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Oklahoma Help with Christmas

Where to get Help with Christmas – Oklahoma.  Not everyone can provide for their families during this holiday season. Many communities and businesses offer programs or events to meet the needs of families this Christmas. Below are just some programs different industries and companies offer for Christmas assistance.

Oklahoma Christmas Assistance Programs

It’s common practice during Christmas to give to the less fortunate, but the holiday spirit of generosity extends far beyond immediate family and friends. A monetary gift isn’t the only method to spread holiday cheer. Worldwide, businesses and charities organize seasonal aid initiatives for the less fortunate. If you’re ready to give back this Christmas season, consider participating in one of Oklahoma’s charitable initiatives.

1. Angel Tree Program

The Salvation Army of Central Oklahoma’s fondest holiday wish is for every kid to find the same presents beneath the tree on Christmas morning they asked for. To that end, The Salvation Army runs its Angel Tree Christmas aid program annually. Children from low-income families can register for this program to receive holiday gifts. Seniors can also request necessities by filling out a form on the site.

Spread the holiday cheer by spreading the word that these kids and seniors are cherished. Call 405-246-1124 if your organization is interested in helping us all by adopting angels and supplying them with the items they have asked for.

2. A Very Giving Christmas

Oklahoma City’s low-income community has access to the St. Nick Shoppe because of A Very Giving Christmas collaboration with Catholic Charities, Sunbeam Family Support services, and other organizations. During the holiday season, families receive Santa Bucks based on family size. If your income is within the acceptable range, you may be eligible. You can contact them through the number (405) 523-3009.

3. Citizens Caring For Children

Every year in December, Citizens Caring For Children hosts a Joy For Kids presentation for the families of children in foster care and group homes. They provide these kids with much-needed Christmas presents a few days before Christmas. You can contact them through the number 405-753-4099.

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4. Hope Center Of Edmond

If you or someone you know lives on a low income and needs help with Christmas in Oklahoma, the Hope Center of Edmond encourages you to enroll in their Sponsor A Family Program. With the help of this organization, low-income families can find a Christmas sponsor who would provide them with gifts such as clothing, toys, and gift cards. You can contact them through the number +1 405-348-1340.

5. Red Andrews Christmas Dinner

In Oklahoma City, Red Andrews Christmas Dinner is holding Christmas Day Festivals. There will be a free Christmas gift for every child and a hot Christmas lunch for every family. Families are encouraged to register to ensure their child receives a toy. You can contact them through the number 405 886-2886.

6. Sharing Tree

If low-income families in your area need holiday gifts, Sharing Tree can assist you in getting them shopped for at their location. Everything from essential basics to seasonal decorations to household goods and toys is free to residents. You can contact them through the number 405-634-2006,

7. Family and Children’s Services

Family and children’s services have over 60 different programs that help adults with mental illness and addictions, as well as children, heal abuse victims, improve families, and restore the well-being of children. Those in Tulsa have been coming to us for assistance with their most challenging difficulties for almost a century.

8. Oklahoma Human Services

Oklahoma Human Services works with various local organizations annually to grant the wishes of kids and teens in state care for the holidays. This year, foster parents and placement agencies may identify local resources for the children in their care with the help of new interactive maps that allow supporters to offer assistance in their towns. You can contact them through the number 918-587-9471.

9. The City Rescue Mission

For anyone without a place to call home this Christmas or any other holiday season, the City Rescue Mission offers free food, gifts, and additional assistance. Children will be distributed food, clothing, and toiletries, and You may give a little gift to each child. Men, servicemen, and women who have overcome domestic violence may all need assistance this holiday season. You can contact them through the number (405) 232-2709.

10. Christmas Connection

In Oklahoma City, a charitable organization called The Christmas Connection gives gifts to children from low-income families. Canadian, Cleveland and the rest of Central Oklahoma’s counties are all covered. Call (405) 634-2006 if you want to learn more. There is a shop where people can buy their clothes, games, seasonal decorations, and books and notebooks for school.

On Christmas morning, you may find clothing, shoes, and stockings filled with modest gifts. A special day is set aside for seniors within the area to give them the attention and Christmas cheer they deserve.

11. Upward Transitions Travelers Aid

In times of great need, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the nonprofit organization Upward Transitions Travelers Aid is there to lend a hand. Homeless people or just passing through Oklahoma City can get free food and modest gifts from this organization.

In each season, this group hosts special events for kids. They may help the low-income community celebrate the holidays by giving counseling, food baskets, and fixing Thanksgiving dinner. The kind contributions from the neighborhood make this possible. You can contact them through the number  405-232-5507.

12. Sharing Tree of Middle Oklahoma

Multiple counties benefit from the efforts of the Sharing Tree in central Oklahoma. To help low-income families in Cleveland, Oklahoma Counties, and Canada, among surrounding communities, The Christmas Connection provides a hand during the holiday season. There could be free Christmas presents, including shoes, clothing, games, and electronics. Their phone number is (405) 634-2006.

13. WovenLife

WovenLife, previously Easter Seals of Oklahoma, holds a supply drive for students with disabilities. School supplies are constantly in demand, including games, toys, books, paint, markers, scissors, glue, and cleaning items. Diapers, wipes, crib sheets, and other things for infants and toddlers are also required. To reach them, dial +1 405-239-2525.

14. TEEM

TEEM, a religious group in Oklahoma that aims to end the cycle between incarceration and poverty, is doing its annual gift drive. They need your help to gather new toys for kids whose parents are in prison. Electronics, dolls, art materials, trucks, clothing, books, games, and sports equipment are all in demand. You can contact them through the number 1-866-410-3683.

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15. Jubilee Partners

The Christmas Store is a fundraiser for Jubilee Partners. Adults and children will be looking for gifts for their families this Christmas season, so stores will need a wide selection of kitchenware, body wash sets, gifts, puzzles, games, coloring books, arts and crafts kits, sports balls, and novels available. Dial +1 706-783-5131 to get in touch with them.

16. Children’s Hospital Volunteers

Bringing holiday cheer to hospitalized children and their families is the Children’s Hospital Volunteer’s mission. Asking for new donations of toys such as rattles, teething circles, Legos, card games, and craft supplies. Intricate coloring books and $25 gift cards to Wal-Mart, Amazon, and gas stations. The items should be brand new and unused to protect children from potential hazards. Please contact me at (405) 271-4870.

17. Little Read Wagon

New colorful books, crossword puzzle books, and word search books are needed, as well as further reading glasses in a variety of strengths for children and adults who frequent Little Read Wagon. Help in the form of either money or goods is greatly appreciated. You can contact them through the number 210 207-2597.

Churches that Help with Christmas in Oklahoma

1,  Skyline Urban Ministries

Skyline Urban Ministries opens its annual Christmas market to provide financial support to low-income families during the holiday season. Toys are purchased by kind donors or adoptive parents and donated to the shop. You can contact them through the number 405-632-2644.

2. Jesus House

Jesus House distributes food baskets on Thanksgiving and Christmas to needy families in the Oklahoma City area. With this Christmas food basket, your family can feast on turkey, ham, and all the fixings. Baskets are limited. Call 405 232-7164 to get in touch with them.