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Maine Heating Bill Assistance – Free Financial Help

Maine Heating Assistance for Low-Income Families.  Whether it’s bills, loans, or mortgages, everyone has experienced financial stress at some point. If are a low income and struggle with your utility payments, you may rest easy knowing this is for you. Below is a list of Heating assistance programs offered by different organizations.

Organizations that Provide Heating Assistance in Maine

Maine is a very beautiful state, but it experiences extremely cold winters. As a result, residents must ensure they have enough fuel, wood, and kerosene to keep warm. However, some of the population will need help with the utilities to ensure their families are safe from the freezing weather. There are, however, organizations that try to assure help to families and individuals that need extra help. Below you will find organizations that provide financial assistance for heating and energy bills.

1. Home Energy Assistance Program

The Home Energy Assistance Program can provide financial assistance with heating bills for those who qualify in Maine. Emergency fuel assistance provides finances to help pay for fuel, hearing, and utilities. If you qualify for HEAP, you may also be eligible for assistance with energy-related repairs. The sooner a family applies for HEAP, the more likely they will receive help.

The application process often takes several weeks, including over a month, and consists of both a written application and an interview. Eligible homes benefit from varying amounts based on characteristics such as household size, income, and other circumstances. People receive a check to pay for energy costs or pay directly to the utility company. You can contact them through the number 1-877-544-3271.

2. Keep Me Warm Program

This fund aims to help the people of Maine during the winter by providing emergency heating assistance through a statewide cooperation of Maine’s United Ways & Community Action Agencies. The nine United Ways in Maine receive annual funding from the public and commercial sectors.

Rising heating costs decreased federal funding, and new eligibility requirements have left many Maine residents without access to heating assistance programs like LIHEAP, leading to a dramatic increase in the need for such programs in recent years. Some residents must choose between keeping their homes warm and getting enough to eat or the medicine they need. You can contact them through the number 1-866-811-5695.

3. Central Heating Improvement Program

Eligible homeowners can get help paying for repairing or replacing their home’s heating system, chimney, fuel tank, and other components through the Central Heating Improvement Program and the Above Ground Storage Tank Program.

The majority of states need home ownership as well as HEAP eligibility. Please get in touch if you are a renter needing CHIP benefits. Money for fixing or replacing broken things is available through the Environmental Protection Agency and the Home Energy Assistance Program in Maine.

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4. Weatherization Assistance Program

Maine’s Weatherization Assistance Program helps low-income families save money on heating and cooling bills, while making their homes more comfortable during the colder months.  Together with utility companies and local and state governments, Community Action Agencies in Idaho inspect, recommend, and install weatherization changes in the houses of low-income Idahoans to reduce utility costs.

Residents who meet the program’s qualifications save money on their utility bills, and experienced personnel will undertake necessary repairs and upgrades to their homes to make them increasingly energy efficient. There is just a set amount of money accessible each year. Call them at 877-456-1233 to get in touch with them.

5. Emergency Crisis Intervention Program

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program includes the Emergency Crisis Intervention Program. It helps low-income families in emergencies by covering their heating and cooling costs. To qualify for aid, recipients must apply through the Department of Social or their utility company. You can contact them through the number 282-8206.

6. Appliance Replacement Program

The Appliance Replacement Program is a PUC-funded initiative to assist low-income families in Maine. They aim to reduce heating expenses by replacing old, inefficient appliances and light bulbs with more cost-effective options and providing educational resources to their members. You can reach them at (282) 8206 if you have any questions.

7. Rural Housing Repair and Rehabilitation Loans

Recipients of the low-interest loan will be able to put the money toward home upgrades. A loan of up to $20,000 is available for up to 20 years. Those 62 years old and cannot pay to receive an unrestricted grant of up to $7,500.

Repairing or replacing a faulty or inefficient heating system, water heater, window, door, roof, well, sewage tank, electrical wiring, insulation, accessibility features, and equipment are all projects that qualify for a home equity loan. You can contact them through the number 1-202-720-2791

8. Home Repair Network Program

The Home Repair Network Program distributes financing across the state to assist individuals with low and moderate incomes who are experiencing housing difficulties. In Maine, participants will have access to housing rehabilitation programs coordinated on a regional level. You can contact them through the number (207) 624-9800

9. Maine Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services offers this one-time assistance to families with children. These assistance funds available to single adults, seniors, and the disabled. Low-income families may experience difficulty paying higher energy costs this winter due to rising prices and the increase in Omicron COVID-19.

Heating assistance provides help to households eligible when receiving TANF and SNAP. Only those households with children. Those households will only be eligible if they are screened and found eligible to cover their heating assistance and not as parts of their rent, for instance.

The Department of Defense provides this assistance for all heating assistance, including monthly electric bills. The price of electricity has increased alongside gasoline and heating oil. Eligible Maine households have access to a one-time payment that you can access via electronic benefit transfer cards. You can contact MDHHS through the number (207) 287-3707.

10. The Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP)

The Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) provides emergency heat assistance once a season if funds are available. To be eligible for the ECIP, you must already be a recipient of the HEAP. Supplemental aid can be obtained from November through April, as long as you are below or at the equivalent of 3 days worth of home energy.

11. The Central Heating Improvement Program (Chip)

(CHIP) & Above Ground Tank Program is available for qualified homeowners to repair or replace the heating systems, fireplaces, fuel tanks, and other components involved with heating their homes. You must be a HEAP-eligible resident and, in most cases, own your own home. Contact us if you are renting and looking for CHIP help. Please apply if you are in danger of disconnecting utilities, or your oil tank has less than 275 gallons. Residents may also qualify for the following:

  • Home Repair & Weatherization Services
  • Heating Assistance
  • Emergency Rental Assistance
  • Transportation Services


The list above is just some helpful organizations in Maine that offer heating assistance. If you need their help, do not hesitate to contact them immediately. Remember, winter is almost arriving, so you will need all the heating you can get.