need winter clothes like coats, hats, gloves, etc.  These programs help families are not able to provide these necessary items for their kids. When a child wears a coat with a broken zipper or is too small, they do have full protection against the Winter cold.  These programs help children, and some even help seniors and the homeless with coats to keep them warm.

One winter, when I was about 11 years old, I noticed a young boy on his way to school wearing only a sweater. It was bitter cold, and I was bundled with a sweater, coat, hat and gloves, and boots. I could not imagine how that child could be sent out without a coat. These coats are made possible by donations from non-profits, businesses, civic organizations, and individuals.

Free Winter Coats for Kids Programs

Operation Warm

The free Coats for Kids Foundation, located in Alexandria, Va partners with Operation Warm, Inc. to give free winter coats to children from disadvantaged families.  Being able to be warm keeps children healthy and improves self-esteem. You have only to see the smile on the face of a child that has just received a new coat of his or her own!

The free coat program seeks to serve at-risk children all over America. The organization has handed out over 38,000 new winter coats in the last several years. When Coats for Kids Foundation retired, they asked Operation Warm, Inc. to help continue the work. Today the dream continues through Operation Warm.

From 2014 through 2015, they gave out 316,000 throughout the country, including 3,000 in the capital city. Operation Warm runs one of the largest coats for kids programs in the country, distributing new coats nationwide.  Operation Warm is committed to providing quality coats to disadvantaged children. The program is growing, and its customer service is second to none.  To find out more about this program, go to.  Learn more at  800-730-9276

Salvation Army Coats for Kids

Each year the Salvation Army has the campaign to help less fortunate children receive a new or gently used winter coat.  Donations are received from local businesses, churches, and individuals.  The Salvation Army is well known for its free Christmas gift program, soup kitchens, food drives, girls and boy clubs, summer programs, and a place to worship. They also hold winter coat drives for children in need.  Contact your local Salvation Army  (800) 728-7825

Winter Coats for Kids and Families (Non-US)

Coats for Kids and Families in Edmonton, AB, is a United Way program, which began in 1992 in response to disadvantaged individuals and families needing warm coats. Employment is way up, but don’t get too excited. Many of the new jobs are low-paying minimum-wage jobs. Many adults with children have to work two or more jobs just to care for their families.

Wages are not moving increasing for the middle class and low-income families.  Yet, housing and food are steadily climbing. Many kids have to do without when you choose to pay rent or mortgage or buy new winter wear.  The United Way is proud to say that they gave away 5,800 coats in 2014.  The annual coat drive runs from Oct 1, 2015, to Dec 15, 2015. If you are looking for a coat, please call 211 or call 482 – 4636 outside Edmonton to find the depot closest to you.  Contact United Way in your City and state.

Assistance League

Assistance League of Atlanta has a yearly program that donates winter coats to school-aged children in Atlanta Public Schools, DeKalb County, and Fulton County.  Free winter coats for kids make a big difference to families in need.  The initiative cannot be done without individuals, businesses, charities, and community assistance.

Fleece-lined hooded coats are being given to children by a social worker and school nurses in assigned schools.  They distribute winter coats, but Operation School Bell donated school uniforms, clothing, socks, and other things to almost 8,000 kids.  Funding comes from Assistance League’s thrift shop, Attic Treasures.  Assistance League of Atlanta – (770) 458-2038.

West Ebenezer Baptist Church
Athens, GA 30606
(706) 613-9278

Emmanuel Thrift House of Clarke County
Athens, GA 30601
Phone – (706) 543-7047

Assistance League chapters are located all across the United States.  Please check to see if there are a chapter near you and their winter coat drive dates.

Cozy Coats for Kids

This organization gives out coats every year to families in need.  If you need a coat, begin to apply in September.  If approves, your coat/coats will be delivered to you.  (apply)

Start a Winter Coats Drive

Would you like to start a winter coat drive for the disadvantaged in your community?  If you are a community organization, business, school, church, One Warm Coat can help.  ‘One Warm Coat’ helps outreaches create winter coat drives.

Once you register, an ambassador will select an agency to receive coats and make it to your location.  If you would like your organization to be placed on the list, all you have to do is register on their website. One Warm Coat does not distribute coats to individuals, but the registered organization, who in turn will give them away.  877-663-9276.

To qualify, you must:

  • Legally registered as a non-profit organization with the IRS.
  • Have an outreach working with the community
  • Give coats to the needy free and clear of any obligation

New York Cares

65 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10006
(212) 228-5000 |
Apply for a free coat

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