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North Dakota Financial Assistance.  Both individuals and families living in North Dakota can receive assistance paying their utility and heating bills. Thousands of people fear losing their connections yearly because of non-payment of outstanding bills. Medical bills are also a concern for unemployed, disabled, elderly, and low-income families.

The financial assistance programs provided by the state and federal governments can go a long way in helping downtrodden people with their bills. Below are some programs you may find helpful.

North Dakota Utility Bill Assistance Programs

Low-income families, disabled, elderly, or unemployed living in North Dakota can receive help from government aid and utility assistance programs. There is no shortage of resources that the state administers for people who are struggling to meet both ends.

However, most assistance programs operate through the Department of Human Services, North Dakota. The assistance programs exist to help solve issues related to paying emergency bills.

1. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

The North Dakota LIHEAP helps eligible families and individuals with insulation and heating-related costs during the winter. Also, it helps with the cooling costs during the summer as well.

The low-income home utility bill assistance program is popular among people, and thousands take help from it. To make yourself eligible for the program, you should live in North Dakota and look for financial assistance with energy costs.

This program is excellent for low-income families looking for assistance with weatherization and heating costs. Besides, the program partially pays for wood, coal, fuel oil, propane, electricity, natural gas, and other fuel sources. Here is what the program offers.

  • Emergency assistance
  • Chimney inspection and cleaning
  • Furnace replacement, repair, or cleaning
  • Weatherization services include weather stripping around the windows and doors, insulation, etc.

If an individual or family member participated in other programs such as TANF, SSI, or SNAP, they are already eligible for LIHEAP. To enjoy the benefits, you should have a yearly household income of less than 60% of the State Median Income. For more about the program, visit the website or call 1-800-755-2716.

2. Northern Plains Electric Cooperative 

It is another fantastic program geared toward individuals with low to moderate-income groups. Also, the unemployed, working poor, and others have lost their capability to generate income. As such, they are facing immense difficulties when it comes to leading everyday life.

You may qualify for financial help from the concerned authority. This program is a particular program that can help with utility bills. Moreover, the program is equally helpful in terms of covering other expenses. If you need financial assistance, call 1-800-882-2500 and follow the procedures.

3. Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative  

You can apply from this organization for financial help with heating and utility bill assistance. The best part is that, like many other companies that administer Operation Round Up, the Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative works in collaboration with local nonprofits and charities.

That way, they can lend their helping hands to service people facing problems with their utility bill payments. It’s a great program you can apply for if you need help with your outstanding bills. To know more about the program to avail of the benefits, call 1-800-279-2667.

4. Nodak Electric Cooperative

Like other organizations, the Nodak Electric Cooperative helps low-income families with heating and utility bill assistance. In addition, they provide other forms of financial help and necessary aid in conjunction with Operation Round Up.  

The distressed people can use the allotted funds to pay for expenses such as energy bills, food, medical care, housing, rent, shelter, and even clothing. For more information about the aid, you can contact the authorities by dialing 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373.

5. Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative 

Another great program that helps people with low income, unemployed, disability, or even old age take care of their utility bills. The Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative runs because of private donations; if you need to relieve yourself from the burden of outstanding bills, dial 701-493-2281 and get more information.

6. Capital Electric Coop 

It is another utility that supports the Operation Round Up program and has been doing great.  The funds and grants that Capital Electric Coop gives utility assistance to eligible people who find it hard to manage their utility bills.

Individuals and families in North Dakota can take advantage of the financial help by dialing 1-888-223-1513. As such, they can learn more about the aid and the exact steps of applying for relief.

7. Energy Share

Energy Share is another intuitive program created by utility companies and private donations. It is a great energy and heating assistance program introduced for people who cannot generate income and have to pay outstanding bills.

The funds and grants received through this unique program can help you pay the utility bills and help prevent the discontinuation of services. Also, the fund is equally helpful in helping with other kinds of emergency aid. Here are the contact numbers that you need to get things started.

  • Dakota Prairie Community – Call 701-662-6500 or 1-800-321-5943
  • Community Action Program Region – Call 1-800-726-8179 or 701-252-1821
  • You can connect with your local community action agency as well

8. Financial Air Conditioner Program

If you have a medical condition that makes you vulnerable, are low-income, elderly, or disabled, you may be eligible for a free air conditioner program.  This program comes under your local county social services. Call your community action agency or local county social service to learn more about the program.

In Conclusion

North Dakota sponsors agencies, non-profits, or private organizations to help struggling families and individuals get utility bill assistance. They each have eligibility requirements. As a North Dakota resident, if you need emergency help with a utility, call the number to find out how to apply to the above agencies for assistance.  

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