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Where to Get Free Clothes.  The pandemic had a huge impact on the economy of the United States and other countries worldwide. Until the pandemic arrived in 2020, families could cater to their basic needs, among other things. Everything was running smoothly, and people could afford even basic clothing.

However, things worsened when the pandemic was announced, and so many people lost their jobs. The economy went south, and most low-income families struggled to care for their basic needs. Even though the economy seems to pick momentum gradually, things are still far from normal.

Food, clothes, and gas prices are still high, making life hard for low-income earners. Some families have difficulty getting essential things like clothing for family members. Luckily, this article covers some places and

Free Clothes in Kansas

There are so many families struggling to clothe themselves and their children.   Whether you live in Kansan or New York, some men and women need clothes for interviews to get a job or just need appropriate work clothing. The low-income families in Kansas can also benefit from the free clothes closets in the state. Several organizations offer free clothes to families that find it hard to clothe their family members.

Churches that Give Free Clothes

The Salvation Army   

The Salvation Army is a  faith-based non-profit that provides free clothes to needy families and the homeless. Many also know them for their Angel Tree Christmas Toy program which provides free toys to needy children.  They have locations all across the US and its territories.

They provide life-changing services like feeding programs, immigration services, job programs, counseling, and free clothing through their thrift stores.  If you need help with clothing or any other services, call u a local chapter to arrange an appointment.  Once approved, you will be given a voucher to shop at your local thrift store near you.

Northland Corps – Salvation Army

5306 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64118
Departments: Salvation Army – Food Distribution Center
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (816) 452-5663

Kansas and Western Missouri – Salvation Army

3637 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM Friday
Phone: (816) 756-1455

Catholic Charities – Kansas

It is a service agency found in St. Joseph County that offers free clothes to the few unlucky who cannot get clothes for themselves. The catholic charities also give out Christmas gifts and meals alongside other help. They have the Olathe Catholic Charity closet where you can secure free clothes. Call them on (913) 433-2100.

St Vincent de Paul

This faith-based organization provides emergency assistance to disadvantaged families.  They have parishes all across the United States.  St. Vicent de Paul has a program to meet many needs, such as help with clothing, food programs, help with rent, utilities, rent deposits, gas vouchers, hotel vouchers, shelters, soup kitchens, and more.  If you need help with clothes, please call a St. Vincent de Paul location.

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia Council Office (Headquarters)
2050-C Chamblee Tucker Road
Atlanta, GA 30341
Main Line: (678) 892-6160
Assistance Line: (678) 892-6163

Kansas Financial Assistance Programs

Hope Faith Ministries – No boundaries Day Center

It is a center that serves virtually everyone who needs help. The Hope Faith Ministries runs several services that aim at helping the less fortunate and low-income earning families. Get free clothes here, among other things, such as a computer lab to look for jobs, children’s books, a baby diaper bank, etc. You can reach the center at (816) 471-4673 or www.hopefaith.org/.

Trinity Family Midtown Church of the Nazarene

This ministry provides a clothes closet for men and women.  Also, a small supply of clothing for infants and children. accessories for men and women in various sizes; for all seasons. We also maintain a very limited children’s and infant’s clothing supply but can help find almost anything for you if you give us a little time.



Community Organization that Offers Clothes Closets

Birchwood Mission Center

This non-profit center offers a free clothes closet to low-income families. An added advantage of this mission center is that it provides families linens, shoes, and blankets. If you are under financial constraints and require any of these items, you can call the center via (816) 353-4445. Location 3884 Blue Ridge Blvd., Independence, MO 64052.

Central Avenue Center of Hope

This location may be home to low-cost or free clothes, blankets, personal items, food, winter coats, and bathing facilities, among other things. If you are a low-income family looking for where to get free clothes in Kansas, then head over to this center. You can call at (913) 233-2511.

City Union Mission – Community Assistance

It is a mission center that helps low-income and homeless women stay comfortable life. However, the center also has programs benefiting low-income Kansas families. Call the mission center to ascertain the availability of free clothes, utilities, furniture, food, and other seasonal programs. Families may also receive some school supplies if they are available. (816) 329-1444.

Afi-CIO Community Services

Afi-CIO Community Services provides referrals and information to needy people. These could include clothes, electronics, free furniture, and uniforms.  Please call to schedule an appointment to help with clothes bills or other basic needs.  (816) 364-1131, or https://ks.aflcio.org/.

Meet the Need Assistance Center

It is another resourceful center for the less fortunate in Kansas. If you are a low-income family, you can secure free clothes from this center, among other amazing things. These additional items you can get for free include household goods, suits, groceries, work clothing, and even hygiene items. The other great advantage is that the center also offers fuel assistance to working individuals who struggle to fuel their car to work. Call the center at (816) 630-5221 or visit the website.

Singleton Community Clothes Closet

1625 W Main St #8403, Independence, KS 67301
Phone: (316) 941-8004

12 Organizations that Give Away Free Furniture

Community Clothes Closet

1625 W Main St, Independence, KS 67301
(620) 331-2521

Goodwill Industries

The great thing about Goodwill is that they have thrift stores all across the US.  You can receive a voucher to buy clothes in one of their locations.  You can also get furniture and household items, sheets, towels, toasters, etc.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross is one of the most recognized organizations that help families during disasters like fires, floods, etc.  You can get help from your local Red Cross if you have lost everything in a disaster.  You can receive free clothes, furniture, temporary shelter, food, and other necessities to help you get back on your feet.   Contact them at Greater Kansas City Office: 816-931-8400.  Or visit their site for relief.

Neighbor 2 Neighbor – Clothing Closet

It is a clothing closet/pantry where low-income earners can get help. The non-profit organization aims to help needy people around Kansas and low-income individuals. Contact the organization if you are looking for free clothes and other important items. Call them at (816) 913-1150 or check out the website.

Jehovah Jireh Food & Clothing Center

This organization offers free food, clothing, and other services.

627 N Ash St, Wichita, KS 67214
Phone: (316) 262-2192

Clay Co Clothes Closet

Assists with mandatory necessities like rent, utilities, food, and clothing.  If you need help with clothing, call to make an appointment.  You can ask for a referral to receive other services.

3939 N Cleveland Ave, Kansas City, MO 64117
Phone: (816) 454-3960

Klothes Kloset

The Klothes Kloset provides free clothing to all ages.  Businesses and community organizations donate gently used clothing.  Individuals can families can shop once a month.

402 E 2nd St N, Wichita, KS 67202
Phone: (316) 265-1670

Final Thoughts

So many of us take it for granted that people around us need it.  If you can help, please donate books, clothes, canned goods, and other items to a local church or charity. The pandemic has affected the economy and rendered many jobless and homeless.  Also, whenever you shop at a thrift store, you are helping someone less fortunate than yourself.


Pamela Lipscomb

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