Montana Christmas Help – Toys, Clothes, Food

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Help with Christmas MontanaTo begin with, most of the charities you find in Montana tend to operate seasonal programs free of cost, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a few other events. During this period, you can find everything without charges, such as toys, games, food baskets, holiday meals, and Christmas presents.

However, thousands of people who struggle a lot and low-income families working in Montana get help from specific resources every year. So, whether it is about free Christmas toys, holiday food boxes, or even Thanksgiving dinners, these charitable organizations come to the rescue of poor and unprivileged people.

Montana Salvation Army Help with Christmas  

The first place where you can get Christmas help is from a church. So, get in touch with the churches within your area to find out whether or not they support Christmas assistance programs. Typically, these programs are for low-income groups, the elderly, or even unemployed individuals.

You need proof of identification for all your family members, income proof, proof of expenses, and a list containing what your family might need or want during Christmas. However, it doesn’t matter whether you go to church or not.

Church groups generally accept low-income families and tend to provide them with a few items they need or want. These might include toys, clothing, and certain household goods. So, reach out to your nearest church and find out what they offer.

1. The Salvation Army Holiday Program – Montana

When looking for a great Montana Christmas help program, Salvation Army is what you get. And most of their centers tend to provide help with Christmas during that period. You can get many things from the programs like Adopt a Family to get free Christmas toys.

Also, they include good food, clothes, Christmas toys, Easter baskets, Thanksgiving dinners, and so on. Moreover, there are several Salvation Army locations where they assist kids, the elderly, the unemployed, and low-income families.

2. Salvation Army Help with Christmas, Missoula

Different types of programs are run here. And they include food for free from a pantry, clothes, hygiene products, and so on. You can also have vouchers and unique Christmas programs like Angel Tree.  Children get holiday presents, boots, toys, and many more. Lastly, they serve holiday meals and provide financial help to needy people.  Phone: 406-549-0710.

Angel Tree Program Salvation Army – Billings

3.  Angel Tree provides toys, coats, and candy to disadvantaged children. If you want your child to receive Christmas toys, please register with the Salvation Army.  The program was made possible due to the generosity of donors who provide things such as electronics, tablets, games, and other goods. If you want to participate in the program, ensure your child is under 14.  Phone: 406-245-4659

4.  Annual Christmas Programs Salvation Army – Bozeman

As you know, several programs are run by this specific Christmas church. Small gifts are brought to hospitals and shelters for the ill and sick. Other programs include help with Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, toys for kids, gifts for teens and the elderly, and clothes for low-income families.  Phone: 406-586-5813.

Several locations throughout the state provide free help for oppressed people during the festive season. Also, they have assisted them with a meal, groceries, and other amenities. You can find out about Salvation Army programs in Montana.

5.  Salvation Army Center – Kalispell

In this center, people can apply for two programs to uplift low-income families’ mental conditions during Christmas. And the two programs are Adopt-A-Family and Toy n’ Joy programs.  Phone: 406-257-4357.

Montana Programs that Help with Christmas

In addition, the organizations that help people during the holidays offer other kinds of assistance programs throughout the year. Therefore, you can say that the agencies in Montana operate all year round. But some of them are focused on giving Christmas help through additional support.

If you want to apply for a free toy for your kid can request the same depending on the availability. In addition, you can have Legos, Barbie dolls, board or video games, clothes, sporting equipment, etc.

Moreover, you can get help with rental assistance, utilities, etc. These programs are for low-income families and unemployed people. Here are a few charitable organizations where service with Christmas is readily available for low-income families and unemployed persons.

1.  Toys for Tots – Montana

The US Marine Corps works with volunteers, non-profits, and local charities across the state. The primary purpose is to ensure teenagers and children under 17 get Christmas gifts and toys.

The Toys for Tots program intends to provide new toys free of cost to deprived children during the festive season. And that includes clothes, dolls, trucks, video games, tablets, electronics, games, books, and other items.

However, the gifts distributed to the children depend on what the donor gave to the organization. At Toys for Tots, learn more about the program and how to apply.

2.  Family Services, Inc. 

Apart from all the programs that help low-income families and the unemployed, the Adopt-A-Family program runs during the festive season. Churches, individuals, and businesses can donate necessary aid to someone unemployed or elderly.

Also, the assistance greatly helps a struggling family living in poverty for some time. In addition, the organization provides educational supplies, games, toys, presents, and other gifts to children. And, the older people aren’t left behind because they also receive exciting presents.

Moreover, they provide Christmas and Thanksgiving food baskets for needy families and arrange transportation for those attending.  Phone: 406-259-2269.

3.  Coats for Kids, Inc. 

Montana Christmas help programs now o only help with Christmas but also have programs for the winter season. The Coats for Kids organization depends on the goods donated by churches.

These goods include gloves, hats, boots, and many more. And these items are for the derived children that find it hard to stay warm during the cold weather. The organization helps them with the necessities that help them easily sail through the rough weather.  Phone: 406-752-1522.

4.  United Way Volunteer Center 

Hope for the Holidays, a United Way Volunteer Center program, offers gifts, food baskets, and other items to low-income families. That way, they can provide the same to their children to enjoy this festive season with something compared to nothing.

In addition, anyone can inquire whether or not they can receive holiday meal deliveries. These are exciting ways to make Christmas look more attractive for poor people. However, another non-profit, United Way for Montana, is located in Bozeman.  Phone: 406-752-7266; 406-451-5312

5.  Hope and the Holidays – Montana

The Hope and the Holidays offer their charitable work across Sweetgrass, Park, Madison, Jefferson, Gallatin, and Broadwater countries. And the support is for single mothers, kids, and people in great need.

Individuals and corporations are prominent donors of the program. In addition, they help with Christmas toys for free in the program as well. And they might be for children between ages 0 and 16. Your children should have books, shoes, games, and many more.  Phone: 406-451-5312

6.  Hats and Mittens Project 

This program supports Headstart and elementary school children living in the Flathead Valley region of Montana. Families can receive free turkeys, hams, and other meals during the festive season. The program is intended for local families.  Phone: 406-758-5712

7.  Angel Tree Program by MSU

It is a Christmas help program for the kids and family members of the facility. The program runs in collaboration with groups like the Students Support Service. Click here to learn more about it.  Phone: 406-896-5817.