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Grants for Low-Income Children and Teens with Autism

Grants for Low-Income Children with Autism.  Raising an autistic child requires speech therapy, special summer camp programs, among many. There many grants and programs that offer financial help to families with autistic children and teens.  We will be talking about organizations like  Autism Help Network and the Spectrum for Hope Fund.  These are only 2 of the 6 programs we will be discussing in the post.

Most of these grants also help teens and adults up to 21 years old.  This assistance pays for certain needs and expenses paid directly to the provider. Non-profit organizations have been springing up rapidly.  This ensures every family with autistic persons receives a form of assistance. This article will look deeper into the grants and programs autistic children and teens can apply for and get awarded.

Organizations That Provide Grants to Children with Autism

When choosing the organization to register your kids, make sure the grant’s goals match your child’s needs.

1.  Autism Cares Today

Autism Cares Today organization helps cover grants to military families with children with autism. They give grant amounts of $100 to $5000 quarterly. This organization has provided grants to over 1562 families with more than 1.85 million grants. For a family to be eligible, they must have a child diagnosed with ASD.  However, multiple cases are their top priority, military families and those earning an annual income of $100,000. (Apply for  a grant)

What the Grant Covers

Safety Equipment

One of the organizations’ objectives is to reach out to families to maintain the health and safety of autistic children. Children with severe autism cases may bang their heads on walls or run down the streets. The organization provides children with protective helmets, sensory equipment, and GPS tracking.  Also, special fences to protect their environment.

Applied Behavior Analysis

This treatment is recognized as the most effective for autism. This therapy includes principal procedures, and technological learning. This would include analyzing behavior such as hygiene, learning skills, and job competence, among many others. These strategies decrease the Childs’s need for special services in workplaces, schools, and homes.  ABA helps the children manage lifestyle challenges that may come about.

Social Skills Groups

The organization helps autistic children improve their cooperation, manage their emotions in cases where negative behaviors may arise, conflict resolution, and are taught to listen. This way, the child’s social interactions with people are greatly advanced to a new level.

  • Special needs summer camps
  • This grant covers summer camps for children with autism. These grants ensure they don’t lose the skills learned.
  • Nutritional supplements
  • The necessary nutritional supplements are given so that the child/teen’s health is superb.
  • Biomedical testing
  • The organization provides the necessary care and treatment that’s necessary to improve the child’s life.
  •  Speech therapy

An autistic child’s speech is delayed, with an approximate 30% failing to develop to speak. There are now available phone apps to help autistic children learn some basics.  Note that the expenses do not include any personal needs, transport, or oxygen therapy.

How to apply

Due to the recent pandemic, the organization has put a temporary application for the 2021 applications. However, they have come up with another way to help support families during the pandemic. The organizations’ 2021 Grocery Store Grant application is focused on giving $100,000 grocery store gifts to needy families.

To apply for the grocery store grant, you will go to their website and fill out the 2021 Grocery Store Gift Card Grant Application form. You will be required to fill out your contact information.  Include the child affected by autism, the grant request, the description of need, and lastly, the agreement, then click the “Submit Application” button.

2.  The Bubel Aiken Foundation

Let’s ALL play is a recreational program that serves autistic children living with disabilities and seeks to open doors that are shut to disabled persons. It includes games and information necessary to run an inclusion program. The foundations will grant $500,000 in support of child and youth organizations to move to full inclusion.

In addition to the grant funding, the Bubel Aiken foundation-supported up to 30 recreational programs as of 2009. The children and teens come together for recreational activities like swimming, physical fitness, and many more. That improves their social and communication skills.

Families earning $75,000 and below are eligible to apply and can receive grants for a maximum of two years. The organization funds up to $1000 per year for a project period of up to 12 months. The approved funding is then dispensed to the approved program.  (Website)

3.  National Autism Association Helping Hand Program

The National autism association helps qualified families that need help pay for medical services to treat people diagnosed with autism. The program is eligible for needy families who earn an annual income of less than $50,000. NAA offers grants of up to $1500 for biomedical treatments, therapy services, and supplements.

To qualify for this program, he/she must be up to 21 years with ASD and living in the unites states. Each family is awarded a one-time grant amounting to $1000. The program does not cover electronic devices, vacations, or respite care. (Website)

How to apply

An application form is available on their website where you must fill out details on the family’s personal information, the doctors who treat your child, the parents/guardians’ financial statement, and the income sources that should not exceed $50,000.

4.  Joey’s Fund Grant Program Spectrum for Hope Fund

The Joey’s fund grant seeks to expand programs and impact families with multiple children with special needs. Families with one family member are also eligible for the grant and residing in New England. With this grant, a family can receive funding only if they did not receive funding the previous year.

The grant covers music therapies, social skills, art classes, communication needs aided by computer software, recreational programs, camp tuition, and respite care. The grants are directly paid to the vendor with the payments of necessary receipts.  The program does not cover medical and travel expenses.  (Website)

How to apply

Families can apply for up to $3000 for multiple disabilities cases and up to $2000 for a single person with autism. The program will consider one program per individual. The families will be required to attach proof of diagnosis, estimated costs, and recent taxes with the application.

5.  Next for Autism, Night of Too Many Stars.

The mission of This program is to provide children and adults living with autism a meaningful life. Some of the grants it offers include:

  • Safety:  Next for safety grant is an initiative that improves awareness among organizations that serve people with autism and families to learn to navigate safety issues.
  • Community connections:  Autistic and disabled people may be secluded in the community. This program helps autistic persons learn to relate to others in a societal setting.
  • Employment: The grant offers head-on programs to teach students and adults to succeed in work settings.
  • Community living:  The program seeks to ensure that adults can give meaningful support in the community without depending on their families.

How to apply

To apply for this grant, organizations should fill in the organization’s information and a couple of other questions like the organization’s financial health, individuals being served in the organization, etc.  (Website)

6. Autism Help Network

The Autism Help Network offers grants quarterly to families with financial problems to get a good school, therapy sessions for their children, and medical and biometric treatment. The grants are given once a year, covering therapy costs, bio-medical treatments, and medical treatments.

The scholarship grants help families that want specific schooling, private schooling, or extended school year programs. The grants can be up to $1000 specific to therapy and non-experimental biomedical treatment.

An application may fail, so if it does, try for a second time:  Organizations cannot grant financial help to all families who apply, and some are bound to be left out. If you are excluded the first time, try for a second time, and you might be lucky.


Now that we have looked at the grants available for children and teens with autism. I hope it will be easier to choose one that suits your child’s needs. Remember not to give up if an application is turned down. All the best!











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