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North Dakota Utility Assistance.  The rising energy costs and inflation have made it difficult for people in North Dakota to pay their energy bills. Some families have no option except to sacrifice basic comforts. Many low-income families need heating assistance this winter, and if you are one of them, you can consider taking benefits of government and non-profit energy assistance programs.

You can still apply this year if you have never qualified for these programs. Now, the government has more funds to help low–income families with energy assistance, and you should inquire about all the options to get the much-needed help this winter. You can qualify for some programs if your income is below sixty percent of the state’s median income.

Am I Eligible for Utility Assistance in North Dakota?

As a resident of North Dakota, when you meet the eligibility criteria, the available funds will pay partial costs of your utility bills, propane, gas, and other sources. However, the weatherization programs assist in getting your help winter-ready.   

That would include sealing your home to protect you from harsh weather elements. You can also receive service for repairs, cleaning, and replacing your heating systems.

North Dakota Utility Bill Assistance Programs

1. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

It is a federally funded program that you can consider for receiving a one-time vendor payment. You can use this program to pay your heating bills and other energy needs.

You are eligible for this program if you have a disabled family member or elderly person above sixty in your family receiving NC Division Aging & Adult Services. Please apply for assistance between December 1 and 31.

You can visit the local department or ND division services to inquire about LIHEAP. Also, you can call the toll-free number 1-800-755-2716 to know whether you qualify for this program.

The program will pay your utility bills partially. You can get assistance for gas, propane, fuel oil, electricity, wood, coal, and other sources. Also, LIHEAP includes the following.

  • Weatherization services
  • Chimney inspection & protection
  • Furnace repair, cleaning, and replacement
  • Emergency assistance

2. Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative

Like most energy companies in Nebraska, this company administers Operation Round Up in partnership with local charities and non-profits.  Call 1- 800-279-2667 to request assistance for this cooperative’s utility and heating bill.

3.  North Dakota Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Utility Assistance

The Department of Commerce of North Dakota has a Weather Assistance Program to reduce the energy costs of low-income families. The program will increase the energy efficiency of homes to minimize energy costs and help with safety and health.

The households can save around $372 every year with weatherization upgrades. You can benefit from the Weatherization Assistance Program, upgrade your home, and reduce energy costs.

North Dakota weatherizes more than 227 homes per year using the formula funds. You will be eligible for this program if your household income is at or below 200% of the poverty income guidelines. Besides, you can get this assistance if you receive the benefits of other services, including Supplementary Security Income and LIHEAP.

In addition, WAP prioritizes the elderly, disabled, and families with high-energy users and children. You can visit your local weatherization provider to inquire more about the coverage. However, here are the eligibility requirements in detail.

  • Over sixty years of age
  • Households with disabled
  • Households with children

According to DOE guidelines, you can be eligible for this when receiving Temporary Assistance Needy Families or Supplementary Security Income services.  You can visit the government website, know the requirements, and apply if you meet the eligibility criteria. However, here are the government and non-profit programs you can use to get help with your energy bills.

4.  Nodak Electric Cooperative

Like other organizations, the Nodak Electric Cooperative helps low-income families with heating and utility bill assistance. In addition, they provide other forms of financial help and necessary aid in conjunction with Operation Round Up.

The distressed people can use the allotted funds to pay for expenses such as energy bills, food, medical care, housing, rent, shelter, and clothing. For more information about the aid, you can contact the authorities by dialing 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373.

5. Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program (WIP)

Another such program is WIP, which works as a part of the EERE and supports the energy needs of low-income families. The objective is to make energy affordable for families going through financial crises.

The program is the creation of the State Energy Program and Weather Assistance Program. Both work as a team and deliver strategic initiatives and technical assistance to local people.

WIP enhances energy security and minimizes energy waste using different technologies and innovations. It offers energy assistance to low-income households. The WIP programs offer energy assistance based on the condition of the state and locality.

6.  Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative

Go to their website to apply for utility assistance, Including fuel, gas, and heating. Call 1- 800-279-2667. Like many other energy companies operating in Nebraska, this company administers Operation Round Up in partnership with local charities and non-profits.

To apply for utility assistance in North Dakota, including fuel, gas, and heating, Call 1- 800-279-2667.  However, many other energy companies operating in Nebraska, this company administers Operation Round Up in partnership with local charities and non-profit

7.  Heat Share

HeatShare is another energy assistance program that can come to your help. It provides emergency energy assistance to people when they have no other support system. You can use the funds of the HeatShare to pay for your propane, electricity, wood, natural gas, and emergency furnace repairs. You can get this benefit at most Salvation Army operations in North Dakota.

Visit the above website or call 1-800-842-7279 for energy assistance for your heating bills. However, you can get funds when you meet the following criteria.

  • Low-income seniors
  • When you experience an unexpected financial emergency
  • Disabled and do not have a steady income

8.  Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative

To apply for utility assistance, Including fuel, gas, and heating.  Like many other energy companies operating in Nebraska, this company also administers Operation Round Up in partnership with local charities and non-profits.  Mountrail-Williams also offers a $500 rebate on approved water heaters.

To receive this benefit, you must be a Mountrail-Williams customer, and the unit purchased must have an 8-year warranty, 50+ Gallons capacity elements, and a 5 Year Load Control Agreement. Call 1- 800-279-2667.

9.  Free Air Conditioner Program

If you have a medical condition that makes you vulnerable, are low-income, elderly, or disabled, you may be eligible for a free air conditioner program.  This program comes under your local county social services. Call your community action agency or local county social service to learn more about the program.

10.  Capital Electric Coop

It is another utility that supports the Operation Round Up program and has been doing great.  The funds and grants that Capital Electric Coop gives utility assistance to eligible people who find it hard to manage their utility bills.

Individuals and families in North Dakota can use financial help by dialing 1-888-223-1513. As such, they can learn more about the aid and the exact steps of applying for relief.

11. Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative

Another great program that helps people with low income, unemployment, disability, or even old age take care of their utility bills. The Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative runs because of private donations; if you need to relieve yourself of the burden of outstanding bills, dial 701-493-2281 for more information.

12.  Energy Share Utility Assistance

Energy Share is a nonprofit organization that helps people in North Dakota get emergency utility and energy assistance. Disabled, elderly, and low-income households can use this non-profit program to pay their heating bills.

Energy Share funds can help those needing emergency help pay their bills. You can get this assistance when you are not eligible for other assistance programs.

Since it is an emergency fund, it will not duplicate other programs and can help when other resources have been exhausted or are not applicable. You can visit the community agency if you need help from this non-profit organization.

Since Energy Share is a grant program, you will not have to repay the assistance. You can be eligible for this program if you meet the following requirements.

  • Not using electricity for your home heating purpose
  • Your rent does not include utility bills (for renters)
  • You might need to provide a co-payment

If you meet the above criteria, you will get energy assistance. In addition, you can get funds for your previous address’s energy expenses, but it will only include bills within three months. You will get the following assistance if you meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Security light charges
  • Service charges
  • Reconnection fees

However, the assistance will not include the following.

  • Penalty charges
  • Late charges
  • Trip chargers
  • Estimated readings
  • Deposits

In Conclusion

North Dakota sponsors agencies, non-profits, or private organizations to help struggling families and individuals get utility bill assistance.  If you are a resident of North Dakota and need utility assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the programs mentioned above.

They each have eligibility requirements. As a North Dakota resident, if you need emergency help with a utility, call the number to find out how to apply to the above agencies for assistance.


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