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North Dakota Christmas Charities that Offer Toys. Due to inflation, Christmas will cost more this year. Continued unrest among nations worldwide and disturbed supply chains contributed to soaring prices. Still, there is hope in case you are in great need of that extra help this holiday.

With the holidays starting not very far away, many nonprofits and charities are gearing up to ensure the 2022 festive season becomes a joyful experience for struggling families. If you want extra help this holiday season, some organizations distribute free Christmas toys to kids in North Dakota.

Applying For Toys from Christmas Charities in North Dakota

If you need help, you must apply as early as possible. For example, using it in December might be a little late because there would be fewer chances of receiving help. Remember that every organization has limited funds, and to get help, it is essential to apply early. Besides, the programs help people based on a first-come-first-served.

Hence, you must connect with the agencies or organizations to ensure your children get a toy or gift on an auspicious day. You must apply for the programs if you are the legal guardian. There should be a cut-off list with special mention for children under 12 years.

They are the ones that have more chances to receive free toys. While there could be chances of acceptance, it is wise to check with the organizations or agencies where you can sign up and apply for the programs. However, when using the programs, ensure you carry the proper documents showing your current financial condition.

Christmas Charities that Give Free Toys in North Dakota 

There are plenty of places you can turn to when you have no money for the festive season. Here is a list of sites that provide Christmas toys, gifts, and even meals to people in need in North Dakota.

1.  Food Banks and Pantries in North Dakota  

They are a reputable organization that serves people in North Dakota in need with food, Christmas toys, canned goods, government commodities, perishable items, and many more. These centers might also provide struggling families, individuals, and low-income families with free food, meals, etc.

However, every location has its conditions and rules in place. Therefore, it is good to call beforehand and find out what they have for you this festive season. To get started, here is a complete list of places to check.  

If you want to avail yourself of the benefits, make sure that you check out for the programs as early as you can. Or else you may not be eligible to apply for the program. Therefore, to get the correct information, dial 701-232-6219 and follow the steps to get the benefits this Christmas.

2.  Toys for Tots 

The Marine Corps started this Christmas charity and runs successfully at almost every location throughout the US, including North Dakota. The organization’s main objective is to secure and sort toys that the community members donate. When the applicant fills out the form, a coordinator contacts the applicant.

Also, they partner with local donation centers and leading toy retailers across the US to distribute toys free of charge. Although the cut-off age to receive free Christmas toys is 12 years, some locations provide free toys for needy children up to age 16. However, be aware that supplies might become limited during the holidays.

Moreover, the supplies vary from one location to another as well. If interested, request a free Christmas toy at Toys for Tots as early as possible.  Check out their official website to get more information. Or, call Toys for Tots at this number: 703-640-9433

3.  The Salvation Army 

This is another reputable organization that brings happiness to low-income families needing help. The Salvation Army offers additional services like food baskets, etc., especially during Christmas.

Donations from volunteers help provide the needy with food, shelter, toys, and other services free of cost. The Salvation Army has been catering to the needs of low-income families since 1865 and has been a household name for several decades. 

Besides, they have a unique Angel Tree Program that gives gifts, especially for kids. Also, the program includes many assistance programs such as utility bill payment, grocery, and so on. To know more about specific programs in North Dakota, you can visit their website and enter your ZIP code to find help in your state. Or, call them at this number: 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

4.  The Toy Bank 

It’s another unique program the Toy Foundation runs and has been doing great more recently. The Toy Bank is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to preserve the importance of play for children, especially families with low income.

Founded in 2003, The Toy Bank has successfully provided over 26 million kids with over $200 million of toys. The organization receives toys all year round through toy donations from retailers and companies.

The organization distributes free toys to more than 1000 community organizations and charities in every state. Check out their website here to learn more about the program and find a partner charity. Furthermore, you can call them at 212-675-1141.

5.  Catholic Charities 

For several years, Catholic Charities have been offering Christmas assistance to low-income families that require help through their local offices, which provide services based on the actual needs of communities, especially during the festive season. If you need help this Christmas and wish to receive free toys for your kids, you may check out Catholic Charities in your area.

Catholic Charities has a massive network of organizations that screen needy families and eligible individuals to determine whether they can receive Christmas assistance. However, you get unique gifts and toys for your kids if you qualify. Apart from the toys, your kids can have clothes and other necessary items that they can keep at home.

Catholic Charities gives away free Christmas toys and other gifts through their toy drives every year. So, if you live in North Dakota, you can find the right assistance program tailored to your needs. But it is wise to connect with them early so your child isn’t left out during the festive season. Contact your local Catholic Charities by visiting their website here. Also, you can call them at 701-235-4457 and request a gift for your kid.

6. Dream Foundation 

The Dream Toy Program by Dream Foundation provides thousands of free Christmas toys yearly to underprivileged children under 18 who are missing their loved ones. They are the kids of guardians or parents who are under hospice or terminally ill.

Renowned toymaker Hasbro has partnered with Dream Foundation to deliver toys for hundreds of kids. Volunteers pack boxes for kids with games and toys to enjoy. For more details, visit their website or call 888-437-3267.

7. Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Program

Here is where you can receive gifts for your kids. The Prison Fellowship ensures children whose incarcerated parents receive gifts for Christmas.  With Prison Fellowship, you have to apply very early in the season. Call: 1-800-872-5327. For Headstart, call 1-866-763-6481. For the Angel Tree program, call 1-800-206-9764.

8. Department of Social Services Specialized Resources 

If you are a part of any government program, there are specialized programs you can participate in to make your kid’s Christmas more colorful this year. You must contact your social worker to find information about toy drives that the concerned department conducts.

Various programs support the cause, and you would find the one suited to your needs. These might include programs such as Early Intervention for toddlers and infants suffering from specific disabilities. Another program called Headstart offers assistance to families with low income.

9.  Find Christmas Toy Charities Locally

There is no denying that almost every neighborhood has organizations, churches, and charities that collect toys for children in great need, especially during Christmas. Therefore, check online and look for programs geared towards helping people in need this Christmas.

Do an internet search with your county, state, or city, followed by free Christmas gifts for kids or holiday toy drives. Moreover, look for specialized programs at your local fire departments, police stations, retail stores, scout troops, and churches.

Organizations like Rotary Clubs or veterans groups hold community toy drives as well. The best part is that most of these programs also focus on holidays outside Christmas.


Keep in mind that the programs mentioned above exist because people tend to hit rough patches sometimes. So, some people in North Dakota may need a little help this year. So contact the charities mentioned above to get help with toys and other issues, like bills, food, and warm clothing.   Spending time with families during the holiday season is essential, but these organizations help make your Christmas more memorable. 


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