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Virginia Emergency Home Energy Assistance

Virginia Emergency Help with Utility Bills. The Department of Social Services, Virginia, and Dominion Energy have specific programs to help with home energy bills for the disabled, elderly, low-income families, and even the unemployed. These are grant awards. Besides, the awards are based on the program a person is eligible for.

If you are a resident of Virginia and looking for emergency help on your utility bills, you can apply for these programs and get out of the current situation. Virginia’s utility assistance programs provide financial help with payments, gas, and electric bills, to families that qualify.

The funding is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, the requirements and guidelines for these programs are subject to change. Continue reading the post if you seek emergency financial help for your utility bills.

Emergency Utility Bill Assistance Programs for Low-Income Families in Virginia

Different assistance programs can help you pay for energy and utility bills. These programs are meant for families with low income. Most utility companies in Virginia either have assistance programs or can direct people to grants or government-backed energy bill help programs.

The programs might include free weatherization, payment plans, emergency plans, conservation programs, government resources, and many more. Utility companies help low-income families reconnect their services or keep them on. Get information on where you can get help and who to contact below.

1. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program in Virginia (LIHEAP) comes in four parts: weatherization, cooling assistance, crisis assistance, and fuel assistance. This intuitive program assists families with low-income, disabled, elderly, or even unemployed. The program is helpful for people having difficulties paying their energy bills.

To become eligible for the program, you must be a Virginia resident. Additionally, there should be a need for financial help concerning home energy costs. However, an individual or family member participating in other benefit programs such as TANF, SSI, SNAP, or similar programs automatically meets the requirement.

You can visit the official Energy Assistance page for more information. Also, you can call the concerned authority at 855-635-4370.

2. Appalachian Power Company

This company provides electrical and utility services to thousands of people in Virginia.  If you need help with utility bills, you can receive help through various government programs such as weatherization and LIHEAP.

Apart from that, there are different programs, such as the Dollar Energy Fund. Several emergency financial help programs are available to people for paying bills. Moreover, Appalachian Power offers customers that include both poor and elderly people financial help programs.

How to Find Out More about LIHEAP

You can get more information on various assistance programs for utility bill payments in Virginia when you visit their official website or this page, However, the best way to seek help is by calling the executives at Appalachian Power at 1-800-956-4237.

3. Columbia Gas of Virginia

To begin with, the Columbia Gas of Virginia operates the HeatShare program that is administered by the Salvation Army branch. In that case, your local department will be responsible for further assistance. The program opened on October 3, 2022.

The program will run until September 30, 2023, for the utility services that received a threat of termination or had the services suspended. HeatShare is an emergency assistance program or special fund created to help households quickly pay their utility bills.

This energy company offers you budget billing, government aid applications, and payment plans. Get more details on various programs provided by Columbia Gas of Virginia on their website or by visiting the page here. The maximum grant you can get from the assistance program is around $500. Call 1-800-543-8911.

4. Dominion Virginia Power

This is another remarkable utility assistance program with a unique fan Care program. Through this program, eligible applicants can get free fans. The program provides free fans to low-income and elderly Virginians who live in the Dominion Virginia Power area.

Applicants should be 60 years or above and qualify financially for the program’s benefits. Many community action agencies, charities, and local nonprofits run the program effectively.  Call 1-800-552-3402 and get the same information that you need to know.

How Dominion Provides Emergency Help with Utilities

The heating bill assistance program applies to all kinds of heat sources that applicants might use in their homes. So, you don’t have to worry whether it is electricity, wood, kerosene, oil, or even gas.

Apply at one of the agencies near you for the EnergyShare program, such as the local Salvation Army or the utility company office. Click here to find more information on the agenda. You can reach them at 1-866-366-4357 and learn about the program in detail.

5. Virginia Natural Gas

There are many Virginia programs to help needy people, with emergency help with utilities. Virginia Natural Gas, or VNG, has partnered with weatherization agencies. The state government charities and nonprofits back these organizations to provide adequate measures for people below 175% of the poverty level, as declared by the federal government.

One of the essential aspects of the service is that the measures are provided free of cost to the deprived. To find out more, call (757) 858-1397 or (757) 229-9389.

Also, there is another program from VNG called the EnergyShare program that starts in January every year. It helps people pay their utility bills. You may receive help only if other options have been exhausted.

Contact the Salvation Army and make an appointment. That way, you can effectively apply for the grant. Read more on other VNG assistance programs here. The numbers to call for help include 543-8100, 838-4875, and 539-5201.

6. Harrisonburg Electric Commission

This is another great program to help people with utility bill payments. The energy share program from Harrisonburg Electric Commission provides help to individuals and low-income families who need help to pay for their utility and heating bills.

Different types of grants and funds are made available to deprived people through the efforts of the Salvation Army. When there is no shortage of funds, they will help the needy people who qualify for the program—Call 540-434-5361 for more information.

7. Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative

Another fantastic program is offered to people through Operation Round UP. Typically, donations from local businesses, utility donations, and customers help provide financial help to people who need to pay their heating bills.

Or else they risk losing the connection. Suppose you need any financial help to clear your outstanding amount of utility bills. In that case, you must contact the Department of Social Services, Virginia authorities.

Still, if you like to explore what the program offers, read more about Northern Virginia Electric and its assistance program. Or, you can call 1-800-552-3431 or 1-804-726-7000 and learn more about the program.

8. Virginia State Programs

The participating utility companies that work with the US government, Crisis Assistance Programs, and LIHEAP agree to waive the State Sales Tax on all fuel deliveries to eligible customers.

The households qualified for the program will receive the grant. However, the Department of State Sales, Virginia, will receive the amount against the total quantity of fuel supplied. Get to know more through the United Way referrals or call 211.

9. Emergency Help with Utility Bills In Virginia

If you need to pay utilities, cash grants can help you do so. Also, there is a weatherization program that you can benefit from. The local social service office has more information about the program. As such, you can have all the information.

You can even apply for the program through utility bill assistance programs. Besides, continue with your LIHEAP and free weatherization in Virginia. Check out here for more information and how to apply the right way to get the benefits.

10. Energy Assistance (EA)

Virginia’s Energy Assistance Program (EAP) assists low-income families with immediate household energy needs. For families to qualify, households must have an ongoing cost for heat or cooling, and their total monthly income cannot be more than 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. This program helps if you are in danger of losing your heating, need repair of heating units, or need help with utility deposits.

11. The Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

LIHWAP is a federally administered benefit program that helps low-income families with their water and sewer bills. LIHWAP assistance will be available to eligible Virginians between October 2022 and September 1, 2023, or until funds are exhausted.

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