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Colorado residents can receive financial help with bills.  Financial assistance programs like Colorado PEAK and other programs assist low-income families and qualifying individuals like seniors, disabled and qualifying immigrants.  Cash grants are available if you qualify for the program.

How These Programs Help

These programs give emergency help with rent, utilities, childcare,  food, clothing, counseling, and more depending on the organization.  Some of these funds are funneled through church assistance programs, government programs, and private charities in your city.  If you live in Colorado and need financial help, there is help available.

Families with children always have preference over single people without kids.  When looking for assistance from charities that help, community organizations, and the government, knowing if you qualify half the battle and saving you a lot of unnecessary frustration, when you know in advance what is required to get help, you can prepare to move forward.

Each state has its own assistance programs and different variations and names.  They are designed to help

  • single mothers or fathers with children,
  • low-income families with young children,
  • the elderly,
  • disadvantaged, and
  • disabled.

Colorado Cash Assistance Programs

Colorado Works

The Colorado Works-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) helps struggling families with temporary assistance. These programs are not designed to make people take care of indefinitely but give temporary support until they can become self-sufficient.  The cash assistance helps to pay for a wide range of bills, living expenses, housing, and more. Federal funding is distributed to the states to provide grants and other government assistance to eligible applicants.

  • TANF is a 60-month program
  • Keeps families in their home so adults can care for children
  • Provides childcare assistance so parents can work or attend school
  • Provides educational and job readiness programs

How to Qualify for Colorado Works?

You are eligible for Colorado Works if your gross family income is at or below the US Federal Poverty Guidelines. However, you may qualify if you work, but your income is still within the levels designated by the government. You are eligible if you are,

  • A U.S. citizen
  • A national
  • Legal alien
  • Permanent resident
  • Live in Colorado

Colorado Salvation Army

You can get help with your bill from the Salvation Army. They work in conjunction with the federal government and community organizations to distribute funding to struggling families once they have been screened and approved. You can get assistance when you must qualify financially, and the organization has funding available. This faith-based charity can also help with clothing, counseling, job training, spiritual support, and other valuable services.

Help with Hospital Bills

Many hospitals have medical charity programs that help low-income uninsured patients with their medical bills. You may qualify financially if your gross family income is at or below 240% of the government’s federal poverty guidelines. Some hospitals help patients navigate the paperwork to help them apply for Medicaid assistance. Another hospital may have the sliding fee scale, where a qualified person is charged a portion of their bill depending on your income. You can pay as little as 0 dollars.

Other Cash Assistance Programs

This state-funded program is designed to help residents 65 years old and older, those with disabilities, and receiving other types of basic maintenance benefits.   They help to supplement other benefits that can not completely meet the needs of the applicant.  To receive help, you must receive veteran’s benefits, SSI or Social Security.  Apply for assistance here.

Aid to the Blind

The Aid to the Blind program (AB) provides cash assistance to people certified as legally blind by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. You can apply at your local Department of Human Services. The Aid to the Blind program (AB) provides cash assistance to people who are not receiving Supplemental Security Income and provides Medicaid (medical benefits to those not receiving SSI, and cash assistance to people who are not receiving Supplemental Security Income.

You are eligible for assistance if,

  • You live in Colorado,
  • Declared legally blind,
  • are a United States citizen,
  • are a legal alien or naturalized citizen,
  • unemployed and
  • under the age of 59.

Housing & Human Services
Phone: 303-441-1000

Boulder Locations
3460 Broadway

2525 13th St, Suite 204

Longmont Location
515 Coffman Street


Old Age Pension

Colorado’s Old Age Pension (OAP) needy seniors 60 and older by providing cash assistance to those whose income is too low for them to survive. This additional income will help with mandatory bills and additional needs. The amount of the benefit may vary depending on their monthly income.  If you qualify for OAPC, you can receive up to $788 monthly. All benefits will depend on your income other benefits. Maximum yearly benefits are $9,456.

Colorado Utility and Heating Assistance with Bills

Colorado Utility and Heating Assistance.  If you live in Colorado and need help paying heating and utility bills, you are not alone.  There are energy outreach programs that help families that need a little extra help during the coldest months.  These governments, charities, and utility companies offer programs that help struggling families stay warm in Winter.  These organizations also help … Continue reading.

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