Assistance Programs Helping Low Income Families

By | October 16, 2015

Need Help? Many people are unaware of many assistance programs, both government, and secular programs that offer free items such as heat assistance, dental care, home repair grants and discount cell phone programs and services to low-income families.

Recessions come and go, but creative and resourceful people will always survive life’s storms. The government has programs that help the citizens who have been hit the hardest financially. These programs help in emergency situations and eviction prevention, disconnection of utilities, as well has provided food, shelter and individual and family counseling. If you need any of these services, continue to read to locate the help you need.

Assistance Programs that Help Families

Free Dental Care

Going to the dentist is not a privilege, it is a necessity for your physical health and appearance. With companies laying off workers and cutting back on work hours, it is hard to keep dental and medical benefits. Do you need to see a dentist?

There are doctors and dentists who donate their time and skills, to treat those who do not dental insurance. You and your family can see a dentist for free or as little as a $20 fee. Please look at these resources on free dental clinics.

Free Help with Winter Heating Bills

No one wants to live in a cold home, yet every year senior freeze to death in their own homes and apartment, because they cannot pay heating bills. Winter heating bills can get very high depending on the harshness of the season. Many lower-income families struggle to maintain heating and cooling bills.

Turning down the thermostat and turning off lights you are not using, can help lower your heating bills, but if that isn’t enough. The LIHEAP

The LIHEAP (Low-Income Heating Assistance Program) helps disadvantaged families with a yearly check of up to $350 to assist with utilities.

Free Help with Daycare

Childcare can take up to 50% of your salary, especially if you have one or more child. If you work and have more than one child under school age, it can be a real challenge to afford childcare.

Many women decided to stay home altogether because the cost of child care takes all or most of their salaries. When there is no benefit for a Mother to work, the choice is often to stay at home mom and live on one salary.

The challenge is doubly compounded when you are a single Mom and do not have the luxury of staying at home. They have no choice but to work and try to survive on one salary to care for their families. If you are a single mother needing help to pay for daycare, you may qualify for this resource: Free Money for Childcare

Free Help with Home Repairs

The Home Weatherization Program helps low-income homeowners make necessary home repairs. Repairs include things like repairing faulty water heaters, winterizing doors, windows, patching roofs or repairing broken or damaged stairs. Many people are living in sub-par housing because they do not have the money to make the costly repairs.

There is help out there for home owners, whose home desperately need fixing. If you quality, for free home repairs, your property will be assessed and contractors will come and make you home safe and more energy efficient.

Free Christmas Toys

Do you need toys or other assistance for Christmas? There are many Christmas charities that help the poor. Many families dread and the pressure it puts on them to participated in this commercial holiday.

It is hard to look in the eyes of a child and tell them, “Santa will not be coming to their house this year.” There are charities and faith-based ministries, that try to make sure children have a great Christmas.

These organizations will not only provide a toy for a child, but some also provide warm coats for children and the elderly. If you believe you will need help this year, please check out these organizations that provide free Christmas toys of kids.

Lifeline Assistance Program

The Lifeline Assistance Program, provides free cell phones and land line services for disadvantaged consumers. When you are hard hit by the economy, there are some things that have to be adjusted. Many times, people look for alternatives to their expensive cell phone plan plans.

Cutting you plan to the basics may hurt your heart, but the main thing is that you can still keep in touch with people, use your cell phone for job hurting and connecting with the family. If things have gotten to the point that you have to get rid of your cell phone altogether, you may qualify for a Lifeline government phones.

Discount Internet Services

The Lifeline programs have extended their services to discount Internet services, and low cost computers for families with children, who qualify financially. Computers and the Internet help students to compete with their peers in study, research and grades. If you receive government assistance, such as Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, SSI and other program, or your income is at or below Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may qualify.

30 thoughts on “Assistance Programs Helping Low Income Families

  1. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Adrian, there are several Christmas programs listed on this site, feel free to look around and contact the agencies listed in the article.

  2. tationia thompson

    In need of help by Friday with 1700 otherwise me and my children ages 3-18 will be homeless

  3. habibo aden

    I am a mother of 3 kids and I need help with my rental this month. It’s winter time and we might get kicked out please help

  4. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Habibo, if you have a Order of Eviction, you can take it to the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities or HUD.They will help you if funds are available. If not, they will lead you to other resources. Good luck.

