Mississippi Agencies that Help with Christmas 2024

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Mississippi Charities that Help with Christmas.  Christmas is a beautiful time of the year when family members come together to spend quality time discussing several things that are coming to an end. Apart from spending quality time with your loved ones, exchanging gifts with each other is another norm during this time.

Sadly, not everyone can participate in this festive season and enjoy the beautiful things it carries. For them, there are a few programs that assist them during Christmas. Continue reading the post to learn more about them.

Mississippi Christmas Help Programs

People with low income find it extremely hard to celebrate Christmas. Children, in particular, are the ones who find themselves in a more distressed situation than adults. Thankfully, churches and other organizations understand the hardships and troubles that some people go through during Christmas.

And they come with Christmas help programs to help needy people deal with financially compromising situations. Help residents in Mississippi with Christmas, including holiday food baskets, food, toys, gifts for seniors, and help with rent, utilities, etc.

Here are some charity organizations that help low-income families, the unemployed, and the elderly with food baskets and gifts while providing toys or clothes to children as well. If you live in Mississippi, you can easily take advantage of these programs.

Local Churches that Help with Christmas

There is no denying that local churches play an important role when it comes to assisting with almost every kind of throughout the year. However, they offer their services to low-income families and the unemployed during Christmas.

Apart from food baskets, Christmas gifts, and toys, the local churches in Mississippi working with the government to help low-income families with other facilities. Sometimes, they help pay previous outstanding bills such as electricity, mortgage, and rent.

If you fear disconnection of water or electricity supply or even eviction, you can find help from local churches. They have the authority to disburse government funds to the needy in the community.

When you face similar situations like the ones mentioned above, you can contact the local churches within your area. Get in touch with your nearest Episcopal, Baptist, Word of Faith, or Catholic churches within your community for help.

Lions Club

It is another excellent Mississippi Christmas help program that provides low-income families and the unemployed with Christmas gifts. Also, they give toys and gifts to underprivileged children. That way, the kids can enjoy the festive season with joy.

However, if you want to receive help from Lion’s Club, it is wise to contact your nearest Lion’s Club branch. Remember that you need to apply for assistance one to two months before the festive season begins.

Another important aspect is that people can get help based on the first-come-first-serve process. If you apply for assistance lately, you may not get them. To get help with Christmas in Florida, you should register early.

Do you want to know when to apply for help or anything else? If so, connect with your local Lion’s Club as soon as possible. Find your nearest Lion’s Club.

The Salvation Army

The list of Mississippi charities that help with Christmas for low-income families and the unemployed will not be complete without mentioning the Salvation Army. Salvation Army stands out from other charities when providing happiness to downtrodden people during Christmas.

The Salvation Army provides help with Christmas in almost every community.   And you have probably seen them outside food pantries and soup kitchens.

The purpose of the Salvation Army is to collect and distribute them to low-income families who can’t afford them. Hence, if you are looking for any support during Christmas, Salvation Army can help you immensely.

With the Salvation Army at your service, you are no short of a miracle. And this becomes important, especially for your children, who have every right to enjoy Christmas in a good way.

Let’s straightforwardly understand the programs. Here are the core services that they offer.

1. Angle Tree Program

Plenty of children in Mississippi won’t receive help with Christmas presents without the generosity of volunteers. Every child at Salvation Army who needs Christmas help is called an Angel.

That way, whenever someone visits a retailer, they may choose an Angel. Also, they can adopt them and buy unused, new presents for them. As a result, those people can help make their Christmas better and brighter.

Hundreds and thousands of children in the US need help with Christmas toys and gifts this season because their parents can’t afford them. No wonder emotional and financial stress have burdened Christmas joy for low-income families.

The Mississippi Salvation Army Angel Tree Program provides help with Christmas toys for children between 0 and 12 years of age. The program makes their Christmas more exciting, and they feel happy. Here is the procedure.

  • Anonymous donors pick up their preferred Angel from the provided Angel Tree.
  • They purchase gifts for children.
  • However, they don’t wrap the gifts. Instead, they take the new gifts and return to the center where they received the Angel. Also, they can drop the gifts at the distribution center
  • Besides, the gifts should include the Angel code so that the concerned authority can identify which child should receive them
  • In addition, the donors can include wrapping accessories if they want

2. Toy Drives

Apart from the Angel Tree Program, the Salvation Army also arranges toy drives. As such, people can donate new toys to underprivileged children. That way, kids of all ages enjoy Christmas to the fullest.  In addition, they assist families in emergencies, even at the last minute.

3. Salvation Army Food and Grocery Assistance

The Mississippi Salvation Army provides help with gifts and toys during Christmas. Instead, they also deliver meals to struggling families and help during this Christmas season.  In many locations, including Mississippi, the Salvation Army distribute food to the participating families. You can visit the website to learn more about their social services. Some volunteers are in charge of delivering food throughout the community.

4. Salvation Utility Assistance

To make deprived families enjoy Christmas, the Salvation Army provides help with bills.  The low-income families and the unemployed receive electric and heat assistance that they can’t afford because of some issues.

In addition, they provide shelter to the needy when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees. You can visit the webpage here to learn more about cold weather shelters.

5. Salvation Army Monetary Assistance

The Salvation Army has a unique program that provides monetary assistance. The program gives lifesaving funds whenever disaster strikes. Whether it is about facing hard times, a natural disaster, or even a fire, the Salvation Army is there to help you. For more information, check out the webpage.

6.  Canopy Children’s Solutions

With the help of donors and volunteers, Canopy Children’s Solutions has various ways to give your kids hope and joy during the Christmas season. Holiday traditions are about giving back to society, and Canopy does that in style.

With various programs available in its arsenal, Canopy has been a source of help for many low-income families with Christmas across Mississippi. Every child should have a stocking to enjoy the holidays.

So, they provide them with the essentials that help brighten their festive season. Donors and volunteers supply games, activities, and treats to make families celebrate Christmas most beautifully.  For more information about the program, visit the website.  Here are some items that can help transform the lives of many underprivileged kids.

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Canned goods
  • Board games
  • Luggage and duffle bags
  • Comforter sets
  • Clothing for children aged between 6 and 17
  • Hygiene products
  • Pajama sets
  • Towels, sheet sets, and pillows
  • School supplies
  • Throw blankets

Prison Fellowship Toy Programs

When it comes to helping kids with a poor financial background, most people picture two hard-working parents trying to do everything. Yet, they are falling short in terms of making both ends meet.

But there are kids whose parents serve in jail because of some criminal offense. Because these kids are without a parent, it is crucial to let them know they are not forgotten. The Prison Fellowship aims to show these kids compassion through the Angel Tree program. Hence, it gives hope to children that there is a world where people care about and love them. Learn more about Prison Fellowship by visiting the website.