  5. Carol Miller

    I’m a single parent I’m in need of help with paying one bill just a one Time thing that’s all I need I’m a mom of one child living with me in our home and if I can get one bill paid then I will be set I just need help with this and in hopes I can get some help with this
    you can contact me at 616-301-5506

    Thank you very much

  6. Toccaro Sloan

    I just got a 3day notice n I can’t find any help to help me pay it I also have a disable child at home n still can’t find help what to do lights going off n it Christmas n a week imlosdt my job back in October so its been very hard…pas..I need help please

  7. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Toccaro, Please contact LIHEAP, also St Paul de Vincent Catholic Church, Catholic Charities and the Crisis Assistance Ministry. Good Luck. PS. Before you do this, Please let your utility company know that you have a disabled child.

  8. Dayton Stallsworth

    I need help paying my back rent before I get kicked out I have two kids and a fiance that I care for and I work full-time.

  9. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Dayton, there are a few place to contact for help. All help is based on your income and put in place to help the very poor. Contact HUD, Catholic Charities, and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. If they have the funds and you qualify, they will help you, if they do not have the funds, they will direct you to other agencies that can help. Good luck.

  10. Amanda Jaimeyfield

    I don’t know what to do, I just started a new job that isn’t cutting it financially. My rent, car payment, owed money for health insurance, owed money and other personal expenses are due tomorrow at the latest. I’ve been researching all day and I can’t find any help. I don’t want to lose my apartment but I just can’t make any ends meet. I only have $200 for my bills when they are almost $1,000 and that doesn’t include food and gas. Please help me.

  11. Kay

    I currently make about $608 monthly. I’ve received assistance with heating bill, a little for electric & 1 time assistance with water bill. I do not receive food stamps or have any other financial help. Currently looking for another part time job, but in the meantime are there any programs available to help with temporary food allowances?

  12. Snehal Dighaskar

    I need help for my twins with education. I am only earning member at home and since last 15 years i have been supporting my family and kids. My kids are very bright students and now in 10th standard. My husband is an alcoholic and does not support the family. I look after my mom in law and my kids. I the same process we have been also rescuing dogs and cats for which veterinary doctors help me with medical. My kids education cost for the year is around 3.5laks.

    I have also approached banks for loans but my company is small and is not listed i am unable to get any financial help. I hope if we receive any help, me and my kids will repay back.

    For any more information feel free to write me on [email protected]

  13. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello, Snehal. As a parent I know your desires for your children is important, however, our programs, only help those living in the U.S. I pray your find the help you need to educate the children.

  14. Brandy miller

    I need help to get a home for me an my 2 babies ,I am separated an have no job,I been in SC for 8 days an need to get a home for my kids as well as a job so u can provide an take care of them,my kids are 18 months old and 4 months old.any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Free Financial Post author

    Hello Brandy. Go to the Salvation Army, they have temporary and transitional housing for women with children. Another agency that can help is HUD and Contact the United Way who will give you references to other resources.. Good luck.

  16. Kimberly

    I have two kids. A boy who is 12 and going the 7th grade and a little girl whom is 8 and going in the 3rd grade. I am a single mother and u truly need help with school supplies.

  17. Curtis McKee

    My mother is a single parent and she has tried to get financial assistance in the past because she makes $5000 a month she makes $772 a month with her job the rest is subsidy for my dad’s army retirement , dfs subsidy, and $2100 for social security with the 2 youngest kids we are wondering what she can do to get caught up on bills.

  18. Larissa

    How come there is all these programs that say they will help you with utilities if its an emergency and you have children in the home, yet everytime I call they say they cant help or keep giving me different places that only say the same thing why have all these programs listed saying they will help if none of them will!

  19. Free Financial Post author

    Hi, Larissa. It can be frustrating going from place to place to get help. There are so many families needing help, organizations run out of money. Keep in mind money for assistance programs do have a limit. If you need help you just have to do what you need to do to care for your family.

  20. Sharon Davis

    It is interesting that these alleged low income assistance programs want you to pay to be linked to a program to help find you financial assistance…what is wrong with this picture the purpose of seeking assistance is because YOU DON’T have the money.

    If anyone can reply back with a reasonable explanation for this I am open if not please direct me to a resource that is legitimate and can offer me the financial assistance I need.

    Discouraged Consumer

  21. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Sharon. If you are looking for assistance please only contact the agencies listed in our articles. Never fill out an application of give personal information over the phone. When you apply for assistance, it should always be done in person. You can call United Way at 2-1-1 for a list of help in your area.

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